January 19, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Vassilis Palaiokostas nabbed after prison escape

GREECE’S most wanted man has been arrested and linked to the kidnapping of a prominent industrialist, prompting a double celebration for police.

Vassilis Palaiokostas was nabbed in northern Greece this week, two years after his audacious prison escape in a hijacked helicopter.

He has been unveiled as the mastermind behind the kidnapping of multi-millionaire businessman George Mylonas, a crime that has ultimately brought him undone.

“We arrested Greece’s most wanted fugitive last night. Evidence shows he is also involved in Greek businessman George Mylonas’s kidnapping,” a police official confirmed.

Police finally caught up with the escapee after raiding a house in Salonica in connection to the abduction of Mr Mylonas.

Three hooded men had snatched Mr Mylonas, 49, as he drove to his home in the same city in June.

He was released unharmed 13 days later, after his family paid a reported $19 million ransom.

Investigators tracked down his kidnappers after one of the men used traceable bills to buy a car.

The arrest has ended a remarkable chapter in the country’s criminal history.

Palaiokostas, 44, and his brother, Nikos, 47, are lifelong criminals with a penchant for armed robbery and extortion who are regarded as Robin Hood figures.

Helping to curry favour during years on the run, they had shared some of their ill-gotten gains with the poor.

In 2006, Vassilis Palaiokostas was languishing behind bars in the maximum-security Korydallos Prison, located outside Athens and home to 2000 of the country’s most dangerous prisoners.

He was serving a 25-year sentence for bank robbery and for kidnapping the owner of a factory that made halva, the Greek dessert.

The businessman in that case was released unharmed after the payment of a $2 million ransom, laying the foundations for Mr Mylonas’s kidnapping and a much larger payout.

In an episode ripped from the script of a Hollywood blockbuster, his brother and an accomplice hijacked a sight-seeing helicopter and forced the pilot to land inside the prison.

Vassilis and another inmate boarded the helicopter as his brother threw smoke grenades to provide cover. Confused guards initially believed they were undergoing a surprise inspection and then declined to fire a shot in anger.

“We cannot shoot down a helicopter flying over busy streets and houses,” one guard explained.

Under threat from a pistol and grenade, the terrified pilot dropped the group at a nearby cemetery, where witnesses saw them flee on waiting motorbikes.

Vassilis’s brother, Nikos, knew the prison inside out – he had broken out of Korydallos in 1990 and was still on the run 16 years later.

Nikos had originally been jailed for a series of bank robberies but was also charged in absentia with the same kidnapping as his brother.

He was captured soon after breaking his brother out of prison.

Police nabbed him after a dramatic car chase through the mountains of central Greece, and he is serving an 87-year sentence.

Although he had a stash of weapons on him when arrested, Nikos was no killer and had to be caught without the aid of informers, with a million-dollar reward going unclaimed.

Vassilis remained on the run until police investigating Mr Mylonas’s kidnapping hunted him down this week.

January 19, 2010
by actforfreedomnow


Finally, the Deputy Public
Prosecutor of the Supreme Court N. Pantelis had dismissed the mother’s 15 year-old student

Alexis Grigoropoulos, which called for a second time to be in Athens and not in Amfissa the trial of two special guards and B. S

Korkonea Saralioti to death son.

Buses Amfissa early tomorrow morning 20/01/10

Buses will leave the museum athens at 6: 00 and 7:00

Because we must be early in Amfissa, arrivals will be directly and on time
6975794205 and 6939401371 anarchist comrades from athens

Anyone who wants a must to book at the phone numbers appear on the poster
Two documents for the trial of Korkonea and Saralioti 20 January Amfissa

On January 20 will be in Amfissa the trial of the Guard and Epaminondas Korkonea Saralioti Claus. The special guards

charged with the death of the young Alexander Grigoropoulos on December 6, 2008 in the area of Exarchia.

As anarchists we do not care for the award of “justice” by the state will not require the agencies to impose penalties in other

organs. As in all cases ( ‘light’ or ‘heavy’ penalties) vindicated the statism.

Moreover, the case of “justice” in the hands of officials and the “discretion” (political expediency) of power. In this respect it

is also irrelevant to any outcome of any trial, if and when made.

We care about the political exploitation of the dead 16-year Grigoropoulos Alexander, nor the upcoming trial of two special

guards. These reasonable to leave in any authoritarian cliques, trying to benefit from such situations.

What interests us is that the result of this fact a part of society rose and clashed, sought and seek effective ways of freedom

and justice over the power structures or any substitutes. This, we believe that it is an essential step that denies democratic or

undemocratic practices and reasonable and can affect key authoritarian conditions. And this is another significant legacy to

the holistic path to anarchy.

Photo Courts – Square Amfissa

The square is just short of the courts. Let us mind that the city has only one outlet and is surrounded by mountains.

Since I happen to have descended from Tinh town, there are 2 landings which conclude and 2 stin main square and therefore the courts and a town with little or no rimotomia, with many up and down and generally a closed city. Since I have no contact with inexperienced cops, talk about 400 and wants attention because if you shut the world from the cops there will be no escape routes and generally will be so bad. Much attention to those who will go!

January 19, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Sunday, 17 January 2010

From Lisbon: Ola, Alfredo and Christos

Freedom to Alfredo M. Bonanno and Christos Stratigopoulos.
Solidarity with those who struggle against this world.

On the 11th of January posters in solidarity with Alfredo M. Bonanno and Christos Stratigopoulos were glued on the walls of a few banks, universities and a train station, in Lisbon.
Below is the translation of the poster:

“The world of misery and authority in which we live, of walls that try to stop us from running and the despicable places they force us to inhabit is, in itself, the attempted elimination of any possibility to breathe freely, of all real communication between people and of all solidarity that dares express itself outside and against the institutions.
There’s no need for justifications or endless lists of examples for us to act.
In the search for a life without limits, we attack and smile. We smile inside, knowing that we share desires this world has no words to describe, nor bars to contain.
Ola, Alfredo and Christos!

January 18, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Elijah Smith is still in jail 1 year on from his part in the decommissioning of the EDO/MBM/ITT factory in Brighton. EDO make parts for the weapons us


The trial will now be held on May 17th in the Brighton area

Matters are looking worse and worse for former British soldier Elijah who is still on remand after one year in gaol.

Yes that’s right – one year in prison without trial.

After the decommissioning case he will have another trial in September as his trial for the occupation of the Raytheon roof in Frenchay business Park is scheduled for September 2nd at Bristol crown court.

His trial for witness intimidation resulting from a minor comment made in court to EDO/MBM/ITT Managing Director Paul Hills is set to take place in August.

We believe that the witness intimidation charge is a malicious act by the state designed to keep Elijah in prison without trial for as long as possible so we are calling for his immediate release.

The committal hearing for the Raytheon roof was at the beginning of December 2009 and the trial is not likely to be that lengthy so why September?

There is no excuse for his continued incarceration as Elijah has an acceptable bail address and people who will stand surety for him.

Free Elijah Smith now

Please send letters of support to Elijah Smith VP7551, HMP Lewes, 1 Brighton Rd, Lewes BN7 1EA

January 17, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Sunday, 17 January 2010 Italy – Rosarno: the revolt of the slaves. Spartacus is back!

translated from cette semaine
16 January 2010

On January 9 and 10, hundreds of immigrants rose up in Rosarno, a little town in the south of Italy. After some were shot at with an air rifle, the insurgents, armed with sticks and stones, blocked the main roads by building barricades. From the centre of Rosarno, windows of shops and businesses were shattered, barricades were set alight and there were hard clashes with the police …and some of the local population demanding that ‘all blacks be expelled from Rosarno’. Some citizens used their cars to run down immigrants, others armed themselves with batons, axes and guns to quell the revolt. On the evening of January 10, police and citizens managed to chase the immigrants from the town. Over one thousand immigrants were transferred to detention centres to await expulsion, hundreds of others escaped from Rosarno on foot, by car or by train. All four thousand immigrants have been chased out of Rosarno.
In the south of Italy, especially in agriculture, tens of thousands of immigrants are exploited in conditions of slavery thanks to an alliance of mafias, local politicians, and businesses. Most of them sleep in abandoned factories, with no water, heating or electricity. Already there had been revolts, which were often repressed in blood by mafia mercenaries.
This leaflet was given out in Genoa:


The slave ceases to be such from the moment in which he tries to break his chains. At that moment, unconcerned about the consequences of his attempt dignity, desire, rage and a profound sentiment of injustice towards the the boss who forces him into slavery, comes forth once again in a liberatory manner.
The revolt of the slave is a supreme act, it is above everything an act of love of oneself and the whole of humanity. The revolt of the slave is hope and justice forged into weapons to become the concrete possibility of emancipation. It is quite simply the will for another life, possibly happy, that is affirming itself. The slaves of Rosarno have spoken. they have spoken through their acts and their rage. In the fires, the broken windows, in the uprooted road signs, in the beating of the police, hides the poetry of a lover.
Perhaps love without calculation, desperate love, love capable of being given, is something old. Just like slavery is an old thing. Perhaps that is precisely why today, those capable of understanding, of knowing how to read the poetry of the slaves of Rosarno, are few.
In this pathetic Italy, plunged into the fear of the ‘different’ and impregnated with hypocrisy, governed by vermin supported by even more imbecilic mobs corrupted by hatred and grown up in the mirage of accumulation and wealth, are today outraged. Outraged because of the violence, clandestine immigration, work conditions, insecurity and exasperation.
Well, shocked Sirs, honest Citizens, whether you are of the right or of the left, whether you are gooey with the treacle of Christianity or forged by the hammer blows of the Right, You are corpses.
Because only one ‘dead in spirit’ can debate a lover’s declaration of love in legal terms or inside the pages of a newspaper. Either you accept such a declaration, or you refuse it.
Those who accept the increasingly unbearable yoke of the State day after day, just like those who kiss the hands of the mafias when they strike, those who lick the ass of the boss – then grumble about the ones who are poorer or less fortunate – just like those who profit from other people’s misery; all such people will certainly refuse the advances of the immigrants of Rosarno. But these people aren’t worth talking to, they are not the ones that we want to talk to.
Those who will certainly know how to listen are the ‘libertines’, the spirits that still know how to desire, that still know the difference between surviving and living, between slavery and freedom. Who know that a thousand burnt cars are nothing compared to a man’s freedom and dignity.
Slavery consists of people and goods, businesses and relationships. It is possible thanks to a politic that is increasingly xenophobic and classist, supported by uniformed armies and mafiosi in white shirts.
The love of freedom consists of complicity and fantasy. The revolt of the African immigrants of Rosarno is a gift to all of us, now it is up to us to give something back.
Because nobody will ever be free until the last chain is broken.
Anarchists and libertarians of Genoa

January 17, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Sunday, 17 January 2010 Explosive attack on pylon near Santiago prison

Society possesses various sticks. The one used to kidnap different beings is prison, where solitude and sadness reign.
The maginificent panopticon has seen a small flash of light at very close quarters. We hope that it broke the routine and stole a few complicit smiles from those who find themselves locked up for trying to expropriate something of their existence, for not submitting to the torture of work, and that the screws felt it on their skins, which is as sensitive as that of any other.
The place, a high voltage pylon, one of the reflexes of power, so our enemy. The chains of authority can be found in every breath. Liberation must be total, both for the earth and animals, humans and non humans.
We attacked very close to the prison of Santiago with an explosive device composed of an extinctor full of black powder and a detonator consisting of sulphuric acid in a condom and crushed match heads. Prison is not just a great edifice that is holding our comrades Axel, Pablo, Matias, Cristian, Flora (a particularly big hug). Authority takes many forms, it is also in each one of the institutions of the State starting from the family, then school, the psychiatric clinics and why not, even yourself. You can be your own prison warder. And as if that wasn’t enough, they are building prisons for children.
Our brotherly love to every individual that takes a position against any kind of authority, from the most simple gesture. We are launching an appeal for the free association of individuals as the way to organise oneself in contrast to the relations imposed by society, reflected from the genesis of our lives. To the warriors arrested in Mexico, who localised and attacked the enemy, power, and with it civilisation. Abraham and Fermin, a fraternal and antiauthoritarian embrace. We salute every action of solidarity with the last hunger strike. The spaces of power contiue to be struck without fear or respect. To Diego, may your flight be eternal, brother. You have offered us another choice and, even if we can’t see your smile, we hear your scornful laughter. To your memory, wild Mauricio Morales.
Against all authority: revolt and insurrection.
For the destruction of power and civilisation.
For the destruction of the prisons of humans, animal and the earth.
Marco Camenish Insurrectional Brigade

January 17, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Saturday, 02 January 2010
Τ Major events in Greece for the year he left ..

Details month to month.

The resurgence of terrorism in “hits” from the beginning of the year and the signing of the emerging “sects

Revolutionaries”, the film (again) Paleokosta escape from prison, kidnapping Panagopoulos, chemicals against farmers in the

port are some the most important events in Greece this year leaving.O. .. August was destined to once again be printed as the

“black” month for our country, hundreds of thousands of acres of forest in NE Attica were ashes during the most devastating

fires in Attica.


Terrorists “bolting” police.
Murderous attack on 03:05 on 5 January accepts 21 years of police at the junction of Zaimi and Kountouriotou in

Exarchia.The police of MAT was with two other colleagues around the cages, when accepted barrage fire by unknown,

probably from kalaznikof.Point found more than 20 buds and reportedly, two weapons. . The police transported to the hospital,

subjected to prolonged surgery and ultimately escape danger, and responsibility for the attack to take notice of the

organization “Revolutionary Struggle”.

Kidnapping of owner Panagopoulos. The morning of January 19, the owner Pericles Panagopoulos left free by his kidnappers,

hours after the payment of ransom from their relatives in desert location, near the Castle Gujarat. According to a Police,

74chronos owner discovered accidentally by a passing patrol car bench, which the received. Police continue to investigate and

identify the abductors and arrives in early July in the wake of organized gang. . Brain of the coil and organizer of the

kidnapping are alleged prisoner Trikala prison for murder, protections and other offenses, while among those arrested is a

businessman who helped to make the money laundering of ransom, a negotiator and two people from Crete, a of which

hotelier. Ό All those arrested are Greek.

Farmers in the streets.Demonstrations by farmers begin the plain of Thessaly and Macedonia to protest the low prices of

products such as cotton, wheat, corn and milk. The Minister for Rural Development, Sotiris Hatzigakis, calls to avoid extreme

forms of protests and a few days later announced aid package totaling 500 million euros. Farmers, however, not satisfied by

the commitments of Ministers and the new block in Western Greece and Peloponnese, snap bypasses, avoiding however to

close the railway. In the game of protests by farmers and enter the Peloponnese, closing the Athens – Corinth. ΤThe

prolonged closure of roads connecting Greece with Bulgaria in Sofia concern, which complained to the Greek authorities.

Finally, after a dramatic background of consultation in late January that farmers decide to end the protests and blockades

from leaving.


• Premiere of the “sects”New serious incident within the Police. Three strangers, under the special guard, attacked at dawn

on February 3 against AT Korydallos, shooting and throwing a grenade. Fortunately the grenade did not explode, while the

shots no one was hurt. του 2007. Police officers are almost convinced that this terrorist attack as the weapon used by the

perpetrators was similar to that which was stolen by a special guard of the former President of the Supreme Court Romulus

Kedikoglou and used by the Police Department of completeness, in April 2007. The responsibility for the attack made by the

emerging organization “sects Revolutionaries.

• Escape Paleokosta. New cinematic escape by helicopter from the male prison Korydallos out at noon on February 22

Vassilis Palaiokostas and Alketas Riza who had escaped again by helicopter in June 2006. To escape flood gust followed, in

which slightly injured a guard. Besides the pilot, the helicopter were on a man and a woman, who, being present over Eleusis,

threatened the pilot with a knife and grenade, forcing him to fly over the prison Korydallos particularly over the third wing,

where received criminals. Shortly thereafter he landed a kilometer away from the toll AFIDNON and found in fields between

Polydendri and Kapandriti. Inmates and passengers of the helicopter escaped in a car and drive a black jeep.

. On April 14 the police made a large company in Alepochori, and estimated that there lies the Palaiokostas. Οι . The police

shoot the tires car which stopped and checked. The car loses control, leaves the road and parked while the driver managed to

Through the positioning of mobile phones left in the car after the chase Palaiokostas the Old National Road Athens, Thebes,

the police discovered in his hideout Alepochori Paleokosta, in which they find fake licenses, car registration and dress

materials and investigations are continuing in Geraneia to locate the runaway. Το The house had rented a woman with the

surname Fotiadou and is a former mayor of the region.

Finally, on November 16 arrested at a house in Ano Souli Secretary, wanted Alcetas Riza and his partner Sula. A few days

trial and led to prison.

• Το λιμάνι “πνίγεται” στα χημικά. • The port “drowned” in the chemical. Extensive use of chemicals by powerful groups of

MAT against producers from Crete to remain at the port and have blocked the surrounding streets.Farmers refuse to go to

the Ministry of Rural Development, and invite representatives of the parties to go to Piraeus.

. First arrived the president of PASOK, who-because of the tear – leaves soon after. The government asserts that it was used

as the chemical Papandreou was in the harbor area. The main opposition party featuring the image of “unacceptable” and

called for the resignation of the leadership of the Public Prosecutor and the Chief of Police

Two days later, farmers are leaving the port of Piraeus after having left the MAT, and promising to continue their protests in


Meanwhile, the blockade remains the bastion of farmers in the region, resulting in queues of vehicles waiting to cross the

border to and from Bulgaria to grow.


Student opens fire at school OAED. One dead and three seriously injured is the record of unprecedented by Greek standards

violence incident in school. Shortly before entering the room for the lesson, the student 19chronos School Employment Agency

in Petrou Ralli shoots classmate. Finally, the offender aftopyrovoleitai head wanting to end his life and some time later leaving

his last breath.

ΗThe attack with a weapon at school brings to light the issue of arms trafficking in Greece. Illustration, the first two months of

2009 in Athens seized 114 weapons and illegal possession of firearms increased by 66.4%, the only time in Athens has more

than 50,000 illegal weapons. Furthermore, it is estimated that in our country, handling more than 300 weapons spirals, with

arms and follow these rules of supply and demand. As for their introduction in Greece, Achilles heel, as estimated by the

prosecuting authorities are the Greek-Albanian border and the coast of southern Crete.


The “sects” murder in cold blood Officer of Terrorism. In the notice of the “sects Revolutionaries” take responsibility for

the assassination of yparchifylaka Nektarios Sava in Patissia. It appears from the ballistic examination of the buds of the two

nine millimeter weapons found at the murder, nine of t
he 24 bullets from a gun that was used by the terrorist organization to

strike against the police department Korydallos, and in the television station ALTER. The other balls dropped from a weapon

not used before.


The fiery nightmare returned to BA Attica. Destructive fire burns for three days the northeastern Attica turning hundreds of

homes to ashes, cars and thousands of acres of forest. According to the European Information System for Forest Fires, over

300,000 acres of forest land were ashes in three days in Greece, and to heal the wounds in the forests of Attica will take at

least 25 years, provided that they control the real estate aspirations.

The conclusion of the Fire blamed on at least one person. This 59chrono, which owns land near to where the landfill was sited

Grammatiko, from where he started the devastating fire.
On the other hand, the finding of the Inspector General of Public Administration Leandros Rakintzis finds tragic failures, non

-existent coordination and critical shortages of staff and resources. The Coordination of Fire had direct oversight of

operations, since it has satellite monitoring of fire and the information transmitted by radio and mobile phones. Moreover,

according to the findings, senior circumvent their immediate superiors, thus losing precious time while the leader of the Fire

Department had no idea of the fire 12 hours after the event.


Apartment – giafka in Halandri. Four people arrested by the Anti-terrorism during loading compartment – giafka, Street

March 25. According to the reports of the Police, the department found and seized an improvised explosive device clock,

complete and ready for operation, which was placed in a cooking pot. The mechanism is identical to that placed in the

apartment of Mr. Lucas Katseli in Kolonaki. Officers believe that this is the Tour “Conspiracy nuclei of Fire”, which is below

the Organization “Ambush – Armed Revolutionary Action.”

Disclosure in Euboea and Attica BA. καταστήματα. Heavy rainfall occurring in Evia, leading to separate homes from their

foundations literally, whole areas be buried beneath the mud and thousands of acres of cropland from flooding, and hundreds

of houses and shops. . Great is the destruction and water networks and columns of PPC.

Drama is the picture and North Attica, which apart from the tragic consequences of fires in August, and experiencing the

effects of flooding on the opposite Euboea. Residents of Oropou and Apostles Kalamos confront the coastal zone of tonnes of

mud, tree trunks, trash and even dead animals were washed from the opposite Eretria, due to the strong winds of up to 7

Beaufort. Οι κάτοικοι των περιοχών απευθύνουν έκκληση στις αρχές να αναλάβουν το γρηγορότερο δυνατό δράση

καθαρισμού των ακτών ενόψει και του χειμώνα, ώστε να μην προκληθούν μεγαλύτερες καταστροφές. Residents of areas

call the authorities to take action as soon as possible cleaning off the face of winter, so as not to cause greater damage.


New bloody attack on police. Even a well-organized plan by terrorists, this time against the Police Department Agia

Paraskevi. . Since the attack wounded six policemen (one cop, a probationary constable, four trainees special guards) are two

serious. Men of Terrorism collected from the scene of total ninety-nine balls and it came out that the weapons were used in

another attack. By notice of the “mouse” almost a month after the “Revolutionary Struggle” does not assume responsibility

for the armed attack on the AT, while denying any involvement in the attacks remain “orphan” and attributed by the police in

this organization.


• A time without Alexis. Lasted three days events to mark the one year after the loss of 15 year-old student Alexander

Grigoropoulos. . His family has committed an annual memorial service, residents of Exarchia held events at the junction of

Preveza and Messolongi and events culminating in massive rally in downtown Athens, and in other cities, during which there

were some incidents and fights. The most serious incident occurred when hooded occupied administration building at the

University of Athens, injuring the dean, Christos Kittas, and climbed on the roof of the building and took down after the Greek

flag, placed in the position of the flag of the anarchists.Police went to hundreds of arrests and adduction, the principal

resigned, while the invasion of hooded in the building caused the intervention of the Chief District Court Prosecutor I

Sakelakou, who ordered an urgent preliminary investigation carried out.

Finally, the Deputy Public Prosecutor of the Supreme Court N. Pantelis had dismissed the mother’s 15 year-old student

Alexis Grigoropoulos, which called for a second time to be in Athens and not in Amfissa the trial of two special guards and B. S

Korkonea Saralioti to death son.

January 16, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

the father much joking at the time. After two years, but the picture changed. One day his father came home darkening. The

mother looked at him and realized what had happened. He had lost his job … Now my father is unemployed over three years. At

first we thought it would recover some day job, but now even the children we have lost all hope.
Hannah S. (fourteen years]
December 1932

At a time when all are short, the existence and maximize the poverty of large segments of society intensifies. In the lie of the

day, heard a deep truth. Capitalism is in crisis. This truth can be found in the financial churches, banks and a wide range of

economic, political and intellectual levels.
Large and small, left and right bosses anxious as they try to gain some time. They can no longer promise nor guarantee their

own present.
In the climate of “rigor” are some nuclei with self-organized resistance struggle daily practices, giving even this political and

social status.
The state and capitalism but nothing is left unanswered. In the name of “social cohesion” is democracy and through-rogue

regime’s policies, karieriston local rulers (who are embroiled in investing activities) journalists and cops, suppress the struggle

for freedom. A battle which has several roads. One of them is the particular set chosen.
Together with the anti-authoritarians in power (and master of all kinds) are the murderers and the people, the householders.

In the race of growth, this category of people covering the majority of society borrows. Borrow from banks pimps, is snail sucks

and politicians, thus having the feeling that this will remain strong and can take the next step. You can reach the oneiro.Na get

into a story which is maintained by Formalin cabinet in capitalism. In this category of people no sense of solidarity. The

property and how to place it in the ass is the only thought that dominated their heads. The mind wants to unstick a large amount

of grease *.
So on Thursday at 01:25 safeguarding team has two partners walk around the area of the prefecture. Identified 3 stupid cops

in front of the political office of M. Bolaris, while passing a angavercopcar. After synenoisi at 01:33 comrades washed two discs

of the prefect S. Fotiadis.
This operation is characterized by us policy. So indeed was. After any master of our cause vomiting. However, the content of

the act is purely symbolic.
We send our solidarity with the comrades H. Nicholaou, C. Dimitraki, P. Georgiadis, who are hostage in the hands of the state.

* Grease: Material mix elaion.Aparaitito for machinery and tools. Imagine a river k prefect starting with grease Valley Ag to

suppress the entire county ….


January 16, 2010
by actforfreedomnow



Reading on 16/10/2009 and by agreeing wholeheartedly with the Declaration of the Founding L.T.K. we decided to contribute to

charitable and so useful social work, setting fire to four luxury cars.

Concepts such as class revenge and class hatred in the text of the Club, we agree wholeheartedly with the same angry and so

against the specific symbols of wealth and against their owners.

The luxury cars are a demonstration of wealth and is often the result of labor exploitation. Even though this is not leaving us

icily indifferent as these owners are trying to go the opposite camp, the dream is to anelichthoun class showing the opulence or

having the financial ability or not …

So we decided to decentralize and to visit the north and south proastia.Na to get yards, to cross the streets set fire to their

symbols of wealth and chlidis.Oi options have been apeires.Oi concrete were less fortunate …

So we hit on Wednesday January 13

1) A JAGUAR in Paleo Faliro

2) A CHEROKEE MERCEDES in a Heliopolis

3) A PORSCHE CAYENNE in Kifissia

Our goal is to attack the private wealth. Our goal is the generalized class war. We do not forget their comrades who chose this

path in any cost. Our solidarity with the Polykarpos Georgiadis Chrysocho’i’di Vangelis, who standing trial on February 2 for the

Mylonas abduction case, and give solidarity Paleokosta nikos escape with helicopter from prison!!!

January 16, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Neither crocodile tears nor silence Solidarity with the Haitian people


Tragedy strikes once again Haiti. This time, it was a fierce 7 degree earthquake which has devastated the country and turned it into rubble. We have yet to know the exact number of victims, but the Red Cross is talking about 3 million affected and the number of dead could well go up to 100,000 – a horrible count if we take into account that the country has a population of only 8 million. The images circulating of survivors crushed under the rubble begging for help, of wounded children, of people breaking down in tears for the death of their relatives, give a much more accurate sense of the horror of this tragedy – much better than anything we could say.

In this terrible moment, as usual, we stand with the Haitian people. We give them all of our solidarity, their pain being our pain, and from this forum we call our readership and anyone aware to help generously through the humanitarian organisations that have sent appeals in order to bring some relief in these dramatic conditions.

Also, we cannot help feeling a just sense of disgust with the hypocrisy of an “international community” that once again is shedding crocodile tears in the face of this “incomprehensible tragedy” (to borrow Obama’s own words), without recognizing their own share of responsibility in it – the impact of the earthquake was so devastating because this is a people already devastated by a century of military intervention, shameless plunder, of US- and French-backed autocratic regimes and of international financial institutions’ policies aiming at ruining the Haitian people for the benefit of few. This country has been turned into an enormous sweatshop, where the majority of its people survive thanks to charity. We are not faced with a mere natural disaster, as the media would like us to believe: we are, in fairness, facing a man-made tragedy. This earthquake merely came to finish the job started by the US, France, Canada, the MINUSTAH (the occupation troops of the UN), the International Monetary Fund and fake development agencies such as USAID.

They didn’t care about the Haitian people when they drowned in a fraudulent external debt acquired by the dictatorship of the Duvalier, and they never felt any “anguish” whatsoever in looting even the last penny of this starved and impoverished country;

They didn’t care about the Haitian people when they “had to” impose structural adjustment programmes in the ‘90s, that had such calamitous results on the population, as for example with the case of the reduction in tariffs for imported staples such as rice. The result of this was the absolute destruction of the Haitian peasantry, which was driven to the slums of Port-au-Prince – leaving a country that up to then was perfectly able to feed itself, to starve to death, as shown by the hunger rebellion of April 2008.

They didn’t care about the Haitian people when the dictatorships of Duvalier, Namphy, Avril, Cedras and Latortue (all of which had the approval of Washington and Paris) raped, maimed, “disappeared” and massacred thousands of Haitians. Some of them, such as Jean Claude Duvalier, live luxuriously in France. Others, such as Raoul Cedras, thanks to the pay received from the US as part of their agreement to step down from power, turned into respectable businessmen – in Panama, in the case of Cedras.

They didn’t care about the Haitian people when we heard of thousands of denunciations of sexual abuse by the troops of the “civilising” mission of MINUSTAH, who still occupy, rape and murder in absolute impunity. Proof of that was the repatriation to Sri Lanka of over a hundred Sri Lankan blue helmets in November 2007, after having been accused of rape; in their country, they did not face even a pantomime of a trial.

They didn’t care about the Haitian people when the sweatshops came to grossly distort the Haitian economy, paying starvation wages while abuses of all sorts were taking place in their compounds on a daily basis.

The list of reasons to be indignant with the hypocritical sorry statements of people like Sarkozy, Obama, Ban-Ki-Moon and Lula, is way too long to give it in full length. Let us just say that the more miserable a population is, the stronger it will be hit by the vicissitudes of nature. That misery has been caused by forces imposing the current social model through dictatorships and international pressures; if three out of four people living in Port-au-Prince dwell in shacks, in slums that sprung out of the Haitian economic ruin (mainly of the countryside), can we really wonder that the death toll has to be counted in the thousands?

We hope that the solidarity of the people all over the world with their Haitian brethren will be massive. As has been previously said, solidarity is the tenderness of the people. And we hope that this solidarity, on which thousands of lives currently depend on, arrives to its destination instead of being trapped in a cobweb of NGOs and Aid Agencies. Doubtlessly, there are a number of reputable organisations today such as the Red Cross doing much necessary relief work; but alongside them, sharks will appear to profit out of this tragedy. We have to watch out for them and the popular movement of Haiti needs to be alert to make sure that the assistance does actually arrive and is distributed efficiently. We also hope that there is no invasion of “white men” brought by some NGOs to do work, such as building houses, that the locals – 80% of whom are unemployed – can perfectly well do and should do themselves.

Once again, we call for your solidarity. Not only in the face of this particular tragedy that shakes anyone who has a heart in their breast, but solidarity now and always; a type of solidarity that scratches underneath the surface of devastation to understand the deep roots of the Haitian tragedy. Roots which are, in any case, deeper than an earthquake of force 7 on the Richter scale; in other words, a solidarity that forces us to re-think the relations that the great world powers have with our region, of which Haiti is only the worst example. This solidarity should make us question the role served by the troops that the majority of Latin American countries have in the military occupation of Haiti – an occupation that has had as much of a devastating effect as this earthquake, something hard to deny notwithstanding the photo-ops of MINUSTAH soldiers giving packets of rice to the homeless.

José Antonio Gutiérrez D.
13 January, 2010

January 16, 2010
by actforfreedomnow


January 16th, 2010 Alfredo M. Bonnano and Christos Stratigopoulos were transferred from Amfissa to Korydallos prison of Athens (Greece).

More updates to come- from the 20th Jan 2010 there will be a legal decision over the question of them coming out of the prison on bail before the upcoming trial.

Never give up – Never give in.
They can receive mail at:

T.K. 18110

January 16, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Send appeal to Aachen prison:

Telefon: 0241 9173-0

Fax: 0241 9173-273

E-mail: poststelle@jva-aachen.nrw.de

Gabriel is an anarchist who along with another, Jose Fernandez Delgado, escaped from the brutal F.I.E.S prison system of the Spanish State. Gabriel and Jose are now residing in the Jails of Germany, after attempting to escape a police control on the Belgium/German border. Gabriel has written quite a lot since being in Jail 20 years, and he is only 36.

You can read more about the case here: escape into rebellion

A letter from Gabriel Pombo da Silva

“Yes, I am aware of the harsh repression that you have been suffering in Italy, further reason for reinforcing the undertaking of the Anarchist Black Cross.

Obviously they want to wipe us out in a squalid manner, thus their effort to criminalize “anti-repressive organizations” and place them on the same “legal” level as the Informal Groups. The fact is that they want to shut up any opposition to their system of Domination, Control, Exploitation and Death.

All my rebel love and complicity can be taken for granted: to the Informal Groups of the FAI and, generally, to all those who struggle against the State-Capital and its Prisons… and to all comrades in prison, all the more so if “guilty” like me of loving freedom in all its sense without measure.

Our trial in Aachen finally comes to sentence in August… I say finally because it is torture to go to court. They handle us worse than animals, with glasses provided with black-painted lenses, earplugs and shackled hands and feet… We are scattered in various prisons and they always transport us separately, each with his or her group of riot cops in balaclavas.

After 21 years of prison, so much struggle and torture, there is nothing that surprises me in this life. It only provokes me to greater rage that correspondence is “lost” along the way or only gets to me after several months of delay. What the fascists of the Spanish state were unable to do the “German Federal Republic” is doing.

I feel powerless and enraged because I can do nothing about it, and in this sense I appeal to the international revolutionary solidarity of our comrades.

A strong rebel embrace to all!!”

Gabriel Pombo da Silva

Aachen, July 21, 2005

Another text from Gabriel:

“It’s raining in Aachen”

by Gabriel Pomba da Silva,

Anarchist insurrectionalist political prisoner in Germany

Translated by Jordan ML, 2005

It’s raining in Aachen and above a grand expanse of grey clouds hangs, and when my eyes sink from the heights to the front, i see a wall, also grey, and behind the wall denuded trees that raise their arms to the heavens as though they were imploring, damning, rebuking, asking, “why are my roots set in this Earth, this cemetery of living men who wander like zombies between the walls of their cells?”

All the same, tree-brothers… there you are, predestined as am I to suffer the rigors of the Seasons, of the Weather, of the caprices of men and the rigors of intemperateness… It’s only that many moons ago I ceased raising my arms to the heavens to beg, damn, rebuke or ask for anything from the Architect of the Universe…

I let the rain soak me, I let the cold make me contract… I let the rays of the sun caress me… I close my eyes and I am like you, and when I open them again I am a tree with blood and eyes that contemplate, from the vantage point of the inevitable, the passage of time, amazed and petrified.

There was once a Time when I had no roots, and traveled to many different places, where I saw blue, yellow, orange, and red skies… Skies darkened by a million flickering eyes…

There was once a Time when I climbed on the arms of our brothers and sat myself in the highest branches to see human beings as ants wandering from one side to the other, and I asked myself, what is pushing them to this frenetic coming and going?

Oh yes!! And by the way I discovered in your hands and arms bird’s nests, eggs, little birds without feathers and with closed eyes… and I murmured to them, “One day you will open up your eyes and fly through many colored skies… but you must beware of the huntsmen…”

Oh!! I am sure that many birds, descendants of those others that I saw with their eyes closed, have flown over infinitely colored skies, have lit upon branches in many other trees… some others will have fallen from the nest, others will have been hunted down, others abandoned because some hunter will have killed their fathers and mothers…

But life goes on its inexorable course, full of life and death, happiness and tragedy, full of trees: men, woman, and birds, heavens of a thousand colors, of rain and sun…

It’s raining in Aachen and I am not going to let my memories, my emotions, my ideas and feelings die of the cold and the grey, nor at the hands the frenetic ant-men…

It’s raining in Aachen and I let the rain soak me, feed my melancholy, and give wings to my dreams… After everything, brother tree, our roots are fed by the Earth, and everyone and everything, sooner or later, ends up as shadow, ash, memory, yesterday… Well then, why not go forwards faithfully towards anarchy? Is there anything greater? I ask you…


January 31, 2005, in germany.

January 15, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

NEWS Barrage of incendiary attacks Published: Friday, January 15, 2010 greece athens

gas explosion – improvised device explodes in the offices of PASOK in Thessaloniki

Three “hits” recorded in Thessaloniki. Arson late Wednesday night and yesterday morning at the offices of PASOK and a parked truck and a motorcycle.

The last two events were claimed in a phone call to the Fire Department by the “anti-racist Organization Western Quarter”. However, the police consider with caution the possibility that this is an organized group and predict that the attacks were by a single person who made the call for deception.

Shortly before 11:30 Wednesday night, unknown perpetrators sprayed inflammable liquid over a truck that was parked in the street in Renaissance 18 Stavropol, and then set it on fire. A few minutes later, unknown persons using the same method set fire to a motorcycle on the October 28 Street in Ambelokipi 137, thus it was completely destroyed.

An unknown then telephoned the Fire Department, stating that the responsibility for these arson attacks carried out by the “anti-racist Organization Western Quarter”.
Yesterday at dawn, arsonists targeted the offices and found a local organization of PASOK in the corner of M. Venizelos. Karaoli 7 in the Naples area. According to reports, the perpetrators placed at the entrance an improvised incendiary device, consisting of two and gas candles with gasoline. The explosion broke the window of the office and the fire caused damage in the interior.

January 15, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

OR OLD OR NEW, THE PRISONS ARE THE SAME Hunger strike in prisons Grevena

Press Releases

There is no doubt that prisons are either old or new, ignore and violate the rights of prisoners to the same extent. These new

prisons of Kerala (launched in 2008) have nothing to envy of the known scattered throughout the Greek territory, hellish.

Moreover, the prison Grevena is so remote as to preclude the possibility of even basic social control, hindering the access

rights of prisoners with their own, but also with their lawyers.
Despite promises to improve conditions of detention, after the monumental struggle of prisoners in Greek prisons in November

2008 and successive bills, the prison Grevena is a shining example of law enforcement intentions of governments and their

indifference to and violation of basic rights prisoners.
On 11 January, the prisoners in jail Grevena began mass hunger strike demanding the obvious, denouncing the prison medieval


-The usual tactic of humiliating anal control dynastefei lives and even in a very short transfer case for medical reasons. Those

who refuse to try to protect their dignity, are closed to isolate and face disciplinary proceedings.

-Requests for permits are ignored and / or examination unacceptably slow.

-The disciplinary regime is reminiscent of the junta, and the prisoners prosecuted for anything.

-Ignored demands to be heard, even for people who face significant problems.

-There is no doctor for 330 prisoners.

-There is a Secretariat to provide information and serve the needs of prisoners.

-The times of change visiting randomized, so the detainees are deprived of the necessary contact with the outside world and

relatives who all travel to the isolated prison be located before off guard and not be able to see their loved ones who are

-The proaflismos takes place in a very limited space for a very short time. In the courtyard there are fitness leisure detainees.

Heating-only there for an hour this morning.

-The prisoners are forced to buy everything, even basic necessities, the prison should provide, for example, the pillow!

-At the supermarket shop no price list, so that prisoners pay arbitrary and illegal prices.

We stand in solidarity in the struggle of prisoners
We demand the immediate satisfaction of their claims

January 15, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Alfredo Bonanno and Christos Stratigopoulos transferred to Korydallos prison, Athens

This Blog

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Friday, 15 January 2010

Alfredo and Christos, imprisoned anarchist comrades awaiting trial following a bank robbery in Trikala, Greece, were transferred today from the Amfissa ‘concentration camp’ to Korydallos prison in Athens. It is not known whether this is a ‘permanent’ move by the Greek state, or whether it is merely a tactic to remove them from the town of Amfissa where the trial of the cop murderer, killer of 15 year old Alexis Grigoropolous, is due to start on the 20th of this month in spite of an appeal to the Greek prime minister by Alexi’s mother for the trial to take place in Athens, which was Alexi’s home town, and where the crime was committed.

January 15, 2010
by actforfreedomnow


On Jan. 9, at approximately 8 p.m. local time, an improvised explosive device (IED) detonated outside the Greek parliament building, a popular tourist attraction, breaking windows but causing no deaths or injuries. Less than 20 minutes before the attack, an anonymous caller informed the Eleftherotypia newspaper that the device would be detonated, giving police time to clear the area.

The IED was placed under a garbage can near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which is directly in front of the parliament building and under constant guard and video surveillance. Police have collected fragments of the device (likely made of cooking gas canisters, which are easy to obtain and the most common components used in such attacks in Greece) and are reviewing the surveillance video. So far, police have confirmed that a timer was found at the site and that a group calling itself the “Fire Conspiracy Cells” has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Over the past year, such bombings have been occurring more frequently against increasingly significant targets. In 2008, most of the attacks were against car dealerships, bank branches and diplomatic vehicles and were timed to avoid injuring people. In 2009 we saw the tactics intensify as police officers were targeted and killed and the target set shifted to include more strategically important sites such as the Greek Stock Exchange and National Insurance Company (the latter attacks were still preceded by phoned-in warnings). These varying and evolving tactics demonstrate a full spectrum of violence that the leftist and anarchist groups are capable of carrying out.

Consistent with the escalating campaign, the bombing in front of the parliament building was the most brazen attack in recent years. The area targeted is a very popular tourist attraction largely because of the ceremonial changing of the guard that takes place in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The device was planted just a few yards from a nearby guard post, which underscores the purely ceremonial role of the soldiers guarding the monument.

While the parliament was not convened at the time of the attack, events were going on inside, and Greek Interior Minister Prokopis Pavlopoulos was scheduled to speak to reporters outside the building, near the site of the explosion at the approximate time the IED went off. Clearly, planting and detonating an explosive device in such a symbolic public area demonstrates the ability of leftist and anarchist groups to carry out their operations without police detection. And in order to deal with the escalating threat, the Greek government faces some difficult political decisions that could incite even more violence.

The uptick in attacks in 2009 can be attributed to the precarious political and economic situation in Greece. Because of Greek banking exposure to emerging markets in Central Europe and the country’s reliance on tourism and shipping, Greece was hit particularly hard by the global economic crisis. Greece is set to have the highest government deficit (12.2 percent of gross domestic product [GDP]) and government debt (124.9 percent of GDP) in the eurozone in 2010. This puts the Greek government’s ability to repay and service its debts in question, thereby damaging its credit rating and forcing the newly elected government to plan for austerity measures.

The European Union is pressuring Greece to enact severe budget cuts, and EU officials visited the country Jan. 6-8 to assess whether Athens is serious about lowering its deficit. The government is seriously considering rolling back social programs by raising the retirement age and has requested advice from the International Monetary Fund on how to reform its spending. The problem for Athens is that social angst is already at a high level due to the economic crisis, and a package of new taxes and social welfare cuts will only increase the tension. In notoriously volatile Greece, austerity measures will likely provide more reasons for people to turn to violence in order to express their disapproval of government policies and highlight the government’s inability to manage the country.
Πηγή: greekamericannewsagency.com

January 15, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

“And in 22 years and six (seven) months that I have been
jailed (and for that reason tortured until unimaginable limits
by “oppressed” “others”). I have said that to be oppressed in
fact does not bring even a radical desire to finish yet what
oppresses us…One needs to have “pride”, dignity, conscience,
hatred and intelligence to wish to face the enemy and all the



da silva

until we are all free!


Gabriel is an anarchist who along with another, Jose Fernandez Delgado, escaped from the
brutal F.I.E.S prison system of the Spanish State in 2004. Gabriel and Jose are now residing in
the jails of Germany, after a gun battle with German cops at a checkpoint following their
escape. Gabriel is sentenced to 13 years and Jose to 14. Gabriel has been imprisoned for over
24 years, 14 of which were spent in isolation (he is only 40). What follows is just some of his



Write to Gabriel or Jose at these addresses. (Correct at time of printing)
Gabriel Pombo da Silva Krefelder Str. 251, 52070 Aachen Germany
José Fernandez Delgado Aachenerstr. 47, 53359 Rheinbach Germany


More information is available from the following:


Leeds ABC, PO Box 53, Leeds, LS8 4WP, England
(distributes an interview with Gabriel’s mother along with other high quality anti-prison texts)


Copy and distribute publication freely
For more copies contact ganudaras@gmail.com

September 29, Vancouver, Coast Salish Territory, (Canada) – A house is squatted for the purposes
of an evening in solidarity with Gabriel and Jose. Later that night several targets including a bank
are attacked. A communiqué claims the attacks in solidarity with Gabriel and Jose.
– A house is squatted for the purposes
of an evening in solidarity with Gabriel and Jose. Later that night several targets including a bank
are attacked. A communiqué claims the attacks in solidarity with Gabriel and Jose.

September 29, Everywhere, Global – “Today the 29th of September is an international day of
solidarity with prisoners in struggle, and more particularly for Gabriel Pombo da Silva and Jose
Fernandez Delgado, anarchist prisoners in Germany. Prison is the clearest expression of this society
based on money, collective stupidity and the imprisonment of deviance (psychiatric, social, sexual).
We struggle from the inside and outside to conquer the freedom which is ours. NOR GUARDS

October 1, Brussels, Belgium – Attacks on German consulate and BMW dealership. The German
consulate in Brussels was attacked with paint bombs in solidarity with Jose and Gabriel and all the
prisoners in struggle.

October 2, 2007, Brussels, Belgium – A BMW dealership in Brussels was attacked with Molotov
cocktails in solidarity with Gabriel and Jose. At least two vehicles were consumed by flames.

October 9, Buenos Aires, Argentina – “In the cold and damp hours of the morning, some hands
placed an explosive device in a ‘Volkswagen’ dealership located at the intersection of Castro Barros
and Hipolito Hirigoyen streets, in the capital city. In the area were found pamphlets with the
following note: “This morning, we hit the ‘Volkswagen’ dealership. This morning, we demonstrated
our hatred towards the German state that has incarcerated our companions. We demand the
immediate liberation of Gabriel Pombo Da Silva and Jose Fernandez Delgado, who are found in the
extermination centers of the German state, and all the prisoners of the world. Fire to the state, to
capital and its prisons. Free Jose and Gabriel. Revolutionary Black Cells. Kurt Gustav Wilckens
Brigade.” N.B. Kurt Gustav Wilckens was born on the 3th of November 1886 in Germany. As an
anarchist he was active in Germany, the United States and Argentina. In 1922 he decided to hit the
Argentinean lieutenant-colonel Varela who is responsible for the slaughter of 1500 striking land
workers in Patagonia. The 25th of January 1923 he throws a bomb to Varela. The bomb hits both
legs and Varela grasps his sable. Wilckens pulls his revolver and finishes the hangman. He is
arrested and locked up. In the night of 16th of June 1926 Wilckens gets killed in his cell by the
prison guard Perez Millan (member of the Patriotic League).

“And I am not a theoretician companions, but one
of the oppressed, enamored with the freedom (and
liberty) that infects the oppressed with the passion
for a worthy life…

A boy’s story

I know the story of a boy born under the fascist dictatorship. He was
the son of a very poor family who spent his days surrounded by
animals, he was always dirty because he liked to climb trees, explore
caves (where he thought he would find treasures from ancient kings or
pirates) and play at being a red Indian.

One day the artless boy fell from a roof while chasing a coloured
butterfly. When he tried to catch it, he forgot where he was
and…ended up in hospital with a broken jaw. At school the teachers
beat him because he spoke a native language and the dictator did not
like that. Also, whenever he could the boy escaped into the forest
where he was filled with wonder about everything.

One day his parents decided to go away to another country where the
men, women and children were whiter. A country where (his parents
said) they would be able to live more freely, where they could earn
money and get out of poverty, buy a big house and be happy. The
parents said to the boy “there is something called snow in this country,
that is white and cold and falls from the sky for your birthday” The
boy could not understand why he should leave his woods, the
sunshine, the rain, the sea, the rivers, his land…He didn’t understand
what poverty was, perhaps because he didn’t need material things and
he didn’t care about wearing reprises clothes. And he didn’t understand
freedom because he was already free.

At first he was happy to leave his country because he wanted to see the
“snow that falls from the sky for your birthday” as his mother said.
And also because he had never seen “white men and women, very
white with blond hair like gold”… and because he wouldn’t have to go
to school where he had been beaten because he spoke the native
language. This is how the boy went away to the land of the white
people with blond hair like gold and where the snow fell from the sky.

International Day of Solidarity 07

September 28, Montevideo, Uruguay – “In the night of Friday 28th of September the locks of the
Goethe Institute (German cultural institution) and Iberia [Spanish Airlines Company] got sealed.
On the side (of the building) ‘Solidarity with Gabriel and Jose’ and an encircled A was written. “A
small gesture to greet the comrades who made an appeal to solidarity with our imprisoned

September 28, Leuven, Belgium – Several banners with slogans like ‘Against the jails of the State’
and ‘Freedom for All’ were hung at bridges around Leuven. Pupils
put out a banner in solidarity on
‘their’ school building where prisoners of Leuven can see it.

September 28, Castellon, Spain – The imprisoned anarchist comrade Joaquin Garces Villacampa
goes on hunger strike till the 30th of September for the following reasons: “- As a protest against
the aberrant repressive practices against the anarchist comrades Gabriel Pombo da Silva and Jose
Fernandez, prisoners of the German State. – For the abolition of State-Capital, privilege and
domination in the broadest meaning of the word. LONG LIVE FREEDOM – DESTROY PRISON FREE

September 28, Bilbao, Euskadi – About thirty individuals gather at the German Consulate and
distribute pamphlets in solidarity with Gabriel, Jose and all prisoners in struggle. Some enter the
Consulate to make them send a fax to the German Ambassador in Madrid and the German
minister of Foreign Affairs.

September 29, Ghent, Belgium – About 70 people take the streets and demonstrate through the city
centre in solidarity with Gabriel, Jose and all prisoners in struggle. The demo ends in front of the
prison of Ghent. In Brussel several slogans of rage appeared on building like ‘Death to prison and
its world’ at the Hallepoort, ‘Let’s burn prison’ at the Justice Tribunal. Two banners were hung on
the big roads around the centre of Brussels.

September 29, Rheinbach & Aachen, Germany – About 70 comrades gathered at the prisons of
Rheinbach and Aachen, in solidarity with anarchist prisoners Gabriel Pombo da Silva and Jose
Fernandez Delgado.. At Rheinbach, about 200 tennis balls with messages against prison fly over the
wall. In Aachen the comrades outside could hear the shouts of Gabriel Pombo da Silva. A text was
read and distributed to the few people who passed by.

September 29, Zurich, Switzerland – In front of the Bezirksgericht about seventy people gather in
solidarity with Marco, Gabriel, Jose and Mehmet Esiyok. Pamphlets are distributed.

September 29, Madrid, Spain – Three real estate offices in the neighbourhood of Prosperidad get
their locks sealed in solidarity with Gabriel, Jose, Marco and all other prisoners in struggle.

Expropriation is Necessary It was true….the snow fell from the sky for his birthday, the people
were very white, many of them had blond hair like gold and red like
Whatever may be the project you wish to put in practice you will need the “vile metal”… We tomatoes, orange like carrots and brown like chestnuts. They spoke a
live in a capitalist Society-System and we all know that from wage labour, collects and benefit language that was more difficult than that of the dictator. It was a dry,
concerts we will never be able to get enough money to our projects. cutting military language. The people were cold and sad like the snow.
Very soon the boy, the colour of autumn leaves, wanted to go back to
It doesn’t matter whether you are an anarchist developing an activity inside a formal or his country…He didn’t like this place where he didn’t understand the
informal organization, or individually… how many times have you stopped a project because of other children, where the people didn’t look with gentleness in their
lack of funds?…Banks and Jewellery stores are just around waiting for you to become filled eyes, where no smile brightened up this faces.
with courage and expropriate their surplus-value… so you can publish your own books, and But he stayed there and learned the language of the people with the
your propaganda may have a better quality and quantity… so you can rent or buy an old house light hair and skin and with no smile on their lips.
and restore it together with comrades and then convert it in a Social Centre, Ateneu(Meeting
point for Anarchists) or whatever you feel to… The boy grew up and learned the story of his country through the tales
of the political exiles…that is how he knew that his land didn’t belong
It is not so difficult, they are visible, they have schedules, habits, faults… and it is not just to the dictator and his friends but that they had won a war, that they
about the structure… I mean, sometimes we see a Bank or a Jewellery store and we think that had suppressed the revolution and filled this country with blood and
it is not for us, that we are not professionals, that the task is to big for us…Sometimes it is misery…and for that the natives like us were condemned to flee from
enough to follow the Director of the Bank or the Owner of the Jewellery store and spot his one country to another.
hide out… it is the best place to get them…We have to be “harsh”; if you succeed in
psychologically terrorizing him you will avoid doing it physically, but of course a blow in the The boy listened with sadness to the stories of tears, blood and
head at the first moment will open for you the doors of his understanding… Forget things like oppression of the exiled. He knew that they didn’t believe in
“we are anarchists” or why you are doing it, they don’t give a shit… On the other hand they themselves and drank l’eau de feu to forget and began to sing the songs
will get “shit scared” if you talk like a “delinquent” … something like: “look man, give me of the republic, the popular front and the revolution. One day the boy
everything or everyone will be hurt”… “if not tomorrow morning I’ll go with you and my spoke with one of the old combatants defeated by the eau feu and said
colleague stays with your family, if you give me everything now everything will be alright”… to him very seriously, “Don Antonio, I’m going to fight for the
for instance. revolution, I will never forget the songs of the revolution, I am going to
make my life an example of courage and avenge our dead, the tortured
There is no point for being soft with capitalists, as they aren’t with us anyways; you do what and defeated people…I swear to God, Don Antonio:. Don Antonio
you have to do … Tenderness we keep it for when we are among accomplices of revolt or of started to cry with emotion and the boy didn’t understand why this old
love… And violence is for the action, whether it is about expropriating or dynamiting…Let’s man was crying like this, the old man who sang the revolutionary
not get it wrong; at war it is you who make the rules… there is no manual for expropriation, songs. The boy went off alone singing in his native language his fist
everything is imagination, information, plotting and action… clenched, an old revolutionary song..
If you want everything to be “fluent” and “dynamic” and not stuck…move yourself, think, <>
If we don’t want to get stuck and fall into marginality; if what we want is to represent ourselves
That is how the adult-child went back to his country to fight for the and act according to our ideas-desires and passions, we should “move”…Every Social-Political
revolution. After many battles, the adult-child became a boy-man and Movement that gets stuck, corrupts itself; gets fossilized, stops being effective; becomes
was forced to survive twenty years torture without Sunshine, Water, folklore…
Trees and Animals. One day he managed to escape and continued to
struggle and talk of life, love, revolution, and dreams. Locked up once
again, this child-man continues to smile; and his eyes are two black The Revolt
olives with the sun for pupils. And all the (white) men are scared of
him because he doesn’t cry or tremble, he doesn’t want anything of
them. He only wants his smile to be contagious and that his heart give
strength to those children who have forgotten that laughing recompose
The anarchic revolt is already a deed, a reality, a projectuality and a ongoing project… by a
few of us in some areas; united
by projectual affinity, informally and diffusely organised over
the territory…
choices and that a new world exists for those who look at the rose des
vents with love. And Colorin Colorato this tale is far from finished…. We are the anarchists and social rebels in motion; the ones who had got tired and rebelled over
the state-of-things that constitutes the Existent in all its orders…We are nothing’s “vanguard”;
We only represent ourselves and live our Desires and Passions with full intensity…We assume
our responsibilities with dignity and value; Neither the trials nor the sentences will finish the
revolt… as long as rebellion and rebels against all Authority and Authoritarianism do exist,
there will be tension and conflict over / within the Existent…
The revolt will not stop when the rebel is “unjustly” imprisoned by a bourgeois Tribunal…
Instead the rebel grows before adversity, and it is within it that the rebel gets his / her
character reinforced and where supposed doubts that may exist get converted in irrefutable
certainties; it is here where he understands the murderous and merciless nature of the State
and its screws; it is inside the prison where the rebel gets decisively self-determined.
We sharpen our lives… Anarchy is inevitable.

“anarcho-insurrectionalists”, and / or “anarcho-terrorists”…

For those who label us as “illegalists” we should only remind that all the practices we have
been going through are contemplated in anarchist history… that we are keeping up the
anarchic practices by THE DEEDS and that we pursue the anarchist aim that, by the way, you
will not find either in folklore, nor in legality.

Aesthetics and Ethics

In every Social-Political Movement there exists, or better said, co-exists always with a
referential-group aesthetics, externally showing how the individual is understanding-feelingidentifying
himself in comparison to the other (others).

Aesthetics is a way-form of expressing WHAT and HOW we think-feel to others. By the way
we are dressing, by the way we talk, by the music we are listening to we are saying to others
how and who we are identifying with… We can here remember some movements or groups
that within their aesthetics have been showing us, externally at least, their ideas or condition.
The Hippies, the Punks, the Leftists, the Black Panthers, the typical Worker and the typical
business man with his suit and tie…

We “judge” and are “judged” by the external look or, if you want, we are evaluated-qualified
and vice-versa. Unfortunately, nowadays, aesthetics are nothing but a commercial product, a
pose, nothing really meaningful. A fashion that fits us to deceive WHO IS WHO and WHAT
in this parade, on this “social runway” where we shine with the new model for the occasion
and or season.

This is why we should start reconsidering if the truly important thing for us is TO BE
APPARENT OR TO BE, TO SHOW OFF OR TO DO…Not even when our Aesthetics are
sincere (and not just an image / fashion), is there interest in showing it to others if what we
really want is TO LIVE what we are showing… What for? Why? So the others can know and
see the “militant” we are?. Vanity of the vanities!!

The Escape

Written From some place of liberty


To my comrades and my family: I would have liked to make an end for once and for all to the
deadly weight of prisons, persecutions and evasions… I say this with a burning heart; yet, I fear
that I am obliged to live constantly with a past conditioning the present and the future, which
pushes me always further into a desperate and surrealist situation of tension and confrontation
with all and everything that configures, structures and comprises the world, existence and life
in all its aspects. I cannot, I do not want and I do not have to submit myself anymore to the
dominant logic of those who, during all those years, have tortured my/our
bodies/souls/existence and have pretended to orient/control and regulate me/us on the so
called way of «socialisation-normalisation ».


You have tortured me/us to unbearable limits; you have broken all your law books of alleged
ethical-moral-political values by the use of your formal-concrete laws/norms/institutions and
representatives… so be it… I would have liked to be able to do things (all things) from a more
relaxed and free situation/perspective…. Nevertheless, not satisfied with taking from me/us 20
YEARS (the supposed limit for the deprivation of freedom under the old criminal code in the
Spanish state, today elevated by the Aznar government to 40 years with retroactive working) of
my/our existence, they also want to take/rob my/our MEMORY-WORD-LIBERTYEVERYTHING…
It is enough!!! Finished with the commandments, the farce, the silence, the
humiliations, the tortures…Today I am FREE (as free as a human being can be who lives exiled
from his land and his loved-ones) and I can SPEAK and ACT… I can sleep with a good
conscience able to at least support/share with all those persons/collectives who just as me have
suffered, suffer and will suffer the VIOLENCE of the STATES-INSTITUTIONSGOVERNMENTS-
LAWS… When the LAWS-NORMS turn into instruments of
VENGEANCE in the hands of the powers that be, there is no other remedy left save to
ignore/despise/denounce and fight them in all their expressions/manifestations… When Rights
serve only the interests and the ambitions of a few, we ourselves are the only ones Left…

Not is not the time for me to explain all the concrete cases ,which show ALL the abuses of
power that have been carried out, are being carried out and will be carried out against us by
the past and coming CONSTITUTIONAL STATE…In the Spanish state, my brothers and
sisters rot in Special Units which were illegal in the beginning, then semi-legal, and later
legal… A regime, the F.I.E.S., C.D.1, in which since its installment (1991), 13 COMRADES in
struggle and rebellion have lost their lives to it; the last one, Paco Ortiz; brother and friend…There is no


We will never rest in peace until you have done away with your military secrets! We will never
cease to scream/express our disgust/rage for your democratic fascism, so that, at the end, you
as well will not sleep peacefully!!!

I know that we are almost alone in this struggle against you and your
institutions/representatives; that the times have changed so that almost nobody cares when
some criminalized persons are driven crazy and die under general or quasi general
indifference…Personally, I am so convinced and in love with FREEDOM, all FREEDOMS, that
I will struggle with all my energy, feelings and passions to (at least try to) change, destroy this
world and create ANOTHER WORLD than the one you have left for us with your

I make an appeal to all those people, collectives, organisations and communities who today, in
the 21st century, struggle for more Dignity, Autonomy and FREEDOM… I nourish no hope to
come out-standing out of this « adventure », therefore I would like that I/we in our struggle
against tyranny and tyrants could be a reference and sign of continuity for all persons-groupscollectives
who declare themselves lovers of freedom…I make an appeal to all these journalists
(not to those who are spokespersons for the state) to be courageous, fierce and responsible and
that they enter in these Special Units of Spain, France, Germany, the USA, etc. and see with
their own eyes what I am referring too…

Evidently, I don