May 23, 2010
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>Italy: a GPS found under the truck of the Nunatak revue member


Police technology

May 17, under the van of an editor of Nunatak, we found a finde abbiamo trovato un bel transmitter with a SIM Vodaphone chip and 4 torch batteries, of 3,6 volts each, in series. All placed with a magnet behind a back wheel of the vehicle. This time, just not to boast, it should be said that it didn´t take much to notice that „someone“ had placed a device to spy on our movements. Moreover, for some time now, unfortunately, it is as well to take into consideration forms of technological control that is increasingly invasive and capillary. In fact, among all the manoeuvres and repressive attacks that the State puts into effect against those who still have the courage to raise their heads, this is just the latest sign that the review Nunatak has become object of attention of who knows which Procurator or investigative body. Monitoring, home visits and a whole series of other more or less concealed pressures have been gravitating for some time around the review and whoever collaborates with it with the intention of burning the earth around it and preparing an eventual repressive intervention in the near future. It seems pointless to us to stree once again that their „attention“ will not make us take one step back from our projects, but we can only admit that, for as long as uniforms and authority are concerned about our presence , of our way of thinking and acting, we have confirmation that we are moving in the right direction.

Nunatak – magazine of history, culture, struggles of the mountain

< Angry News From Around the World, translated from Informa-Azione

May 23, 2010
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>The Vancouver Olympic games are over, but a torch is still burning. 20/5



Royal Bank Canada was a major sponsor of the recently concluded 2010 Olympics on stolen indigenous land. This land was never legally ceded to colonial British Columbia. This hasn’t stopped the government from assuming full ownership of the land and its resources for the benefit of its corporate masters and to the detriment of aboriginal peoples, workers and the poor of the province. The 2010 Winter Olympics increased the homelessness crisis in Vancouver, especially the Downtown Eastside, Kanada’s poorest urban area. Since the Olympics bid, homelessness in Vancouver has nearly tripled while condominium development in the Downtown Eastside is outpacing social housing by a rate of 3:1. The further criminalization and displacement of those living in extreme poverty continues apace.

“Royal Bank Canada is one of the planet’s greenest companies” according to one of its own brochures. Coporate Kanada saw fit to include RBC as one of the top 50 in a competition dubbed Canada’s Greenest Employers, which purports to recognize organizations that have created “a culture of environmental awareness.” Yet RBC is now the major financier of Alberta’s tar sands, one of the largest industrial projects in human history and perhaps the most destructive. The tar sands, now the cause of the second fastest rate of deforestation on the planet, are slated to expand several times its current size.

The games in Vancouver are now over, but resistance continues. An RBC branch can be found in every corner of Kanada.

On June 25-27 2010, the G8/G20 ‘leaders’ and bankers are meeting in Huntsville and Toronto to make decisions that will further their policies of exploitation of people and the environment. We will be there.

We pass the torch to all those who would resist the trampling of native rights, of the rights of us all, and resist the ongoing destruction of our planet. We say: The Fire This Time.

FFFC – Ottawa
at the corner of Bank Street and First Avenue.

( βιντεο) Indymedia Ottawa:

May 22, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>France:action in support of Greek and Mexican comrades


Avignon: Well dance now

Avignon on May 8 in the night. You wanted to temporarily remove the poisonous atmosphere of your monotonous lives by going to bother the coral of the Caribbean. You always think that Greece is exotic, that Havas Voyages sell you the best tan, that everyone in the office will find so natural. No luck, here we also tackle the pallbearers in flowery shirts, agents who disguise the ants that you are as operetta cicadas. Third time, May 8 at night, the window of Havas Voyages of the rue Carnot received right in the face the poetry of those like us who refuse to leave the Greek and Mexican comrades alone in the ongoing war.
The previously unknown triplet

Found in english on Angry News From Around The World

May 22, 2010
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>Eρινύες- From Paris to Greece


from polisson web.

May 16th, Paris :A PS party office attacked in solidarity action with comrades from Greece and elsewhere.

The passion for freedom
On May 16 in the night, we visited teh PS party office of the 2d district, on Léopold Bellan street. Three windows from five have been smashed in with a sledge.
In Greece, the socialist party is power. In Paris, the socialist party is attacked in solidarity with the revoltees from Greece and elsewhere. Domination is international. The revengence of the individual enamoured of liberty is anational. Fire to the power. Let’s break all what dominate us and multiply the attacks. Let’s smother the democraty in its cradle.

Some erinyes in a fury

Erinyes, or Furies
They were the goddesses of revenge in Greek mythology.They were the femal supernatural personifications of the anger of the dead
Horrible to look at, the Erinyes had snakes for hair and blood dripping from their eyes.


May 22, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>New Social Center in Camberwell



Following the occupation of a series of buildings in Camberwell by the Tattoo Circus for their DIY Prisoner Support Benefit in association with ABC Bristol and the Bent Bars Project, several of the occupied buildings have been retained so that they can be used as the venue for the Indymedia 10th Birthday party.

The current plans of the occupiers are to continue holding onto the space as a social center for Camberwell. There will be a meeting in the space on Monday 24 May for anyone wanting to become involved.

The buildings themselves are spacious, well lit, and clean (although the Indymedia party may put a dent in that). There is quite a bit of room to spread out and enjoy yourself!

May 21, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Police in Kirklees on a rampage uk 21/5


Neighbourhoods: huddersfield kirklees west_yorkshire

A hard look at how the police force in Kirklees, West Yorkshire, are failing the working class, while pursuing a fanatical campaign against foreign workers in the area.

The police in Kirklees are really getting out of hand. All these anti-migrant raids but one of these have occurred within the last 8 months.

May 21, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Cellphone Antenna Sabotaged with Fire, Bristol 21/5


[Bristol] Cells of Fire: Storm of Butterflies

May 21, 2010, approx 2.30am.

A ‘T-mobile’ repeater was destroyed by fire. All effort was made not to endanger any life and the mast was chosen due to its distance from residential buildings and activity. The fence was cut with bolt-croppers and placed at the base of the antenna, wrapped around the electrical cables powering the mast, was a cut tyre filled with rags soaked in paraffin. Soaked rags were also tied to the cables and tucked into the tyre. Firelighters were used to ignite the lot. The antenna was situated near the central Temple Meads railway station close to a new ‘urban development’ area.

Destructive acts against the telecommunications infrastructure of capitalist economy are simple and reproducible, as are attacks against other facets of industrial society. The system relies on a network of cables, antennas and power units to enforce and sustain its exploitation. Far from being a faceless abstract enemy, the conduits of commodity production remain attackable at many points, vulnerable to our courage, rage and joy.

We dedicate this action to the arrested anarchists Constantino, Luca and Silvia in Switzerland, accused of conspiring against a nano-tech facility; to all the prisoners of the social struggle in Greece and to all those who have begun to fight, in a myriad of places, of different tongues, races and names.


May 21, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Come to Kebele this Sunday the 23rd of May for 'Wangers and Gash' special!


A tasty vegan meal o raise funds for the Factory – Bristol’s latest squatted social centre project in St Pauls. There’ll be a slideshow about what’s been happening, information and films too. 6.30pm map to Kebele:…gEwAA Related Link:

May 21, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>letter of solidarity from Yiannis Dimitrakis


In a society of deceit and hypocrisy, of backstabbing and betrayal; there where human relationships are molded on personal profit and exploitation, within the narrow limits of involuntary/obligatory choices, the scope of creating honest and sincere ties of social or political solidarity becomes constricted, suffocated. And if in many cases personal interest and vanity create a concrete mass in a common course between those in power, economic elites, political groups and other subgroups thus creating the illusion of a solid front, then in as many other cases it has been proven that when these same are confronted with pressuring and extremely negative conditions with the possibility of a total collapse approaching, the seeming powerful gluing element which created these cohesive bonds retreats in an instant, leaving behind a crowd of subhumans, each one looking to save themselves and not hesitating of handing over into the hands of the until lately common enemy their until recently political-social-economic partner.

For me now at my 32 years of age, with whatever experiences I have and whatever political consciousness and understanding I have developed, it is indisputable that since always one of the most precious and powerful weapons in the hands of people fighting against the world of the overlords, in expectance of a fair and free near future, was and will be solidarity. A solidarity which does not shrink in the face of repression but on the contrary unfolds decisively; which does not weep but attacks; which does not forget but honors with its memory.

And it is this solidarity I have tasted in the nearly 5 years I remain a captive of the state and that has to a great decree steeled me in all the difficult situations I have had to face and as an anarchist and as a prisoner. From the different events and demonstrations, the occupations of radio stations and the multitude of printed propaganda material to the arsonist and bombing actions against state and economic targets. From Greece to Spain, Germany, the UK to Argentina and Mexico the common ideas, values and visions have erected a web of solidarity under which I also have the joy of being.

To all those who have stood by me through all my years of imprisonment and who continue in whatever way they can to give me the strength and courage to stand proud against all kinds of state mechanisms, I feel that I owe a part of myself.

So I salute and would like to thank all those comrades who within the context of the local and international web of solidarity that is developing and strengthening continuously in the last years and that breaks through borders and boundaries, considered and deemed it is worth for them to risk even their own freedom in order to build an effective mound and a counterweight to the attacks and decisions taken against me by those in power.

Before the final rise of the sun that melts the darkness that embraces us all, the scattered fires emerging and shining more and more frequently from the most distant and unlikely places, illuminate the points and imperceptible routes drawn out by the universal rebellious conscience. My heart and soul cannot but be wholly with it.



With comradely greetings

Y. Dimitrakis

Domokos Prison


Friday, May 21, 2010

May 21, 2010
by actforfreedomnow



athens 16/5

The general strike on May 5 against the harshest financial anti-social measures imposed the last decades became the moment for the expression of a combative social and class dispute of the entire bankrupt political-economic system. That day, we witnessed the manifestation of the accumulated popular rage and resentment, which is more and more threatening to explode, shattering not only this country but even the whole Europe, passing beyond the borders the dominators have drawn.

Especially in Athens, the demonstration of about two hundred thousand protestors, walking the open ways of struggle and through the ruptures created to the deceptively omnipotent regime by the revolt of December ’08, headed to the parliament and repeatedly clashed with the forces of repression, threatening to storm the building in waves.

As anarchists, workers, jobless and youth, continuing our mobilizations and our long-lasting struggles, we chose to participate in the demonstration of 5th May through our own political blocs, contributing from our part to the broader social and class struggle.

Nobody knows how much more the thousands of people could have achieved that day in the streets of Athens if a tragedy hadn’t taken place; a horrible event that was disruptive and catastrophic for the struggle, and an unexpected present for the state, its forces of repression and its propaganda mechanism who used it in order to slander the struggle and intensify their repressive attack in the streets, re-establishing their forces and the consent around them.

It was the murder of three bank employees caused by the arson of Marfin bank in Stadiou street. An atrocious act which was the end of a race of arsons by unknown persons who were moving in an estranged and hostile towards the demonstration manner, using it for hitting targets right next to the blocs, showing no interest in whether human lives were in danger by their actions.

The state is definitely the first responsible for this event, as well as for a series of everyday crimes. With the attack the state is launching against society, it is more and more creating the conditions of a kind of cannibalistic war of all against all; conditions in which eventually anything can happen, even the inconceivable.

Of course, also, the tragic outcome of the arson in Marfin bank, where the three victims and other people were trapped, has largely to do with the fact that the owner of the Bank forced his employees to work in a day of general strike inside a building which had its doors locked and had not any necessary precautions, such as fire safety measures and emergency exits. Yet, given that Vgenopoulos (the bank owner) is a capitalist, member of a class which, by definition, consists of cruel exploiters and murderers, his indisputable culpability cannot be an excuse for those whose actions led three working people to death.

Neither the claim that these people were working the day of the strike can be an excuse for their loss, since this was not an issue to be solved by anyone self-appointed, but an issue of the employees themselves, or their co-workers and of any probable strikers’ committees; and, in any case, the response to situations of unintentional or intentional strike-breaking couldn’t ever be what happened on the 5th of May.

Of course the masses of demonstrators, anarchists and anti-authoritarians among them, who became a human flood in the streets of Athens that day and confronted state repression with tactics of disobedience and social counter-violence are not to be held responsible for the triple murder. That murder came as an ultimate result of an irrational, meaningless and needless violence which is promoted by an autistic, un-political and anti-social concept that has become a parasite to the anarchist – antiauthoritarian movement, sucking its blood and disparaging it, leading it to criminalisation and social isolation. It is a concept that is elitist, hostile and antagonistic towards the resisting society as much as against anarchists; a concept whose emptiness is covered by the ideological rags of a individualistic-chaotic-nihilistic muddle which has, after all, embodied “values” and mentalities that belong to the world of Domination.

That outrageous event made the crowds of demonstrators freeze and emptied the streets of struggle at the most crucial moment for the social resistance. The wounded regime gained time to recover and re-organise its forces as much as it could. At the same time the lackeys of the regime, the media, literally acted as tomb-raiders, exploiting the deaths to promote the state’s ideological and repressive campaign against the people who struggle, and especially against the anarchists whom they attempt to charge with situations completely irrelevant to them.

Anarchists have absolutely nothing to do with what happened in Marfin bank, and could never have done such an action, ignoring human lives. It is also true that anarchist comrades and other protesters, although they were being threatened and physically assaulted, tried as much as they could to hinder inconsiderate attacks and to put out fires wherever lives were in danger.

No matter how much some would wish, we will not shoulder any collective responsibility for situations completely strange to us, which undermine and corrode our struggle and that would annul us as anarchists; nor will we be silent, hiding our complete opposition to such situations. Our political responsibility lies in the fact that, despite our clear conflict with those situations, we were not able to deal with them and politically isolate them as effectively as it should have been done; and in the fact that we have to create the terms to do so from now on. For this reason all of us are called to have a clear position, given that the tragedy in Marfin is a crucial moment and a crossroad for our struggle.

Moreover, it is our responsibility to act in solidarity and collectively in order to repel the slanderous attack by the state and its lackeys, and to continue fighting in political terms, in terms of a movement, within the community, together with its resisting parts.

As anarchists we have a lasting, multiform solidarity activity within the social-class struggles, always on the side of workers, youth, migrants and refugees, and other oppressed and resisting people; and in no way will we stop doing so.

We will not tolerate the denigration of our struggle, which is a struggle for life, freedom and dignity against death, enslavement and humiliation both of the individual and of society; a struggle against inequality, hierarchy and injustice, against any form of exploitation and oppression.

We don’t forget the three dead workers.


No peace with the bosses – Wage slavery is terrorism

The struggle continues… for social revolution, anarchy and communism

We express our solidarity with the people who were beaten and arrested by the police on 5th May and we stand by the side of Zaimi 11 squat in Exarchia which was evacuated after a police raid during which eleven comrades were arrested.

Anarchist collective “Circle of Fire”

Anarchist Bulletin “BLACK FLAG”

10 May 2010

May 21, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>General Strike in Greece leads to mass walkout but very small marches


The general strike in greece called by public and private sector umbrella unions has led to a mass walkout but at the same hand to marches composed of very small numbers of protesters.

The general strike called by GSEE (private sector umbrella union) and ADEDY (public sector umbrella union) for the 20th of May was the first mass mobilisation against the IMF/EU related austerity measures since the massive but also tragic general strike of the 5th of May.

According to all existing sources the participation in the strike was massive, and has been described by bourgeois media as reaching levels near 100% in some areas.

However the numbers of protesters on the streets of Athens and other major cities were strikingly small and the protest marches have been characterised by low-key or even numb tone of participation. In Athens the central protest march called by PAME, the Communist Party union umbrella did not walk to the Parliament but opted to march to the Ministry of Labour which PAME workers had occupied since early in the morning, and then to Thesion. The GSEE-ADEDY demo, numbering only a few thousand people, marched to the Parliament where slogans like “Thieves, Thieves”, “Fascist scum, nooses are coming” and (surprisingly perhaps given the fire-related tragedy of the previous General Strike) “Burn, burn the brothel called Parliament” dominated the moment. A striking feature of the march were the firemen who shouted slogans holding big pictures of colleagues who have lost their lives at work (a video of the firemen’s march can be see at Before the start of the march, strong motorised police forces performed 98 preventive detentions while blockading the central social center of AK, Nosotros, in Exarcheia and the offices of the Anarchist Archive. The police only let people inside Nosotros to go to the march after noting down their papers, a thoroughly illegal act of authoritarian arbitrariness.

It must be noted that in contrast to today’s little attended marches, last Saturday PAME performed a rather impressive solo march against the measures numbering up to 100,000 people; a clear indication that the course of action adopted by the Communists lately is drawing mass popular support.

Whereas many people welcomed the respite of violence in today’s marches, the small numbers of the protesters have caused widespread search for the meaning and reason of this anti-climax, believed by many to be the result of the death of the three people in Marfin Bank on the 5th of May. It must be noted that texts by anarchist collectivities criticising the Marfin burning as well as more general militant attitudes related to it are multiplying, not without counter-arguments raised in texts by other anarchists and notably a long communique by the NFC where the armed group goes as far as theorise and entice what is calls “revolutionary militarism”, quoting the Peruvian Stalinist leader of the Shining Path, Abimael Guzman in support if its self-proclaimed nihilist project.

As always, many thanks for your reporting, Taxikipali.

Just to clarify one detail: the NFC you refer to in the last paragraph
is the Nuclei of Fire Conspiracy, I assume.

Their quoting Abimael Guzman favorably certainly is remarkable.
It should give pause to any anti-authoritarians inclined to look on their
activities favorably.

May 20, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Greece 20/5


Excerpt from “conspiracy of cells of fire” communique about the bomb in Athens (outside Koridallos prison) and Thessaloniki (inside the building of the central courts)

“To retreat? No way! Not even when
-at the end of the road- without a way out,
I come face to face with the wall of death”

Severino di Giovanni

[dedicated to comrade Simos Seisidis]

For two weeks now comrade Simos has been kept hostage by the state, while he’s in the hospital injured by cops bullets. Simos for the last 4,5 years (as well as anarchists Marios Seisidis and Grigoris Tsironis) had chosen the insubordinate path of contumacy, without allowing the judges and prosecutors to define his freedom.
There are many ways to show your solidarity to your comrades that are in the eye of the state, everyone of which is an extention of the way each of us realizes revolutionary actions in total.

(accused for being members of Conspiracy of cells of fire)

Solidarity to urban guerillas Kostas Gournas, Nikos Maziotis, Pola Roupa
and to anarchists, Christophoros Kortesis, Sarantos Nikitopoulos, Vaggelis Stathopoulos
that are prosecuted for the “Revolutionary Struggle” case

Comrade salutes to urban guerilla Dimitris Koufodinas
and the unrepentant of the “17th November” group.

Solidarity to the inprisoned anarchists Simos Seisidis, Giannis Dimitrakis,
Michal Pawlak (polish comrade that is inprisoned in koridallos prisons for the events on 6/12/09,
Polikarpos Gewrgiadis, Christos Stratigopoulos, Alfredo Bonnano, Ilias Nikolaou and Aris Seirinidis



May 20, 2010
by actforfreedomnow



🙂 fuck the system

Wild Night in NYC: Solidarity with Greece and Student Occupiers

Friday, December 19 2008 @ 02:59 PM UTC

Contributed by: Anonymous

Views: 2,925

From Athens to Avenue A: A group of 40-50 individuals assembled shortly after 9pm in Tompkins Square Park in Manhattan’s Lower East Side last night. Carrying banners they took to the streets marching north on Avenue A., the site of the well known tompkins square park riots of 1989. The group began chanting anti police slogans, as well as anti-capitalist chants. Fliers were handed out talking about the Greek revolt as well as problems here like police brutality, the economic crisis and gentrification.

As the crowd made its way west construction materials and newspaper boxes were dragged into the streets making blockades. At this point Anarchist grafitti was painted on the walls and a yuppie condo was defaced. Allegedly a couple of luxury cars had their windows broken. Marchers chanted “From New York to Greece, Fuck the Police”

As the march took over the 4 lanes of 3rd Ave, police moved in attacking the march. The crowd scattered and 1 person was arrested.
The others fled into the night regrouping at the New School occupation shortly after….

From Athens to Avenue A:

A group of 40-50 individuals assembled shortly after 9pm in Tompkins Square Park in Manhattan’s Lower East Side last night. Carrying banners they took to the streets marching north on Avenue A., the site of the well known tompkins square park riots of 1989. The group began chanting anti police slogans, as well as anti-capitalist chants. Fliers were handed out talking about the Greek revolt as well as problems here like police brutality, the economic crisis and gentrification.

As the crowd made its way west construction materials and newspaper boxes were dragged into the streets making blockades. At this point Anarchist grafitti was painted on the walls and a yuppie condo was defaced. Allegedly a couple of luxury cars had their windows broken. Marchers chanted “From New York to Greece, Fuck the Police”

As the march took over the 4 lanes of 3rd Ave, police moved in attacking the march. The crowd scattered and 1 person was arrested. The others fled into the night regrouping at the New School occupation shortly after….

“New School for Social Revolution”

The New School building at 65 5th ave had been occupied by students on Wednesday night. On thursday morning they expanded their occupation after repelling an attack by the NYPD. One member of APOC NYC was arrested in these scuffles, but was released later that night.

At night hundreds of supporters lined the streets in front of the building, chanting in support. The crowed swelled and spilling out onto 5th avenue. As the NYPD brought in metal protest pens in an attempt to control the growing crowds, a shoving match broke out and people poured onto 5th avenue blocking the street completely. Trash and newspaper boxes were thrown into the street with the crowd chanting “From New York to Greece, Fuck the Police!”

The crowd then surged around the corner to an emergency exit which was held open as dozens of supporters and students ran inside to join the occupation.

An hour later Bob Kerrey, the much hated president of the New School, was booed as he left the building after trying to negotiate demands, he was chased down fifth avenue surrounded by security as people chanted “Kerrey Scum Your Time Has Come” and tomatoes were thrown at him. He was followed as he ran to his posh townhouse around the corner at 21 West 11th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue where police were forced to come to his aid. There was a feeling of victory as crowds continued into the night.

Unfortunately late in the night the more liberal, and bureaucratic elements among the occupiers prevailed to end the occupation after winning a few paltry demands (including compensation for school security guards guarding the occupation!). Kerrey is still president even though for a few moments he had to run for his life from enraged students.

More happened in NYC last night than has gone on for a while in this city. The march from Tompkins Square Park was called explicitly in solidarity with greece and the occupations and rioting in Greece was cited as a motivation for many of the more ‘radical’ students to occupy the New School. It feels like things are changing here in NYC, our collective fear is being shed like dead skin as we realize that our lives depend on using every chance we get to fight for our liberation. More is sure to come in the months that follow.

As the New School occupiers stated: “Be assured, this is only the beginning, “

May 20, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Rolls Royce Targeted in Derby




On Sunday night, the distribution centre of the Rolls Royce factory in Derby was targeted by “autonomous individuals against the war machine.” The gates of the plant, which makes components for Trident anti-nuclear submarines, were D-locked and the walls were covered in graffiti stating “Rolls Royce profits from the war machine” and “Fuck Rolls Royce”.

According to the group’s communique, “The war machine puts profit and power over the lives of people, companies like Rolls Royce are part of this. The war machine exemplifies the ways in which the rich and powerful oppress and dispossess the majority of people, destroying homes and communities, enforcing migration, and irrevocably harming land bases.”

This is by no means the first time that Rolls Royce’s Derby plant has been the target of anti-militarist action. Last summer, some land near the factory was squatted for a peace camp and blockaders disrupted the facility for 5 hours in 2008. There have been several other blockades over the years.

May 20, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Update on comrade Simos Seisidis 20/5

>The comrade had a visit by the prosecutor. He was charged for attempted homocide in the latest events that led to his arrest. Because its being leaked by the media that hes involved in the praktiker supermarket, we clearify that not only he was not charged for that but he was never even asked about it. As for the attempted homocide charge, not only he never shot, not only he didnt draw a gun, but he has was shot from behind and from close range, according to the doctors.
As for the attitude of the medical staff, it has improved a lot.
The cops attitude is ofcourse rediculous. They never leave the room even for the most intimate moments while they take photos with their mobiles…
They have not let a radio in the room or a tv, or letter of support from comrades.
As for his health situation, its still considered serious, no danger has permanently passed…
…boubourAs translations…

Update on Aris Sirinidis 20/5

The comrade has been inprisoned pending trial accused of the shooting against a riot cop van in the summer of 2009, after givivg his statement to the interrogator.
The charge is for attempted homocide. Aris was arrested recently with Simos Seisidis in votanikos, in a accidental roadblock and not as a suspect of the praktiker earlier that day, as the police said at first.
After his arrest, the police announcent said that the dna found from a sample of his wallet is the same as the dna found on the surgical mask found,and as the police say used by the attacker that shot against the riotcop van on har. trikoupi street at 8.00pm on the 10th of july 2009.
A warrant for his arrest was issued and he was arrested, while he will have to give a statement against the charges of “illegal possesion of firearm” and “resisting arrest by a person carrying a gun”. We remind that about the original charges, which are misdemenors, he testified last friday and was released on bail. The only condition was to appear once a month at the police station.
He strongly denies to have anything to do with the homocide attempt and claims that its just a method because of his participation in social struggles.
…boubourAs translations…