March 9, 2010
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Tesco smashed and sprayed in Fishponds, Bristol ENGLAND

Tesco Metro attacked with brick and spray paint at 2 am this morning – windows smashed and ‘no more Tesco’ sprayed on both sides of store

At 2 am this morning, Tesco Metro on Lodge Causeway was attacked with bricks and spray, with broken windows and “no more Tesco” sprayed on both sides of the store.

This action is not to pressure not to build more Tesco stores, but as a total rejection of all they represent. We see Tesco as extreme form of the capitalist domination that entraps and enslaves us all.

Our message is simple: if you build up, we smash down.

For a world free of capitalist exploitation and authoritarian rule (A)

March 9, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

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Another 22year old arrested in greece for the “conspiracy cells of fire” case.


It is announced that at 13:30 hours today (25-03-2010) a 22year old man was arrested in Volos, by police officers from the
Special Crimes Division against domestic Violence .
An arrest warrant was put out in his name since november 10th
after his fingerprint was found on a tile in the communal room in the handri “den”.
The 22yearold claimed he was staying at a hotel in Volos and according to the police,he dissapeared after the case came up.
he will appear before the judge tomorrow.


March 9, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Every broken window helps… bristol u.k.

Tuesday March 09, 2010 11:23

On the morning of Tuesday the 9th of March, 2010, a group of concerned individuals struck back against the coporate invasion of our neighbourhoods by attacking a Tesco store on Church Road, Redfield, Bristol. All the front windows were broken and the simple message, “No Tesco!” was emblazened on the front of the building.

In the words of participants:

“We took this action because we are sick of the corporate take-over of our high streets. Tesco is just one example of the way in which our cities are homogenised with corporate chains who pay little or no attention to workers rights or the environmental impact of their practices at home or in the many foreign countries where their products come from. Tesco operates predatory and monopolistic tactics to occupy high-streets, buying up multiple store fronts in false names to crowd out the competition and undercutting small competitors. Its model of mass production is environmentally destructive on many levels – promoting intensive, chemically enhanced farming methods, shipping, flying and trucking products from all over the world, producing inordinate amounts of waste – food that simply gets thrown away – and over-packaging its goods.

Thanks to rapid growth in recent years, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons now control over 70% of the UK groceries market. Increasingly, if producers overseas want to get into the UK market, they have to deal with supermarkets. Supermarkets use the buying power that comes with this dominant position to force farms and factories in poor countries to lower their prices, deliver goods ever faster and at shorter notice. The pressure on suppliers to deliver more for less is passed on to workers in the form of low wages, job insecurity and poor working conditions – at home and abroad.

We understand that for many people in the UK Tesco is attractive because it is cheap. There are alternatives, however, with supermarkets in a dominant position most alternatives remain a small and expensive option. In order to build alternatives then we must at the same time destroy the problem. We do not believe that pleading with local or national governments or authorities to stop these advances works – look where it has got us so far. We are fed up with always being on the defensive – trying to stop the next supermarket whilst we simply accept lying down the ones they have already successfully built. The only language these multinational companies understand is profit – thus we aim, if only in a small way to damage their profits day by day through pro-active attack – be it destruction, theft or sabotage..”

March 9, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

suicide will be the official german explanation

David was a 17 years young refugee, who came without his parents from Georgian Republic over Poland, where he was applying for asylum, to Hamburg/Germany. At the 9th February 2010 the local court sentenced him to custody pending deportation to deport him later to Poland, the country where David applied for asylum. At the 25th February 2010 he was transferred into the central hospital of the remand centre, one day before he died he shall have eaten for the first time again. At the 7th of march afternoon he was found dead…

(statistically in average every single month a human (nearly all of them refugees, drug adicted people, homeless people…short those who are excluded from the society) dies in police custody in Germany, in almost all cases no one – the doctors, the cops – get charged, or if they can stay outside from the same prisions in which they let the people die or even kill them… )

We don’t forget, we don’t forgive!!!

R.i.P. Laye Conde, Oury Jalloh, Lars Rehbeil, David and all the other deaths, we don’t know even the names!

March 9, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Greece: Letter from anarchist prisoner Panagiotis Masouras

March 2, 2010

It’s been slow around here lately, so we decided to translate the Spanish version (which was likely translated from the original Greek) of a new letter from Panagiotis Masouras, who is one of the people being detained preventively in the “Fire Cells Conspiracy” case in Greece.

Are you trembling my dear?
You would tremble even more,
If you knew where I was taking you

Captive behind the walls of a modern reformatory for democracy’s transgressors. The days, the months, the years will be gradually killed off with the discipline embodied by the proud stance of revolutionaries, the ones who are trying to achieve the impossible. Embraces will also die out in the echoing, funereal silence of submissive prisoners.

An unofficial war is being waged on all fronts. Behind it hide the interests and positional jockeying of political parties. The frenzy of disinformation and cruel brainwashing is a given. The media, those grave robbers, are always methodically hammering away at the delicate stitching of the social fabric. Thirsty for more fear and more insecurity, they call for social awareness and collaboration in order to confront the “new terrorism.”

The echoes of their reports—from the centers of the administration and fabrication of morals and customs—now overflow from frenzied imaginations.

The situation is very clear. A home was called “a safe house,” comradely friendships became “a criminal organization,” and fingerprints found at the house were presented as “irrefutable evidence of guilt,” guilt of membership in the “Fire Cells Conspiracy” organization.

Some people remain imprisoned and others are being hunted for arrest, solely on the basis of fingerprints, while each time the group strikes, the authorities generate a new arrest warrant. The case is being handled as a means to pave the way toward authoritatively confirming whatever they are incapable of demonstrating through logic. This is fertile ground, which in the future will allow them (on a media as well as a legal level) to bring charges by the truckload.

Since our arrest, things have carried on in the same way. In December, the Minister of Soldier Protection* gave the order for “preventive detentions,” raided the “safe house” known as the Resalto anarchist social center, put a price of 600,000 Euros on the heads of three of our comrades, made declarations about connections between “organized crime” and “the common revolutionary fund,” and spoke about “the war.” Additionally, he established the institution of the “neighborhood cop” and called on all aspiring soldiers to collaborate for the cause of social peace and security. He also attempted to dismember the revolutionary milieu through a cunning de-politicization, talking about “the ideologues” on the one side and “the vandals” on the other. In this way, it was thought that the revolutionary forces would sacrifice their own structures and participants on the altar of social prosperity.

The objective of Power is neither to dismantle the “Fire Cells Conspiracy” nor to keep some specific people “out of play.” Its objective is to isolate and neutralize everything that is “against the rules” and potentially revolutionary—from groups in which people collectivize their individualism, to social centers, squats, black blocs, and potential new comrade combatants.

Under-the-table games can’t scare us, nor do they leave us bewildered. We’ve always known about the surgical precision used by the media and the political powers to de-ideologize the revolutionary milieu.

Typical extermination and vengeance play the principal roles in their war, attacking the nerve centers of our daily experience, which is one of dignity and radicalized consciousness.

Let’s oppose the jailers of our hearts, as enemies.

The cries of battle must be heard on both sides of the bars.

Attack now, everywhere, against everything.

On the side of those captured and being hunted as members of the “Fire Cells Conspiracy.”

On the side of comrades with a price on their heads.

On the side of dignified prisoners everywhere.

Face to face with ourselves, always.

Embracing the war.

—Panagiotis Masouras, Avlona prison, February 2010

*A reference to Michalis Chrysohoidis, Greece’s Minister of Citizen Protection

March 9, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

  • Announcement, anarchists from Aigaleo, west Attica:ATHENS

from December 2008 to Spring of 2010 …

It is obvious that the bosses are not bankrupt. And, in the middle of the crisis, there is no question to raise the taxation on business or prohibit the export of capital. Along with the looting of the “lower” classes, it is also promoted the proletarianization against parts of the middle class.

It is obvious that the Greek state may herald a possible bankruptcy but at the same time 15,000 more police officers get in assistance. The government is requesting also assistance with police from other European countries who want to shield the capitalist aggression.

It is obvious that the left mediation indicates its willingness to use up any momentum. The Communist Party, in daily time through PAME, down on the streets is trying to realize its through-out years high expectations of exit from the EU under the motto: only if Greece will leave the EU can the unpopular measures be blocked. Invests now in a unique opportunity to broaden its base. SYRIZA is putting aside the dead-ends of its ragged references and indicates its presence in the downtown of Athens and in the neighborhoods around, trying cowardly to draw (de: schöpfen) political surplus value with the substitution from the social-democratic deficit of PASOK.

It is obvious that the syndicalistic mediation is missing, which is charged to the political crisis of legitimacy of the system.

It is obvious that the mass media support the sovereign choices as an intensiv part of them. By using a blank polemic to government announcements, distortion of social reactions, hidding of events, refraction of resistances.

It is obvious that the upcoming revolt is already here. The political and social mediations are “convincing” only itself, are trying to screw on the sofa the endangered petty bourgeoisism or fence behind banal plakats the members and the edges of the organizations. The overwhelming resisting majority evades from these obvious elements straightly out on the streets. The people declare an aggressive and uncompromising disobedience.

What is not obvious – burried under tones of burgeois propaganda – is an antiauthoritarian project on the streets, neighborhoods, workplaces, at any spot affected by the state capitalist attack. It is needed an intensification of political and social presence, not as a supplement to the left mediation – that on one hand steps out on the streets with tense practice, but on the other hand steps with hostile inhalts for the social liberation – but as a selfworth with benchmarks to the self-organization, the inmediative struggle and solidarity. December 2008 has already evinved the potentials of an antiauthoritarian subversive word. Spring of 2010 requires the broadening of subversive inhalts, the unlimited intensity and extent of the liberatory project, the expansion of liberalized spaces and times and their social safeguarding.

During these days the biggest enemy of the oppressed people is their own inertia.

March 8, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Five Die in Peru Protests March 5th, 2010

undefinedLIMA – Five people have died in the northern city of Piura in violent clashes between shopkeepers and police over plans to remove street vendors from the vicinity of a local market, Peruvian media reported on Thursday.

Three people died on Wednesday and two others on Thursday from wounds they received in street battles on Wednesday, radio networks said.

The confrontations have ceased, at least for now, but an atmosphere of great tension persists, police spokesmen in Piura told Efe, but they were unable to confirm the two latest deaths.

For the moment, only three deaths have been officially confirmed, Interior Minister Octavio Salazar said, adding that he also had been informed about the other two fatalities.

The confrontations were precipitated when about 1,000 shopkeepers demonstrated in Piura, which is 1,050 kilometers (651 miles) north of Lima, after they could not meet with Mayor Monica Zapata at city hall and began a street protest, a situation that was taken advantage of by criminals to attack different premises.

The shopkeepers were protesting the city’s plan to remove the street vendors who traditionally set up their stands outside the city market.

“We came upon an activity that the shopkeepers were doing, which was not authorized, and when they began damaging public and private property, we intervened,” said Salazar.

A total of 137 people were arrested, Salazar said. It was not reported whether there were any casualties among the police.

About 500 police officers have been deployed in the city, both those on the local force as well as ones dispatched from other cities, including Chiclayo, Trujillo and Lima, police spokesmen said. EFE

March 8, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Violent rallies continue as students clash with police March 7th, 2010


Hundreds of students from several campuses clashed with police in Makassar on Wednesday and Thursday, leaving three police posts and the student organization’s secretariat office damaged.

A clash also flared up between students and local residents in which either side hurled rocks at each other.

Thursday’s clash was a follow-up of Wednesday, when rallies held in the wake of the plenary session by the House of Representatives in Jakarta, turned violent with students blockading the streets and pelting stones, damaging traffic lights and government offices.

Wednesday’s riot left a police officer injured. In retaliation, several members of the 88 Special Detachment raided the secretariat’s office of the Association of Islamic Students (HMI).

That evening, the South Sulawesi Police office and the HMI officials came to a compromise that the clashes were not institutional but personal.

While deploring the anarchist actions by the students, police chief Insp. Gen. Adang Rochjana expressed his concern over the assault on the HMI office and extended an apology.

However, not all students accepted the compromise, which led to Thursday’s flare-up of violent protests.

The students attacked the police posts with logs and stones. The mob also vented their anger by vandalizing billboards and traffic light. Traffic was redirected as the roads became strewn with rocks.

The students barricaded the main street by holding up two trucks, which cut access from
the city to the southern part of the province, and laid waste to a nearby police post that was unattended.

At one point, hundreds of local residents decided to take the law into their own hands and chase the students away. When the students regrouped and fought back, the local residents were themselves chased from the area.

The clashes took place in front of the campuses of the State Islamic University (UIN) Alauddin Hasanuddin University and University of Muslim Indonesia.

Anti-terror police were deployed to disperse the students, they fired tear gas to little effect as protesters continued to launch hit-and-run attacks on the police.

The police finally herded the students onto the university’s campus.

The students suspected police of provoking residents into clashing and playing part in event assaulting the police posts.

Police chief Adang promised stern action against those responsible for the commotion.

“I will act on whoever involved in anarchism from Wednesday and Thursday…be they students or police personnel,” he said.

March 8, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Solidarity gathering at aulwna youth prisons, outside of athens, greece.


from 2.00 till 4.00 pm, 130 comrades from athens, defying the rain, went to aulwna to express their solidarity to the comrades P.M. and M.G., who are in jail awaiting trial accused of being members of “conspirasy cells of fire”, in the halandri “den” case.
Chants were shouted, a banner was raised and there was communacation with the comrades behind the walls,which we hope got strength from this move of ours.
The presense of the police, that had found out about this move,(it was only circulated mouth to mouth) was very big,riot cops etc., but there was no problems. it was raining most of the time but that dint bother anyone, the time we stayed was as long as the hostages of the state had their time outside.
the riot cops were heard saying “we are gonna fuck you up” and other things like that.
The comrades simply replied “we will see you on thursday” (there has been another strike and demonstration called for thursday 11 march). As for how the cops found out about this, after 1973 the whole of the politechnic has been bugged everywhere.

The passion for freedom is stronger than their prisons!!

March 7, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Witches in liberty: churches vandalized

Nantes, March 2d: The Saint-Donatien basilica and the Saint-Clément churches have been vandalized.

One could read on Saint-Donatien basilica:
Burn your church!“ on the walls, and a big ‚A‘ on the front door.

The private catholic school Saint-Donatien was also recovered: « Priests to the pyre, the witches in liberty!“ and „No god, no master!“

Two days before, the Saint-Clément church found its chairs broken, like a hand of St-Pierre. A picture of the Way to the Cross has been stolen.

Four people had their ID controlled on Saturday night, and are suspected for that acts.

March 7, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Prison kills!

Angers, March 4th:
New graffitis after the suicide in Orvault, in the prison for under-age youth (EPM)

The Youth Judicial Police (PJJ) was recovered: “ The EPM kills!“
On the back of the Court House, another graffiti: „Justice kills“
Near the prison, one could read: „The State imprisons, the state kills!“, „solidarity“ and „this world is a prison, let’s burst!“

„courage and determination to the imprisoned people and their relatives“


March 7, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

rain-train: sabotages and arrest

March 1st, Vaucluse/Isère : sabotages on SNCF cables. Press say it can not be the storm… In between Lyon and South France, many trains were late. A first act was made in Vaucluse region, the other one in Grenay-Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, where cables were cut.

March 4th: One person arrested for the damage on January 24th.
On January 24th, seven trains in Nice train-station have been vandalized (170 windows broken and fire extinguisher emptyed out). About 15 cars and one supermarket have also been damaged.
The train company SNCF counts 500 000e of damages.

March 7, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Solidarity report from Paris to Italy 6. März 2010

Next week, the judge will inform about her decisions concerning the 10 accused for rebellion in the Detention Center of Vincennes.
On March 17th, 13.30 at the TGI court of Paris, metro Cité, on 16th room.
-Almost all the request of the defense have been rejected ( see HERE about the trial and its mascarade, and HERE about the solidarity actions for that trial).
-Gilbert Flam, the prosecutor, requested 6 to 3 years of prisons against them! The nine people accused, have already been between 9 months to one year in prison, wainting for the trial. The 10th person have been so hardly beaten up inside, he’s now disabled, and the State took off its accusation.

    „While some people who fight with the sans-papiers and, in general, for liberty of movement and installation, are the subjects of proceedings (arrests, investigations, trial…), it’s more than evidence we show we‘ll not yield to intimidations; among others, continuing to show our solidarity to the Vincenees accused, and in general to all those who- with or without papers- express their revolt against the dialy violence of the deportation machine“

From the call to come to the Court, on March 17th

In Marseille, gathering at the Detention Center of Canet
16 March, at 5.00 – Place Cadenat (Belle de Mai-13003).
Other trials will follow- in Bordeaux and Toulouse.


Here some words from the Vincennes Detention Center detainees solidarity committee, about and for the struggles in Italy:

    Solidarity with the arrested comrades and the sans-papiers imprisoned in the CID!

    Since several years, the control of the migration flux is a main interest for the european governments. Claiming the asbolishment of the borders inside the Schengen space, they multiplied and dispersed inside each territory, and increase outside Europe: the streets, the transport, administration, banks, turn into a border at each control. The Detention Centers, the wainting zones, the camps for migrants, are part of these murderous borders of Europe.

    Like in France, in Italy, where already 25 CID ( Center of identification and Deportation) are created, more and more Detention Centers are built on its territory. The State also subsidizes camps for migrants outside of its borders, as in Libya.

    Inside these CID, the revolts multiply since several years: hunger strikes, confrontation with police, arsons, collective escapes… In 2009, two CIE were totally destroyed during collective revolts.

    Outside also, people struggle for the liberty of movement and installation, often linked with the detainees: demonstrations at the CID, occupations (for example Red-Cross, that manages some centers), the blockade of the transfers between two centers, graffities…

    Against these resistances, the State multiplies repressive actions.
    On August 13rd, fourteen sans-papiers imprisoned in Via Corelli are accused for an arson and imrisoned. In October 2009, they are condamned to several months of prison. On January 16th, Mohammed El Abbouby, one of the fourteen people, is found dead in his cell. Joy, another person condamned, has accused the general inspector of the CID for rape attempt. She’s charged for „slander“. After several months in prison, she’s once again in a CID.

    The State hits also outside. On February 23rd, about twenty people have their houses searched in Turin, Rovereto, Vicoforte, and Mantoue. Three are now in prison and three under house arrest. More than computer and flyers, usually seized, the BlackOut Radio computers have been seized. The people charged are qualified of „insurrectionalist anarchists“, embodying the interior ennemies. In Italy, as in France, the State tries to isolate, using press campaign and a charges arsenal; defining the solidarity acts of delinquent, criminals, or terrorists.

    The Vincennes Detainees Solidarity Committee shows its solidarity with Luca, Andrea, Marco, Maja, Paolo- and all those who fight, inside or outside- against the CID and for the liberty of movement and installation!

    You can write the people in prison:

    Luca Ghezzi – Via Pianezza 300, 10151 Torino Andrea Ventrella – Via Pianezza 300, 10151 Torino Fabio Milan – Via Pianezza 300, 10151 Torino

    Liberty for all! With or without papers, in Italy as elsewhere!
    Liberty of movement and installation!

3 MARCH 2010

March 7, 2010
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Parasits, cockroachs united! 7. März 2010 france


The ANPE (National Agency for Work) turned into a new structure: ‚Work Center‘. A meeting each month, less money, and the risk to be removed of the lists if you refuse a job.

    « We do not want to be controlled,
    nor managed,;
    not helped nor you to be sorry for us;
    we want money.
    Rendez-vous on the Main Strike. »

    (cockroachs of Montreuil)

In December, in several towns, unemployed people and other parasites started to move: in Brest, a town hall is occupied, and call for other strategical buildings occupations; in Lannion, Morlaix and Rennes, same motivations. Flash-actions take place in many Work Centers and Social Help offices (CAF:those who give you the money), with postering and inscription on the lists of removed people. But also ERDF (electricity company, that made big strikes last year, see HERE) and Temporary Jobs offices, walks in Brittany and around Marseille.

A new call is made to prepare occupations and strategy for May.

    « the ‚good‘ unemployed is no more an ‘unemployed ‘, it’s a ‚work-seeker‘.
    The examplary work-seeker works, with no end: he starts again and again his Curriculum Vitae, sends hundreds of Motivation Letters, he ‚investigates‘ to ‚target‘ better the ‚jobs deposits‘, he accepts with good grace all the Curicullum redaction, interviews simulations courses, the free experience periods, the Evaluation in Work environment (70 hours of voluntary job), and he asks more ».

    Movement of Unemployed and Precarious people in struggle in Rennes, janvier 2010)


March 7, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Pouring oil onto the fire greece news

Greece’s politicians seem unable to comprehend people’s anger at the manner in which they have handled the money in the public coffers, even though the signs are visible to even the most uninformed observer.

At a time when the public sector is putting a freeze on any new hirings and thousands of young people are being forced to join the unemployment line, parliamentary deputies have voted to award permanent status to a group of temporary employees in the state sector.

Defenders of the move have said that the law was put in motion during the days of the previous parliamentary president. But this is not an adequate excuse.

A poorly planned decision cannot be made legitimate after the fact and, in any case, the country’s public finances are in a state of code red due to the fiscal crisis and outstanding debt.

Gestures such as giving permanent jobs to staff who have been hired to carry out short-term tasks only pour more oil onto the flames.

March 7, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Officers face sack for ‘planting’ firebomb greece saloniki

Three police officers from Thessaloniki face the possibility of losing their jobs after being called to appear before a disciplinary committee on charges of planting incriminating evidence on a suspect, it emerged yesterday.

The policeman arrested a 24-year-old student during disturbances in the northern city last December on suspicion of possessing a Molotov cocktail. But a prosecutor freed the suspect when video and photographic evidence emerged appearing to show officers placing a bag containing a petrol bomb that did not belong to the student next to him.

The student protested his innocence in court, saying he had come down from his apartment in his pyjamas to throw rubbish into a dumpster when he was caught up in rioting.

The police apologized for the incident and launched an internal investigation. A prosecutor is also looking into the affair.

March 7, 2010
by actforfreedomnow





athens 5.3.10

athens 5.3.10

March 7, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Mass strikes with only hours prior warning are unfolding in Greece after the government announced new crippling measures for workers

greece 03/06/10

The government’s announcements of the new austerity measures dictated by the EU have rendered the greek PM’s talk of a “state of war” concrete. The new measures include a 30% cut in public workers’ 13th and 14th salary, as well as 12% cut in all salary subsidies, which in reality amounts to a sum of more than 1/12 of the total annual salary. In addition the government has announced new taxes for alcohol and cigarettes, as well as a universal VAT of 21% that is considered crippling by shop-owners and small free-lance enterpeneurs. Not one measure is however targeted towards the construction-banking-press-shipping trusts that plague the country.

The reaction to the measures has been immediate and acute:

Just hours after the announcement of the new measures, layed-off workers of Olympic Airways attacked riot police lines guarding the State General Accountancy and have occupied the building, in what they call a open-ended occupation. The action has led to the closing of Athens’ main commercial street, Panepistimiou, for long hours.

On Thursday morning, workers under the Communist Party union umbrella PAME occupied the Ministry of Finance on Syntagma square (which remains under occupation) as well as the county headquarters of the city of Trikala. Later, PAME also occupied 4 TV station in the city in Patras, and the state TV station of Salonica, forcing the news broadcasters to play a DVD against government measures.

On Thursday afternoon, two protest marches took to the streets of Athens. The first, called by PAME, and the second by OLME, the teachers union and supported by ADEDY. The latter gathered around 10,000 people despite less than 24h notice, and during its course limited clashes developed with the riot police which was pilled with rocks outside the EU Commission building. Also two protest marches took to the streets of Salonica at the same time.A protest march was also realised in the city of Lamia.

Finally, the party offices of PASOK in the town of Arta were smashed by what it is beliaved to be people enraged by the measures

For Friday:

ADEDY and GSEE (public and private sector union umbrellas) have declared a 4h stoppage of work across the country for tomorrow and a central demo outside the Parliament at noon. The two giant unions are hinting at a general strike for the 11th of March.

PAME has declared a 24h strike in all sectors for Friday.

All buses, trolleys, the metro, intercity trains, and trams as well as most flights of Aegean and Olympic Airways apart from a few security flights been be halted, as workers in means of mass transport have called a 24h strike. The strike will immobilise the country.

All schools will remain closed, as teachers have called a 24h strike.

All public TV and radio, as well as the Athens News Agency, all municipal radio stations and the Ministry of Press have declared a 24h strike and a demo in front of the Journalist Union building in Athens.

All hospitals across the country will be serving only immergency cases, as doctors have declared a 24h strike.

No garbage will be collected on Friday, as refuse collectors have declared a 24h strike, while they have also announced another strike and a protest march for March the 10th.

Pensioners will be performing a protest march in Salonica on Friday morning.

Students are holding assemblies in their schools to decide their participation in the struggle, with many schools already having decided to move to occupation and participate in the marches.

It is indicative of the climate of public rage that even cops have announced a demo outside the Athens Police Hq for the 11th of March.

Tax officers have also announced a 2day strike starting on Monday, while school traffic wardens in Northern Greece have announced a 3-day long strike starting on Monday.

The people’s reaction to the austerity measures are expected to further explode as the EU Commission is pressuring for the implementation of similar measures for the private sector. It is believed that such a move could bring the country on the brink of social insurrection.