December 13, 2009
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Policestate shows its face in Copenhagen

the leftradical black bloc the leftradical black bloc

By activists from the black bloc.

December 12 2009. This was the big day. All eyes were on Copenhagen as about 100.000 demonstrators from all over the world came together at the Parliament, Christiansborg. It was a big, colorfull demontsration with 41 different blocs that marched towards the Bella Centre, to give their climate political demands to the politicians at the COP15. “Climate Justice Now!” was the slogan that united all the demonstrators today.

But not all demonstrators belive that appealing to the politicians will make a change.

“No nation-no border-fight law and order”

The left radical, now disolved network Never Trust A Cop, had called for an anticapitalistic bloc. We met at Højbro Plads, which is a square close to the parliament, and walked together as a black bloc with the big demonstration. We were about 1000 and the slogans were strong: “No nation-no border-fight law and order” , “Our climate not your business” , “One solution –REVOLUTION!” etc. The frontbanner of the black block, which was Swedish said: “Intät människa er illegalt” which means people can’t be illegal! When the block passed Børsen – the finance capital centre of currency speculations and other crimes against humanity, 18 windows were broken and people were shouting: “A-Anti-Anticapitalista!”

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The demonstration went over the bridge “Knippelsbro” and as we arrived at Christianshavns Torv, a square in the western part of town, a few windows from one of the biggest banks in Denmark, “Danske Bank”, were broken. That arouse some hilarity and slogans, there were no police. We continued to Amager, another part of town.

Without any warning or reason

At the square “Christian Møllers Plads” the big suprise came. Suddenly, without any warning or reason, our block was attacked by a lot of roaring police. Behind them were police vans and cars filled with police dogs. None of us had expected this and it all went very fast. The police was shouting, pushing everybody around and most of the black block and some other demonstrators were pressed into a side street, which end also was blocked by the police.

“This is what democracy looks like!”

913 activists were arrested during the demonstration, handcuffed and put on the freezing ground. ( Futher 55 activists were arrested near the freetown area called Christiania). “This is what democracy looks like!” shouted the arrested demonstrators. The activists were not told why they were arrested. Later on, the police’ spokesperson Per Larsen said, that it was because of preventive causes… The police have also announced, that more reasons are to come along with the “investigation”! Many activists had to sit on the ground for 3-4 hours, some even got cramps from sitting there in such cold temperatures for so long time. Now they are being transported to the “climate-prison” in Valby, which is a hall with cages that looks like a mix of an animal farm and Guantanamo.

... handcuffed and put on the freezing ground. … handcuffed and put on the freezing ground.

200 in solidarity with the arrested comrades

Around 7 pm, a text message were circling around saying: “Come and protest against the meaningless arrests of peacefull demonstrators! We will gather at Toftegårds Plads at 9 pm and go to the prison! Freedom for all political prisoners!”

Around 21.45 200 demonstrators had gathered at Toftegårds Plads demanding the release of all the imprisoned activists. There was a smaller confrontation and one activist was arrested.

A German comrade, who was the first to be released this evening told that inside the prison, the arrested had been forced to sit on the ground, while roaring policemen screamed, that they were not allowed to move. When she was released she had not yet got an explanation for her arrest.

December 13, 2009
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December 12, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

COP15 EASIER access to Denmark and COPENHAGEN

BUT, there are more, perhaps, less controlled borders to Denmark, they follow below,
and also warnings against the more controlled border crossings.


Copenhagen Airport or Billund Airport


The land border crossing at PADBORG, KRUSÅ, in other
words AVOID any land border crossings in Jylland!

(so far):

Travel to Rostock in Germany (old DDR), best by train/bus/car, then
jump on the ferry (SCANDLINES) to GEDSER port in Denmark, less
heavy controlled, at the moment.

Then jump on the train/bus to Copenhagen, takes two hours.

Travel to Helsingborg in Sweden, best by train/bus/car, then
jump on the ferry (SCANDLINES or HH-ferries) to HELSINGØR port in Denmark,
less heavy controlled, at the moment.

Then jump on the train to Copenhagen, takes one hour.

Or take the local train to Hillerød (half an hour) and then the S-train
to Copenhagen, 40 mint. travel time.

Travel to Oslo in Norway, take the ferry direct to Copenhagen (DFDS).

Travel to Bornholm, then by ferry to Køge, then S-train to Copenhagen (half hour).

December 11, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Giannis Dimitrakis sent back to Domokos prison

While the appeal court yesterday accepted the proposal to postpone the trial (to Tuesday 15-12) of cοmrade Giannis Dimitrakis, because of his transfer to Athens one day before the trial thereby preventing the lawyer from speaking to him to prepare his defence, the State sent Giannis back to Domokos prison, some hours after the court disbanded.

According to the media:
“The lawyer of Dimitrakis, C.Papadakis defines this institutional act a scandal that ostentatiously violates a court order. The transfer of Dimitrakis fits in perfectly with the police State ,the atmosphere that prevailed at the trial and limits of the accused’s rights of defence.The lawyers had asked the court to postpone the trial,noting that, almost a month ago they made the request to transfer the accused to Korydallos prison (Athens) and have sufficient time to prepare the defense, this came just one day before the trial.”

December 11, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Announcement for solidarity

resaltoΑ copy_b

Financial support to Greek arrested anarchists of “Resalto” center

Following the police assault and brutal break-in at the anarchist/ antiauthoritarian center of “Resalton” during the afternoon of Saturday, December 5th , the 22 arrested comrades were released by the Piraeus Court at the dawn of Tuesday, December, 8th.

For their release, both from prison and from custody until their trial, the Court imposed limitative clauses on them, and furthermore, bail money was set at a very high amount.

The total amount of bail money sums up to the amount of 51,000 euros. More specifically, for one of those arrested bail was set at 15.000 euros, for three of them at 5,000 per person and for the remaining seven, bail starts at 3,000 euros.

The total financial amount of bail-money must be deposited by Thursday, December 17, but it is advisable, for the purpose of avoiding bureaucratic deadlocks, that this money is raised until Tuesday, December 15th.

So, for the financial support of the 22 arrested of Resalto, but also for the prompt payment of bail, a solidarity fund has been established. It is necessary for all of us to assist in gathering this, unusually high, total amount of bail money.

For this purpose, in order for this amount of money to be securely raised you are all greatly encouraged, and kindly asked to establish direct contact at the following telephone number: 30 6973657960 or establish contact via e-mail, at the address in order to obtain the bank account number where this money may be deposited.

Solidarity is our weapon

December 11, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Andra sidan är ni klara?! (The other side, are you ready?!)

This is an act directed against the political spectacle of COP15 – We are not going to let the
charades of the political elite distract us from what we know needs doing.
Last night a gas-station was burnt to the ground in the city of Lund in the south of sweden, just
across the bridge from Copenhagen.

Unlike the elite gathering in Copenhagen, we consider the destruction of life a serious matter.
While they twist themselves around trying to seem concerned, they are fanning the flames of the
fires that have been consuming all life it can for hundreds of years.

The fires we build – and ignite – are those intended to rid ourselves of our shackles
and create the space to build the worlds we dream of.

We see no other solution to the situation that industrial capitalism has put us in, than burning
down gas-stations and all other monuments holding up this system. We are living in a
socio-ecological crisis, and it will remain untill we remove it’s cause.

Social war – not socio-ecological crisis

December 10, 2009
by actforfreedomnow





1) Cops with guns in the demonstrations
2) Motorbike raids against protesters
3) Cops following peaceful demonstrators in their tracks, wild and indiscriminate arrests
4) Staged events such as the alleged assassination attempt against the rector of the Pritanea
5) An enormous number of vague and even criminal charges and arresting people young and old
6) Closing schools on the pretext of swine flu and the merciless beating of students who wanted to get to their schools
7) Undercover cops kidnapping young protesters
8) Higher level visible collaboration between Golden Dawn neo-nazis and the Police
9) Secret meetings between Chrysohoides and the bosses of the TV channels and journalists to decide on how TV reporting was going to be done over these days
10) Secret covert cameras and helicopters hovering constantly
11) Zero tolerance makes a bitter orange and a stone against a bank a felony and a pretext for a police attack
12) BAN on demonstrations and political gatherings in the conversion areas with massive police intimidation and outrageous filing
13) Hacker attacks on indymedia, and sites of squatted places and TVXS (no borders TV), deleting comments
14) Invasion and PREVENTIVE ARRESTS in many self-managed spaces.
15) In an Orwellian way anarchists and the rebels are referred to “fascists and Nazis!”.
16) Junta-like removal of asylum [in the universities]


Some of these things happened in isolation, and some only happened before under the junta in 1967-1974; others have never happened before, only now.
They never ever happened altogether in such a short space of time!
It seems that the crash which happened here and they are hiding, like the indomitable December, has the power to activate an emergency plan, a new ‘PLASTER CAST’. [repeating the pronuncement of the junta in 1967]
These moments are more than historical. We are witnessing for the first time since 1967 an attempt to impose a fascist police coup. If a parliamentary democracy are able to commit those crimes, the junta is something different and we have all have begun to understand that. The anarchist slogans in the streets are beginning to say bluntly: “DOWN THE JUNTA”
A collusion of prosecutors, rectors, the upper classes, TV media and police, and still we do not know what other local and foreign forces have been mustered. You hear of missing people. The climate is heavy like unde the junta.

Wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

translation fixed a little by act for freedom

December 9, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Protests against the G20 member Mindaugas Lenartavičius London sentenced 2 years in prison

On 1 December, on Tuesday, was jailed for two years before the G-20 aimed at demonstrators in London held in clashes with police apogee tried to ignite the bank.„Royal Bank of Scotland“ tried to ignite the Royal Bank of Scotland blinds after another demonstrator broke the windows. Video cameras showed his face as a cloud, Balaklava pull Lenartavičius still retreat to see whether the blinds already flaming. m Each time the test fails, he returned and re-establish the flame test. i. London’s Southwark district court, he finally succeeded, and from a building in Threadneedle Street, the Bank of England, the smoke began to rise.

The prosecutor Charlotte Welsh argued that his efforts have culminated in only apsvilusios blinds to the ceiling and raised svilėsių smoke. areštuotas. She added that despite Lenartavičiaus attempts to conceal his identity, the police sent his colleagues detailed knowledge of its distinctive headgear, and he was quickly arrested. lighter and Balaklava were found in his pocket.

22 year-old boy, who stayed on the Palmers Green area in the skvote, was charged April 1 met arson. In the previous hearing, where Lenartavičiui been indicted “endangering the lives of arson,” he was formally acquitted.

Who spoke the sentence the judge Geoffrey Rivlin said: “There is no doubt that with your help a peaceful protest turned violent and angry protest. Padeginėjimas is a serious matter, and the offense was committed entirely to the public. “

As punishment Lenartavičiui in excess of 12 months, he will be deported. Welsh said that Lenartavičius came from Lithuania a few days to protest against the G20 protests and was soon to return to Lithuania.

Oliver Wellingsas defender argued that his client is “pacifist” and never took the opposition in order to cause trouble. “His beliefs and attitudes are strong, he supports peaceful protests. However, it affected the power of the crowd, and perhaps the feeling that all the monitors. It is a moment to lose self-control. sHe said he did not intend harm to human life and believed it would jeopardize the “, – said Wellingsas.

December 9, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Around 3am on December 8th, two bricks shattered the window of the Greek Embassy at 2228 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington, D.C. This action was taken in solidarity with those who have taken to the streets in Greece on the recent anniversary of the murder of Alexis Grigoropoulos.

Around 3am on December 8th, two bricks shattered the window of the Greek Embassy at 2228 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington, D.C. This action was taken in solidarity with those who have taken to the streets in Greece on the recent anniversary of the murder of Alexis Grigoropoulos.

The recent socialist government has shown through its use of state repression that is no different in character from the right wing government that took Grigoropoulos’s life. State power, regardless of who wields it will be used to repress and murder , and we will never be free of this violence until we’ve dismantled the rule of state and capital, and confront the roots of power and hierarchy wherever they manifest themselves.

We mean to demonstrate that the uprising in Greece, the acts of building and defending autonomous spaces have been an inspiration not only to those in Europe, but the whole world over. With these bricks thrown we’ve made the Greek embassy in Washington, D.C. better reflect the current landscape on the streets of Athens and Thessaloniki. Let this serve as a reminder to those who hold power, whether their offices are in Athens or Washington, D.C. that their time to murder and silence the voices of resistance has come to an end.

In solidarity,

December 8, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

UPDATE 12/08/2009:Young, beautiful – and very, very angry!

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PDRTJS_settings_490579_post_232 = { “id” : “490579”, “unique_id” : “wp-post-232”, “title” : “UPDATE+12%2F08%2F2009%3AYoung%2C+beautiful+-+and+very%2C+very+angry%21”, “item_id” : “_post_232”, “permalink” : “” } UPDATE: The violence rages on. The police brutality against citizens and demonstrators is outrages. Now, they even have policemen disguised as civilians, working together with the police, kicking and hitting demonstrators and even passers-by. My solidarity to all demonstrators. Please do not stop reporting. The world needs to see more than this propaganda on TV!! For more information, videos and photos please see

One year ago the greek police shot a 15-year-old boy. What happened after that has become history – at least for some people. It had and still has influence on their daily lives, because since then, nothing seems to have changed. Even though their new president made many promises of which none has come true.

I’m of course talking about the riots in Greece, which took place a year ago and which were connected to great violence from every side. Police as well as demonstrators.

Since then we’ve heard a lot and often about Greece again. And so it is today.

The cities are burning, the country where democracy was born, has become a state of angry, young people, having and seeing no future, if the system goes on working like it is.

I’m against violence, because there is nothing that justifies it. But though I understand why it is used by some demonstrators. What to do in a country you have no perspective? Especially when you’re young and want to reach something? When your whole life is over before it has begun? When there is no chance to get a job, to have a health insurance, to build a home even to get your scratch of education?

This is of course a very dark way to put it, but nevertheless, from what I’ve heard and read, many people feel like that.

Thousands of people got to the streets and were demonstrating peaceful. It seems as if the police has orders to detain as many people as possible. The problem is, that only a fraction of what happens is shown and reported in the media, most of it shows the violence of the demonstrators and silences the fact that the police has its part in it as well.

Why, for example, are policemen allowed to overrun demonstrators by motorcycle? Whatever violence the demonstrators use – the force with wich the police reacts is more than is allowed, more than what should be possible and it should be stopped. It seems to me that the rage becomes publicly shown hate which justifies every step taken and manifests in killing and detaining demonstrators.

Please follow this link, to get more information from the activists point of view, watch the videos and think about what’s going on there. Learn more about their goals and reasons for the actions taken.

And apart from the violence, I’m saluting: the solidarity the greek are able to show each other, their endurance for protesting and for claiming what they believe to be right – real democracy and freedom, a perspective in life and a social state.

But it seems as if some people use the Greek as an excuse to burn police stations even in Germany. That was said by their news report “Tagesschau”.

But first things first.

In Berlin and Hamburg there were attacks against the offices of ministers and secretaries, and the “Bundekanzleramt”, like the office of the german chancellor. Those were only “colour attacks” meaning that balloons or similar things filled with colour were thrown at the walls and windows.

In Hamburg a police station was attacked with molotov cocktails and a few police cars burned down. No one was hurt. That was in the night from saturday to sunday.

Then the news reported that a text was given to a newspaper (Hamburger Morgenpost), where a group calling themselves “Koukoulofori” (which means something like the hooded or masked) claimed responsibility for these attacks and furthermore threatened to repeat the attacks. They legitimate their attacks with the dead of 15-year-old Alex last year and see it as protest against the regime in Greece.

Though the police thinks it is authentic, I prefer being a bit more careful. Who knows how this could be used to impose new regulations and anti-terror laws in every european and other country in this world. Because then it is not only the islamic terrorists, but the left-wing terrorists as well, they have to “protect” us from. There could be a lot more behind it than we now think of. But of course, that’s just conspiracy talk.

But again it is shown how any action any event in this world seems to affect the whole rest of it. How everything that is directed against the system is used by the same system and inverted to take it as a weapon against the people, who try to break free of it.

That’s why I don’t think violence will get us to where we want to go. But when you don’t know where you go, or if you can go – that’s a point of hopelessness, frustration and anger that breaks itself free of any scepticism and rational behaviour.

I don’t justify it, I only think that it’s human and so could happen to every single one of us given the right circumstances…

December 8, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Keratsini Town Hall in Athens has been raided – greece

The occupied Keratsini Town Hall in Athens has been raided; “around thirty people arrested” there

22:57 5.12.09 GMT+2 The Town Hall of Keratsini, occupied in response to the earlier police raid of the anarchist space “Resalto” in the neighbourhood, was also raided moments ago. The reports we have from people there are that around thirty people (everyone in the building at the time, this is info we’ve had from the phone) have been arrested. More info as it comes.


LAST INFORMATION: ALL ARE SET FREE! 8/12/09 athens greece

The 41 arrested in the Town Hall were set free yesterday afternoon.

The 22 arrested from Resalto were set free today at 6.30 am. They were recieved by people in solidarity and family that were standing outside the court of Piraeus. Four are set free without conditions, one has to pay a bail of 15000 euro, two have to pay 5000 euro each, six have to pay 3000 euro each, and the rest with other restrictions (can’t leave the country, have to be present at a police station every some days).

December 8, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Attack on German Police Stations

The violence appears to have spilled over into Germany. In Hamburg, a group calling itself Koukoulofori — Greek for “the hood-wearers” or the “masked ones” — claimed responsibility for an attack on a police station in the German port city on Thursday night, saying it was in revenge for the killing of the Greek teenager.

Some 10 masked people broke windows of the Hamburg police station in the bohemian Schanzenviertel district, which is known for left-wing street festivals and violent protests. They also set fire to one police car and smashed the windows of another. There have been no arrests so far.

On Thursday night unknown attackers also hurled a firebomb and bags of paint at an office of the Federal Criminal Police Office in the eastern Berlin district of Treptow.

December 8, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Cyprus: Students Protest in Larnaca Traffic

Yesterday morning the area outside the Larnaca Police Station, Avenue Yannos Kranidiotis was reminiscent of the city of Athens. Hundreds of students from the Technical School Larnaca gathered outside the police station, where they made a spontaneous protest, caused by the tragic death of their friend and classmate Theakou Basil, 16 years, who died last Friday in a road accident in Alexander Avenue Panagouli near the school.
Students argue that the unfortunate Theakou, who was driving a motorcycle without a helmet or learner’s license, was being pursued by the police group “G”, so was forced to gather speed and therefore suffered fatal injuries.
Around 10:30 students of the Technical School, most of them dressed in black, marched from their school and came out in Larnaca, creating micro-episodes and causing tension. Angry students threw water bottles and other objects at the police, shouting slogans against the police, “cops, pigs, murderers” and “Basil you live, and took down the flag of the Police from the web of power and burned. ..
Indeed, at one point they even attempted to break the main entrance of the police station and came face to face with police who had formed a human cordon, but acted calmly and did not intervene. Many students wore black shirts, on which they had written “Brother Basil bon voyage, and held a large banner saying “Another brother has left us at the hands of a cop “.

December 8, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Charges brought against Serb anarchists

Last updated: Monday, December 7, 2009, 17:47

The detention of the six anarchists accused of the attack with petrol bombs at the Greek Embassy in August to protest the arrest and detention of a Greek comrade in the events of December 2008 has been extended by two months.

The Prosecutor’s Office indicted them on November 3 with charges of involvement in international terrorism and the District Court of Belgrade has decided to extend PRISON for them by two months.

The young members of the ‘Anarcho-syndicalist initiative’ are accused that on August 24 at around three in the morning they sprayed a wall of the building, which houses the Greek Embassy, the anarchist sign and then threw two petrol bombs close to the central entry, causing minor property damage.

The indictment has raised the wrath of Serbian intellectuals, as the charge of ‘international terrorism’ is, according to the Criminal Code, the country’s second largest crime after the genocide.