March 24, 2010
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Lloyds Bank attacked in Bristol (UK) 17 March 2010

“Last night the office of Lloyds private banking in Bristol was attacked. on the night of wednesday the 17th of March 2010, the Lloyds private banking office at 131 Pembroke Road, Clifton, Bristol was attacked. a plaque with ‘Lloyds private banking’ was removed from a wall and taken away. walls of the building were sprayed with: ‘in the shadow of a dark horse lies a capitalist bailiff ‘, and ‘bankers up against the wall’. pipes and cables to cooling fans etc to the building were cut. two windows were smashed. night night”

March 24, 2010
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Two car bombs in the Nigerian oil city of Warri during amnesty talks

Nigerian oil rebels, file image

Many of the rebel groups have now laid down their weapons

15 March

Two car bombs have been set off in the Nigerian oil city of Warri, where officials were in talks over an amnesty for militants in the area.

Witnesses said the explosions shattered windows at the state governor’s office and sent officials fleeing for cover.

The militant group Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (Mend) had issued a bomb threat earlier.

Several armed groups recently agreed to an amnesty, but some Mend leaders rejected the government’s offer.

A Mend leader announced in January that a temporary ceasefire was over.

In Warri, witnesses reported seeing huge plumes of smoke rising into the air.

There were no reports of injuries

March 23, 2010
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thi is england! the joke of the day!!

The annual Cambridge Strawberry fair has been cancelled for this year, after police appealed the decision by councillors to grant it a licence to run in 2010.

Not enough rules for the cops

As an urban75 report shows, the event has been stringently policed for years. The free fair, which has taken place on Midsummer Common on the first Saturday in June since the early 70’s was billed £1 500 for policing of the event last year. This included using dog sniffers to check all rail passengers arriving in Cambridge for drugs, irrespective of whether they were attending the festival or not.

In 2009, the organisers of the Big Green Gathering were forced to cancel the event 36 hours before it was scheduled to start, after threats of an injunction from the council and police. The BGG Company was bankrupted as a result.

The Kingston Green Fair, which ran from 1897, was brought to an end by bad weather in 2008. An attempt to set up a smaller Kingston Green Kids fair was thwarted by the local council citing safety concerns in 2009.


1. eye, All Coppers Are Bastards — the jack boot of the workers
2. Reclaim your rights — Strawberry yoghurt

March 23, 2010
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England – Two boys arrested over arson at church near March, Cambridgeshire

Two boys have been arrested in connection with an arson attack at a 19th Century church in Cambridgeshire.

The boys, aged 14 and 16, from March were arrested on Thursday on suspicion of arson in connection with a fire that destroyed St Mary’s at Westry.

They have since been bailed to return to March police station on 20 April.

The fire broke out on Monday at the church on the outskirts of March. Only the external brickwork remains and the building has been assessed as unsound.

Assistant priest Jenny Webb said Lent and Sunday services would be held in alternative accommodation.

“This terrible tragedy will not affect our regular times of worship,” she said.

Flames were seen coming out of both sides of the church.

BBC world news

March 23, 2010
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Conspiracy of Cells of Fire claims responsibility for 3 bomb attacks Monday, March 22, 2010

The urban guerrilla group “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – Guerrilla Group of Terrorists” claimed the responsibility for the bomb that destroyed completely the central offices of the fascist, para-government organization Chrisi Avgi (Golden Dawn), for the bomb that was placed outside the Police Directorship for Immigrants in Petrou Ralli street, and for the bomb that hit the house of the vice-president of the Greek-Pakistani Union. They claimed the actions through a communique, entitled “Dilemmas in time of war”, and is published in Athens IMC. (

The communique is quite long and has historical facts and their point of view about the issue of the immigrants and the reaction of the native population since 1990 and until the recent law about nationality. They also present some facts about the fascist organization Chrisi Avgi and show (as many people already know) that it is actually a group controlled by the police and the secret services. The text ends with two announcements, the first talks about the upgrade of the repression, the arrests that happen in relation to their organization, and their view about a new strategy that the urban guerrilla groups should follow. The second announcement is about Lambros Foundas, in honor of whom they chose to name for this action the cell that realized the bombings as “Commando Lambros Foundas”.

from occupied london

March 23, 2010
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Portland Police kill again! March on the South Precint!

“We don’t give a fuck, the time is now.” When word spread that the Portland police had just shot a man to death at the Hoyt

Arboretum, we knew we had to make a choice: to allow ourselves to be human, or to participate in our own murders, to hide

away in sleep and the unfolding of a routine that ends, for all of us, in death. It’s a choice that has been made for us so many

times before: by the media, by community leaders, professional activists, bosses, teachers, parents, friends who do not push us

to confront this fear with them. We are killing ourselves with so much swallowed rage. Tonight, we would not go to sleep with

this sour feeling in our stomachs. Tonight, we gave a name to what we feel: rage. This is how it started. Within hours of word

getting out, local anarchists met in a park, and decided we had to march on the police station. Not the central precinct: that

neighborhood would be dead at this hour. We wanted to shout at the police, but also to find our neighbors, to talk to the other

folks in our community, to let them know what happened and call them down into the streets with us. To not let them find out

about this murder in the sanitized commentary of the glowing screen but to meet them and cry out to them, the rage and

sadness plain in our faces: we cannot live with what has happened. We cannot allow this to go on. The march left the park and

headed through a residential neighborhood, interrupting the dead Monday night silence of consumer-workers recovering from

another day ripped from their grasp. Chanting at the top of our lungs, we encountered our own anger, our own sense of power.

“And now one slogan to unite us all: cops, pigs, murderers.” Many expected this march to be only symbolic. Few were

prepared for anything more. But we encountered a collective force that amplifies the individual rather than smothering each

one of us in the mass. The two who took the initiative to drag a dumpster into the street changed the history of this city. This

small sign of sabotage spread. We all made it our own. When the first little garbage containers were brought into the road, a

couple people put them back on the sidewalk, trying to clean up the march, to make it respectable. They were confronted,

shouted at. “This doesn’t send a message,” they said. “You can do that if you want, but go somewhere else,” they said. But we

have nowhere to go, except for the spaces we violently reclaim. And our message is unmistakable: we are angry, and we are

getting out of hand. People continued to be uncontrollable, and soon those who had appointed themselves the censors of our

struggle saw that it was they who were in the wrong place. No one attempted to control their participation. They were not

allowed to control ours. Once we got on Burnside Avenue, dumpsters were being turned over every hundred feet, blocking

both directions. Folks had scavenged rocks and bottles and sticks and drums. One person had had the foresight to bring a can

of spraypaint, also changing the history of our moment. We were no longer a protest. We were vengeance. When the crowd

passed the first bank, a few individuals erupted into action, while others watched their backs. The ATM got smashed. A

window got smashed. Rocks and bottles were thrown. Sirens began ringing out behind us. A Starbucks appeared one block

ahead. A race: could we get there before the pigs arrived? We won. More windows broke. When the police tried to get us on to

the sidewalk, they were shocked by the intensity of rage they faced. “Fuck the police!” “Murderers!” Their lights and sirens

had no effect. Someone shoved a dumpster into the lead cop car. They were temporarily speechless. Only when the cops

outnumbered the people did they try again, with some pepper spray and brute force finally succeeding to push us onto the

sidewalk. But we were smart. We knew we couldn’t win a fight just then, and every chance we got we took the street again. We

didn’t surrender: they had to work for it. And never did we surrender our power over the mood of the night. Louder than their

sirens were our ceaseless screams, our chants, focusing our range and wiping the arrogant smiles off the pigs’ faces. They

were visibly upset by the level of hatred they encountered. We got to the police station and yelled at the line of police waiting

there for us, yelled at the media parasites standing by with their cameras, calling out their complicity in police violence and

racism. Most of us didn’t worry about sending the proper message or appearing respectable. We expressed our rage and the

power of our analysis, our ability and willingness to take initiative and change this world. The first TV news clips, ironically,

were the best we could have hoped for, but we do not put our hope in the media. We will communicate our critique of the police

to the rest of the city with our protests, our fliers, our bodies, our communiqués. With graffiti and smashed windows. It should

also be noted that the police have not yet released the race of the person killed. We don’t know yet which community is “most

affected” by this murder. We respond because police violence affects all of us, because we want to show solidarity every time

the State executes someone. We know that racism is a critical feature of control in this society, and we also believe we must

find ways to act responsibly as allies to communities that are not our own. But solidarity must be critical, and it can only be

practiced by those who are struggling for their own freedom. It is clear from tonight’s actions that we fight against police

violence because we feel rage and sadness whenever they kill someone. We fight in solidarity with everyone else who fights

back. And by fighting, we are remembering what it is like to be human. In these moments when we surprise ourselves, we

catch little glimpses of the world we fight for. Running down the streets, stooping to pick up a rock, we realize that in our hand

we have nothing less than a building block of the future commune. Our commune is the rage that spreads across the city,

setting little fires of vengeance in the night. Our commune is the determination that comes back to the public eye the next day,

meeting in the open, not letting the rest of society forget this murder, not letting our neighbors numb themselves with routine.

Our commune rattles the bars of our cages, and this noise is our warcry: “out into the streets.”

March 22, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Angry neighbours set Baradero City Hall on fire

Sunday, 21 March 2010 argentina

motoPolice sources reported that “Two teenagers were killed in the city of Baradero when the motorcycle in which were riding was hit by a municipal transit mobile persecuted by an alleged traffic violation.

As news of the deaths of young, Giuliana and Miguel, neighbors and friends of the deceased gathered outside the City of Baradero and threw stones, but after 11 the situation facing the city hall was under control.

The protest caused extensive damage in the municipal building and had to work two fire crews to extinguish the fires started by the residents.

The Buenos Aires police sent reinforcements to the city to contain the tense situation that caused the death of the young.

Juan Carlos Paggi, head of the force said: “The priority is to bring some calm to Baradero” and that “belong to different troops of Buenos Aires and mostly come from surrounding districts to Baradero.

The mothers of Giuliana, and Miguel, the two teenagers killed 16 years, noted that “the boys was very good friends” and called for “clarifying the circumstances of the act which resulted in a violent protest.”

In statements to television Roxana, Giuliana’s mother said “The boys were two very good people. They went together to school and (Michael) always took her to my house. They had a very good relationship.”

And that “All I want is them to pay, if one is to blame them to pay, because they destroyed the whole family.” Giuliana was everything to me, was the love of my life. They broke my heart, “and” What All I want is justice. Nothing else. ”

These statements were made while he was waiting for since the hospital will release the body of his daughter.

Margaret, the mother of Michael, who was also at the scene said that “Michael was a great kid, studious, well. It was excellent. And all the kids who are here (the hospital) are the two “and that” people who were (in the streets of the city) show what were the kids. ”

Also on the incident said “there are many versions,” but that “the two boys were left lying after the accident.”

It confirmed that “there were always problems with the subject of boys, bikes and helmets.

March 22, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Bomb targets Aliens Bureau

from the greek press…

The remains of a bus stop lie around the collapsed perimeter wall of the Athens Aliens Bureau following the explosion of a homemade bomb there on Saturday afternoon. The blast, which had not been claimed by any organization by late last night, caused widespread damage, including a 1.5-meter crater in the ground, but no injuries.

A powerful homemade bomb detonated outside the building housing the Athens Aliens Bureau on Petrou Ralli Street on Saturday afternoon, causing damage but no injuries.

Police cordoned off the area after an anonymous caller phoned in warnings to Eleftherotypia newspaper and Alter private television channel at around 3.30 p.m, warning that a bomb would go off at the bureau’s premises. The blast occured 15 minutes later, damaging the wall and fence around the building, a bus shelter and nearby shop windows and leaving a crater some 1.5 meter deep in the ground. According to police forensic experts, who were examining the remnants of the device for leads to the perpetrators, the bomb had been placed in a plastic bag near the bus shelter.

Earlier on Saturday, a bomb exploded outside the home of a Pakistani community leader in the run-down district of Aghios Panteleimonas, near the city center, which has a burgeoning population of immigrants. The blast caused no injuries.

There had been no claim of responsibility for either of the attacks by late yesterday.

The blasts came just one day after a powerful time bomb detonated outside the central Athens offices of the extreme-right Chryssi Avgi (Golden Dawn) organization, causing significant damage but no injuries. An unidentified caller telephoned Eleftherotypia 25 minutes before the blast, prompting police to evacuate the building, which is on busy Socratous Street, near Omonia Square, as well as a neighboring hotel and surrounding roads. There had been no claim for the attack on the Chryssi Avgi offices by late last night

March 21, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Honour to the revolutionary Lambros Fountas who fell in battle on March 10th in Dafni in an encounter with the murderers in uniform of the greek democ

Saturday 20th March 2010undefined

poster from athens for a demo 20/3 for memorial TO ANARCHIST LAMBROS FOYNTAS

poster from  athens for a demo 20/3 for memorial TO ANARCHIST  LAMBROS FOYNTAS


One way or another, the planet will become Red …

… or red and full of life

… or red because of the running blood.

– Wulf Birman
Even if it is a commonplace, someone can not start from any other finding but from the fact that we are in the most difficult and critical historical timing of the last 70 years. Since the crisis erupted in December 2008, millions of words have been spoken and written, but we believe it has not been reached the essence of the crisis.
We will try to approach the situation from another perspective. We do not claim for having the absolute truth. Criterion of whether it is worth any opinion is the degree of verifiability or falsifiability.
In simple words, the introduction of machine in the production led the animal work to become useless. Automation and robotics have made unnecessary the work of human. After the wave of de-industrialization that swept across the West in 1980, has been created an artificial overpopulation. Millions of people during the notional (de: fiktiv) recovery, recovery that was based essentially on debt, were comfortable in a parasitic tertiary sector.
Now, in the crisis, they throw all these people on the streets. They have the audacity (de: Künheit) to say that after the recovery, unemployment not only will not decrease but increase. But my opinion is that any recovery will be sluggish (de: anämisch). The general trend (de: Tendenz) will be downwards (de: abstiegs). This crisis will not be overcome by by economical conditions. If the crisis of 1929 was overcome after the horrors of fascism and war, the current crisis will need bigger disasters to be overcome. Perhaps those who hold the fate of the planet in their hands are more prudent (de: vernünftig) than those of 1929? When someone judges their actions, then she/he can not be quiet about them.
Is it inevitable (de: unvermeidlich) this direction to barbarism and destruction? If we will remain to be an inert (de: untätig) mass and leave their fate (de: Glück) to some ‘charismatic’ leaders this will be the result. But if we take the situation into our own hands and decide to be us ourselves who will shape our future, then the path will be different. Specifically, our country has been proved as the weak link (de: Ring) in the system. The bankruptcy is prescribed (de: entwerfen) since years now. Whoever thinks that this is a trick, not only she/he is wrong but also commits a crime. This became obvious during the protests by farmers. A massive and dynamic movement led to the defeat precisely because it had the wrong targets. The same fate would have any other struggles in future which would rely on requests and targets that the system is unable to respond.
A movement to be effective in the today’s conditions of chaos and dissolution (de: Auflösung) should be aimed, not at the distribution of goods, but to claim for the control of production and distribution (de: Verteilung), minimum of basic goods, nutrition, health and education, services of public interests (de: öffentliche Einrichtungen) and of course the banking system. How? Through a movement of committees that will require (de: erfordern) for taking the situation into their own hands through a CONVENTION OF COMMITTEES (KONSTITUTIONELL VERSAMLUNG) with alternately (de: anklagen, gr: ενακλητούς) representatives that their salary will not exceed (de: überschreiten) the salary of a skilled worker.
Who can participate in the committees? All those who are not employers. It is self-understood that for the Convention can claim representation all those people who have the right for voting.
This is one way to be diverted the social tensions creatively. Otherwise the social rivalries (de: Gegensätzlichkeit), within this climate of generalized nihilism and social Darwinism, will only be destructive. Sure social peace is preferable than violence, but if you want peace then follow the advice of old Cato “si vis pacem paro belum” (If you want peace prepare for war). But not with the way of some kids who have ridden the pole and pretend to be Zorro. Someone should tell them that the nihilism today is an expression of the middle class that sees the death of itself. The revolutioner expresses the optimism of the world that gets born.
– S. Katsaros
  • “Friendly visits” of civil cops to all the neighbors of the murdered Fighter Lambros. In Ampelokipi district of Athens, the police authorities and the anti-“terrorist” team visit all the blocks of buildings on entire streets looking for informers (de: Denuziant) about the murdered Lambros Fountas. At the same time they are opening files for the whole neighborhood! … Obviously it was not profitable the call from the cops to citizens for anonymous and safe telephone information (de: Denuziantentum)to their own quiz about “what we can learn about Lambros Fountas”. Obviously, there were also not profitable the rest of the cop-researches and interrogations, as regretfully “inform” us from televisions, radios and newspapers the most “experienced” (.. and closer to police authorities and anti-“terrorist” team) police authors. Thus, as the last few days so last Friday, they systematically harass the entire neighborhood of murdered Fighter Lambros, trying almost by force to turn the neighbors into ‘informants’! … They have clearly exceeded the “expected” and less or more known “criminology” of civil-cops, using the “approach” of more social neighbors, such as owners of kiosks, shopkeepers and others … who, eh, “of course they should know”. Around a very large length and distance from the house of the murdered, “crews” of state security enter into blocks of buildings, ring bells, enter into houses and begin “politely” the questioning of residents. Questions like “have you seen him?”, “did you know him?”, “who were his friends?”, “have you noticed something ‘curious’…?», etc are the first ones and the most ‘soft’ to the ‘logic’, meanwhile waving a finger in front of the residents face and offering them an informer’s career. The “crews” record the answers, the data of each person and ask for phone numbers. They leave “reminding” that “if you forgot anything, if you will remember something, then contact us …”. In simple words, beside the inquiry of life and human, neighboring etc space of Lambros after the murder – inquiry extended directly away from Athens & Attica, to Corinth, to Agrinio, to villages of Aitoloakarnania – is in and goes an entire enterprise, which is “mini” typical, but in reality gives to the authorities folders of the whole neighborhood, hundreds of homes and thousands of People! …
  • Around 700 people demonstrated in honor to Lambros Fountas through the district of Dafne, where he was murdered by pigs. Some neighbors were waiting in front of their doors since early. Some others were watching with fear on their eyes through their windows. Also undercover pigs all around the area …

In memory of Lambros Foundas

18 03 2010

From :Klinamen: spain

We translated some of the lines written by your comrades and friends.
We will continue your struggle right where you were murdered, in the streets; and against those who murdered you, the powerful.
We respectfully salute you.
Rest in peace.
In order to cover up cold-blooded murder, domination is seeking complicity with thugs and civilian snitches. No tolerance for the powerful or their informants.
We will not stop talking about Lambros Foundas (Λαμπρός Φούντας), despite the suffocating climate of repression the state wants to promote.
It’s difficult to accept that we will not see comrade Lambros again.
The upheavals in society, the upheavals caused by his individual actions, and the unbroken coherence and continuing development of consciousness, decisive attitude, social solidarity, and collective struggle embodied in the variety of his actions always made him a danger to the totality of power and the state.
A dangerous enemy of the state and every mechanism of power; a man with a passion for freedom, who permeated the thinking of everyone he met on his way; a sincere friend to all who fought beside him. He broke apart hypocrisy and deception with his attitude and the depth of his ideas. Walking with you, comrade and friend Lambros, was a training course in anarchy and liberty, a process of studying the depths of human knowledge and freedom.
Therefore, Lambros never “washed his hair” of things. His sensitivity toward each person who needed solidarity grew in accordance with his daily conduct, his decisive attitude, his rebelliousness, and the strength of his attack against the state and the restraining, submissive relationships between people.
There are some men who are so venerable and respectable that they seem to come from the future. That’s why all of us who stood shoulder to shoulder with Lambros were aware that “in our times” it was our duty to bring about a conflict of great importance to this moment in history, filled with continuous struggles and confrontations that would free us from the chains of power.
A history that brings us one step forward, carefully, with suitable dignity and initiative, breaking the circle of fear they construct and trap us with, and finally intensifying the need for anarchy.
pan style=”color:rgb(153,0,0);”>LET’S GATHER ON THE STREETS OF (WITH) HATRED
You walk with your head held high, the same way you appeared, just like I knew you, like always.
I envy you.
What is death?
Is it like complete darkness, which in time you get used to and never worries you again?
And you leave us behind with our damages and faults, with our miseries and doubts, and we find excuses to let one day slip away, and another day, and one more day, and yet another.
I envy you.
Because you are good, always good.
I need you

to teach me to speak with dignity,

to teach me to not be afraid

to teach me to make peace with myself.

I need you by my side on the streets and on my path.
And you speak, you speak to me.
And you listen, you listen to me.
And I steal a little strength from your honesty, a little courage from your freedom, a little belief from your values.
You were called terrorist.
Yes, it’s true. You terrorized our fear, our compliance, our conformity, our apathy, the emptiness in our eyes, the humbling of our passion, our resignation to ugliness (dirtiness), our muzzles, blinders, handcuffs, and chains, which kept us from being dangerous.
There is one more thing I want to ask you.
There are those who say they choose not to act because they are afraid to lose their lives. They love life, they say.
Others choose to act for the exact same reason. They say they love life and can’t stand to waste it.
You tell me: Can it be that both are right?
It can’t be.

March 21, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Press Release for Marios Z. (pre-jailed since 11th March 2010, watch last update):

  • Marios Z letter from Korydallos jailhouse:

From Sector A of Korydallos’ prison


On Thursday 11th of March, I was arrested by the repressive police forces. Any sense of freedom and the right to demonstrate was canceled with rage and violence by armed MAT (Greek riot police) forces, since they have the freedom to do so. The occasion of my arrest was participating in a demonstration to defend the rights of the working -or not- citizens, having a weird haircut and a backpack. The real reason was to set an example.

During the military junta, they used to tear with whips the faces of the young students in and out of the Law School. In our days, with a consistent barbarism, the “socialist” government, using all means tears and stigmatizes the lives of people of burden, those that suffer and those that resist and are not afraid to merely exist, with the violence of economic and terrorist policies. The political responsibility of my irrelevant arrest must be claimed by the State. The massive political response expressed through this wave of protest, proves that society resists. And this is even more important for me, since I have consciously selected to remain uncommitted-unintegrated. The State demands our inexistance and has a dread of our existence. It isn’t just my pre-trial imprisonment case, but all the well-known cases of police perjury and frame-ups, that bring out and prove the State’s attempt to terrorize and intimidate whoever stands by his/her rights, to discourage any others that dare to support them, setting up chinless societies that won’t protest not assert their rights.

I am thankful to all those fighting for my release either from the very beginning, or joining in during the fight, from a sincere care, away from any political and party interests, either by means I agree with or not, since I don’t think what is sensible to do now is to discuss the various ways to manifest our solidarity, but to sit the State itself in judgment for its practices.

Freedom to all prisoners, to all fighters for the liberation of all prisoners and of the spirit. From GADA (Athenian Police Headquarters) prisons, written on the yellow walls, next to prisoners forgotten for days and nights in awful conditions. Golden cage, humid cage, little matters to the bird.

Marios Z.

PS. “Of all the things which wisdom provides to make us entirely happy, much the greatest is the possession of friends” – Epikouros

The investigator and the prosecutor decided that Marios Z. must must be raised in prison because he dared to participate in the massive strike demonstration on Thursday (11th March 2010) and had the misfortune to be in the action field of an uncontrolled, warm-head and liar police officer.

Marios was arrested on Panepistimiou Street in Athens, close to the placates of EEK (trotskistic party) and associations that were following, by a fully armed man of MAT team (Units of Order Recover) who suddenly attacked him from behind, excited as it seems by the victim’s rasta and tufted hair and his casual appearance, in the sight of many other dozens of citizens participating in the demonstration and complaining for the arrest.

The cop who arrested Marios, with the usual professional warm-head attitude, after taking him to GADA (Central Police Offices of Athens) stated against him that he had his face covered, that he threw a Molotov against him and that he was endangered by fire.

Marios had the luck that the time of his arrest was filmed in videos and printed on many photographs, which were shown to the investigator and prove that his face was completely uncovered, that none Molotov neither fire were on the spot he was arrested or in the area around and that no clashes were taking place on the certain spot. None of the evidences above match with the police officer’s statements.

Moreover, he relied on questioning dozens of eye-witnesses citizens, who were present at the event and offered voluntarily to testify the truth.

But the investigator and the prosecutor after listening to the eye-witness cops unofficially, ignored later the dozens of eye-witness citizens and the photographs and decided for pre-trial detention.

Pre-trial detention which takes place:

under the “hoodie law”, which is already illegal as a law in the consciousness of society, after the government announced six months ago to abolish it.

even against the laws about pre-trial detention and moreover by disregarding, ignoring and violating openly the changes that were recently made to the relevant article of the law. According to the changes, a person can be pre-jailed only if she/he is suspect of escape or she/he has irreversible judge sentences.

The conditions above do not apply to the case of Marios.

Marios, who teaches swimming to young children at the Olympic Stadium working 7 days a week, is imprisoned and his children will lose their teacher who teaches them how to love the water.

And we will lose our faith in clear and obvious.

But we will not lose our faith in Marios and we will fight for establishing the truth, the release and discharge of him.


March 20, 2010
by actforfreedomnow


March 20, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Solidarity attacks in Ioannina, Greece

Ioannina, Greece.
Two incendiary devices composed of gas canisters and petrol explode in Ioannina. One at the Techology Park building of Ioannina university, and at the Institute of Biomedical Research of Ioannina.

claimed in Athens indymedia:

For Lambro – we want to continue what he started.
Freedom to all the comrades in prison: Giannis Dimitrakis, G. Boutzis, H. Nikolau, P. Georgiadis, B. Chrisohoidis, C. Stratigopolous and Alfredo Bonanno.
Immediate freedom to Massura Hadimikelaki Yiospa.
Solidarity to all those under arrest accused for the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.
Alchemists for chaos

March 20, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Athens – one thousand comrades for Lambros

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Athens – one thousand comrades for Lambros

About one thousand comrades assembled this morning at the point in Dafni, Athens, where Lambros was slain by a cop on March 10.
There was very strong emotion for Lambros expressed in words shouted in anger and hatred by all the comrades against the police, the State.
There was a heavy police presence nearby but they didn’t move.
Honour to Lambros
Lambros will always be alive with us through our action

March 20, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

from the press media

Greece bomb hits Pakistani leader’s home in Athens

Police officers in Athens, 19 March

It was the second blast police responded to in as many days

A bomb has exploded outside the home of a Pakistani community leader in the Greek capital Athens – the second blast in the area in less than 24 hours.

Police said there were no injuries, but some damage was done to the entrance of the apartment building and three cars.

On Friday, a bomb damaged the office of a far-right anti-immigration group.

No group has said it carried out the attacks, but there have been numerous bombings attributed to far-left or anarchist groups in recent years.

Recent attacks have targeted banks and government buildings.

Greece has faced severe anti-government protests and rioting since police shot dead a teenager in December 2008.

In the latest attack, police were able to seal off the area after anonymous warning calls were made to a Greek TV station and a newspaper 15 minutes before the explosion.

March 20, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

A bomb exploded at the offices of the "Golden Dawn" (neonazi organisation) in Socrates Street , ATHENS 19/03/2010


The bomb blast occurred at 08:46 am at the offices in Socrates Street Omonia.

Twenty-two minutes earlier , at 08:24 an unknown person phoned the newspaper Eleftherotypia and said he has placed a bomb on Socrates Street 48, on the fifth floor offices of the Golden Dawn.
“It explodes in 25 minutes.please evacuate the building , the entire Socrates street and the hotel”

They directly informed the police, which isolated the area and moved away the people, the explosion occurred 22 minutes later,
causing a lot of damage to the offices and broke windows in nearby buildings.

The explosive device was an alarm clock bomb, according to initial estimates by police and was placed in the hallway of the fifth floor.

So far, no organization has YET claimed responsibility.

March 20, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

National Strike Begins in Mexico, Police Respond With Violence


SME Members Defend Themselves and Continue to Block Their Former Workplaces
At noon on March 16, the Mexican Electrical Workers Union went on an indefinite strike, and unions all over the country went on strike with them. Electricians hung black and red banners across the entrances of their former workplaces, refusing to allow anyone to enter or leave the buildings. The actions occurred at all of the former Luz y Fuerza del Centro (LyFC) buildings in Mexico City, Mexico State, Puebla, Hidalgo, and Morelos. Actions in solidarity with the SME occurred in at least 21 other states. In addition to hanging strike banners on former LyFC buildings, supporters blocked major federal highways, took over government buildings, and held rallies. A significant number of the blockades remain, particularly in central Mexico.

At least two SME actions outside LyFC buildings were violently repressed when Federal Police (PFP) attempted to prevent the SME from hanging its strike banners. However, in both instances the SME and supporters repelled the police and hung their strike banners.

The repression began at Cables Bolivar in central Mexico City. “When we tried to hang our strike banners, the PFP started yelling insults at our compañeros,” says Gerardo Avelar, the SME’s Secretary of Agreements. “We dialogued with the PFP’s commanding officer on site so that we could peacefully hang our banner. He accepted this. However, when the banners were hung, a member of the PFP irresponsibly pulled down a banner that we had hung with [the commanding officer’s] permission.” The PFP then began to fire tear gas into the crowd, according to Avelar. While the exact number of tear gas canisters fired is unknown, SME members were able to show this reporter pieces from four spent canisters: two rifle-fired canisters and two hand-thrown grenades.

The tear gas was manufactured by US-based Combined Tactical Systems, the same company that manufactured the tear gas used in the 2009 Bagua, Peru, massacre of indigenous protestersand the violent attack against striking teachers in Morelos, Mexico in 2008.

When the PFP fired tear gas at the SME, the gas wafted into surrounding schools and homes, affecting the children inside. The Cables Bolivar complex is located across the street from an elementary school and catty-corner to a daycare. The SME reports that 2-month-old Alexis Emiliano Hernández was hospitalized when tear gas entered his home near Cables Bolivar.

Calls to support the SME in Cables Bolivar went out over Twitter and Radio SME, and support quickly arrived from other parts of the city. Students from the Autonomous University of Mexico City, the Urban Movement of Popular Power, and other organizations quickly arrived and drove back the police. Avelar says, “We will not move from here until the Ministry of the Interior or the Supreme Court presents a solution to this problem.”

The second confrontation with police occurred in Juandho, Hidalgo. SME members and supporters blocked the entrance to the Juandho LyFC complex with piles of dirt. According to El Universal, “This angered the federal police, leading to a confrontation.” The police fired tear gas and pepper spray at the crowd, and fired live rounds into the air. El Universal reports that following the repression, approximately three police helicopters and 400 federal police arrived on the scene to drive back protesters.

Following the police repression, floodgates that guard a canal of raw sewage were opened, flooding the LyFC complex and the police inside. At the time of publication, it has not been confirmed how the floodgates opened. However, the flood seems to have incapacitated the police–reports from Juandho indicate that the SME still holds its blockade of the LyFC complex there.

The SME continues to blockade key LyFC buildings, and will do so indefinitely. The workers have organized themselves into shifts that will maintain the picket lines around the clock. As nighttime fell, a “tense calm” fell over the blockades. Police continue to attempt to penetrate the blockades, particularly in Nexaca, Hidalgo, and there is fear that police will attack in the night while the majority of the region is asleep.

National Support

Actions in support of the SME reportedly occurred in about 25 states.

The national strike has inspired organizations all over the country to take bold measures to support the SME as well as their own causes. Several organizations took advantage of the national strike in support of the SME to pressure the government to cede to their own demands.

Oaxacan teachers, in addition to sending a delegation to the Mexico City protests, blocked government buildings and highways in their own state, bringing transit to a standstill. Their actions were in support of the SME, but also designed to pressure the government in their own 2010 contract negotiations.

Students from the Autonomous University of Mexico City rushed to the SME’s aid in front of the Cables Bolivar complex after police attacked there. The city government has cut all funding for their university, leaving them unsure how they will continue their studies. They arrived at Cables Bolivar with signs that said, “Less Military, More Education.”

Miners in Cananea, Sonora, blocked a federal highway there. The company that owns the mine where they work refuses to recognize their union and seeks massive layoffs. The government has authorized the military to take over the mine. The miners participated in the SME’s national strike by blocking the Cananea-Agua Prieta federal highway and have vowed to remain there until their own labor dispute is resolved. The SME and the Miners Union have a strong relationship and a history of mutual aid.

March 20, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

After Vincennes trial

March 17th, Paris: Vincennes detainees trial, for the arson of the Detention Center

The court followed the prosecutor, except for one accused who has been condamned even more.
All the accused are condamned to prison.

One accused to 36 months,

Four to 30 months,

One to 24 months,

Two to 12 months,

Two to 8 months.

No warrant for arrest, except for the two people who are in the run.

After the trial, agencies have been occupied by 30 people.

The AIR FRANCE of Bastille has been blocked, its computers disconnected, posters covered the windows and a was banner hung outside. People the agency to take back their complain for the last occupation. Flyers were given to people in the street.

A SNCF (train agency) was also occupied in Belleville. Some costumers showed their support to that action. After everybody was out, the whole agency has been covered with graffities; a banner, posters and flyers.

The Bouygues Telecom agency across the street has been saccaged just after; the seeler locked himslef inside when people recovered his windows.

To finish, people went out and walked the streets, blocking the cars and the cops behind and around them, shouting slogans for liberty and against prison.