February 17, 2010
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February 16, 2010 greece athens Snatched weapons from police bullet!

The weapons and flak jackets two police officers grabbed two strangers – armed according to information – just before

midnight outside the tax office in Maroussi Kifissias Avenue 32.
Under what became known so far .. from the police, two police officers went to the Chamber of Maroussi point to check two

suspects. The two unknown but surprised them, the immobilization and after they grabbed the weapons and flak jackets fled.

The conditions under which the incident occurred while searches are investigated to identify and arrest the perpetrators.

A 25 year old Albanian dropped dead from a shootout between two robbers and police in Byron, at the junction of Life Giving

Fountain and Paleon Patron Germanos.
According to the information was so far, the 25 year old, who works as a plumber assistant, accepted the bullets at a time … go

to a nearby warehouse.
The two perpetrators, who, according to reports, are “bandits with sledgehammer, and threw grenades at police, injuring two

of them.
According to the information available, prior to undertaking the police Subdivision Crime Life for catching robbers, a house in

the area.
One of the robbers was arrested on the spot, while the second, according to the same information, attempted to escape,

trapped in an oven, threw a grenade resulting in injury to police.

The citizen alleged that a resident of the area did not live to fill in the exchange of shots of the offender with the police.
Eventually arrested and two bandits, while point and found another grenade has exploded.

February 17, 2010
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Support Gaza protesters facing heavy sentences

93 arrested, 72 charged, 10 jailed so far

The Israeli bombardment of Gaza of 27th December to 18th January, provoked passionate protests across the UK. The familiar mass demos of the anti-war movement were supplemented by large spontaneous break-away demos and a wave of university occupations. The police used indiscriminate baton charges, kettles and heavy surveillance, in an effort to impose their control on the movement.

In the months that followed, these repressive police tactics began to take a less visible form, with police carrying out numerous dawn raids. A total of 93 people have been arrested and 72 charged. Some of these were denied communication with their solicitors and subjected to physical and psychological abuse. Most of the arrested were young Asians below the age of 19, with some as young as 12 years old. Almost all have now been charged with “violent disorder” and 10 people have already been jailed for 15 months – 3 years.

Many of those arrested have not received adequate legal advice and have been approached by police officers outside court under Section 62 of the Immigration Act, with threats to revoke their immigration status.

In this climate of intimidation and isolation, and in spite of flimsy evidence, 50 people have pleaded guilty and are due to be sentenced, starting from the 12th February at Isleworth Crown Court.

Judge Denniss who has taken on all the cases, has referred to the notoriously heavy sentences given out after the Bradford riots.

These are the actions of a police state. Solidarity is urgently needed.

For more information and ideas about what we can do visit: nomoreisolation.wordpress.com
Email: nomoreisolation (at) yahoo.com

February 17, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Tuesday 16th February 2010 greece news action solidarity!

  • Massive gathering on the today’s time-table changing of workers at METKA factory in Volos town in solidarity with the three syndicalist workers’ vindictive redudancies (watch older update). Open assemblies of the factory’s workers were straightly organised and workers from other sectors also in solidarity with their actions. The assemblies decided for a pan-workers’ strike in Volos town on the 18th of February. Parts of the official syndicalistic leadership tried to block the workers from their direct-democratic decisions in purpose to delay their struggle. Fotos:https://athens.indymedia.org/front.php3?lang=el&article_id=1132698
  • ‘Looting Brigades’ urban guerrilla organisation took the responsibility for the looting actions against two government organisations in Irakleio town on Creta island. As they state, their targets will be any authoritans’ stracture which gets involved in the social control methods.
  • ‘Groups for Destruction of Social Peace’ took the responsibility for two looting devicies at Emporiki Bank in Zografou district of Athens early in the mourning on 15th February. Their action in solidarity with all the social fighters who are under provisionally hostage by the state and with people who fight for social freedom.
  • Bomb explosion at the offices of ‘JP Morgan’ multinational financial company in Kolonaki district of Athens. A phone-call to ‘Eleftherotypia’ newspaper has happened 30 minutes before the explosion, asking from the journalist to call the cops and evacuate the area so there would be no victims.
  • In a historic campaign and gathering are moving the workers of the Zone with the help of the Coordination of Self-organization. On the poster of Self-organization was shown to all the people of Piraeus the well-hidden secret of the city, the fascist dictatorship that has been enforced by the pseudo-communistic parliament party of Greece in the Zone and the destructive spree in which it has undergone since decades now by letting the ships sale away. At the same time, they invite all the people in practical support of their struggle for trade union democracy, for development and not to pass the zone in the hands of Chinese sosialfascists! The anouncement:

Gathering of Self-organization of workers in the Zone

Open Call for Assembly in local basketball court




Since 4 months now, the desperate workers of shipbuilding Zone of Perama district we have started a fight for our survival but also for the survival of the last heavy industry in Piraeus. Unfortunately the situation has come to a dead-end: The ships have disappeared, and China wants to take the Zone and turn it into warehouse.

The worst of all is that meanwhile the Directors’ Board in the union of metal which is entirely controlled by the PAME (syndicalistic organisation of parliamentary communistic party) not only does nothing about all this but also on the great crisis and unemployment has turned the zone into a ghetto of their own oppression, injustice and destruction. So:

First: They put their own people in the few places of work and throw us all the other. This succeeds because it uses the State Health & Security Committees in the Zone, so that tells to the contractors: or you are taking our own people to work or we will appeal in strict compliance with the regulation and turn off your jobs. And they have to get the people from the Directors’ Board in the work to keep their peace of mind and so workers who do not keep good contacts with the Board have serious unemployment problems.

Second: It makes non-stop and every now and then strikes and opens and closes the zone not for requests that concider us but to delay repairs and to block the ships whenever they want. Also they do not allow for modernization projects such as tanks and cranes under the reason that such projects will be constructed by capitalists, but today there is nothing more than capitalists around. The result is that now with the crisis while there is work to other shipyards, there is no work in the Zone. In addition to our hungry families, we believe that this is a criminal plan to guide the Zone to stagnation and closure and sell it out for nothing to their partners, Chinese slaveholders, leaving thousands of workers unemployed who are now living because of the Zone.

Maybe someone will wonder: How PAME gets so far the majority in the Board of the Syndicate Metal after so many unreliable actions? It takes the majority with a ‘legal’ fraud. We explain: The Metal Union is not only a part of the Zone but a sectoral association of all other branches of Metalworkers union of Attica region, so they have signed up 2000 workers from inside the Zone and another 9000 from outside of the Zone who work in other shipyards and factories where the have their own unions and in small businesses which are unrelated to the Zone. So PAME, because it has a strong party network, uses among those 9000 the certain persons who are needed to take the majority in the elections every two years and brings them to vote for the Directors’ Board. This way they always keep the majority.

To stop this destruction and dictatorship that deprives us of the dignity and our bread, we self-organized meetings with more than 300 members and we invited all colleagues -also those of PAME- to create an Association only for the area of our work, an independant Association of the Zone like the rest of the workers around Greece, and if PAME will take the majority of this Association, then it can still be on leadrship. But PAME denied, so we started a signatures’ petition for a normal Zone Association. Then it began a campaign of terror by aiming people who signed as “breakers” and “agents of employers” and also threatening that “if these persons will keep on they will be blocked by the Board and never find a job again in the Zone”.

Of course, we will keep defending our lives and our trade union rights against the ghetto of PAME and its’ fraud and we will be fighting for one and single Association of all workers in the Zone which will totally resist against the employers as we used to do during our history and not in the ways of PAME in the Zone. PAME competes employers who do not play its’ game and betrays us when we fight against employers who are mouth-pieces of it.

We call all the workers of Piraeus and Athens to morally condemn this behavior so we can have syndicalistic union democracy and not a ghetto in the Zone, so there can be working places, so boats will come, so modernization will be stractured and above all not to be sold the Zone to the Chinese colonialists. While we have such a debt as a country and such unemployment when we let the boats sail away, when gets sold out and closed down the last profit sector of heavy industrial in Greece it means the biggest crime. This concerns the whole of Piraeus and the whole country. So we ask for the support of all the people in Pireaus and Greece

February 17, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Monday 15th February 2010

  • Intensity in the pigs’ station of Tripoli town after suicide attempt of a 35 years old Palestinian who was imprisoned in purpose to be deported. Other migrants prisoners, also under deportation, looted blankets so a small fire was caused. The pigs entered the detention centers and evacuated the imprisoning cells by transfering the prisoners to a room beside. Later, the migrants were also transfered to the Panarcadic Hospital for health checks, where also the Palestinian was transfered whose deportation is planned to take place in two weeks.

February 17, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Interview with Polykarpos Georgiadis, blamed by Greek Authorities for participation in the industrialist Mylonas kidnapping.

Question: – In a letter of yours from inside the prison you have made clear that innocence and guiltiness is a fake separation, which has to make only with the legal arsenal of state. During the beginning of the trial your statement was that you deny the blames. Which exactly is your line of defense?

Answer: In the court I denied the indictment, accepting only the event that as an antiauthoritarian and friend I helped Palaiokostas to hide himself. Beyond this, the dipole innocence-guiltiness is a tool in the hands of burgoise legal thought and does not concider me. The Civil Law, in which is also contained this dipole, intends only for ensuring the operational conditions of the capitalists’ criminal class. If I would have been affirming either innocent or guilty it would be like accepting this framework. On the other hand, since 19th century the court is a public forum for the radical movement. I used this forum not only about the criminal aspect of the case, but also to defend my political choices.

Q: – Palaiokostas relievs you from any cooperation in the kidnapping of Mylonas. He returns the involvement of your in the case on your friendship. But from your side, you go one step further and advocate morally and ideologically his actions. Don’t you think that this way, you make things more difficult in your position?

A: – Morally and ideologically in solidarity with Palaiokostas’ actions is the whole of Greek population. Let us put all in prison! I would just like to remind the words of Rigas Feraios: “When the Authorities rape, fail, destroy the rights of people […] then, the revolution from people or a part of them, to grasp the weapons and punish the tyrrans is the most sacred of all the laws and the most essential of all his debts”.

Q: – What do you think about the attitude of Mylonas in front of you?

A: – I think that Mylonas or he is under confuse or his service is configured. He fell into numerous contradictions -such as, for example, the existence of an Albanian citizen in the kidnapping, who disappears as if by magic!. And reached the point to recognize me because of my ears! It was a breath of hilarity in the cop-occupied court room. Unlike, his wife was honest and refused to recognize us. This deposit was ignored -luckily happened?- by the urban mass media. I have expressed in public my opinion about Mylonas: weight against the planet and barrier of winds, like all the capitalists.

Q: – What is considered from you as a key element of the indictment against you?

A: – EKAM (higher special cop-army units) caught me in the act drinking raki and watching a movie of Monty Python together with Palaiokostas. Isn’t it enough? There is also a ridiculous ‘confession’ of a guy who gets self-defeating continually. And the ‘recognition’ by Mylonas who presents me as tall and thin with 1,90m height when in reality I am 1,75m tall!

Q: – The Queen’s Peace minister together with the mass media, talk about about interweaving between anarchist space and common criminals…

A: – In the great bazaar of policy, the inexpensive rhetoric are for nothing. The U.S.-traditional guard Bonaparte (the Queen’s Peace minister) is not an exception of this rule. As for the ‘crime’, it is a word which together with the magic wand of the dominant ideology joints uneven social phenomena with different origins and different directions. In most cases we can talk about a special civil war. Poor people steal other poor people. On the other hand, we have the accumulation of black money with crystal clear logic of capitalism. Not missing the conscious offenders of law, descendants of the ‘social banditry’, but they are few. The social bandity was rooted in the sense of community solidarity inside the traditional societies. Urbanization broke down this sense and replaced it with filotomarismos (individualism, being interested only in personal survival). The criminal delinquency is the inverted image of the class / hierarchical society. It does need the mirror to live. The revolutionary action is to break the mirror. Some common outward characteristics are meaningless to their diametrically opposite contents. Besides, this identification has a clear political objective to slander action of the antiauthoritarian movement.

Q: – Last year, large protests took place in prisons in the country, where you also participated together with other antiauthoritarian prisoners. A year later, nothing has changed?

A: – Lountemis used to say: “Fascism died and was reborn on paper to life”. Fascism of the 21st century is called person’s reformation through imprisoning. Almost nothing has changed since last year. The same miserable conditions, the same overpopulation, the same hyper-criminalization. Before any week, even, the ‘socialistic’ MAT (special pigs’ forces) were trained on the bodies of prisoners in Diavata jailhouse, so be prepared later to face the terrorists-protesters on the streets.

February 16, 2010
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Ugly Kid Joe 13.02.2010 17:28 Themen: Antifa nazi-march and antifa activities in dresden 13.2.2010.

quick newsticker translation in english. feel free to copy to english speaking websites.

9:10 already 60 nazis at the train station neustadt. police with tanks and hydrants.

9:35 more and more nazis come to the train station neustadt. a lot of them dressed up as “autonomious nationalists” (neo-nazis dressed in black, with scarfs to cover the faces and leather gloves…). police sais their mood is agressive.

9:45 150-200 activists with red banners try to break through the police lines into the train station neustadt. police stops them with pepper spray.

10:10 two mass blockades on hansastr. with ca. 1000 people

10:45 already 2000 people at the mass blockade in hansastr. police closes the bridges, no way to come from the east to west part of the city any more.

10:55 police doesn’t allow neither journalists nor members of parliament to enter to the train station neustadt in order to get informations about the situation there.

11.05 the railways are blocked by 20 people on the rails between the train stations neustadt and the main train station.

11:30 blockade of 200 people in eisenbahnstr. 2000-3000 people block the albertplatz.

11:40 police proclaims not to evict blockades as long as they will be peacefull. all four bridges around the train station neustadt blocked now with 200-500 people. other blockades in hansastr. (ca.2000), albertplatz (3000-4000) and bischhofsplatz (300). nazis, that arrive in trains at the station neustadt refuse to get out of the trains.

11:55 railways still blocked. 360 nazis got stuck in the main train station in the east part of the city. attacks on nazis in hoffmannstr., one nazi car turned onto the roof.

12:15 nazis attack blockade at the bischhofsplatz.

12:45 eskalation at the bischhofsplatz: police loses control about the situation. the blockade is directly on the route of the arriving nazi-busses. one bus attacked by antifascists. 30 nazis escape from the bus and have to flee down the street.

12:50 already 1500 nazis at the train station neustadt.

13:10 a huge group of nazis is walking from the north-west of the city towards the train station neustadt. will come in contact with the blockade in hansastr.

13:20 police evicts blockade at bischhofsplatz. people sit down and try to resist.

13:40 nazis in small groups walk through the city.

13:48 2000 nazis, that had to stop their busses in the north because of the blockades, walk now towards the train station neustadt.

13:52 police “pleases” the people at the blockade to go: “we don’t manage it” although they are more than 4000 policemen.

13:54 burning barricades in försterst.

14:05 big nazi group arrives at bischhofsweg from the north. police already evicted the blockade there.

14:07 fights between police and antifa activists close to albertplatz.

14:10 4000 “autonomious nationalists” walk through the city towards the train station neustadt.

14:30 police evicts blockade at königsbrucker str.; fights between antifas and nazis at bischhofsplatz, some people injured. other group of 500 nazis attack the alternative youth center “conni”. lots of injured, one activist hardly injured.

14:37 antifa organisation team still insists on mass blockades. calls for supporting the blockades at albertplatz and hansastr. meanwhile huge groups of nazis walk through the city and attack people.

14:50 most of the nazis arrived the train station neustadt. police tells the nazi-march-organisators that they can’t walk, because the police can’t guarantee for their security. nazis insist on marching.

15:00 different blockades: 4.500 people at albertplatz; 3.500 at hansastr./großenhainerstr.; 2.500 people at marienbridge

15:10 nazi-march cancelled. antifa doesn’t trust the police news and calls for blockades until 17:00

15:35 police evicts blockade at bischhofsplatz.

15:40 activists gather at hainstr. in oder to block the south of the train station. if it works, there won’t be any way for the nazis to leave the train station unless the police doesn’t evicts the blockades.

15:50 nazis in march-formation but some of them leave in small groups towards the blockades. tension and small fights around the train station.

16:17 nazi-march-organisators deal with the police in order to march. police evicts blockade at dammweg. nazis will propably march to the north towards the direction of the alternative center “conni” that was already attacked twice by nazis today.

16:15 police evicts blockades in the north, sh
owing up with hydrants and tanks. police sais: “maybe a small nazi-march we will allow.”

16:30 police doesn’t manages to evict the blockades in the north. so they tell the nazis that they can’t march. thousands of nazis shout: “we want to march” and “streets free for the german youth”.

16:40 police still tries to evict the blockades in the north at hansastraße/fritz-reuter-str and friedensstraße. police shows up with hydrants. antifas are hunted through the streets by the police. situation escalates. cars used as barricades. antifas fight the police back with firework, bottles and stones.

16:45 nazis freak out. attack the police with stones, bottles and firework in order to break through the police lines and march.

16:50 police special forces arrive with wooden weapons at hansastraße/fritz-reuter-str in order to attack antifas. police tries to turn off the burning barricade at hansastr. with a hydrant.

16:55 nazi-march-organisators call their foottroops for silence: “we are here for grief”. nazis stop attacking the police.

17:05 nazis give up. they won’t march today and go back to the trains. still no “all-clear” by antifascist organisation team. violent actions of nazis expected as a revenge for the defeat on the streets today.

February 16, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Anarchists against the Olympics in Vancouver

13 February Vancouver


A few dozen anarchists dressed in black and their faces masked caused incidents Saturday in the centre of Vancouver, on the first day of the Olympic Games, breaking windows along the way, according to images in the local media.
According to police, quoted by the media, about 200 demonstrators hurled objects at the forces of order and sprayed cars and buses. Anti-riot police intervened to disperse the demonstrators, proceeding to at least two arrests.
Friday evening a tense confrontation between a few hundred demonstrators and police for two hours, when dozens of masked demonstrators tried to break the security cordon around the entrance to the stadium BC Place, site of the opening ceremony.

Cette semaine


February 16, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

An Egyptian national was reportedly stabbed to death on Saturday13/2/10

by Latin American immigrants in a street fight in Milan, Italy. The incident has been followed by angry demonstrations by members of Egyptian and North African communities across Italy.

Egyptian Hamed el-Fayed, 19, along with two friends from Morocco and another from Cote d’Ivoire, reportedly engaged in a street fight with five as-yet-unidentified immigrants from Peru. After stabbing el-Fayed repeatedly in the chest, the Peruvian immigrants reportedly fled the scene.

According to Italian police sources, members of Italy’s Egyptian and North African communities soon took to the streets to protest the incident, setting a number of cars on fire.

The Egyptian Consulate in Italy reassured protesters that it planned to investigate the incident.

Egyptian Assistant Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs Mohamed Abdel Hakam said that Italian police were in the process of reviewing video footage taken from street surveillance cameras installed where the incident took place.

Egyptian Consul in Italy Amr Abbas, for his part, is scheduled to meet Milan’s security director on Sunday to follow up on the case. According to Abbas, Italian police are close to identifying the perpetrators.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

February 16, 2010
by actforfreedomnow


6.30pm-7.30pm, OUTSIDE HOLLOWAY PRISON, Parkhurst Road, London N7 0NU

On Thursday 4th February 84 women started a hunger strike in Yarl’s Wood
Immigration Detention Centre near Bedford, demanding their release.

On Monday 8th December the hunger strikers were locked up by the
centre’s guards for 8 hours, without access to water or toilet
facilities. Four women were picked out as “ringleaders” and were taken to
various prisons. All are now incarcerated in HMP Holloway.

We are calling for the immediate release of the “Yarls Wood 4” and all
the other women still on hunger strike in the centre.

Please come and demonstrate outside HMP Holloway this Wednesday
between 6.30-7.30pm. Bring banners and instruments.


February 15, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Reminding us of its nationalist/fascist roots, as the carefully stage-managed 2010 Olympics gets underway in Vancouver, around a billion dollars have been expended on security theater measures. While Canadian authorities want to encourage people to attend the Olympics, Canadian border and customs officials (Canadian Border Services Agencies) have teamed up to suppress the movement of Indymedia and other independent media reporters into Canada.


Reminding us of its nationalist/fascist roots, as the carefully stage-managed 2010 Olympics gets underway in Vancouver, around a billion dollars have been expended on security theater measures. While Canadian authorities want to encourage people to attend the Olympics, Canadian border and customs officials (Canadian Border Services Agencies) have teamed up to suppress the movement of Indymedia and other independent media reporters into Canada.

The deeply corrupt US Department of Homeland Security has also been hassling indy reporters denied entry overland into Canada. Indy journalists John Weston Osburn (Interview), Dawn Zuppelli and Ted Forsyth from Rochester NY IMC, and Martin Macias Jr. have all been harassed. Osburn was refused entry into Canada and abused by DHS; Macias was deported, then treated abusively by the DHS lunatics controlling entry on the Canadian border.

There has been plenty of fodder for independent journalists to cover, as US & Canadian authorities gear up yet another ‘live exercise’ style mega-security psychological operation, featuring ‘Medium’ Range Acoustic Device sound cannon (MRAD, similar to the G20 LRAD), and the usual inept police attempts at false-flag provocateur and infiltration operations.

More: Live portal: 2010.mediacoop.ca | No2010.com | Vancouver Media Co-op | Submedia.TV | Committee to Protect Bloggers | Student Activism and the Olympics | OlympicResistance.net: About | Crossing the Border into Canada | Schedule | Censorship Gallery – 2010 Legal Observer Program | CJFE Olympic Watch.

The Vancouver Integrated Security Unit has been the highest-profile police unit hassling people, and apparently has refused to publicly rule out deploying agent provocateurs. Dec. 3: ORN Responds to Police Allegations of Undercover Cop | Vancouver Sun: Jamie Graham disclosed Olympic undercover operation.

Anti-Olympic organizers point out the International Olympic Committee is a corrupt globalist institution parallel with the WTO, IMF and other organizations that funnel public money into private hands. Police repression, budget-busting graft, and gentrification/displacement are the three major features of the Olympics wherever they go, as noted by sports writer Dave Zirin (EdgeofSports.com) interviewed on Submedia.tv. After hundreds of millions of dollars in cost overruns leading to massive austerity measures including teacher layoffs in Vancouver, a poll estimated forty percent of BC residents support anti-Olympic protests. (Zirin in SI: People dreading Games)

CBSA policy: MANAGING ACCESS TO CANADA: “Security: They have engaged in, or there are reasonable grounds to believe they will engage in, spying, subversion or terrorism, or they belong to organizations that have engaged in, or will engage in, these activities.” Subversion probably equals “bad PR” in their minds.

False Flag crib notes! Internet conspiracy researchers have noted various features of possible staged terrorist attacks that might be tried to justify the security spending: Could Vancouver 2010 be the next 9/11? (UPDATED 2-7-10) « Dprogram.net. Amusing factors include missing Canadian security uniforms, a missing two tons of ammonium nitrate involving Dyno Nobel, run by the father of CIA operative Michael Riconosciuto; Canexus shipping dangerous chlorine chemicals by rail; Iran & that recent ‘Bin Laden’ warning; the Canadian Parliament is ‘prorogued’ or suspended, possibly allowing emergency measures by fiat (NORAD says the PM can shoot down hijacked planes); a North American military integration or “Civil Assistance Plan”; the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner has shut down; 2400 cancelled surgeries in BC-area hospitals; the dubious Israeli security firm ICTS/Verint, frequently involved with ‘weird’ terror incidents, has installed cameras in the Vancouver airport and elsewhere. Verint also provides the Internet “sniffer boxes” that illegally funnel Internet data via AT&T exchanges into the National Security Agency; sources have cited Verint tech as a backdoor for Israelis into the US telecom infrastructure; Peter Power, involved with the London 7/7 drills, is now @ the Canadian Center for Emergency Preparedness. (Tons more links here)

The 2010 Olympics are also a “Joint Maritime Border Operation” of the U.S. and Canada and anti-journalist measures could be carried out under this rubric.

Olympic Security/Zoning maps: http://vancouver.ca/commsvcs/bylaws/2010/SCHEDC.pdf

Free speech zones & homeless displacement: CBC News – British Columbia – 2010 Olympic security plans include ‘free speech areas’


Feb 6: Committee to Protect Bloggers » Independent media reporter rejected at U.S./Canada border

Martin Macias Jr., an independent media reporter from Chicago travelling to cover the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver BC, has been rejected by Canadian border agents and held without outside contact for at least 7 hours (as of 9pm) today. Macias arrived in Vancouver from Chicago (via Minneapolis) on a 11:30am Delta Airlines flight on Saturday, February 6, 2010.

He was detained for hours by Canada Border Services agents in the Vancouver International Airport and questioned about his plans during the Olympics. Ultimately he was refused entry to Canada. He was then put on an Alaskan Airlines flight to the Seattle / Tacoma Airport (departing at 2:40pm). As of 9pm he had not been able to contact legal counsel or his travelling companion since before his rejection at the border. The information on his rejection was only made available through the US Consulate. It is routine for people rejected at the border to be interrogated by both Canadian and US border agents; he may well still be detained for questioning in the USA at this point. Although he is entitled to a phone call and legal counsel, nothing has been heard from Macias since about 2pm when he still expected to be able to enter Canada as planned.

Martin was travelling to Vancouver for political events during the Olympic Resistance Network anti-Olympic convergence and to document the effects of the Winter Olympics on the communities of Vancouver. He was to leave Vancouver for the USA on Feb. 11. He was travelling with political organizer Bob Quellos of No Games Chicago, who was allowed to enter Canada. They were both to be picked up by Chris Shaw, a member of the Olympic Resistance Network, local Olympic critic, and author of ‘The Five Ring Circus’ who himself has been questioned and detained when travelling to a sports conference in the UK and repeatedly approached by members of the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit (Olympic policing body) regarding his political activities.

Canadian border agents, police, and intelligence units have been actively surveilling, questioning and harassing opponents of the Olympic Games (and their associates and families) for years. Media, such as Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, have been subject to questioning and increased scrutiny as well.

Macias (20 years old) was a leading member of No Games Chicago – which successfully opposed Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics. He is a youth organizer for the Chicago Environmental Justice Coalition, and Comite 10 de marzo, an immigrant rights organization. He is also a media reform activist with community radio stat
ion Radio Arte where he serves as the host/producer of First Voice, a radio news zine. He has covered the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, Power Shift 2009 in Washington D.C., and local social justice issues in his community. He currently chairs the Peace Committee at the National Museum of Mexican Art. Macias can normally be reached through reclaimtheearth@gmail.com.

Independent media, activists and opponents of the Olympics are gathering in Vancouver for the Feb. 10-15 anti-Olympic convergence organized by the Olympic Resistance Network. It begins with a two-day conference (Feb. 10-11) and a mass protest and march on the day of the opening ceremonies (‘Take Back Our City,’ 3pm Friday, Feb. 12 beginning at the Vancouver Art Gallery) organized by the 2010 Welcoming Committee, and continues with three days of political events and demonstrations. Visitors have been subject to interrogations, detention, and rejection at the Canadian border repeatedly and members of the Olympic Resistance Network have been interrogated at the US border and denied entry to the USA for speaking tours.

Media Contacts: Bob Quellos: 773-531-2341. Chris Shaw: 604-710-8291

Update, 8 February 2010

“No Games Organizer, Martin Macias, Deported From Canada” by Tom Tresser, Huffington Post

Martin Macias, Jr., a credentialed freelance journalist who contributes to Vocalo.org, the online and new media outlet for Chicago Public Radio, was turned back from the Canadian border late Saturday night.

Martin was a lead organizer for No Games Chicago, the all-volunteer citizens group that opposed the Chicago bid for the 2016 Olympics. Martin was part of the No Games delegations that went to the International Olympic Committee’s international headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland and then to Copenhagen, Denmark to deliver materials documenting the reasons why Chicago should not have been awarded the games. Martin was an invited guest a conference critical of the 2010 Vancouver games and the Olympic industry.

“I was in the passport line in Vancouver,” said Martin, “and I told them I was a radio journalist and a student a Malcolm X College. The agent put a big circle and x on my ticket. I was pulled out the line and questioned aggressively for two hours. They wanted to know what I was going to do in Vancouver, who i was meeting with, who organized the conference and what they looked like. They took all my contact information and business cards of journalists and other people I was to connect with while in Vancouver.”

Martin also said that he asked for a lawyer and was denied access to one. He demanded to know what his rights were. “You don’t have any, they told me.”

This image is from in front of the IOC Museum, June 2009, when No Games Chicago delivered it’s “Book of Evidence” to the IOC and international press.

After the questioning, the authorities put him on a plane to Seattle, where he is on his own. He is staying at a hotel using his pocket money for now until he can find another place to stay. His return ticket is still valid and Martin plans to stay in Seattle for the moment until he can figure out what to do next.

Messages can be sent to Martin via his Facebook profile or email him at nino.azteco89 at gmail dot com.

I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Martin on the No Games campaign and can say that Chicago is lucky to have such a young person so talented, knowledgeable and passionate about social justice issues. We always said that cities that host the Olympic games surrender their sovereignty to the IOC and must subordinate their laws to the whim and rule of a Swiss corporation. Now, it seems that this applies to entire nations. And while I am no legal scholar, Martin’s treatment seems to violate several clauses of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

What happened to Martin could happen to you if you run afoul of the large corporations that now dominate international affairs. If you dare to criticize Big Policy that is closely aligned with Big Business, you also might find yourself on a watch list and thrown into a detention room and grilled by security forces with no recourse to legal counsel and then flown against your will to a destination not of your choosing.

If you care to express your opinion about this treatment to a law-abiding U.S. citizen, you may want to contact the Canadian Consulate General at Chicago Two Prudential Plaza, 180 North Stetson Avenue, Suite 2400. Chicago, IL 60601. Tel: 1 (312) 616-1860 .


Committee to Protect Bloggers » U.S. independent journalist refused entry to Canada; questioned by U.S. Homeland Security

Osburn filming at the G-20 protests in Pittsburgh, 2009. Photo: Lauren McChesney.

U.S. journalist John Weston Osburn was detained by homeland security on his way back in to the States after being twice denied by Canadian Border Officials on his way into Canada to cover protests at the 2010 Olympics. While in the area between border posts, Osburn was told that he was in a “no mans land,” and was denied the right to speak with a lawyer.

“I repeatedly told the officers that my rights were being violated and that I wished to be released. I felt humiliated, powerless and have rarely felt so unprotected,” said Osburn.

“The supervising officer made reference to making sure i had no weapons of mass destruction and that I wasn’t a terrorist, when it was obvious i have nothing to do with those things. This was all after i was thoroughly questioned and searched on the Canadian side which was two hundred yards away at most,” he said.

Osburn travelled 2000 miles to Vancouver from Salt Lake City, Utah, with the aim of documenting protests to the 2010 Olympics. He has worked with Indymedia and the Glass Bead Collective in the US.

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* Independent/crowd-sourced Olympics protest coverage can be followed at http://2010.mediacoop.ca/

Interview with Wes by Vancouver Media Cooperative

VMC: Another independent journalist was turned away at the US-Canada border Tuesday on his way to Vancouver to cover protests at the 2010 Olympic Games. John Weston Osburn, a long time indymedia activist, drove 2,000 miles from Salt Lake City to cover Games with the Vancouver Media Cooperative. He was interrogated and denied entry into Canada, making him the second US journalist to be denied entry in the last four days.

After he was turned around, he went back to the US and tried to re-enter Canada, this time at the truck crossing, where he was again denied entry due to past convictions for misdemeanors. This time, he flipped on his video camera to record the experience. Stopped by homeland security, Osburn was again interrogated about the Olympic protests. When he told homeland security that he wanted to speak to a lawyer,

OSBURN: They told me I didn’t have that right, and I wasn’t in US or in Canada, I was in no mans land, as the officer described it. I asked again for my lawyer and he replied that he “owned me,” he said “I own you,” I was told to spread my legs and I was searched, then the put me in a holding cell, I was in the holding cell for about two hours, at one point I asked to use the bathroom, which they later allowed me to do but only, uh, they did so watching me.

VMC: In a disturbing pattern of recent interrogations of journalists coming to Vancouver, border guards seized Osburn’s computer and notebooks.

OSBURN: Basically they ransacked my truck, they went through and they took my journals, my sketchbooks, my computer, my digital camera, they thumbed through that, I’m assuming they made copies but that I don’t want to speculate on that, but they did definitely go through it. Then I was fingerprinted and I was photographed, when I asked if I had a choice of being fingerprinted and photographed I was told no, my
tape of filming being turned away, they erased the tape.

VMC: Osburn says he was prepared to have to deal with some issues at the border, but he was surprised by his experience.

OSBURN: I was kind of expecting, I was expecting to get kind of shook down, but I wasn’s expecting the type of just, the animosity and just the humiliation. Even though it was only two hours, it was a really unsettling experience, because they made me well aware that I had no rights, they made me well aware that I had no rights and there was no one there to protect me.

VMC: Though Osburn is the first to be interrogated by US homeland security, his experience shadows that of other independent journalists trying to enter Canada on the eve of the 2010 Olympics. Democracy Now! Host Amy Goodman was interrogated about the games in November. Last Saturday, US journalist Martin Macias Jr was turned away at the border. At least two other independent journalists were subjected to lengthy interrogations at the US-Canada border on their way to Vancouver to cover resistance to the 2010 Games.


Committee to Protect Bloggers » Rochester Indymedia journalist Dawn Zuppelli Detained at Canadian Border

Rochester Indymedia journalist, Dawn Zuppelli, was interrogated and detained for over an hour by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) on her way to cover protests at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC.

Upon arriving at customs at the Vancouver International Airport, she and her colleague Ted Forsyth, also with Rochester Indymedia, were asked the obligatory questions as to why they were coming to Vancouver. Zuppelli was tagged for further interrogation and funneled off to a check point area sometime around 12:05AM on February 10. She was released sometime around 1:15AM. She was taken into a separate room with other agents and passengers. The room was outfitted with sterile metal desks, two sided mirrored window rooms, and plenty of customs officers donning bullet proof vests and latex gloves.

Zuppelli and Forsyth were traveling on Alaska Airlines flight 701 via Seattle. The pair had been traveling for over 20 hours after a flight cancellation at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport delayed and re-routed them across the country.

The customs officer asked many questions regarding Zuppelli’s journalism work. Zuppelli explained that she was an independent journalist and the host of IndyTV, broadcast on local channel RCTV in Rochester, NY as well as online at IndyTV.Blip.tv and would be covering events around the Olympics. The customs officer asked to see her documents for her work assignments and seemed agitated that she did not have a clear written plan of her filming destinations while in Vancouver. The officer declared that none of her footage was to air on Canadian television and that she was not to earn any money for her work.

After a thorough investigation of her bags, the officer took Zuppelli’s business card and entered the mirrored back room and did not return for another 40 minutes. Upon his return with another agent, he declared, “I know what your planning to do here!” Zuppelli tiredly responded she did not understand what the problem was. The officer replied, “We did a Google search on you and we know you do this kind of thing. What about the interview of you online talking after being pepper sprayed? You are here to protest and we know that.”

Zuppelli assured the officers that she has been covering political protest mobilizations for many years and had no criminal background. The agent’s response was, “You are allowed to be here but you can not do anything unlawful. We are going to track your movement while in Canada. We will create a special document to add to your passport and if anything was to happen you will be flagged.”

Zuppelli was escorted to a room to have her photo taken which was then attached to a visitor record document. She was told that the visitor record document must remain in her passport during her entire stay. The document clearly stated that Zuppelli had to leave Canada by February 25. The document also stated that Zuppelli was “Prohibited from engaging in employment in Canada; Prohibited from attending any educational institution and taking any academic, professional or vocational training course.” At the bottom of the document, in capital letters, was typed, “This does not authorize re-entry.”

Zuppelli said, “The strange thing is how defensive they seemed about their own behaviour. One officer told me, ‘I know you read the article about the journalist that was turned back. Well he wasn’t honest about the reasons he was coming. You’re allowed to come and protest; this isn’t Russia.’”

The journalist that the agent was making reference to was (olympicresistance.net/content/independent-media-reporter-rejected-border-feb-6) Martin Macias Jr., an independent media reporter from Chicago and an anti-Olympic organizer for No Games Chicago, who was detained and deported on February 6. His story, much like that of (vancouver.mediacoop.ca/audio/2660) John Weston Osburn, a long-time Indymedia activist who was also interrogated and denied entry to Canada on February 9, illuminates a disturbing pattern of deportation and denials of entry for independent journalists looking to tell another side of the Olympic story in Vancouver.

Upon being released, after a grueling day of travel, Zuppelli expressed gratitude that she was not being deported. The customs officer insisted, “You know it’s not that easy to get deported.” However our google search shows otherwise.

February 14, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Armed Robot Drones To Join UK Police Force on Thursday February 11, @02:24AM

Posted by samzenpus on Thursday February 11, @02:24AM
from the you-have-30-seconds-to-comply dept.
Lanxon writes “British criminals should soon prepare to be shot at from unmanned airborne police robots. Last month it was revealed that modified military aircraft drones will carry out surveillance on everyone from British protesters and antisocial motorists to fly-tippers. But these drones could be armed with tasers, non-lethal projectiles and ultra-powerful disorienting strobe lighting apparatus, reports Wired. The flying robot fleet will range from miniature tactical craft such as the miniature AirRobot being tested by one police force, to BAE System’s new 12m-wide armed HERTI

February 14, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Thursday, February 11, 2010 Man smashes 29 TVs at Wal-Mart — Atlanta, GA

A man walked into a Wal-Mart and used a bat to smash 29 TVs.

The TV’s were valued at more than $22,000.

In Atlanta, surveillance video shows a man grabbing a metal baseball bat and smashing flat screen televisions on display at a Wal-Mart store. Officials say the man destroyed 29 televisions valued at more than $22,000 before finally throwing down the bat, which he reportedly took from the sporting good section.

He was arrested and police are still trying to figure out what sparked the incident.

February 14, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

thursday, February 11, 2010 Molotov attack on school — Greely, MN

Butte law enforcement officials are investigating an attempted arson fire at the old Greely School on Silver Bow Boulevard.


The incident occurred Wednesday night around 10 p.m. Three suspects wearing dark colored clothing were seen on the south side of the building. They ran from the area at the time that a witness saw flames shooting up the side of the building.

The suspects were last seen running east and then south from the school. An investigation revealed that the suspects used a Molotov cocktail device which was ignited and thrown against the side of the school.

A second device was recovered near the building but had not been ignited.

The school sustained minor damage.

February 14, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Friday, February 12, 2010 Man robs banks to pay off mortgage — Tampa, FL

A 73-year-old Florida man who was arrested for robbing three banks — unarmed and taking $600 in each heist — said he needed the money to pay his home mortgage, police said on Friday.


James Bruce of Tampa was arrested on Thursday. He admitted robbing the banks but said he planned to pay back the money, Tampa Police spokeswoman Laura McElroy said.

“He called it a repayable loan,” she added.

Bruce was unarmed in each of the three robberies. At all three banks, he handed a note to a teller which said he was carrying out a robbery and demanded six $100 bills.

Police said they believed the tellers gave up the money because it was bank policy not to have staff resist robbers in case they were armed. The robberies took place on January 15, February 1 and February 10 in Tampa.

Bruce owns a garden store in Tampa, where he sells pots.

February 14, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

london bad news…


What happened during the Gaza protests and over the last year should be of grave concern to everyone. Violent police tactics, wide-ranging and intrusive surveillance, intimidation and heavy sentencing as well as a concerted cover up by police marks a new low in a trend towards an ever more authoritarian and repressive state. Defendants need our solidarity and support.


Spread information in your college, university, place of work or your area through posters, leaflets, web-based resources, or anything else you see fit. You can download our up-to-date resources below:

Click to enlarge

Find others around you with whom to organise solidarity. Meet informally or set up a support group or committee at your college or anywhere else, through which to meet and organise with others, as well as share any useful information you find.

Defendant Support

Write to prisoners. Prisoners can feel very isolated and any card or letter sent to them can be very effective solidarity. We will be putting prisoners’ contact details as soon as they become available, as well as some helpful advice for people wishing to write.

Help gather accounts and comments of the December 08 – January 09 events. Email nomoreisolation (at) yahoo.com if you have first-hand accounts, photos or video footage, which could be posted on this blog or useful as evidence in court. Please do not send anything that could be incriminating.

Attend Court. You can go to Isleworth Crown Court located in 36 Ridgeway Road, Isleworth, Middlesex TW7 5LP (Tel. 0208 380 4500)
on the following dates: 19th and 26th February.

February 13, 2010
by actforfreedomnow


letter to the Minister of Justice

10 February 2010
To the Minister of Justice, Trasparency and Human Rights,

We are here today to denounce the ongoing imprisonment of Alfredo Maria Bonanno in the prison of Koridallos, Athens, in spite of the announcement of new detention measures by the Ministry of Justice whereby thousands of prisoners presently being held in conditions that amount to torture in Greece’s overcrowded prisons and concentration camps would be released while awaiting trial.
Given his advanced age, his seriously compromised health and the fact that the charges against him fall into the category of a misdemeanor, it is patently clear that the protracted detention of this 73-year old anarchist comrade is not based on the official judicial accusation of concourse in a robbery in the small town of Trikala six months ago, but is an exemplary case of political revenge against his ideas, aimed at his physical and psychological annihilation.
Active in the anarchist movement for decades, one-time militant in the resistance against the dictatorship of the Greek colonels (1967-1974), writer and editor of many anarchist theoretical works: these are the political reasons why Alfredo Bonanno continues to be held under life-threatening conditions.

With the present, we, a few anarchists and lovers of freedom in London, demand the immediate liberation of Alfredo Maria Bonanno.

International solidarity initiative
to Alfredo M. Bonanno

For the destruction of all prisons

leaflet handed out outside the embassy

Like every other population on the planet, the Greek people are facing a situation of grave economic hardship due to the greed and avarice of bankers, politicians, church leaders, within the context of a global economic system based on the plundering and abuse of natural resources and the exploitation of millions of people.
In that beautiful country, considered by many here as no more than a pleasant holiday resort, it is, as always, the young people, immigrants, over-exploited workers and unemployed to bear the brunt of the crisis. Brutal policing and judicial repressive measures are being employed, and these are sure to get worse over the coming months as more and more people are pushed beyond the limits of stoic endurance. During the weeks following December 6 2009, the whole country was shaking at the wrath of school pupils rebelling following the murder in cold blood, by a policeman, of a fellow pupil, Alexandros Grigoropolous. They were joined by thousands and thousands of anarchists, immigrants, students and young unemployed, in a widespread social rebellion. Representatives of the repressive forces of this country are now present in Greece to help their Greek counterparts in the repression of all forms of protests while the Greek people continue to suffer the consequences of the economic choices made by the above.
In spite of a protracted hungerstrike in November 2008 involving 7-8,000 prisoners, Greek prisons are full to overflowing and some are such that even the guards refer to them as extermination camps. Promises by the politicians of the recently elected Pasok (socialist party) in government have been mainly ignored and thousands of prisoners continue to suffer in appalling inhuman conditions.
At the present time all expressions of anger and rebellion in Greece are being brutally repressed, inside and outside the prison walls, but the struggle for freedom is vibrant and alive, and is an inspiration everywhere.
The spirit of rebellion will never be suppressed.
Active solidarity in the struggle.
Destroy all prisons

a few anarchists

February 13, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

The prison came two young children, brothers, 13 and 15 years, Georgian origin who were convicted of stealing small items total value of EUR 10, Giann

The incident occurred in the city of Giannitsa Friday, February 5 and two children were arrested in the act. On Monday went to trial and sentenced to one year imprisonment with aggravating circumstances prior involvement in petty cases.

Following the decision of the court in Giannitsa, the two minors were transferred to prisons Kassaveteias of Volos. According to reports, there was reaction from the prisoners themselves in Volos, where watched transported as restrained their two young children.

Already there are efforts to intervene in the Ministry of Justice and the prison at Volos for the immediate release of children and the need to eliminate any sentence of imprisonment for minors notes on the occasion Initiative for the Rights of Prisoners.

In text signatures already on the internet (www.keli.gr) states:

“Hundreds of children, so literally children are now in a humid and dark prisons. The “prison system” does, you see, discrimination. Dominated at all levels from the same blind, vindictive and punitive approach. Do not see how that juvenile prisons is the result of a socially unjust policy that creates the terms and conditions for the “juvenile”. Do not see how that prison is a juvenile hall for adult prisons. She sees how the lack of a network of prevention, care and protection of children and adolescents, is that intensify poverty, inequality and discrimination.
Solution may be the incarceration and punishment. Solution can not be forced “compliance”. Solution may be the eve of teenagers in cells without education and medical care.
We assert the abolition of prisons and juvenile institutions to create alternative equitable and creative integration of children and adolescents in society. “

Just a day before revealing the news, the President of LAOS George Karatzaferis said in parliament in the pre agenda discussion on the draft law on citizenship that 55% of the “criminals” in Greek prisons are immigrants.

February 12, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

2010 Olympics – Call for Action

This is a call for an anti-colonial, anti-capitalist and anarchist bloc at the February 12th demo from the Vancouver Art Gallery to BC Place. This bloc is called in defiance of police and social repression that has become increasingly normalized; in struggle against the Olympics and its projects; and in continuation of a greater resistance against all forms of control.

We support family-friendly demonstrations and recognize that everyone has a different level of engagement – whether it be throwing slogans or throwing down. We support people’s decision to not partake in conflict, but let us make it clear that violence always comes from the cops. When repression comes down on those around us, we will act accordingly.

Our diversity – of tactics, of levels of engagement, of experience – should be our source of strength. We need to confront our opponents in many ways and from many angles. From direct action against corporate sponsors to postering campaigns, public meetings, protests, street actions and all other manifestations of resistance, we need it all.

We want you here. For the 12th meet the torch at 9am in Grandview Park, then hook up with the bloc behind the black flags at 3pm at the Art Gallery. Show up for HeartAttack on the 13th. But don’t let it end there – the Olympics are here for two solid weeks.

We know it’s a little late for a callout saying “come to our city!” – so if you can’t be here in person, be here in spirit: engage in whatever it is that makes you feel good wherever you are. Just know that there will be support and appreciation for your actions.