June 21, 2020
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Montreal, Canada: Fire at a luxury car rental company – June 15, 2020

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On the night of June 15-16, a luxury car rental company was target of an arson attack in Montreal . Three cars parked on the edge of the premises of ‘Location Paramount Leasing’, located in Duncan Road in Mont-Royal, were destroyed by fire late Monday.
The voluntary origin of the fire is proven and the arson section of the Montreal police has taken up the investigation.
“This is not the first time that a luxury car rental company has been targeted by arsonists.
A similar business, Location Prime Leasing , located two kilometres away, was targeted by arsonists three times in just one month, at the end of summer 2017 .
[Taken from the QMI agency via TVA Nouvelles, 06/16/2020]
Translated by Act for freedom now!

June 20, 2020
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Athens,Greece: A Funeral for this Rotting Order, Call to Saturday and Onward in Athens

A Funeral for this Rotting Order, Call to Saturday and Onward in Athens
The world is moving into economic crisis unlike anything experienced since the early 1900s. States with already unstable foundations are now without money or support. In Greece, just this week the new nazi party polls in the top 3 political forces in the country. A counter to the right wing administrations response to pandemic, 6 percent of the country stating simply, economy is preferred to death.
The end of austerity economics was always destined for war. War against it’s detractors, not abroad but at home. So these weeks we have experienced;
– Detentions for hanging posters
– Detentions for existing outside a police station
– Detentions for hanging a banner
– Mass arrest of a motorcade
– Victoria mass sweep of migrants to camps
– Victora mass detention of those in solidarity
– Monastiraki demonstration met with small army of police
The employment of the states direct offensive toward active detractors is no surprise. Lets not forget the political war these weeks have brought;
– The education system further turned into efficient factories to churn out workers
– Workers rights continuing to be obliterated on all fronts
– Passing of anti refugee laws designed to force migration toward central europe
– Health workers continue to be ignored while thousands of security forces are hired

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June 20, 2020
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Fuck the Police, Defend Looters

The mystifying ideological claim that looting is violent and non-political is one that has been carefully produced by the ruling class because it is precisely the violent maintenance of property which is both the basis and end of their power. Looting is extremely dangerous to the rich (and most white people) because it reveals, with an immediacy that has to be moralized away, that the idea of private property is just that: an idea, a tenuous and contingent structure of consent, backed up by the lethal force of the state.
When rioters take territory and loot, they are revealing precisely how, in a space without cops, property relations can be destroyed and things can be had for free.“Cops exist so people can’t loot ie have nice things for free so idk why it’s so confusing that people loot when they protest against cops”.
Only if you believe that having nice things for free is amoral, if you believe, in short, that the current (white-supremacist, settler-colonialist) regime of property is just, can you believe that looting is amoral in itself.
Modern American police forces evolved out of fugitive slave patrols, working to literally keep property from escaping its owners. The history of the police in America is the history of black people being violently prevented from threatening white people’s property rights. When, in the midst of an anti-police protest movement, people loot, they aren’t acting non-politically, they aren’t distracting from the issue of police violence and domination, nor are they fanning the flames of an always-already racist media discourse. Instead, they are getting straight to the heart of the problem of the police, property, and white supremacy.
Fuck the police Defend looters Gimme the loot! thenewinquiry.com/in-defense-of-looting
via: mtlcounterinfo.

June 20, 2020
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Italy: “What International?” – Interview with Anarchist Prisoner Alfredo Cospito [Part 3]

The following interview is the 3rd part in an ongoing dialogue between anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito, who is currently imprisoned at Ferrara Prison, and the editors of the Italian anarchist newspaper Vetriolo [Vitriol]. As far as we know, the first part of the interview has not been made available in English, however part two was translated by the Abolition Media Worldwide comrades in April 2019. Vetriolo have published the interview in parts, and have plans to publish the interview in its entirety in a forthcoming publication. We hope that we have captured the original spirit of the interview with our translation, however we are acutely aware of the possibility that some errors may have been made and we welcome any correspondence regarding any errors that may need correcting. To request copies of Vetriolo, they can be contacted via vetriolo[at]autistici.org
In some of your recent writings you have wanted to open a debate on: action and affinity groups, individual actions, claims of responsibility, ways to informally organize oneself among anarchists and propaganda through direct action. There are many different experiences that reach the present day, many and diverse within the different tensions of anarchism. We do not believe that there is, for the anarchism of action, an unavailability or impossibility with respect to the current historical context. Anarchists, in different ways and in every age, have always acted “here and now”. We would like to ask you, evaluating these experiences and different ways of acting and organizing in a horizontal and anti-authoritarian way: could one say that there is, especially in Italy, an ideological prejudice against “informal organization”, “anarchist groups”, and “claims of responsibility”? Equally, is the debate, which often ends up in mockery for its own sake, far from being able to confirm absolute validity or theoretical-practical evidence regarding “reproducibility, informality, anonymity”, in the Italian context conditioned by methodical, functional and a priori productive calculations, in a distorted logic of “factions”?
The “ideological” prejudice against informal organisation here is nothing new. Although there is no doubt that some concretizations of informal practice are more acceptable to “classical” anarchist organising than others. The “small” reproducible, unclaimed actions against structures of domination, without initials of any kind, create fewer problems than actions that endanger the lives of men and women in power, especially if these are claimed with initials that have a constancy over time. The former compared to the latter are more acceptable to the “movement” for the simple reason that they give rise to less intense repression by the State. The rejection of insurrectionism or informal experiences such as FAI/FRI by “classical” anarchism is almost always motivated as an “ethical” rejection of violence and specifically of certain actions (bomb attacks, arson attacks, parcel bombs, knee-cappings, expropriations…).
For those who call themselves “revolutionary” it is more than obvious the hypocrisy of such a motivation. The revolution with its tragic trail of civil war is among the most violent events imaginable and when we talk about “classic” social and organised anarchism we are talking about comrades who have never questioned the concept of revolution, of a violent break with the system. For those who do not remove revolutionary violence from their ideological landscape, the indignant opposition to certain practices has its roots elsewhere, not in ethics, but in fear. Fear of repression, fear of losing that deceptive image (however comfortable) of the naive anarchist dreamer, innocent and defenceless victim of the system, who from Piazza Fontana onwards, many, here in Italy, have used as a shield against repressive vicissitudes. A “saint” on which a certain “social” anarchism, at times post-anarchist, has founded its own “myth” and its own “fortunes”. The anarchist armed struggle, albeit a minority one, has challenged this “myth” especially when it is claimed proudly in the face of the judges. We must then resign ourselves to the inevitable: the “ideological” prejudice against “new” forms of struggle is in the nature of things. Each new form of organization inexorably “disorganizes” preexisting realities that have their own end, displacing them and questioning them. The birth of what you call “factions” is the result of this “disorganization”, of this conflict. Our history is full of infighting between comrades who in theory (though with different practices) should be on the same side. The “insurrectionists”, when they appeared, in the 70’s and 80’s, suffered very violent attacks, shameful accusations were made against them. Decades later, accusations of the same tenor were not lacking against the comrades of the Informal Anarchist Federation. Having said that, however, it must be said that the affirmation of the “new” is almost always accompanied by gestures of aggression towards the “old” and we anarchists are no exception. Equally verbal aggression against “official” anarchists were not lacking (“armchair anarchists”, “cowards”, “reformists”, “bourgeoisie”…), nothing tragic, normal dynamics (even if unpleasant and counterproductive) within a movement, the anarchist one, overflowing with conflicting passions and beliefs and (let me say it) for this very reason still vital.

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June 19, 2020
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Update news,on Imprisoned Anarchist Comrade Gabriel Pombo Da Silva, June 2020 EN/IT/FR/ES/GR

Last Thursday, June 11, the Provincial Court, the court at the base of the judicial pyramid in Spain, demonstrated its inquisitorial power by rejecting the request for annulment of the OEDE (European Arrest Warrant) that sent our comrade back to the dungeons of the State after three and a half years of freedom.
After a year and a half of clandestinity, Gabriel was arrested last January 25th in Portuguese territory as a result of the above-mentioned OEDE issued by the Court No. 2 in Girona (specifically by Judge Mercedes Alcázar Navarro), with the intention that he would serve another 16 years in prison counted as a residual sentence (response to the complaint of malfeasance against the judge for having hidden the order for Gabriel’s immediate release in June 2016, which delayed his release, that judge has set in motion her own revenge!).
After three and a half months of pre-trial detention (months during which it was clear that Portugal had submitted to the pressure of Girona Court No. 2 and that the European rules that would have allowed the release of our comrade had not been applied), on 12 May, he was handed over to the Spanish authorities and is currently in the prison of Badajoz (Extremadura).
The request for annulment by the OEDE was legitimated by the illegality of the request, which was issued in full violation of the «principle of speciality»: one of the basic principles of Community law that establishes the prohibition of enforcing a sentence prior to that for which the extradition is being carried out (by virtue of this principle Gabriel was released in 2016 no longer having to serve any previous sentence). Politically significant is that the Provincial Court, which days ago agreed with Judge Navarro, is the same one that four years ago agreed with our colleague confirming his release (!!??!!).
In the meantime, the FIES [Fitxers d’Interns d’Especial Seguiment – Inmates under Special Observation] regime has been applied to Gabriel, specifically FIES 5, created for prisoners with «special characteristics» (that have to do, to cite some examples, with international crime, gender violence or with racist or xenophobic character, very serious crimes that have caused great social alarm, Islamist terrorism, radical fanaticism related to terrorist ideology…!?!!). Within the FIES regime, he has been given the 2nd degree (previously he could access prison benefits, enjoy permits and even probation), and the intervention of all communications (letters are opened and read, visits are recorded).

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June 18, 2020
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Italy: Those Who Do Not Die Find Themselves – Thoughts on Repressive Operation ‘Ritrovo’

Around 2 a.m. on Wednesday, May 13, 2020, the Ros of Bologna, Florence and Fidenza together with 200 Carabinieri burst into the lives of 12 anarchists. The GIP [Judge for the Preliminary Investigations]  Panza, at the request of the prosecuting magistrate Dambruoso, has for seven the arrest and for five the obligation to stay with night return (for four of these also the daily signature). A script which we know well and which, thanks to the declarations of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which reveal the “preventive” nature of the arrests, makes the message launched even more explicit to anyone: let it be clear to those who hope that the crisis will open the possibility of giving a shake to the present social relations that the State does not change. The accusations are association with the purpose of terrorism and subversion of the democratic order, with the aim of inciting criminals to commit crimes, the carrying out of some damage and a fire.
270bis: association for the purpose of terrorism
Although the accusation was deemed inappropriate by the  delle libertà Tribunal during the review, we would venture a few words on the matter, given that the precautionary measures have been taken on it, and its reappearance by the GIP Panza.
Also in this operation, called “Ritrova“, at the centre of the accusations are the struggles. Two in particular: the one against the CPRs [migrant deportation prisons] and the one against the prisons – whether or not this was intended for comrades. The State speaks clearly: terrorists are those who express solidarity, those who fight, those who do not keep their mouths shut, those who show open approval towards direct action and radical forms of opposition – also illegal – to the strategies of repression and exploitation. Not only that, a recurrence which is also found in other recent repressive operations is the use of the crime of incitement to commit crime as the glue of the associative hypothesis: the word, in these times, is frightening and the State is now moving with regime modality. It has been happening for some time and we expect it to happen again.
According to the authorities, the “cell” of Bologna had the capacity to activate small but replicable actions on a national scale by groups similar to it. Groups with which the aforementioned “cell” was in contact: a ramification capable of “forcing the public powers to perform or refrain from performing any act”.

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June 17, 2020
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Avis de tempêtes – bulletin anarchiste pour la guerre sociale n°30 (juin 2020) vient de sortir.

Pour lire, imprimer et diffuser ce petit bulletin autour de soi (il est
en format A5, et celui-ci fait 20 pages), on pourra retrouver chaque
nouveau numéro tous les 15 du mois, ainsi que les précédents, sur le
blog :
“L’écrivain afro-américain James Baldwin disait que « l’impossible est
le minimum qu’on puisse demander. » Après l’homicide de George Floyd, en quelques jours à peine à travers tous les Etats-Unis des foules de gens sont passés qu’une demande compréhensible par le pouvoir, comme l’incarcération des flics responsables de sa mort, à une revendication hyperbolique comme l’abolition de la police.
Il s’agit d’une revendication radicale, parfaite pour livrer bataille (comme l’a découvert le maire de Minneapolis, qui a été insulté et a dû partir d’un rassemblement public pour avoir refusé de l’appuyer). Mais si à force d’être répétée elle devenait conséquente – non plus une provocation momentanée pour ouvrir les hostilités, mais bien un objectif à réaliser –, vers où pourrait aller une telle revendication ? Vers l’enfer d’une sécurité dont la garantie serait disputée entre groupes d’autodéfense (modèle de gauche, les Asayish kurdes) et mouvement des milices (modèle de droite, les Oath Keepers nord-’américains), ou bien vers l’utopie d’une liberté qui n’offre aucune garantie, aucune sécurité, et où il revient à chacun de porter attention à soi, à ceux qu’on aime, à ceux dont on se sent proche ?”

June 17, 2020
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[Madrid] [Texto] ¿Maquinaria de la caridad o solidaridad revolucionaria?

¿Maquinaria de la caridad o solidaridad revolucionaria?
“…establecer, fuera de toda política burguesa, la solidaridad de la acción revolucionaria…”
Las redes de apoyo mutuo, las redes vecinales, el voluntariado (o los asalariados), los bancos de alimentos, todo el inmenso aparato surgido en pocas semanas para contener las desastrosas consecuencias económicas y sociales que la pandemia ha provocado han acaparado la atención de muchas, bien sea por altruismo, bien sea por pura y simple necesidad. Y es normal, dado que como en cualquier crisis que atraviese el sistema capitalista, las consecuencias más graves las sufren en mayor medida aquellos que previamente a la crisis estaban ya jodidos, es decir, los y las pobres, en Madrid o en Sebastopol. Los capitalistas siguen una sencilla lógica: socializar las pérdidas, cuando las haya, y acaparar los beneficios, siempre. Es una de las lógicas que atraviesan una sociedad dividida entre explotados y explotadores, entre gobernados y gobernantes.
Y así nos encontramos con una situación de pobreza y desamparo, de pura y simple necesidad de comer, con los servicios sociales, colapsados, la Iglesia y las ONG, colapsadas o, al menos, lo suficientemente desbordadas como para derivar “casos” a estas redes. Redes compuestas por una variedad de asociaciones de vecinos, activistas de bario, trabajadores sociales haciendo horas extras, colectivos políticos de izquierda, individualidades varias, gente que quiere echar una mano, militantes de izquierda, algún que otro fascista infiltrado, anarquistas, libertarios, cristianos de base, los que pasaban por ahí, y los que simplemente, querían un jodido salvoconducto para esquivar el aislamiento impuesto a base de multa, colleja y bota militar.  Ah, y no podemos olvidarnos de unos cuantos aspirantes a políticos, que no han dudado en chupar cámara cuando la prensa aparecía, ponerse a mandar y erigirse como censores y organizadores de algunas de estas iniciativas, que en algunos barrios de Madrid, exigían cotas de autonomía y señalaban la falta de horizontalidad y claridad. Al final, poco a poco, estas redes están entrando en dinámicas a nivel general de funcionar como meras gestoras de la caridad, de soporte extra de los servicios sociales, de un puntal de emergencia ante un estado del bienestar en desmantelación desde hace tiempo y, ahora, desbordado.

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June 15, 2020
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Milan, Italy: Enjoy cars damaged in solidarity with Op. Bialystock prisoners

We received by anonymous mail and publish:
In Milan in the night of Friday June 12, 3 Enjoy cars were set on fire in response to the repressive operation that has struck the anarchists in Rome.
Everybody Free
Long live anarchy

via: roundrobin.info

Translated by Act for freedom now!

June 15, 2020
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Athens, Greece : Solidarity to all those who are in cells! PROTEST, THURSDAY 18/06, 18:30, MONASTIRAKI, ATHENS

The COVID-19 pandemic has once again brought the miserable living conditions in prisons and camps to the fore. No access to pharmaceutical and medical care, with minimal means of protection against the pandemic, but also with constant mockery from government agencies, the only way out left in this world is resistance and rebellion.
Either with coronavirus or without their lives are of secondary importance to the State. Let’s show once again that for us they are not!
Gathering-Microphone [12/06, 20:00, Exarcheia Square]

Protest [18/06, 18:30, Monastiraki athens
via: athens.indymedia translated by Act for freedom now!

June 15, 2020
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Italy – Operation “Prometeo” [Prometheus] – Updates on Natascia from the prison of Piacenza – 24th May 2020

In accordance with the decree concerning the end of the lockdown, the prison of Piacenza has resumed visits as follows: only one hour per month, a two-metre distance between the prisoner and her relative/friend, masks and partition glass and prohibition of physical contact. Not even a hug or kiss to say hello. Understandably, Natascia has chosen to carry on seeing her relatives and friends via Skype from time to time, rather than the face-to-face farce with a two-metre distance through a partition glass and absolute prohibition of physical contact.
The greetings from comrades and those in solidarity last Tuesday outside the prison of Piacenza were finally heard where Natascia is being held, the AS3 wing where the cells are more internal and further away from the prison walls. Natascia and the other prisoners shouted and tried to answer, hoping they would be heard in turn.
After the wing went from open to closed regime – officially as a measure due to the health emergency – the atmosphere changed. Now it’s clear to all that the health excuse was just a joke and that they have no intention of reinstating the open regime, as rest of the prison is now in open regime.
Elena and Nicole, recently arrested along with five comrades [all were released on 30th May] are also in the prison of Piacenza, but in “health confinement” and therefore she [Natascia] had only a glimpse of them. Even if she is sad and angry because of their (and the others’) arrest, she can’t wait to see them.

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June 15, 2020
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Cremona, Italy : Stones against the premises of the Northern League 

From the local media we learn that in the night between Friday 29th and Saturday 30th May the windows of the League premises in Cremona were hit with stones, [shattering one of them]. Writings were found in the vicinity, including: “Racists and guards murderers” and “strike the racists or at the borders”.
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Translated by act for freedom now!

June 13, 2020
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Αthens,Greece: Responsibility Claim , by George Floyd Revenge Unit


Responsibility Claim: Attack on Nea Ionia Police Station

How amazing is a perfect rendezvous? Somehow finding oneself, through luck, persistence, diligence, history, blind will, in the company of comrades. Then to find oneself in the grand plan of these people, then in the particular plan of a daring action. A leap into the unknown. To be in one moment, perfectly, together. Then to escape into the night, for another day of living, fighting, and making our own history.

On this particular night, we gathered almost perfectly. That ‘almost’ almost crumbled our commitment, but a few assuring words, and the sight of each other together and ready brought our will together again. The sterile orange lights of the state like a veil on a horizon only a few meters away, we started our run. Masks on our faces and bottles in our hands we made our way to the corner. A few men drinking late, looked at us, and then surprised that they were witnessing an event, quickly stood up and ran away. Maybe to view the event better later from the safety of their couches and TV screens. We turned the corner, and launched our attack. Fire exploded on the hoods of the police cars, the policeman inside his box turned in fear, shouting as he fled into the night. For him it was a job, for us it was our duty, and also a good bit of fun. After we made our attack we vanished safely into the present. From the police reports we understand that not only was our attack successful, but they have no information on how or who made our attack, and decided to lie instead of admitting an ignorant defeat.

This last period of life has been characterized by the state advancing and anarchists making retreat after retreat. The quarantine brought with it a new level of social control and imprisonment which cleared the way for repression in Thiva, the public spaces, the borders, detention centers, and environmental struggles throughout the country. The state gave millions for propaganda to the media companies, and millions more to the ever increasing police/terrorist apparatus of the state, while we wasted away without money, but thankfully with free data (thanks cosmote!). It is obvious that the state cares more about social peace than it does about our own survival. So, it finds military and police solutions to the disaffection and disappointment coming from the ever expanding and exploding crisis of capital.

Meanwhile in the USA, an insurrection against this very militarized police apparatus is in full effect. The racist police in the US have been pushed into retreat in cities all across the country, as people face off against one of the largest repressive mechanisms in humanity’s history. As anarchists we applaud their struggle, and see it as our goal to provide solidarity in the way we know best, direct action and attack. The promotion of agency, our own and others, is at the core of what we believe can destroy this oppressive system. If one person filming the death of George Floyd had decided to push, just push, the policeman, Floyd would be alive today. This lesson has been taken up and is the reason why the military has been called to the streets throughout the USA to try and reclaim the agency it thought it monopolized.

One of the main obstacles in the development of popular power and agency is the police system, which murders any opposition which dares to contest its dominion. This fear is what has held the people in the USA and here in Greece from insurrection, and it is this fear we must return to the police. If the state pays dearly for every life it takes from us, it will surely think twice about its repression and racist assassinations. In the state’s continuation of junta fetishism, Mitzotakis declared that the police is the state. We don’t agree with this assessment, but understand that the bureaucrats with guns are the main opposition to us in our control of our streets, and the main threat to us in public spaces.

We took this action, inspired by the happenings in the US, and in revenge for George Floyd.

We took this action in solidarity with the imprisoned throughout the world, and in conjunction with the three days of international solidarity with the imprisoned. We must make them think twice, before they take our lives. Hopefully, we can build the power to make it impossible for them.

For Black Liberation! Death to the State! Attack the Police! Destroy the System! Loot the World!

George Floyd Revenge Unit


June 12, 2020
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Italy, Rome: 12/6/20 New police operation and arrests

Milan, Italy: Enjoy cars damaged in solidarity with Op. Bialystock prisoners

We received by anonymous mail and publish:

In Milan in the night of Friday June 12, 3 Enjoy cars were set on fire in response to the repressive operation that has struck the anarchists in Rome.
Everybody Free
Long live anarchy
via: roundrobin.info
Translated by Act for freedom now!


Rome – Comunique Op.Bialystock 13.6.20
About operation Bialystock
Here we go again.
The umpteenth anti-anarchist repressive operation began at dawn on 12/06/20 in the territories dominated by the Italian, French and Spanish States. In grand style, i.e. in balaclavas  and guns blazing, the guards searched several houses seized the usual material and arrested 7 people, 5 of whom are in prison, 2 are under house arrest.
Nothing new under the starry sky.
The State’s accusations against them are varied, among which the usual subversive association with aims of terrorism as well as fire, incitement to commit a crime, etc. etc.
Now, while it is not important to get involved in their judicial quibbles, it is necessary to confirm that direct action, mutual aid, the refusal of all hierarchy and all authorities, and the practice of solidarity are expressions of our anarchist tension. We are not interested in going into the logic of guilty/innocent, the individualities struck are our comrades and will have our closeness, solidarity and complicity.
Ros shit
To each their own
Some occupants of Bencivenga Occupato
For the moment the known addresses of the comrades are:
Nico Aurigemma
C.C Rieti
Viale Maestri Del Lavoro, 2 – 02100 Vazia (RI)
Flavia Di Giannantonio
C.C Femminile Rebibbia
Via Bartolo Longo 92. Roma 00156
Claudio Zaccone
C.C Siracusa Via Monasteri, 20C.
Contrada Cavadonna
Siracusa 96100
via: roundrobin.info
Pending further information we learn from the regime press that this morning 12.6.20 , the judiciary in Rome carried out 7 arrests resulting in 5 people being taken to jail within a repressive operation named “Bialystok”.

Arrests in Rome
The comrades Daniele, Nico, Francesca, Falla, Flavia, Claudio and Robi, have been arrested, perhaps for 270bis and instigation.
Named “operation Bialystock”, according to the newspapers seven comrades have been arrested with the accusation of association for the purpose of terrorism or subversion of the democratic order, act of terrorism with deadly devices and explosives, possession of and carrying explosive material, instigation to commit crimes against State personalities as well as fire and aggravated damage with the purpose of terrorism and subversion of the democratic order.
The investigations started after the explosive attack on the Roma San Giovanni carabinieri barracks  on December 7 2017.
Translated by Act for freedom now!

June 12, 2020
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Comments Off on Kiev, Ukraine: Criminal Investigations Department Building Petrol-Bombed by the ‘Brave Ones’ Group

Kiev, Ukraine: Criminal Investigations Department Building Petrol-Bombed by the ‘Brave Ones’ Group

On the night of June 10, 2020 the building of Criminal Investigations Department (Kyiv, 25, Naberezhne highway) was attacked by petrol bomb.
The other day appalling news came from Kagarlyk, Ukraine, where on the night of May 24, police officers assaulted and raped a woman who had been summoned as a witness. The details – policemen put a gas mask on a woman, handcuffed her and shot from their duty weapons above her head – flashed around the nation.
Same kind of news come from the other side of the Dnepr river, where police officers who killed a five-year-old boy in Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi were released from prison on bail.
Since the beginning of this quarantine the police flooded the streets of Kyiv. Control and police pressure have increased, unwarranted and unjustified inspections have become more frequent. Like the conduct of the police in Kyiv’s Podol: stop-and-search inspections of passersby under false pretenses, solicitation of bribes, beatings in police stations.

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June 12, 2020
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Athens,Greece: “the struggle escalates!”

9 June 2020:
16 of the 26 women detained at Petrou Ralli refused to eat. They decided, once again, to go on hunger strike because they cannot sustain themselves eating the appalling food the authorities insist on giving them—food which results in illness, digestive problems, vomiting, and weight loss. The wretched quality of the food has persisted over the four years we have been visiting Petrou Ralli, likely longer. Likewise, on 17 March, 9 detained women started a hunger strike which lasted 3 days. They sent us the following message on Day 3: “9 women we started a serious (i.e. hunger and thirst strike) hunger strike. The situation is terrible and it’s getting worse and worse. Two of us passed out and still haven’t regained consciousness. We will continue the hunger strike until we are free from this captivity. They will either set us free or we shall die, followed by their names.
On this occasion, the authorities employed the standard method for terrorizing detainees, employed in all prisons in the totalitarian world of patriarchy. The women were called down one by one and a police officer or Commander questioned them and threatened that if they didn’t stop the hunger strike, it would be at the expense of their case— it would be too late for them to be released or they will be transferred to Korydallos prison. Their strike ended after Day 3. Continue Reading →

June 12, 2020
by actforfreedom
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[DIFUNDIR] Sale Rebrote nº 5 (mayo-junio 2020), boletín anticarcelario para presxs

Palabras previas

Compañerxs, tenemos el gusto de compartir con ustedes la publicación de un nuevo número del boletín anticarcelario Rebrote.

Anhelamos profundamente que los gestos de solidaridad hacia lxs presxs se sigan proliferando a pesar de este complicado contexto de crisis y control social, en donde las expresiones del apoyo mutuo entre
marginadxs se diversifican con la finalidad de sobrevivir mientras el
aumento de la militarización de las calles pareciera volverse algo ya

Las medidas restrictivas en las cárceles con la suspensión de las
visitas pareciera no cambiar por lo pronto, al menos mientras siga
siendo justificado por la pandemia mundial. Sabemos claramente que el aislamiento ha sido un arma que el poder siempre ha utilizado para
reprimir hacia quienes se rebelan y no precisamente para protegerles.

Resulta más necesario entonces que nuestras palabras e ideas por la
destrucción total de los centros de exterminio sean consecuentes con
nuestro actuar y se materialicen en acciones de solidaridad reales y
concretas, tanto en el apoyo a diario hacia nuestrxs compañerxs que
permanecen secuestradxs, como en ataque directo a las instituciones y
sostenedores de este sistema de tortura y muerte.

El estallido de la rabia por el hambre y la marginalidad se ha esparcido
por las calles, mientras que los intentos del gobierno por callar a
quienes sin miedo se atreven a romper la cuarentena y el toque de queda.
Los medios de comunicación burgueses por otra parte, se alimentan de la pobreza y miseria que siempre ha existido en las poblaciones tanto en este territorio como en todo el mundo. La prensa siempre ha sido una herramienta del poder y en tiempos de aislamiento los intentos de
adormecer la rabia que se venia desatando en la revuelta son el único
motivo por el cual la presencia policial y militar en las calles se ha

Este boletín nace en medio de la revuelta y la sección «Cartas desde
Adentro» es su esencia, ya que allí reproducimos las cartas y
comunicados enviadas por compas en la cana tanto al boletín como a otros medios. En este número compartimos varios escritos emanados desde distintas cárceles en Chile como también de compas en Italia y Francia.
Abrazamos en complicidad a quienes se posicionan en guerra contra el
poder y establecen vínculos afines entre compañerxs, rechazando las
dinámicas de hostilidad y competencia que el sistema carcelario pretende imponer para autoaniquilación de lxs presxs.

La memoria es una de nuestra armas y como publicación anticarcelaria
decidimos dar un espacio para recordar al compañero anárquico Mauricio Morales, el panky Mauri, quien cae accidentalmente en combate el 22 de mayo del 2009

Como siempre hemos incluido también diversas noticias, artículos e
ilustraciones extraídas de medios afines.

Aprovechamos también de avisar que hemos armado un blog donde estaremos subiendo todos los números de Rebrote en sus formatos de lectura e impresión junto a los artículos, cartas, reflexiones y traducciones que no estén disponibles en otros lados. Asimismo podrán encontrar los archivos de las propas de distintos temas que hemos armado para una distribución más inmediata. Alentamos a que vayan al blog (rebrote.noblogs.org), y reproduzcan el material en todos lados.

Recordamos que además nos interesan las voces de todas las personas
reprimidas por la sociedad carcelaria, incluyendo a quienes estén o
estuvieron tras los muros del Sename e instituciones psiquiátricas, como tambíén la de sus familiares y compañerxs.

Agradecemos profundamente a quienes nos aportan tanto con el contenido como con la difusión de esta publicación: que se multipliquen las redes de solidaridad y lugares de encuentro entre compañerxs.

Venganza por George Floyd, Alejandro Treuquil y todxs lxs asesinadxs por el poder a manos de su bastarda policia.

¡Compañero Mauricio Morales presente!

¡Abajo todas las jaulas!

Boletín anticarcelario para presxs
8 de junio, 2020
rebrote@riseup.net | rebrote.noblogs.org

Descargar Rebrote boletín anticarcelario nº 5
Versión para leer:
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June 12, 2020
by actforfreedom
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June 11th mixtape!

“A few notes on this world” was especially written and performed for the 2020 Mixtape for June 11th, International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason & All Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners : june11.noblogs.org/2020-mixtape/
A note by Non Serviam for the Mixtape : We have a strong relationship of hate with the prison complex, not only because most of the members of our musical collective have visited its cells on occasions, but also because it is the reason why this world of greed and control that we despise and suffer from keeps on existing.
Society needs prisons to instill the fear of breaking the law and all of its rules. Marius Mason was convicted for breaking the rules, like any anarchist with a practical sense of theory and courage, therefore Marius needs all our solidarity. Because this world he’s still fighting against from inside the walls is everywhere, there is no escape from it, and escape could never be enough anyway : this fucking world has to burn and everything else is poetry. Compagnons dedans, dehors, le cœur bat encore…
The song is here :

June 11, 2020
by actforfreedom
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Italy : News from the state of emergency (issue 7)

4th May 2020
1st May in Rovereto
On 1st May about twenty comrades took to the streets for about an hour in the Fucine working-class neighbourhood with amplified talks around the Itea blocks of flats (Istituto Trentino Edilizia Agevolata, [social housing agency of the Trentino province]. As already happened on 25th April in Brione, it was a chance to talk about the structural causes of the epidemic – all to be linked to the capitalist world of plundering and exploiting nature – and the way Confindustria [bosses’ federation] and the government tackled it, resulting in a true massacre. During the initiative we again encouraged Itea residents in economic difficulty (the managers of this provincial agency announced a rent freeze for shoppers but not for tenants) to self-organize to stop paying rent. We pointed out that the ban – which will continue even after 4th May – against people meeting up in the open air is aimed at keeping us isolated and passive in the face of what they’re preparing for us: the loans that the government is about to request from European institutions and national creditors (banks, insurance companies, investment funds) will be repaid by increasing the exploitation of workers and the poorest groups of society, an aspect which “pro-europeans” and “sovereigntists” all agree on. In order to resist this – and the introduction of 5G – it is necessary to breach social confinement responsibly. Some residents – mainly young – approached the initiative. Two police patrols, on the contrary, kept at a distance.
“If we can work, we can strike too”
With this slogan blocks and strikes in many logistics industries were organized between 30th April and 1st May. In Bologna, Casoria, the province of Naples, Turin, Campi Bisenzio, Calenzano, Modena (where protests had already started at the beginning of the week). And then Genoa, Milan, Brescia, Bergamo, Piacenza, Florence, Rome, Caserta… Once again warehouse workers – mainly immigrants –– proved to be the most combative sector of the working class. Riders in Turin and transport cleaners in Naples, who blocked the underground service on 30th May, also went on strike.

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June 11, 2020
by actforfreedom
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Athens,Greece :[GR,ENG] Παρέμβαση ενάντια στις δολοφονίες ζώων από φόλες στην Κυψέλη από Αντισπισιστική συνέλευση


During the few weeks many incidents of murdered cats and dogs from baits were brought to light , in the form of little nails inside cat and dog food, in the area of Kipseli in the center of Athens. The extermination of stray animals is a recurring tactic, that happens from common citizens annoyed by dogs’ barks, shop owners that want to clean their neighborhood from strays, or municipal services for the strays that either murder them or imprison them in closed structures.
Every day we are faced with the hypocrisy of highly esteemed citizens, who might tolerate the fact that some cats or dogs exist around their neighborhood, but when those strays become more, then without any hesitation they turn against them, call them a threat and kill them. This culture of clean and sterilized cities leads to the extermination of every creature that doesn’t fit in the “normativity” that dictates our lives. A normality, that cleans streets and parks from strays and only allows animals with a leash, a micro chip and certificates to exist. Continue Reading →