May 11, 2018
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Castelvetro Piacentino (Piacenza, Italy) – Blows against a bank


From the local media we learn that unknown people attacked a branch of Credito cooperativo del Cremonese, Piazza Saragat, Castelvetro Piacentino. The window at the back of the building, which was not covered by surveillance cameras, was smashed.

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May 11, 2018
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Lecce, Italy – A year on

A year seems too short a time to shake up a country landscape and transform it into a high productivity industrial hub. But that’s what it is. Multinational TAP, aided by police forces, have managed to turn San Basilio into a hell of iron and cement a few steps away from a sixteenth century country house in the middle of the Mediterranean shrubland.
A year seems too short a time to get used to the asphyxiating presence of police forces. Wailing sirens, armoured vehicles on street corners, plain-clothes police at markets and in cafes.
Today, once again, by setting up a ‘red zone’ they want to prevent us from getting near the site, so that they can carry on with their job of devastation and plundering of this territory undisturbed.

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May 11, 2018
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France,Nantes: Engie to ashes

direct action against the metropolis, the expellers and their capitalism
During the night of Saturday, April 14 to Sunday, in Nantes on Boulevard Pasteur in the Zola district, I burned a truck of Engie Axima. Engie Axima, among other hazards, collaborates with imprisonment and expulsions by participating in the management of detention centres. Given where the truck was located, it must also participate in the construction of a luxury residence as there are many in Nantes sprouting up like mushrooms.
Fuck the metropolis, its capitalism and its minions

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Indymedia Nantes / Sunday, April 15, 2018
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May 11, 2018
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France, Nantes: Igniting excavators

On the night of Sunday to Monday, two excavators tried to end their days, here is their release:
– disgusted with serving the projects of the Nantes metropolis, serving as showcase to attract entrepreneurs and young workers by getting rid of the poor and unsuitable of this rotten world.
– enraged that almost all the huts in the eastern zone of the zad have been destroyed,
– in support of the people resisting the state and authority in all its forms there uncompromisingly.
We decided to put on a packet of firelighters along with a bottle of highly flammable liquid. That surely caused us irreversible damage, next time we’ll double the dose to be sure we can’t be recuperated. We will need accomplices for that !!

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May 11, 2018
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Nantes – ZAD: The occupation continues,actions too !!

In solidarity with the pyromaniacs of all the world, the road ignites.
This morning, on a (big) roundabout, pallets caught fire, causing a suspicious slowdown on the four lanes of Nantes Océane:
First warning before the big boom !!
The economy is still shaking and the local press has kept quiet, but hey, buddies we are thinking seriously about you, ZAD will live, kisses kisses
Neither taken nor burnt, we’ll be back …
signed: masked jesters

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May 10, 2018
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Minneapolis, MN: Nightfall #11

Anarchist publication out of Minneapolis Nightfall returns with a new issue.
Download PDF HERE
Summer 2018
– Against The Smart City
– Talking Together
– Make May Day Everyday
and more!

May 9, 2018
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Germany,Berlin: Tomorrow 10/5, the Chaos and Discussion Days will officially start!

Here are some more informations for you:
The twitter account started. You will find it with @Gegenstadt or #gegenstadt and #chaostage.
There is going to be a information phone which will be answered from 12pm tomorrow. The number is: 0049 152 18466301. We will be happy to get informations from you which we can pass on then. All informations will be spread on twitter or you can get it in the info point (Infoladen Daneben-Liebigstr. 34).
If you need a sleeping place you can also come to the Infoladen Daneben. From here you will be sent somewhere.
The Infoladen will be open from thursday 12pm until sunday (around) 10pm. There you can get the overloaded programme in german and english for free.
In the case of trouble with cops you can call the berlin legal team 0049 30 69 22222. The lawyers will listen to the answering machine regularly or you can call the info phone. This will be in contact with the legal team as well. Especially when people are staying in prison longer.

May 9, 2018
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Solidarity! Demonstration on may 12th, 2018 in Berlin , Germany

On may 12th, we are calling for an unannounced demonstration, for a revolutionary, solidary world, that does not need any prisons and institutions. We are demonstrating for the freedom for all and want to show our solidarity with prisoners, especially Lisa and Thomas.
Lisa was sentenced to 7 ½ years in prison on june 7th in 2017. She had been accused of robbing a Pax bank in Aachen.
Thomas was arrested during a bank robbery in 1996 and sentenced to 16 years and 9 months in prison. Even though, he should have been released already, a court ruled for him to be held in preventive custody. When and if he will be released ist still in question. Currently, Thomas is beeing held in the JVA Freiburg.
Control, repression, cops, courts, punishment and prisons are the logical consequence of people resisting a system, which is based on power and property. Repression is a bargaining chip, used by those in power and by the proprietary. It is fundamental for the society we are living in. This system, ist what we want to fight, with our solidarity.
Repression creates fear, that is out of the question. But if we withdraw our solidarity from each other, we strengthen the repression and its consequences. Our task is not to supress our fears, but find a collective way of handling them.
What exactly is it, that scares us? Is it the isolation, the individualisation or the contempt we have to face? This is precisly what we are fighting against and the reason why the state is attacking us. The attack on the instiutions of power is an important part of the revolutionary struggle. Just as important, is the reflection on how we live and establish relationships with each other within our society. Since any action, which might lead to repression is as important as finding a collective approach to any form of repression, Both aspects are an attack on the state and authority.
If repression leads to division, it fulfills its purpose.

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May 9, 2018
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May Day 2018 Montreal: Anarchists Attack Police

From subMedia
On May Day, the CLAC, or anti-capitalist convergence, started their demo at Parc LaFontaine in Montreal. People took the sidewalks to prevent the cops from flanking the demo. About 5 minutes in, shit kicked off! Anarchists attacked police with rocks, bricks, flags, and fireworks.


May 9, 2018
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Nantes, France: incendiary sabotage against an expulsions collabo at the ZAD

Resistance and sabotage, season 2018
We, the friendly Dear Greens, have attacked tow trucks of a company collaborating in the evictions of the NDDL zad. In future they will think twice about it.
On April 9, 2018, the State began its attempt to crush the ZAD. 2,500 cops and an army of machines surrounded the area, destroyed a third of the cabins, injured 260 comrades and arrested 60 others. And, this assessment is only temporary, because whatever the means of repression used, the State will not let go of this story.
To carry out the dirty work, the gendarmes required the assistance of private companies, including the Louis XVI repair company which is taking care of impounding all the vehicles obstructing the job of the cops. Collaborator for a long time, this company also participated in muzzling operation ” escargot [snail]” in 2016 [1].
Dear Louis XVI, in view of the ineffectiveness of the guillotine, we decided to reduce you to ashes.

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May 9, 2018
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France,Besançon: Gluing for the hedgerow

A little gluing to start the week
It is bubbling all over the area, especially in the facs and Notre-Dame des Landes …
The situation in ZAD made us boil over. As a result, some real estate agencies in the city centre had their locks glued down, with some tags on windows and facades: “NO TO EXPULSIONS IN NDDL”, “ZONE TO BE DESTROYED”, squat symbol among others …
A Foncia agency, like two other institutions emblematic of this shitty world (bank, church) took some late Easter eggs (not “chocolate” huh!) filled with paint.
To all those who don’t bend to the State and its laws
Some skilled workers of disorder


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May 8, 2018
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Cuba: Inauguration of Cuban Anarchist Social Center & Library

This May 5th, 2018 a new stage in the self-emancipatory process of a group of Cubans starts, with the opening of ABRA: Social Center and Libertarian Library.
This effort of the Libertarian Workshop Alfredo Lopez*, with the effective and vital involvement of like-minded groups such as Critical Observatory, Forest Ranger**, and other personal initiatives; works actively to build an autonomous and sustainable space in today’s Cuba.
It is a space to promote experiences and practices independent of any foreign or national government, or institutions that represent them, focused on the capacities of those who get involved. ABRA will insist on a practice that prefigures the kind of sociability that we dream of, and in a friendly relationship with the environment, which translates into a minimum of consumption with a maximum of non-polluting solutions derived of our unique environment.
This new effort is essentially anti-capitalist, because capitalism promotes a type of relation between people based on utilitarianism, supremacy, competition, profit, all of which does not lead to the sociability that we aspire to live in. The above, supported by the States, the companies and corporations that dominate and deprecate the world and our country. For this reason, the Social Center stands at the antipodes of Capitalism.

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May 6, 2018
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How many times does a person have to be retried? – Athens,Greece

As many times as it takes the “anti-terrorist” brigade to declare them guilty.
On March 27, 2018, the deputy attorney of the Supreme Court and the former supervising prosecutor of the “anti-terrorist” brigade appealed to the Supreme Court against the acquittal by the five members (of department A) of the Criminal Court of Appeal of Athens, which declared the innocence our comrade’s innocence.
May 11, the E department of the Supreme Court will consider this appeal. If it is accepted, Tasos Theofilou will return to prison with the initial charges against him (which could even lead to life imprisonment) pending the completion of a new trial at the Court of Appeals, once again with a different set of judges.
Tasos Theofilou was arrested in August 2012, a few days after a robbery at the Alpha Bank on the island of Paros, during which a driver taxi was mortally wounded while attempting to prevent the thieves from escaping.
“Following rushed procedures” Tasos Theofilou was described by the anti-terrorist brigade as well as by the media as the thief in a cowboy hat who allegedly killed the 53-year-old taxi driver. In July 2017, the decision of the five members of the Court of Appeal seemed not to obey the orders of the “anti-terrorist” brigade and media because they acquitted him of all charges against him.
On Friday May 11, they will consider whether the acquittal of the Court of Appeals will be final or whether the comrade will be once again be dragged into another trial on the basis of the following accusations: participation and belonging to the CCF, participation and involvement in terrorist groups, attempted manslaughter, intentional homicide. May 11 will not be the end of the story. It is rather the beginning of a new undeclared, yet very real, period of hostage-taking of our comrade until the decision of the Supreme Court is finally announced, which could take from a few weeks to several months.

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May 6, 2018
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Greece, Lesbos – The fascists attack the migrants, the police clear them and arrest them, the government announces a new restrictive immigration law

Yesterday evening, Sunday, April 22, around 8pm  a group of about 200 fascists attacked the migrants who were occupying Piazza Saffo in the city of Mytilene on the island of Lesbos.
The fascists of the “Patriotic Movement of Mytilene”, among which well-known members of Golden Dawn, had in previous days through their facebook page spread the appeal for a demonstration to be held on Sunday 22 on the anniversary of the colonels’ military coup in Greece of April 1967. Reunited at 19.30, after demonstrating for the release of two Greek soldiers imprisoned in Turkish prisons, most of the fascists, about 200, armed with clubs, headed towards Piazza Saffo in Mytilene, occupied by Tuesday, April 17 by more than a hundred migrants, mostly Afghan families, asking for its eviction.
After a couple of hours, around 10 pm, without any intervention of the riot police present in force on the site with two platoons, the number of fascists increased, following a callout on the facebook page to intervene in the square. Singing slogans and choruses as “Let’s burn them alive! Let’s throw them in the sea!” the fascists attacked the migrants by throwing glass bottles and stones taken from the pavements, flares and firecrackers. The migrants defended themselves in a triple circular human chain, with children at the centre, trying to protect them from the projectiles by covering them with cardboard and wet blankets.
The migrants were also joined by local supporters. Only after this resistance of migrants and those in solidarity, the police intervened putting itself between the two groups, but this did not prevent the fascists from continuing their assault, setting fire to bins and pushing them towards the migrants, throwing the rockets and fireworks from behind the bins especially targeting women and children. At around 11pm the fascists attempted a flanking movement, attacking from the side of the market. At this point the police threw tear gas into the square, which also ended up on the migrants. At 1am clashes moved from the seafront of Mytilene to the historic town hall and surrounding streets. The fasc set fire to bins building barricades and interrupting traffic throughout the port. Meanwhile, the police surrounded the Moria hotspot to prevent the migrants there from finding out about what was happening and going out to support their comrades. The clashes in Mytilene continued until 3 am. At least 35 migrants and supporters are injured, 10 of whom, including a child with burns, were hospitalized.
A person who was there tells us: “Let me tell you this about this crazy evening of war tonight: the police could not have coordinate better with the fascists, to the point of attacking local supporters. The fascists were in possession of tear gas; the police gave a free hand to the fascists, looked on as the fascists were terrorizing not only refugees but also the locals. A cafe was attacked because it let in the injured refugees, the fascists tried to attack the ambulances, they attacked anyone who has tried to help or to document their violence.” A supporter reports: “The police had orders (we also heard it many times from their radio transmitters) not to move against the fascists to arrest them but only to disperse them. Finally they decided to remove the fascists from the square but they did not lose much time before throwing  tear gas against us because we had simply reacted to the arsonist attacks by shouting that someone would be killed because of their orders not to arrest the fascists. “

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May 6, 2018
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Paris: Solidarity is attack

received by mail / Saturday April 7th, 2018
Two people sentenced to months locked up after deportation of Bois Lejuc. Three sent on remand recently in Limoges and Ambert.
Krème still in jail for the rookie sauce barbecue of May 2016.
We are of the opinion that the best, most worthy response to repression remains attack.
Rather than withdrawal, paranoia, taking distances, putting spokes in the wheels of power. Choosing where and when in small groups using the havoc of demos or the silence of the night.
Never surrender.
The night of April 2 to 3 we burned a car of the diplomatic corps, rue Pierre Demours (Paris 17).

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May 6, 2018
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Ambert, France – Two comrades arrested in the last repressive wave have been released

Since March 27, multiple searches, arrests and incarcerations have struck anarchists and kindred spirits throughout France (Ambert, Amiens, Limoges and Toulouse for the moment).
A note to announce some good news in the environmental fog. The two comrades of Ambert, in jail since March 28, have been released under judicial surveillance following the appeal trial against custody. They have to sign twice a week and cannot see or communicate with each other and with a certain number of people.

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May 2, 2018
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Italy: Updates on Scripta Manent No. 2 – March 2018

Text written by Anna and Marco about the progress of the trial in which they are defendants for the Scripta Manent operation.
At the hearings of January and February the witnesses for the accusation (originally the PM Sparagna mentioned there would be about seventy) have continued to be heard, mainly Turin Digos, police, carabinieri, bomb disposal experts, witnesses, the forensic departments of Rome and of the Ris of Parma, all in relation to the specific crimes alleged. Also some editors or former editors of Radio Blackout of Turin have been called to testify on the receiving of some claims, and an occupant of the Asilo in relation to knowing and corresponding with the defendants.
At the hearings of March 7th and 8th those who would be the pillars of the accusatory set up, lending their work as “geniuses” to prop everything up: the handwriting experts, linguistic / stylistic analysis expert, and a Turin Digos cop to give the general picture of the accusation, presented their reports.
The graphology duo Rosanna Ruggeri and Paola Sangiorgi, experts / consultants of the PM and practicing their trade privately, not at Forensics, Ris or whoever, reported during the hearing of 7 March, the assessment carried out in 2014 comparing stencilled texts and hand-written addresses on the incendiary / explosive packages to Turin Chronicle, Coema Edilità and the then Mayor Chiamparino of July 2006 and related claims with handwriting samples of three of the defendants (notes taken during searches, letters from prison, various other forms).  The duo expressed the certainty that the stencilled writings are not attributable. Regarding comparisons with hand writings they tried to emphasize the similarities or the peculiar graphic traits between single characters chosen among the various writing samples: the outcome would be a probable similarity with some samples of two of the defendants. The duo took a couple of hours, rather than motivating the “probability”, they were defending the seriousness of the services offered and the method used that precisely … does not allow attribution on a basis of certainty but is probabilistic. In addition to this the defence, referring to their ignorance of analysis carried out previously, pointed out that the same artefacts (the handwritten labels of the parcels of 2006 and relative claims) were the subject of expertise in the course of investigations made at the time of the events, in particular in the report of the Ris of Parma in July 2006 it had been established that these were writings derived from tracing, therefore were not attributable.
The linguistic / stylistic expert consultant of the PM, Michele Cortelazzo, professor at the University of Padua reported on the appraisal done in 2014 in which he compared texts of articles published by three of the defendants and several texts of claims signed by several FAI groups. The expert admits that language used is part of the “discursive universe of antagonist movements”. However, he creates linking between texts of the articles and some claims based on the “qualitative” and “quantitative” method.

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May 2, 2018
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Italy – Giovanni ends up in jail too

Today, 19th April, the decision of the court of Cassation was made known, concerning the defence’s claim against the appeal submitted by Florence prosecutors last September over Giovanni’s and Pasca’s remand in custody and the restrictive measures against Nicola. Pasca was on trial a few weeks ago (because he was in Lecce at the time of his arrest, under a different jurisdiction); Giovanni’s and Nicola’s case was prolonged for a few more weeks because of technicalities, which however didn’t change the result.
As happened with Pasca, a dozen Digos vultures descended immediately upon Giovanni’s home, sneering and pleased with themselves, as they tried to provoke the comrades who were in the house with him by asking them for proof of identification.
A year and three months since the official beginning of the operations (31/01/2017), this dirty affair has increasingly inflated rather than deflated, and the State’s watchdogs are not letting it go (significantly, the attorney general of the republic got involved personally as he wanted to represent the State against the anarchists himself): of course, after deploying hundreds of men, spent several million euros and investigated dozens of people (12 thousand pages of court papers), they need to justify all this apparatus!

via: Panico Anarchico
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