November 6, 2018
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Mexico: Anarchist Prisoner Miguel Peralta Sentenced to 50 Years Imprisonment

On October 26th, our comrade Miguel Ángel Peralta was notified that the judge has found him criminally liable for the commission of the crime of attempted homicide against Eliza Zepeda Lagunas (former municipal president of Eloxochitlán and now a local member of MORENA / National Regeneration Movement for District 04 of Teotitlán, Oaxaca). The judge imposed a penalty of 50 years imprisonment against Miguel and his brother Manuel, as well as a financial penalty of 150,000 pesos compensation for damages.
For this reason, Miguel has decided to end the hunger strike that he began on October 19th, to regain his strength and to focus on continuing a second stage to obtain his freedom.
Freedom for all!
Down with the walls of the prisons!
Previous Article on ActForFreedomNow about Miguel beginning the hunger strike.
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November 6, 2018
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Sábado 10 de noviembre · 11hrs · Salón Multiuso Villa Francia (Las
estepas #845)
Aporte: $1.500 · Actividad libre de alcohol y humo
Hace 10 años dimos vida a la primera Convención de Tatuajes y Arte
corporal Solidaridad a Flor de Piel y el contexto, una vez más, hace
evidente lo trascendental del apoyo y la solidaridad concreta hacia lxs
Este año ponemos en marcha la VIII versión de Solidaridad a Flor de
Piel, recalcando la importancia de abrir espacios anticarcelarios, que
generen y posibiliten el encuentro de diferentes experiencias anárquicas
y antiautoritarias.
La solidaridad anárquica, combate las lógicas asistencialistas o
caritativas, porque es el encuentro entre compañerxs equivalentes, que
no olvidan a lxs prisionerxs en guerra, que se niegan a normalizar las
prisiones con sus dinámicas de muerte y sometimiento.
La solidaridad anárquica es el combustible para no resignarse nunca ante
cualquier adversidad…Somos unxs convencidxs que así se avanza hacia un
horizonte de Liberación Total. Contra todo pronóstico, siempre se puede!
Porque una jaula es siempre una jaula y queremos destruirla, por el fin
de todas las prisiones, extendemos la invitación a la jornada del 10 de
Un saludo cómplice a todxs lxs que no se rinden…

November 6, 2018
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Library.Anarhija.Net — (not so) new anarchist project

About this library
We live in the age of the inflation of the word. Its presence is so ubiquitous, its quantity is so overwhelming that its value tends to be zero, carrying no meaning. Technology has made publishing easy and inflated. The idea this library is built upon is not to collect everything coming out from the internet, but instead to save from this deluge meaningful, purposeful, useful texts, texts with live ideas, texts which could be printed and which wouldn’t feel off on the tables of an anarchist distribution. The outcome of this endeavour is still unclear.
This project was forked from by some substantial contributors embarrassed by what is being published there. The archive has been cleaned up, new texts are being added, the mess of topics sorted out as much as possible.
That said, this library goes elsewhere. It is not going to be an echo chamber of news or “social” sites, nor a catch-all site. The selection strives to be strict. There is no place for blog posts, rants, academic exercises, internet fights. It is not meant to please everyone. Instead, be assured that it is the product of the passion and the efforts of few individuals.
The library is in English because English is the modern “lingua franca”. As a side effect, texts coming from the USA are over-represented while
other very interesting regions are under-represented, if not missing at all. This is a major problem.
There is no automated submission process. If you think a text deserves to be published here, please contact
This library wants to be a tool, or a weapon if you prefer. Its purpose is to provide quality anarchist literature to individuals and to distributions, focusing on printing and diffusion of anarchist ideas, also serving as a long term hosting solution for valuable texts.
Please contact if you think a text should not be here.
This project is part of the net of

November 6, 2018
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Portugal : The Centro de Cultura Libertária, an anarchist association with 44 years of activity in Cacilhas-Almada,is again threatened.

The Centro de Cultura Libertária, an anarchist association with 44 years of activity in Cacilhas-Almada, Portugal, is again threatened. The continued pressure of the real estate business, the change in the rental law and the gentrification that forces the departure of residents from the central spaces of cities, the destruction of non-profit spaces or the closure of neighborhood stores, now also touches the CCL.
What is happening?
This is not the first time that the CCL’s permanence in its historic headquarters has been called into question.
Between 2009 and 2011 the Centro de Cultura Libertária resisted an eviction procedure initiated by the landlord. Only the solidarity of many collectives and individuals here and beyond allowed us to face the costs of the judicial process, which led to two trials and one appeal. In the end, we reached a rent increase agreement that allowed us to continue in the space without changes in the duration of the contract.

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November 4, 2018
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Santiago, Chile : Anarchist Kevin Garrido murdered in prison

On the morning of 2nd November 2018, prison cannibalism inflicted another painful wound. Kevin Garrido, sentenced to 17 years for placing explosive devices, was murdered inside the lurid extermination centre of Santiago 1,  stabbed by other prisoners.
In spite of some differences that arose with Kevin’s recent positions, out of respect for his life, his actions and his path we won’t falsify his positions. But we cannot and will not show one millimetre of indifference in the face of this tragic event. Our enemies are the jailers and the prisoners accomplices of the workings of prison and its perverse authoritarian dynamics.
With anger and profound bitterness we do not remain indifferent to any aggression whatsoever; before it was Julio Huentecura, now it’s Kevin Garrido and so many others.
These  blades should be aimed at the necks of the jailers, the cuts must pierce their disgusting uniforms, it’s their blood that should be staining the concrete of the prisons, we have no doubt about that.
Because a death in prison is a murder committed by the State apparatus! Against prisons and the world that needs them: insurrectional and anarchist solidarity with the imprisoned comrades!
 noviembre 2, 2018
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

November 3, 2018
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Milan, Italy : 3rd November: day of mobilization against Escada and the fur industry

Following international protests that began in 2007, Escada, a German fashion company under the Procter&Gamble group, had finally decided to stop the sale of fur and fur clothing ‘indefinitely’.
But in 2017 the company resumed the sale of fur in its stores, mainly lambs considered ‘sub-products of the meat industry’, and panelled items of clothing with fur camouflaged and hidden by dyeing and cropping (racoons, chinchillas, minks, rabbits, karakuls).
The group’s executive board refuse to explain their resuming sale of fashion items based on the killing of animals.
Animals considered suitable ‘for fur production’ are bred with the sole purpose of killing them.
They are born and live as prisoners in narrow cages and then they are killed in cruel ways, which however safeguard their precious fur: gas chambers, breaking of cervical bones, fatal blows to muzzle and nape, electricity, electrocution.
Violent acts after violent acts perpetrated by the fur industry with its score of human hangmen who justify the massacre in the name of the economy that gets the world going… according to their vision.
The exploitation of animals and the control on their bodies are the products of the culture we live.

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November 2, 2018
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Russia : In Arkhangelsk anarchist Misha Zhlobitsky explodes FSB reception

Actforfree received on 1.11.18
October 31, 2018 8:52 local time in the city of Arkhangelsk at the entrance to the reception room of the Regional Directorate of the FSB of the Russian Federation in the Arkhangelsk Region an explosion was heared. The rebel anarchist Mikhail Vasilievich Zhlobitsky, also known in the Telegram channel as Valerian Panov, blew himself up. This is the first case of anarchists undermining the FSB in 19 years – the previous attack was organized in 1999 against the reception office of the FSB in Moscow by the New Revolutionary Alternative organization.
Mikhail Zhlobitsky died as a result of a self-detonation, causing injuries of varying severity to three FSB officers. He was 17 years old.
A few minutes before the explosion, the anarchist left a message in the chat group under the nickname Valerian Panov. Here is what he wrote:
Comrades, now in the FSB building in Arkhangelsk there will be a terrorist attack, the responsibility for which I claim. The reasons are clear to you. Since FSB fabricates cases and tortures people, I decided to go for it. Most likely, I will die because of the explosion, because I initiate the bomb directly by pressing the button attached to the bomb cover. Therefore, you are requested to spread information about the terrorist attack: who committed it and the reasons.
Well, that seems to be all. I wish you to go towards our goal unswervingly and uncompromisingly. I am wishing you the future of anarchist communism!
We bow our heads before the heroism of our comrade. We were not acquainted live, but through communication he left an impression of himself as an intelligent and well-prepared person who is not indifferent and aspires to go beyond the swamp of the official opposition struggle, which is now mainstream.
There is no doubt that Mikhail acted purposefully, understood his motives crystally and consciously sacrificed himself during the action. It is impossible to read the stories of our comrades about the nightmarish torture in the dungeons of the Gestapo-FSB without the heart bleeding and without being overwhelmed with a thirst for revenge for sadists in uniform. When a feeling of indignation and a desire for justice fills up the cup of patience, when internal moral conflict becomes intolerable for an honest person, then concern for their own welfare retreats before deciding to call the scoundrels to account. Anarchists often did this in the past, rushing into a suicide attack on a tyrant and executioner.
Michael showed composure and endurance of a true revolutionary. We are deeply shocked, full of grief from the heroic death of Michael and deeply saddened that he did not leave any hope for himself.
We accept Michael as he is, and express our full solidarity and respect for his Act. He lived as he thought was right, and died, like a hero, in the struggle for the ideals of Freedom and Justice.
Death to the Federal Collision of the Infinites!
Long live the Anarchy!
Eternal memory to Mikhail Zhlobitsky! Rest in peace, dear comrade.
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November 2, 2018
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Madrid, Spain: Solidarity with the anarchists arrested on October 29, 2018

[Translated from Spanish from Contra Madriz, 30.10.2018]
October 29, two anarchist comrades are arrested, accused of “damage”.
On the 30th they were taken to court.
Let’s make solidarity visible to those enduring repression, no matter on what pretext, be it juridical or democratic.
Let’s show them that they are not alone!
A solidarity gathering was held on October 30 in front of the court.
Translated by Act for freedom now!

November 2, 2018
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Spain: estate agents attacked in solidarity with squats

Madrid, Spain: estate agents attacked in Vallekas in solidarity with the CSOA La Gatonera and the CSO Ka La Trava [1] – 27 September 2018
Thursday September 27, Thursday, September 27, the windows of estate agency Tecnocasa in Vallekas were shattered. The agency was also covered in paint.
This action aims to encourage the comrades of the Centros Sociales Okupados Gatonera (Carabanchel-Madrid) and Ka La Trava (Gràcia-Barcelona) [1], as well as all the people who struggle in defence of squats as a revolutionary tool.
Neighbourhoods are being transformed by capitalist speculation, gentrification being a tightening of screws in a cyclical process that affects all the cities of the world. Real estate agencies and other capitalist entities such as banks and speculators are responsible. Let’s spread the attack against them and build bridges based on solidarity and attack.
Refusing to negotiate with the State, the town hall or private property and resisting the scoundrels and the police must have an echo of solidarity in the form of seeking and spreading the struggle. This is only the beginning and we call for the reproduction of the attack, overcoming any path of mediation and negotiation with power. We do not negotiate with the State and capital.
Solidarity and attack with the squatted social centres!
War on capitalist speculation!

 Some anarchists

 [Translated from Spanish from Contra Madriz, 10.10.2018]
[1] Since the writing and publication of this communique, Ka La Trava has been evicted. On October 18th, the Mossos d’Esquadra evicted the place. That same evening, hundreds of people took to the streets of the Gracia neighbourhood, attacking property and everything that keeps this world going.
Attacks in solidarity with the evicted squat Ka La Trava in Barcelona:
On October 21 in Barcelona, three banks and an estate agency are attacked (windows tagged and destroyed), in the districts of Gràcia and Sants respectively.
In the evening of Wednesday, October 24, one of the agencies of estate agency Tecnocasa is tagged.

Translated by Act for freedom now!

November 2, 2018
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Barcelona,Spain : Riots in the streets of Gracia against the eviction of a squat – 18 October 2018

Early on Thursday October 18 in Barcelona, the Mossos d’Esquadra proceeded to evict the « Ca La Trava » squat, in the Gracia district. Two people were arrested during the eviction but were released later in the afternoon without charges. The response to this eviction didn’t take long. Dozens of masked-up people took to the streets…
The same evening, a demo left the Plaza Virreina around 19.30. With cries of “Ca La Trava son disturbios” [“Ca La Trava are riots”], “mande quien mande seremos ingobernables” [whoever you send we will be ungovernable] and “desalojo, otra ocupación” [“an eviction, another squat!”], The demo sauntered wildly through various streets of the neighbourhood, erecting barricades of containers and street furnishings before setting them on fire. Then it stopped in front of the Expropiat Bank, where garbage cans and furniture were set on fire and thrown towards the entrance. At the junction of the streets “Puigmartí” and “Mare de Déu dels Desemparats”, an estate agency and a financial institution lost their windows. Another press organ speaks of two estate agencies being attacked. During the dispersal and chase with the Mossos d’Esquadra, one person was arrested and two others identified.
The next morning, a group of about twenty hooded people interrupted the traffic for nearly 20 minutes by climbing barricades on one of the main axes of the city.


Translated by Act for freedom now!

November 1, 2018
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France, Ile-Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis): In the future Olympic Village there’s a smell of burning

Eight cars were destroyed by fire on the night of October 14 to 15, in a parking lot of the fluvial eco-district of Ile-Saint-Denis.
Vigilance is required in the eco-district of Ile-Saint-Denis, following the burning of several cars. On the night of Sunday to Monday, the residents of the fluvial eco-district of Ile-Saint-Denis, located in the future Olympic Village, along the Quai Chatelier, were awakened by flames at around three o’clock in the morning .
Eight cars parked in the temporary visitors’ car park were destroyed in a fire, the origin of which is still unknown. According to the initial investigation reports, a first vehicle was set on fire which then spread to seven other vehicles. […]
According to the beginning of the investigation entrusted to the local police station, two suspicious persons would have been sighted before the outbreak. Technicians from the central laboratory took samples to find traces of hydrocarbons.
Following this short night, Mohamed Gnabaly the Mayor (SE) of Ile-Saint-Denis sent a circular to residents of the eco-neighbourhood, saying that “a prevention and public tranquillity team of five people” has been set in place “to protect and improve the living environment of the inhabitants”. But the residents are sceptical. […]
Translated by Act for freedom now!
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November 1, 2018
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Besançon, France : Enedis burns (again)

L’Est Répugnant / Tuesday 16 October 2018
This Tuesday in the middle of the night, at around 2.30am, about fifteen firefighters of  Besançon were called urgently to rue Trémolières, Chaprais district, to extinguish seven burning vehicles. Fortunately there are no injuries to lament. The police determined that the fire was deliberate, initially targeting one vehicle, then spread to six others.
In the night between last Thursday and Friday, eight vehicles had already been burned in different streets of the city. A police investigation was opened to try to identify the perpetrator (s) of these malicious acts.
ENEDIS van set on fire
Indymedia Nantes / Wednesday 17 October 2018
Re the fire of seven vehicles in rue Trémolières in the night of October 15 to 16 in Besançon.
In its paper edition of Wednesday, October 17, l’Est Républicain said: “the police established the voluntary nature of the fire, which initially targeted one vehicle but the flames spread to the other six vehicles”. Indeed, according to the testimony of a person living in the neighbourhood, the flames first ignited an Enedis van, then spread to other cars parked in the street.

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November 1, 2018
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Italy : Villa Vegan squat under eviction in Milan

Villa Vegan squat is under eviction! Days of resistance!
In recent days it has come rumor that they want to evict Villa Vegan Tuesday, October 30th.
We believe it is a trust information and we are determined to resist, so let’s make a call to all the people in solidarity reach us to prepare together resistance and mobilization against the eviction. It is welcome anyone who wants to support the place, who has crossed over the years, who has carried on the struggles that here have found complicity, all the comrades who they think that if they want to evict an anarchist space occupied by 20 years must cost him dear.
In all these years of occupation Villa Vegan has hosted comrades from all over the world, has given logistical support to many self-managed projects, especially those from the hardcore punk scene, and a lots of fights, including those of against prison system and in solidarity to prisoners, ecologists and for liberation animal, against racism and CIEs (renamed then CPR), transfeminist queer and against gender violence, antifascist; struggles that refuse relations with institutions and always in opposition to the capitalist system and the state.

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October 30, 2018
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UK : Bristol Tattoo Circus 3rd and 4th November 2018

Bristol Tattoo Circus 3rd + 4th November 2018
We are excited to say Bristol will be hosting it’s first ever Tattoo Circus this year! Open at 10 both days and stuff going on all day and till late.
What’s going down?
It will be a weekend full of tattoos from local and international artists and will be a chance to bring together folk from tattoo, DIY and anarchist circles. There will also be workshops on prison abolition, stalls, tasty snacks and music throughout the weekend. The principle of a Tattoo Circus is that it is a non-hierarchical, non-competitive and non-commercial event where nobody makes a profit. Everyone involved will be donating their time for free and all money raised will go to Bristol Anarchist Black Cross, a group focused on supporting prisoners and furthering campaigns for prison abolition.
History of the Tattoo Circus:
The first Tattoo Circus happened in Rome in 2007 as a solidarity event, to support the anti-prison struggle and to create a space where tattoo culture and political activism could merge. Since its birth 11 years ago, tattoo artists from all over Europe (Barcelona, London, Thessaloniki, Bern, Athens, Madrid, etc.) have come together to co-create events with the aim of supporting political struggle of various kinds and also celebrating tattoo and DIY culture.
More info and full program here:

October 30, 2018
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Two comrades are imprisoned in Poland

Actforfree received on 29.10.18


On 19 October our two comrades were arrested because of a court
sentence given to them for taking part in anarchist protest against
European Economic Congress (EEC) 2015 which was held in Katowice.
Our friends where sentenced to community services because of the crime
called “infringement of privacy”. They were protesting in empty
abandoned tenement house which was city property. They wanted to protest
against the inherent contradiction between empty property and
homelessness and to show injustice of savage capitalism.
Arrest is a consequence of avoiding these community services.
One of activists went to prison for 2 months till 15 of December. He
is kept in prison in Tarnowskie Góry (Silesian region). From the very
beginning he started hunger strike, because he doesn’t have possibility
to eat vegan food. Administration refused to pass him warm clothes. The
cell is not heated and he has no any jacket. According to official
rules, prison keeps 50% of all money income. Anyway, director of this
penal facility doesn’t allow him to use prison shop, or to buy food for
him during dates with visitors.
About the other detainee we have no information. Police didn’t want to
inform anybody about his situation, because of formal causes
(administration refuse to allow him date with relatives, because he
doesn’t remember the exact address of their place of residence). that is
why we don’t know the condition of his imprisonment

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October 30, 2018
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Italy, Montanaso Lombardo : CREA research centre greenhouses destroyed

In the night of October 2, thanks to a half moon that guided our steps discreetly without exposing us too much, we entered the properties of the CREA research centre of Montanaso Lombardo (LO). We smashed up the institute’s four large greenhouses, destroying almost all of the experimental plants inside them.
We are not surprised that the media have kept quiet about this, despite the serious damage to their research: in fact the CREA research centres are directly controlled by the government, which has every interest in hiding the actions that put a spoke in the wheels of its projects.
CREA is involved in sequencing and genetic engineering of plants and hyper-technological modernization of agriculture and livestock. Its latest research, funded by the government, is focusing on the development of the so-called GMOs 2.0.
We will not stand by passively and watch the umpteenth project of manipulating the living by annihilating spontaneity in the name of profit. Before leaving we wrote: “NO BIOTECH”, “NEITHER OLD NEW GMO”, “HAMBACH RESISTS” inside the greenhouses in huge letters. Solidarity with those who struggle in defence of the earth against industrial civilization. A complicit greeting to the comrades struck by the Scripta Manent and Panico operations.
Anarchists against the misery of the existent
Translated by Act for freedom now!
via: cna – 27 October 2018

October 30, 2018
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Comments Off on Italy : NOT JUST A MEETING. 2-3 October 2018. Singularity University Summit

Italy : NOT JUST A MEETING. 2-3 October 2018. Singularity University Summit

The “Singularity” is a metaphor taken from the physics of Ray Kuezweil, founder of the Singularity University, used to describe the technological process that will manage to combine human being with technology. That’s the reason why the Singularity University has the purpose of teaching the leaders how to apply modern exponential technologies to anthropological, social and ecologic changes required by the technological world.
This aim clearly succeeds in preparing the best transhumanist researchers and directors of the world since some of them merge with the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), one of the most important research universities of the world; with the DARPA, a governmental institution of the United States Department of Defense for the development of new technologies for military use; With Google, Microsoft and others…
The fact that the Singularity University locates in the Silicon Valley, in a plot of land owned by the NASA and the fact that Google is one of its best sponsors, is a further demonstration that its idea of the world is shared with who creates and maintains the conditions of the social ecological disaster we are facing. Then, they would like to find a solution to this disaster by putting a patch on it.
Oh, don’t worry! It seems like they have found the famous patch, it is an artificial and robotic patch. In fact, by using the technology they think they can face the so-called “great challenges of humanity”: the possibility of a happy future is guaranteed.

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October 28, 2018
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Comments Off on Pescara, Italy : 15th October 2011: solidarity is our weapon

Pescara, Italy : 15th October 2011: solidarity is our weapon

Last night these posters appeared in Pescara in solidarity with comrades investigated for devastation and loitering following the events of 15th October [2011, Rome], of Cremona and the Brenner.
Those who have comrades are never alone
Whoever remembers 15th October 2011 will also remember the atmosphere of that day. They will remember the rage, and the joy at sharing it with thousands of people. For that anger, which comrades turned against the State and its repressive political, economic, cultural and social politics, 15 people were sentenced, some for up to 9 years, mainly on charges of criminal damage and looting. Some were even imprisoned as a preventive measure: for example our friend and comrade Chucky, taken with force from his home to prison (State torture!), even before the trial and being sentenced; and Davide, who has been locked up in degrading conditions for 3 years and has decided to go on hunger strike against the charge of criminal damage and looting.

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October 28, 2018
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Paris, France – In the city night

In the night of 16th October at around 3am I set fire to 4 cars of the Mail Service parked in rue des Renaudes in the 17th arrondissement. It was sufficient to stick some pieces of firelighter through the radiator grille…
May those who have already tried to explain everything not be upset, but what pushed me that night was not so much the fact that some zealous post office employees snitched on sans-papiers to the police, as the daily work of the Post Office, an important and often neglected mechanism of society, the economy and state management.
Later I read that at the same time another angry being with incendiary desires was going through the streets of Nantes. It’s good to know that other people are attacking this world elsewhere, it’s encouraging and gives strength.
Solidarity with Krème, undergoing abuse by the screws in the prison of Meaux. Solidarity with the person locked up in Limoges following a fire on the gendarmerie. Solidarity with the anarchists who are holding their heads high in the face of the repression in Italy.
Fire and flames against this world of authority!
Translated  by act for freedom now!


October 28, 2018
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Comments Off on France : Kairos issue 6: against prisons and screws

France : Kairos issue 6: against prisons and screws

“For the State prison is a fundamental instrument to keep the recalcitrant, the rebels, uncontrollables and undesirables separate from society. It’s a form of punishment inflicted by the state of law but is also a way to keep under control anyone who refuses – out of choice or necessity – to respect the social pact that envisages the sanction of misery, exploitation and the consequent relations of oppression. […] Direct attack on what prison and authority represent allows us to feel alive, to create rebel complicities beyond the walls, to communicate through acts of flaming hostility against prison, its lackeys and collaborators (architects, various suppliers, builders, etc.) Each of these acts gives hope to our struggle to put an end to all prisons. So, to the attack!”
Kairos issue 6 – Against prisons and screws
Click to download Kairos issue 6
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!