January 22, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Do I need to start mass occupations reviews? second day of the trial in amfissa 22/1/10

“Ms Tsalikian outside off guard – because her mother is facing a serious health problem – will be Friday in the courtroom in


A witness will also be asked to submit the minor student whose hands Alexis died.
The testimony will be crucial as it was when the next shot.

Concern is the fact, according to family spokesman Andrew Constantine, that the presiding judge said that he would judge the

case only Tuesday and Friday.
Speaking at Newsit, said that thus the attendance of witnesses by the defense is difficult, impossible.

The same concern expressed by Ms Tsalikian which indicated that not such a serious trial to break into pieces as it must itself

be near her mother. “

The state continues to prurient in memory of Alexis, empaizontas parents and eliminating the last flakes dikaiosynis.Mipos to

react? Maybe occupations reviews across the country to think again on how to delay the decision.

January 21, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

We see the attack and the challenges of cops on protesters, the encirclement of the anarchist block, encircling the 4 protesters (one is fallen on the ground and beaten by riot cops

Also see that no eny riot cops they have number on or another cop lying in Amfissa bears the insignia of as the minister assured us PROPO.

January 21, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

photo from the school kids demo.

banner writes: The state murders: Insurrection and disobedience

They are children from both high-schools of the town.

More than 500 cops moved to Amfissa from other areas.

The anarchist demo (~200 strong) also passed outside Amfissa prisons chanting slogans in solidarity to people inside. There was a minor clash when cops attacked a person participating in the demo after cursing at the cops.

January 20, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

A brief outline of the solidarity in France with the Vincennes detention center prisoners in trial and against all sort of prisons vendredi 2 janvier 2009 On January 25th, 26th and 27th, ten former detainees of the Vincennes detention centre will be tried for a revolt. During the first semester of 2008, revolts repeatedly occured in the Vincennes detention centre, a place where undocumented foreigners are locked up pending their deportation. On June 21st, a detainee died for lack of care. The next day, the centre was burnt during a revolt. Later, a number of detainees were arrested and accused of arson and aggression against police officers. Most of them have been in preventiive jail for eight to twelve month. A solidarity week is set from January 16th to 24th. In solidarity to the rebellious of Vincennes retention center who pass in court on January 25, 26, 27th 2010, for burning their prison during a revolt in June 2008. Here is a very brief outline of solidarity actions, it is far from complete for translation reasons. – September 9th, Paris : Triple escape from Vincennes’ retention center. – September 19th, Paris : Two ATM of La Poste (public french bank that denounces sans-papiers to the pigs) are set on fire in solidarity with the revolt of Vincennes. – September 22th, Paris : 9th district’ Red Cross : all windows are smashed. inscriptions left : « deports sans-papiers », « smash the collabos » – November 5th, Paris : Bouygues windows are smashed in the 15th district. The inscription « builds prisons » is left. – November 5th, Paris : One van and a truck of ISS gets slashed tires. In solidarity with the struggle against the new retention center in steenoekerzel, Belgium, in wich ISS works. – November 14th, Paris : 10th district’ Red Cross : « Red Cross collabos » and « Fire to the retention centers » are painted on its outside surface. As well as the library of the french anarchist federation (wich made a flyer where they propose solutions to humanize prisons) with these inscriptions : « FA collabos », « Dirty traitors » and « FA wants to humanize prisons, let it burn with them ». – December 7th, Lyon : ATM and windows of a BNP bank are destroyed against the deportation machine. – December 9th, Paris:Banners hung, that denounce the BNP and La Poste banks, collaborating with the deportation machine. One could read : « Destruction of the Detention Centers », « Let’s sabotage the deportation machine », « Vive the fires of revolt », « these banks denounce the sans-papiers. Down to collaborators », « solidarity with the rebellious of Vincennes detention center ». AGAINST ALL PRISONS, DOWN TO ALL BORDERS. LIBERTY FOR ALL. – December 10th, Paris : A bulldozer of an Eiffage (prison builders) building site was set fire to. You can still see its charred carcass on the building site of the tram at the level of porte Saint Mandé in Paris. In solidarity with the prisoners in struggle here and elsewhere and with those accused of the torching of the retention centre in Vincennes. – December 12th, Paris : A walk in Belville, behind the banner “ Liberty for all, with or without papers“. About 30 people were sticking posters during the walk, in Beleville, Menilmontant, and Couronnes area. Some tags were also left there on banks windows : « denounce sans-papiers ». – December 16th, Paris : The architecture office of Alain Derbesse was attacked, in 14th district. Two hearth of fire were lighted. This office already built the Detention center of Vivonne, and le Havre. It also built the prison of Mans, a Police Central station, and renovated a law court building. – December 21th, Paris : According to corporate medias, the government’ immigration office has a large number of doors and windows smashed. The inscription « Fire to the retetion centers » was left. They also mention about an attack on the same office in Lille, in october. – December 22d, Grenoble : Bouygues shop’s windows broken and a tag left : “ Bouygues builds prisons“. This shop has been attacked several times. – December 23rd Paris : Walk, tags and posters in Barbes and Goutte d‘Or area. On banks that denounces the sans-papiers and other targets one could read : « Fire to all prisons ! », « La Poste denounces sans-papiers ! », « the BNP denounces sans-papiers to police », « cops are pigs » in front of the main police station of the area, « estate war= war on poor » on a real estate agency, and « cops, pigs, murderers » on a school in front of a police station in Goutte d‘Or, and more… Thousands of flyers and brochures were given to the passing people, and slogans shouted, as « liberty for all, with or without papers » and « cops, pigs, murders »… – January 1st, Paris : After midnight, fireworks and firecrackers were launched around the detention center of Villepinte and the detention center of Vincennes, accompanied with shouts « freedom ! », to greet the locked. P.-S.

January 20, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Amadeu Casellas: a life story of struggle Amadeu Casellas is a prisoner who has spent more than 25 years in jail due to his participation in dozens of bank robberies, helping with that money to the funding of worker’s struggles in the late 1970’s. None of his activities involved blood crimes. Amadeu has always been a committed and active person, participating in many actions, in the streets as well as in prisons. When he was 14, in 1973, working at a factory, he discovered anarchism. He believed in the armed struggle and in an essential revolution. In 1976 he robbed the Banco Mercantil de Manresa. During the next two and a half years he robbed more than 50 other banks. In 1979 he enters prison and is welcomed with a brutal beating. During all the time he has spent jailed, he has undertaken many hunger strikes and other types of protests, he has sewed his lips and has made countless denounces: about the prices inside prison, against the irregularities and exploitation of the inmates work, against the faking of blood analysis or penitentiary reports… All of this has caused him many “first grades” (isolation) and transfers from prison to prison, with the intention that he gave up. He has reported abuses to prisoners rights and of the entire prison system. Last year, after holding a 76 day hunger strike, Amadeu gained the compromise of the penal institution to enjoy permits that would allow him to get to the “third grade” (weekend permits, the possibility to work outside prison and just go there to sleep…) and a subsequent freedom. Such compromise was blatantly ignored by the institutions. Since july 15th, Amadeu is again on hunger strike. More than 85 days already. This particular hunger strike started after the repression he has suffered since he wrote some communiqués where he explained, with actual names, some facts related to the people in charge of the Catalonian prison system. Since july 2008, Amadeu has spent more then 200 hundred days in hunger strike! He has been in forced feeding: 3,5 litres a day since september 24th. His lawyers and family find it extremely difficult to talk to him. Many “prison workers” and jail unions have tried to sanction the lawyers. When he wants to smoke, the rest of the inmates of the penitentiary wing of the Terrassa Hospital are forced to go back to their rooms. As well as the hunger strike, Amadeu has felt forced to add a thirst strike so to be able to get visits from family and lawyers. That first thirst strike accomplished his intentions. Since Sunday October 4th, he has started another one because they’re trying to transfer him again to prison, because “his health has improved”. Some actions and demonstrations have taken place, in Spain as well as in other countries. We feel the need to ask for solidarity with this anarchist fighter. A call for decentralized actions has been made until he gets his third grade and leaves the hunger strike. It should be noted that Amadeu’s position depends solely on the Catalonian prison and political system, not of Spain’s. Anyway, actions, information and solidarity should be carried in any possible way. It might also help (as happened during last year’s hunger strike, along with many actions) to saturate this fax number and e-mail accounts with messages supporting Amadeu: 5th, blatantly ignored by the institutions. nd just go there to sleep…ding a 76 day hunger strike, Amadeu gained the compromise of the penal institution.-th the intention that he gave up.-hunger strikes and other types of protests, he has Fax number: (++34)932140179 You can send it with this program for free: http://www.myfax.com/free/ e-mail accounts: sindic@sindic.cat justicia@gencat.cat We should not leave Amadeu in the hands of the State. Adelante compeñeros, until the liberation of Amadeu and the demolition of their dirty prisons!

January 20, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

by @ 10:21 a.m., Wednesday, January 20, 2010
involving students from Amfissa currently refraining from doing their lessons. THEY ARE JOINING THE DEMO!

January 20, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

The defense lawyers requested suspension of proceedings until Friday. The court stopped to decide whether to grant the request.
Even the media say that the coaches have remained near Athens, at Distomo.
Someone knows something more?

Trial stopped
of. 9:41 a.m., Wednesday, January 20, 2010
The trial was adjourned until Friday. Good start …….

from the regime’s media by 9:48 a.m., Wednesday, January 20, 2010
The regime’s media said the trial has been postponed to Friday after a request by defense counsel because cops’ lawyer Korkonea Kuge is in Mytilene on another trial.

The demo is still taking place.

January 19, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Vassilis Palaiokostas nabbed after prison escape

GREECE’S most wanted man has been arrested and linked to the kidnapping of a prominent industrialist, prompting a double celebration for police.

Vassilis Palaiokostas was nabbed in northern Greece this week, two years after his audacious prison escape in a hijacked helicopter.

He has been unveiled as the mastermind behind the kidnapping of multi-millionaire businessman George Mylonas, a crime that has ultimately brought him undone.

“We arrested Greece’s most wanted fugitive last night. Evidence shows he is also involved in Greek businessman George Mylonas’s kidnapping,” a police official confirmed.

Police finally caught up with the escapee after raiding a house in Salonica in connection to the abduction of Mr Mylonas.

Three hooded men had snatched Mr Mylonas, 49, as he drove to his home in the same city in June.

He was released unharmed 13 days later, after his family paid a reported $19 million ransom.

Investigators tracked down his kidnappers after one of the men used traceable bills to buy a car.

The arrest has ended a remarkable chapter in the country’s criminal history.

Palaiokostas, 44, and his brother, Nikos, 47, are lifelong criminals with a penchant for armed robbery and extortion who are regarded as Robin Hood figures.

Helping to curry favour during years on the run, they had shared some of their ill-gotten gains with the poor.

In 2006, Vassilis Palaiokostas was languishing behind bars in the maximum-security Korydallos Prison, located outside Athens and home to 2000 of the country’s most dangerous prisoners.

He was serving a 25-year sentence for bank robbery and for kidnapping the owner of a factory that made halva, the Greek dessert.

The businessman in that case was released unharmed after the payment of a $2 million ransom, laying the foundations for Mr Mylonas’s kidnapping and a much larger payout.

In an episode ripped from the script of a Hollywood blockbuster, his brother and an accomplice hijacked a sight-seeing helicopter and forced the pilot to land inside the prison.

Vassilis and another inmate boarded the helicopter as his brother threw smoke grenades to provide cover. Confused guards initially believed they were undergoing a surprise inspection and then declined to fire a shot in anger.

“We cannot shoot down a helicopter flying over busy streets and houses,” one guard explained.

Under threat from a pistol and grenade, the terrified pilot dropped the group at a nearby cemetery, where witnesses saw them flee on waiting motorbikes.

Vassilis’s brother, Nikos, knew the prison inside out – he had broken out of Korydallos in 1990 and was still on the run 16 years later.

Nikos had originally been jailed for a series of bank robberies but was also charged in absentia with the same kidnapping as his brother.

He was captured soon after breaking his brother out of prison.

Police nabbed him after a dramatic car chase through the mountains of central Greece, and he is serving an 87-year sentence.

Although he had a stash of weapons on him when arrested, Nikos was no killer and had to be caught without the aid of informers, with a million-dollar reward going unclaimed.

Vassilis remained on the run until police investigating Mr Mylonas’s kidnapping hunted him down this week.

January 19, 2010
by actforfreedomnow


Finally, the Deputy Public
Prosecutor of the Supreme Court N. Pantelis had dismissed the mother’s 15 year-old student

Alexis Grigoropoulos, which called for a second time to be in Athens and not in Amfissa the trial of two special guards and B. S

Korkonea Saralioti to death son.

Buses Amfissa early tomorrow morning 20/01/10

Buses will leave the museum athens at 6: 00 and 7:00

Because we must be early in Amfissa, arrivals will be directly and on time
6975794205 and 6939401371 anarchist comrades from athens

Anyone who wants a must to book at the phone numbers appear on the poster
Two documents for the trial of Korkonea and Saralioti 20 January Amfissa

On January 20 will be in Amfissa the trial of the Guard and Epaminondas Korkonea Saralioti Claus. The special guards

charged with the death of the young Alexander Grigoropoulos on December 6, 2008 in the area of Exarchia.

As anarchists we do not care for the award of “justice” by the state will not require the agencies to impose penalties in other

organs. As in all cases ( ‘light’ or ‘heavy’ penalties) vindicated the statism.

Moreover, the case of “justice” in the hands of officials and the “discretion” (political expediency) of power. In this respect it

is also irrelevant to any outcome of any trial, if and when made.

We care about the political exploitation of the dead 16-year Grigoropoulos Alexander, nor the upcoming trial of two special

guards. These reasonable to leave in any authoritarian cliques, trying to benefit from such situations.

What interests us is that the result of this fact a part of society rose and clashed, sought and seek effective ways of freedom

and justice over the power structures or any substitutes. This, we believe that it is an essential step that denies democratic or

undemocratic practices and reasonable and can affect key authoritarian conditions. And this is another significant legacy to

the holistic path to anarchy.

Photo Courts – Square Amfissa

The square is just short of the courts. Let us mind that the city has only one outlet and is surrounded by mountains.

Since I happen to have descended from Tinh town, there are 2 landings which conclude and 2 stin main square and therefore the courts and a town with little or no rimotomia, with many up and down and generally a closed city. Since I have no contact with inexperienced cops, talk about 400 and wants attention because if you shut the world from the cops there will be no escape routes and generally will be so bad. Much attention to those who will go!

January 19, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Sunday, 17 January 2010

From Lisbon: Ola, Alfredo and Christos

Freedom to Alfredo M. Bonanno and Christos Stratigopoulos.
Solidarity with those who struggle against this world.

On the 11th of January posters in solidarity with Alfredo M. Bonanno and Christos Stratigopoulos were glued on the walls of a few banks, universities and a train station, in Lisbon.
Below is the translation of the poster:

“The world of misery and authority in which we live, of walls that try to stop us from running and the despicable places they force us to inhabit is, in itself, the attempted elimination of any possibility to breathe freely, of all real communication between people and of all solidarity that dares express itself outside and against the institutions.
There’s no need for justifications or endless lists of examples for us to act.
In the search for a life without limits, we attack and smile. We smile inside, knowing that we share desires this world has no words to describe, nor bars to contain.
Ola, Alfredo and Christos!

January 18, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Elijah Smith is still in jail 1 year on from his part in the decommissioning of the EDO/MBM/ITT factory in Brighton. EDO make parts for the weapons us


The trial will now be held on May 17th in the Brighton area

Matters are looking worse and worse for former British soldier Elijah who is still on remand after one year in gaol.

Yes that’s right – one year in prison without trial.

After the decommissioning case he will have another trial in September as his trial for the occupation of the Raytheon roof in Frenchay business Park is scheduled for September 2nd at Bristol crown court.

His trial for witness intimidation resulting from a minor comment made in court to EDO/MBM/ITT Managing Director Paul Hills is set to take place in August.

We believe that the witness intimidation charge is a malicious act by the state designed to keep Elijah in prison without trial for as long as possible so we are calling for his immediate release.

The committal hearing for the Raytheon roof was at the beginning of December 2009 and the trial is not likely to be that lengthy so why September?

There is no excuse for his continued incarceration as Elijah has an acceptable bail address and people who will stand surety for him.

Free Elijah Smith now

Please send letters of support to Elijah Smith VP7551, HMP Lewes, 1 Brighton Rd, Lewes BN7 1EA

January 17, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Sunday, 17 January 2010 Italy – Rosarno: the revolt of the slaves. Spartacus is back!

translated from cette semaine
16 January 2010

On January 9 and 10, hundreds of immigrants rose up in Rosarno, a little town in the south of Italy. After some were shot at with an air rifle, the insurgents, armed with sticks and stones, blocked the main roads by building barricades. From the centre of Rosarno, windows of shops and businesses were shattered, barricades were set alight and there were hard clashes with the police …and some of the local population demanding that ‘all blacks be expelled from Rosarno’. Some citizens used their cars to run down immigrants, others armed themselves with batons, axes and guns to quell the revolt. On the evening of January 10, police and citizens managed to chase the immigrants from the town. Over one thousand immigrants were transferred to detention centres to await expulsion, hundreds of others escaped from Rosarno on foot, by car or by train. All four thousand immigrants have been chased out of Rosarno.
In the south of Italy, especially in agriculture, tens of thousands of immigrants are exploited in conditions of slavery thanks to an alliance of mafias, local politicians, and businesses. Most of them sleep in abandoned factories, with no water, heating or electricity. Already there had been revolts, which were often repressed in blood by mafia mercenaries.
This leaflet was given out in Genoa:


The slave ceases to be such from the moment in which he tries to break his chains. At that moment, unconcerned about the consequences of his attempt dignity, desire, rage and a profound sentiment of injustice towards the the boss who forces him into slavery, comes forth once again in a liberatory manner.
The revolt of the slave is a supreme act, it is above everything an act of love of oneself and the whole of humanity. The revolt of the slave is hope and justice forged into weapons to become the concrete possibility of emancipation. It is quite simply the will for another life, possibly happy, that is affirming itself. The slaves of Rosarno have spoken. they have spoken through their acts and their rage. In the fires, the broken windows, in the uprooted road signs, in the beating of the police, hides the poetry of a lover.
Perhaps love without calculation, desperate love, love capable of being given, is something old. Just like slavery is an old thing. Perhaps that is precisely why today, those capable of understanding, of knowing how to read the poetry of the slaves of Rosarno, are few.
In this pathetic Italy, plunged into the fear of the ‘different’ and impregnated with hypocrisy, governed by vermin supported by even more imbecilic mobs corrupted by hatred and grown up in the mirage of accumulation and wealth, are today outraged. Outraged because of the violence, clandestine immigration, work conditions, insecurity and exasperation.
Well, shocked Sirs, honest Citizens, whether you are of the right or of the left, whether you are gooey with the treacle of Christianity or forged by the hammer blows of the Right, You are corpses.
Because only one ‘dead in spirit’ can debate a lover’s declaration of love in legal terms or inside the pages of a newspaper. Either you accept such a declaration, or you refuse it.
Those who accept the increasingly unbearable yoke of the State day after day, just like those who kiss the hands of the mafias when they strike, those who lick the ass of the boss – then grumble about the ones who are poorer or less fortunate – just like those who profit from other people’s misery; all such people will certainly refuse the advances of the immigrants of Rosarno. But these people aren’t worth talking to, they are not the ones that we want to talk to.
Those who will certainly know how to listen are the ‘libertines’, the spirits that still know how to desire, that still know the difference between surviving and living, between slavery and freedom. Who know that a thousand burnt cars are nothing compared to a man’s freedom and dignity.
Slavery consists of people and goods, businesses and relationships. It is possible thanks to a politic that is increasingly xenophobic and classist, supported by uniformed armies and mafiosi in white shirts.
The love of freedom consists of complicity and fantasy. The revolt of the African immigrants of Rosarno is a gift to all of us, now it is up to us to give something back.
Because nobody will ever be free until the last chain is broken.
Anarchists and libertarians of Genoa

January 17, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Sunday, 17 January 2010 Explosive attack on pylon near Santiago prison

Society possesses various sticks. The one used to kidnap different beings is prison, where solitude and sadness reign.
The maginificent panopticon has seen a small flash of light at very close quarters. We hope that it broke the routine and stole a few complicit smiles from those who find themselves locked up for trying to expropriate something of their existence, for not submitting to the torture of work, and that the screws felt it on their skins, which is as sensitive as that of any other.
The place, a high voltage pylon, one of the reflexes of power, so our enemy. The chains of authority can be found in every breath. Liberation must be total, both for the earth and animals, humans and non humans.
We attacked very close to the prison of Santiago with an explosive device composed of an extinctor full of black powder and a detonator consisting of sulphuric acid in a condom and crushed match heads. Prison is not just a great edifice that is holding our comrades Axel, Pablo, Matias, Cristian, Flora (a particularly big hug). Authority takes many forms, it is also in each one of the institutions of the State starting from the family, then school, the psychiatric clinics and why not, even yourself. You can be your own prison warder. And as if that wasn’t enough, they are building prisons for children.
Our brotherly love to every individual that takes a position against any kind of authority, from the most simple gesture. We are launching an appeal for the free association of individuals as the way to organise oneself in contrast to the relations imposed by society, reflected from the genesis of our lives. To the warriors arrested in Mexico, who localised and attacked the enemy, power, and with it civilisation. Abraham and Fermin, a fraternal and antiauthoritarian embrace. We salute every action of solidarity with the last hunger strike. The spaces of power contiue to be struck without fear or respect. To Diego, may your flight be eternal, brother. You have offered us another choice and, even if we can’t see your smile, we hear your scornful laughter. To your memory, wild Mauricio Morales.
Against all authority: revolt and insurrection.
For the destruction of power and civilisation.
For the destruction of the prisons of humans, animal and the earth.
Marco Camenish Insurrectional Brigade

January 17, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Saturday, 02 January 2010
Τ Major events in Greece for the year he left ..

Details month to month.

The resurgence of terrorism in “hits” from the beginning of the year and the signing of the emerging “sects

Revolutionaries”, the film (again) Paleokosta escape from prison, kidnapping Panagopoulos, chemicals against farmers in the

port are some the most important events in Greece this year leaving.O. .. August was destined to once again be printed as the

“black” month for our country, hundreds of thousands of acres of forest in NE Attica were ashes during the most devastating

fires in Attica.


Terrorists “bolting” police.
Murderous attack on 03:05 on 5 January accepts 21 years of police at the junction of Zaimi and Kountouriotou in

Exarchia.The police of MAT was with two other colleagues around the cages, when accepted barrage fire by unknown,

probably from kalaznikof.Point found more than 20 buds and reportedly, two weapons. . The police transported to the hospital,

subjected to prolonged surgery and ultimately escape danger, and responsibility for the attack to take notice of the

organization “Revolutionary Struggle”.

Kidnapping of owner Panagopoulos. The morning of January 19, the owner Pericles Panagopoulos left free by his kidnappers,

hours after the payment of ransom from their relatives in desert location, near the Castle Gujarat. According to a Police,

74chronos owner discovered accidentally by a passing patrol car bench, which the received. Police continue to investigate and

identify the abductors and arrives in early July in the wake of organized gang. . Brain of the coil and organizer of the

kidnapping are alleged prisoner Trikala prison for murder, protections and other offenses, while among those arrested is a

businessman who helped to make the money laundering of ransom, a negotiator and two people from Crete, a of which

hotelier. Ό All those arrested are Greek.

Farmers in the streets.Demonstrations by farmers begin the plain of Thessaly and Macedonia to protest the low prices of

products such as cotton, wheat, corn and milk. The Minister for Rural Development, Sotiris Hatzigakis, calls to avoid extreme

forms of protests and a few days later announced aid package totaling 500 million euros. Farmers, however, not satisfied by

the commitments of Ministers and the new block in Western Greece and Peloponnese, snap bypasses, avoiding however to

close the railway. In the game of protests by farmers and enter the Peloponnese, closing the Athens – Corinth. ΤThe

prolonged closure of roads connecting Greece with Bulgaria in Sofia concern, which complained to the Greek authorities.

Finally, after a dramatic background of consultation in late January that farmers decide to end the protests and blockades

from leaving.


• Premiere of the “sects”New serious incident within the Police. Three strangers, under the special guard, attacked at dawn

on February 3 against AT Korydallos, shooting and throwing a grenade. Fortunately the grenade did not explode, while the

shots no one was hurt. του 2007. Police officers are almost convinced that this terrorist attack as the weapon used by the

perpetrators was similar to that which was stolen by a special guard of the former President of the Supreme Court Romulus

Kedikoglou and used by the Police Department of completeness, in April 2007. The responsibility for the attack made by the

emerging organization “sects Revolutionaries.

• Escape Paleokosta. New cinematic escape by helicopter from the male prison Korydallos out at noon on February 22

Vassilis Palaiokostas and Alketas Riza who had escaped again by helicopter in June 2006. To escape flood gust followed, in

which slightly injured a guard. Besides the pilot, the helicopter were on a man and a woman, who, being present over Eleusis,

threatened the pilot with a knife and grenade, forcing him to fly over the prison Korydallos particularly over the third wing,

where received criminals. Shortly thereafter he landed a kilometer away from the toll AFIDNON and found in fields between

Polydendri and Kapandriti. Inmates and passengers of the helicopter escaped in a car and drive a black jeep.

. On April 14 the police made a large company in Alepochori, and estimated that there lies the Palaiokostas. Οι . The police

shoot the tires car which stopped and checked. The car loses control, leaves the road and parked while the driver managed to

Through the positioning of mobile phones left in the car after the chase Palaiokostas the Old National Road Athens, Thebes,

the police discovered in his hideout Alepochori Paleokosta, in which they find fake licenses, car registration and dress

materials and investigations are continuing in Geraneia to locate the runaway. Το The house had rented a woman with the

surname Fotiadou and is a former mayor of the region.

Finally, on November 16 arrested at a house in Ano Souli Secretary, wanted Alcetas Riza and his partner Sula. A few days

trial and led to prison.

• Το λιμάνι “πνίγεται” στα χημικά. • The port “drowned” in the chemical. Extensive use of chemicals by powerful groups of

MAT against producers from Crete to remain at the port and have blocked the surrounding streets.Farmers refuse to go to

the Ministry of Rural Development, and invite representatives of the parties to go to Piraeus.

. First arrived the president of PASOK, who-because of the tear – leaves soon after. The government asserts that it was used

as the chemical Papandreou was in the harbor area. The main opposition party featuring the image of “unacceptable” and

called for the resignation of the leadership of the Public Prosecutor and the Chief of Police

Two days later, farmers are leaving the port of Piraeus after having left the MAT, and promising to continue their protests in


Meanwhile, the blockade remains the bastion of farmers in the region, resulting in queues of vehicles waiting to cross the

border to and from Bulgaria to grow.


Student opens fire at school OAED. One dead and three seriously injured is the record of unprecedented by Greek standards

violence incident in school. Shortly before entering the room for the lesson, the student 19chronos School Employment Agency

in Petrou Ralli shoots classmate. Finally, the offender aftopyrovoleitai head wanting to end his life and some time later leaving

his last breath.

ΗThe attack with a weapon at school brings to light the issue of arms trafficking in Greece. Illustration, the first two months of

2009 in Athens seized 114 weapons and illegal possession of firearms increased by 66.4%, the only time in Athens has more

than 50,000 illegal weapons. Furthermore, it is estimated that in our country, handling more than 300 weapons spirals, with

arms and follow these rules of supply and demand. As for their introduction in Greece, Achilles heel, as estimated by the

prosecuting authorities are the Greek-Albanian border and the coast of southern Crete.


The “sects” murder in cold blood Officer of Terrorism. In the notice of the “sects Revolutionaries” take responsibility for

the assassination of yparchifylaka Nektarios Sava in Patissia. It appears from the ballistic examination of the buds of the two

nine millimeter weapons found at the murder, nine of t
he 24 bullets from a gun that was used by the terrorist organization to

strike against the police department Korydallos, and in the television station ALTER. The other balls dropped from a weapon

not used before.


The fiery nightmare returned to BA Attica. Destructive fire burns for three days the northeastern Attica turning hundreds of

homes to ashes, cars and thousands of acres of forest. According to the European Information System for Forest Fires, over

300,000 acres of forest land were ashes in three days in Greece, and to heal the wounds in the forests of Attica will take at

least 25 years, provided that they control the real estate aspirations.

The conclusion of the Fire blamed on at least one person. This 59chrono, which owns land near to where the landfill was sited

Grammatiko, from where he started the devastating fire.
On the other hand, the finding of the Inspector General of Public Administration Leandros Rakintzis finds tragic failures, non

-existent coordination and critical shortages of staff and resources. The Coordination of Fire had direct oversight of

operations, since it has satellite monitoring of fire and the information transmitted by radio and mobile phones. Moreover,

according to the findings, senior circumvent their immediate superiors, thus losing precious time while the leader of the Fire

Department had no idea of the fire 12 hours after the event.


Apartment – giafka in Halandri. Four people arrested by the Anti-terrorism during loading compartment – giafka, Street

March 25. According to the reports of the Police, the department found and seized an improvised explosive device clock,

complete and ready for operation, which was placed in a cooking pot. The mechanism is identical to that placed in the

apartment of Mr. Lucas Katseli in Kolonaki. Officers believe that this is the Tour “Conspiracy nuclei of Fire”, which is below

the Organization “Ambush – Armed Revolutionary Action.”

Disclosure in Euboea and Attica BA. καταστήματα. Heavy rainfall occurring in Evia, leading to separate homes from their

foundations literally, whole areas be buried beneath the mud and thousands of acres of cropland from flooding, and hundreds

of houses and shops. . Great is the destruction and water networks and columns of PPC.

Drama is the picture and North Attica, which apart from the tragic consequences of fires in August, and experiencing the

effects of flooding on the opposite Euboea. Residents of Oropou and Apostles Kalamos confront the coastal zone of tonnes of

mud, tree trunks, trash and even dead animals were washed from the opposite Eretria, due to the strong winds of up to 7

Beaufort. Οι κάτοικοι των περιοχών απευθύνουν έκκληση στις αρχές να αναλάβουν το γρηγορότερο δυνατό δράση

καθαρισμού των ακτών ενόψει και του χειμώνα, ώστε να μην προκληθούν μεγαλύτερες καταστροφές. Residents of areas

call the authorities to take action as soon as possible cleaning off the face of winter, so as not to cause greater damage.


New bloody attack on police. Even a well-organized plan by terrorists, this time against the Police Department Agia

Paraskevi. . Since the attack wounded six policemen (one cop, a probationary constable, four trainees special guards) are two

serious. Men of Terrorism collected from the scene of total ninety-nine balls and it came out that the weapons were used in

another attack. By notice of the “mouse” almost a month after the “Revolutionary Struggle” does not assume responsibility

for the armed attack on the AT, while denying any involvement in the attacks remain “orphan” and attributed by the police in

this organization.


• A time without Alexis. Lasted three days events to mark the one year after the loss of 15 year-old student Alexander

Grigoropoulos. . His family has committed an annual memorial service, residents of Exarchia held events at the junction of

Preveza and Messolongi and events culminating in massive rally in downtown Athens, and in other cities, during which there

were some incidents and fights. The most serious incident occurred when hooded occupied administration building at the

University of Athens, injuring the dean, Christos Kittas, and climbed on the roof of the building and took down after the Greek

flag, placed in the position of the flag of the anarchists.Police went to hundreds of arrests and adduction, the principal

resigned, while the invasion of hooded in the building caused the intervention of the Chief District Court Prosecutor I

Sakelakou, who ordered an urgent preliminary investigation carried out.

Finally, the Deputy Public Prosecutor of the Supreme Court N. Pantelis had dismissed the mother’s 15 year-old student

Alexis Grigoropoulos, which called for a second time to be in Athens and not in Amfissa the trial of two special guards and B. S

Korkonea Saralioti to death son.