May 4, 2010
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Riot breaks out in downtown Santa Cruz; windows broken on dozens of businesses, porch of cafe set on fire

May 2nd, 2010

SANTA CRUZ – A group of protesters demonstrating at a May Day rally for worker’s and immigrant rights downtown broke off into a riot vandalizing about a dozen businesses around 10:30 p.m. Saturday, police said.

Windows were left shattered and graffiti including anarchy signs were tagged onto buildings. The Rittenhouse Building, Urban Outfitters, Jamba Juice and Velvet Underground all had windows broken, according to Capt. Steve Clark.

Santa Cruz police asked for help from all agencies in the county to break up the riot. At one point, protesters lit a fire on the porch of Caffe Pergolesi and blocked access to firefighters, officers said. Police were able to clear out the demonstrators before more damage was caused.

A large rock sat outside Verizon Wireless on the 100 block of Cooper Street, where vandals tried to break the window twice, according to Clark.

“The damage that was caused was without purpose,” Clark said. “It was senseless violence that victimized a community who cannot afford to be victimized in this manner. This did nothing to add credit to whatever they believed their cause was.”

One person was arrested for damaging a window. Police are searching for others responsible for the damage. Protesters cleared the downtown area around midnight.

“Our entire team of investigators are processing the scene of violence for evidence,” Clark said. “We will be looking at video available to try to ID who’s responsible.”

May 4, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Vandals destroy downtown Asheville storefronts, car windows


May 4, 2010


ASHEVILLE — Most of those arrested for a rash of vandalism Saturday night in downtown Asheville listed addresses in Eastern North Carolina and out of state, according to arrest warrants.

Only two listed an Asheville address. At least five of the suspects appear to be students at colleges including UNC-Chapel Hill, UNC-Asheville, Alamance Community College and Goddard College in Plainfield, Vt. The suspects ages ranged from 17-26.

All but one of the 11 suspects arrested were each charged with seven counts of misdemeanor injury to personal property and three counts of injury to real property. Each was being held under $10,000 bond. One man was charged with 11 counts and had an $11,000 bond. All are scheduled to appear in court on the charges Monday morning.

Those charged include:
– Randall Duncan Stezer, 17, of Graham, N.C.
– Wyatt Sherman Allgeier, 19, of Mount Pleasant, N.C.
– Karen Leigh Alderser, 19, of Carrboro.
-Alissa Marie Batzold, 18, of Carrboro.
-Havely Carolyn Carsky, 23, of Meadow Lake Road, Asheville.
-Nicholas Ryan Entwistle, 19, of Kansas City, Mo.
-Naomi Rachel Ullian, 26, of West Chestnut St., Asheville.
-Marshall Rogers Tingler, 24, of Oklahoma City, Okla.
– Daniel Heinz Regenfcheit, 26, of Carrboro.
-Cailin Elizabth Major, 25, of Milwaukee, Wis.
-Jordan M. Ferrand-Sapsis, 24, of Oklahoma City, Okla.

About 10:45 p.m. Saturday, a group of between 20-30 people wearing dark clothing, some wearing masks and carrying backpacks, threw items, including newspaper boxes, through windows of several businesses along O’Henry Avenue. A front window of the Asheville Citizen-Times was shattered, as were multiple storefronts at the Grove Arcade. An ATM was smashed at the RBC on O’Henry.

Multiple cars parked on Battery Park had their windows smashed.

The violence is likely linked to the observance of May Day, a day for marking worker solidarity that has been seized upon for anti-capitalism displays of violence, especially by self-proclaimed anarchist groups in Europe.
Several in the group yelled unintelligably as they vandalized. The group walked south on O’Henry Avenue and turned left on Battery Park Avenue. Some walked through the alley beside the Citizen-Times, where several employees of the paper had rushed to ensure the safety of their cars.

Carmel’s chef Mary Scherger said she was having a shift drink at the Page Avenue restaurant when she saw the group smash out a window on a BMW parked along Battery Park Avenue.

“That’s when I yelled for my manager to come out,” she said.

Scherger said she saw some of them run toward Haywood Street and a few run up the stairwell from Wall Street parking garage ditching their garb as police moved in.
Scherger said she recalled a similar act of group vandalism last year, but the group did far less damage.

Diana Kostigen, of Hendersonville, was visiting downtown with a friend from Charlotte, whose car was damaged.

“I just feel really disappointed because it’s always felt like a really safe town,” she said

“With people coming from out of town, it might be their first experience in Asheville and they have this happen. It’s really heartbreaking to see that they might have damage to their car to such great extent.”

“I’ve never seen any kind of violence like this in Asheville at all. I’m very shocked, very disappointed, and feeling like I wouldn’t even want to come downtown after 9 o’clock.”

When asked if she might feel unsafe in downtown now, Kostigen said yes.

Christina Williams said she was with friends at Carmel’s when the cacophony of smashing glass, yelling and tumult erupted.

She watched as a bewildered man talked to a Police Department officer beside his seriously damaged car.

“Violence and cowardice,” Williams said, noting that several of the vandals removed their masks and black outer clothing and tossed it away after committing their crimes.

May 4, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>86 Arrested After May Day Demonstrations in Chile


May 2nd, 2010

SANTIAGO – At least 86 people were arrested in Chile on Saturday following demonstrations called by the CUT labor federation on International Workers’ Day, police said.

According to police Col. Miguel Angel Castro, his men had to use tear gas and a cistern truck to disperse a group of people bent on creating disturbances.

“During the event there were no great complications, but when it was over, a large group of people began to cover their faces to cause disorder, so we intervened and arrested 86 people,” he said.

Castro also said that before the ceremony began, seven people were arrested for carrying knives, another three for having Molotov cocktails and nine for drugs.

Though the event organizers had estimated a turnout of some 40,000 people, only about 8,000 attended the ceremony, according to police estimates.

International Workers’ Day was celebrated in a number of cities around Chile, though attendance was not massive and no incidents were reported.

Big May Day demonstrations were held across Latin America on Saturday.

May 4, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Double hit on banks in greece 2/4 Anarchists attacked emporiki and geniki bank in agios dimitrios area southern athens at 01.30 am. They set fire to

>Double hit on banks in greece 2/4

Anarchists attacked emporiki and geniki bank in agios dimitrios area southern athens at 01.30 am.
They set fire to bin and pushed into the entrance of emporiki bank. After that they went a few metres down towards the geniki

bank throwing molotof inside causing a fire.

In the communique they mention Giannis Dimitrakis and the three wanted comrades.
They also say how they blocked all streets leading to the area of attack and arrived and fled without any problems.




Double arson attack on banks in herakleio,crete. 2/4

The first one was against the agrotiki bank in the centre of the city. They broke the glass door and threw 3 bottles of gasoline

inside and set it on fire.
Then they went to national bank of greece and tryd to break the door,without succeding and set fire to the entrance.

May 4, 2010
by actforfreedomnow



A few days ago the application of A. Bonanno and Ch. Stratigopoulos for release was denied and it

was decided that they stay in jail for a another 6 months.
Especially in A. Bonanno’s case, the extension of his imprisonment was decided in spite of various

doctors pointing out (the prison doctor as well as outside doctors that examined him) his very

serious health situation.

Stop the physical extermination, Immediate release of A.Bonnano

Solidarity to Ch.Stratigopoulos

Freedom to all the inprisoned fighters

May 4, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Trial of Giannis Dimitrakis postponed


The court of appeals of Giannis Dimitrakis has just been postponed for the 6th of December, 2010.

A video from yesterday’s solidarity action in London:

Occupation of the Hellenic Centre in London


The Building of the Hellenic Centre in the heart of London was occupied earlier this afternoon. 2 banners were flying on the roof and the balcony of the building. The banners said: ‘Freedom to Dimitrakis and to all Anarchists’; the 2nd writes ‘Honour to Lambros Fountas’ ‘Freedom to the 6′, and the 3rd banner ‘Fire to the prisons! Freedom to Alfredo Bonanno and Christos Stratigopoulos!’

The 6 refers to the 6 anarchists arrested a few days ago accused by the cops of participating in the ‘Revolutionary Stuggle’; Lambros Fountas is the anarchist who was killed by the police in March and Giannis Dimitrakis is the anarchist who is in jail doing 35 years for a bank robbery. Today there was a call for international solidarity to Dimitrakis as his appeal trial starts tomorrow.

more info and photos! later in the day!

The passion for freedom is stronger than the prison!


Here are some chants to share:
“In Every City, In Every Town, Burn Their Prisons To The Ground!”
“They Can Take Our Lives Away, But Not Our Dignity! Our Hearts Will Pound Against The Walls, Until We Are All Free!”
“Prisoners Everywhere, Solidarity and Love! Against The Violence of Capital, Our Struggle Is One!”
“Maplehurst and Everywhere, Fire To The Prisons!”
“Milton To Greece, Fuck The Police!”

even if prisons were trasformed from human storerooms
into luxury hotels even if the prisoners of all prisons are
satisfied with ” reduced sentences” even if the everyday
betings of prisoners are replaced by sly agreements and
assimilated by correctional policies in accordance with the
” human rights” model, even if ”whit cells”turn ”pink”
and heroin gives way to methadone we will remain forever
enemies of every structure tht denies us our freedom.

Yannis Dimitrakis, Giorgos Voutsis-Vogiatzis, Polykarpos Georgiadis

T.K. 35010

May 3, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Explosive attacks in Saloniki (Greece)


May 1st, 2010

Gas canister explosions occurred in different parts of the northern Greek city. The two incidents occurred on the early hours of Monday 26/4 against the National Telecommunications Organization and a news agency truck in the west part of Thessaloníki. The following night a Eurobank branch was attacked in Kalamaria, a suburb on the east part of the city.

A communique was sent on Tuesday 27/4 to Athens.Indymedia:

“We all remember, with excessive hatred, from the days of the arrest of Y. Dimitrakis in 2006 the slander of him through the de-ideologication of the act he made. The overextension of the charges from authority, and the
TV-snitches slandering anything about him and other comrades from his close friends.

Through those 4 years, and even before, the persecutor tactics on such cases is always the same according, of course, to the characteristics of the “guilty” ones. Fact is confirmed that when happens to be an anarchist automatically your close environment is criminalized and, thus, the search for participators begins.

Declassification of phone conversations, collection of finger-prints on immobile and mobile objects in houses, arrest warrants, informers willing to give any information they know are some of the basic tools used.

These same ones we find in front of us these last weeks with the case of the 6 detained already comrades that are accused as members of Revolutionary Struggle. All this atmosphere helps the achievement of total and indiscriminatal control from the state’s side. Constraint and daily brainwash through the media has double aiming. On one side to “cover” its mechanisms actions and on the other to separate the resisting parts of
society in violent and non-violent -therefore excepted-, clearly because of fear. For us, seeing these actions of the sovereignty enrages us even more and pushes us even more quickly to search for actions that will bring us
even closer to the end of this rotten world.

We stand opposed to all authoritarian mechanisms and to all snitches that assist their task and we directly take the counter-offensive for now and forever. On the night of 25th of April in Thessaloníki we attacked with fire a news agency delivery truck of “Evropi (Europe)” company in the area of Evosmos and a branch of OTE (National Telecommunications Organization) in Stavroupoli. We continued the next night again with an arson attack on a Eurobank branch in Kalamaria.

Solidarity with Yannis Dimitrakis that passes the doors of the high court tomorrow 28/4 in Athens.

Freedom to all prisoners”

May 3, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>letter of solidarity from Yiannis Dimitrakis


In a society of deceit and hypocrisy, of backstabbing and betrayal; there where human relationships are molded on personal profit and exploitation, within the narrow limits of involuntary/obligatory choices, the scope of creating honest and sincere ties of social or political solidarity becomes constricted, suffocated. And if in many cases personal interest and vanity create a concrete mass in a common course between those in power, economic elites, political groups and other subgroups thus creating the illusion of a solid front, then in as many other cases it has been proven that when these same are confronted with pressuring and extremely negative conditions with the possibility of a total collapse approaching, the seeming powerful gluing element which created these cohesive bonds retreats in an instant, leaving behind a crowd of subhumans, each one looking to save themselves and not hesitating of handing over into the hands of the until lately common enemy their until recently political-social-economic partner.

For me now at my 32 years of age, with whatever experiences I have and whatever political consciousness and understanding I have developed, it is indisputable that since always one of the most precious and powerful weapons in the hands of people fighting against the world of the overlords, in expectance of a fair and free near future, was and will be solidarity. A solidarity which does not shrink in the face of repression but on the contrary unfolds decisively; which does not weep but attacks; which does not forget but honors with its memory.

And it is this solidarity I have tasted in the nearly 5 years I remain a captive of the state and that has to a great decree steeled me in all the difficult situations I have had to face and as an anarchist and as a prisoner. From the different events and demonstrations, the occupations of radio stations and the multitude of printed propaganda material to the arsonist and bombing actions against state and economic targets. From Greece to Spain, Germany, the UK to Argentina and Mexico the common ideas, values and visions have erected a web of solidarity under which I also have the joy of being.

To all those who have stood by me through all my years of imprisonment and who continue in whatever way they can to give me the strength and courage to stand proud against all kinds of state mechanisms, I feel that I owe a part of myself.

So I salute and would like to thank all those comrades who within the context of the local and international web of solidarity that is developing and strengthening continuously in the last years and that breaks through borders and boundaries, considered and deemed it is worth for them to risk even their own freedom in order to build an effective mound and a counterweight to the attacks and decisions taken against me by those in power.

Before the final rise of the sun that melts the darkness that embraces us all, the scattered fires emerging and shining more and more frequently from the most distant and unlikely places, illuminate the points and imperceptible routes drawn out by the universal rebellious conscience. My heart and soul cannot but be wholly with it.



With comradely greetings

Y. Dimitrakis

Domokos Prison


May 2, 2010
by actforfreedomnow


Updates will be posted here throughout the day

UPDATE #6, 17.40 GMT+2 The president of the Greek parliament, Apostolos Kaklamanis, found himself trapped between demonstrators who were booing him earlier on – he needed the intervention of riot police to run away in safety. Meanwhile, corporate media report at least 19 detentions and 10 arrests (i.e. people who are detained and now charged) today in Athens alone. A spontaneous solidarity gathering outside the police HQ on Alexandras Ave is underway at the moment, a few hundred are gathered.

Photos from today’s demonstration in Athens here and here – not uploading more on this thread to keep it compact.



Update #5, 14.30 GMT+2

In Athens, there are clashes outside the Polytechnic and riot police have descended at Exarcheia square. One demonstrator is reported seriously injured in the eye, hit by police batons.

Update #4, 14.00 GMT+2

The GSEE (trade union umbrella) concert has been interrupted by anarchists throwing red and black paint on stage. On Panepistimiou, many multinational stores have been trashed and there is now clashes with the police. A TV station van is on fire. Many detentions/ arrests, difficult to identify exactly how many, we’ll have a clearer picture in a bit.

Update #3, 13.35 GMT+2

The demonstration with the anarchist block in Athens has ended up at the Propylea on Panepistimiou Ave; there are currently clashes reported with the police, who are using tear-gas.

Update #2, 13.15 GMT+2

In Athens, the anarchist block numbers approx. 2,500 people. The leadersof the umbrella trade union (GSEE) have abandoned the demonstration, under constant booing by the demonstrators.

Update #1, 12.45 GMT+2

In Thessaloniki, there were skirmishes before the demonstration started – some cafeteria owners tried to stop people from handing out leaflets and were attacked by the demonstration block en mass. ATMs, banks and a local Vodafone store have already been attacked

May 2, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Two attacks carried out in the St.Pauls area – a smashing night for the Revolutionary 1st May.


u.k. bristol

Newfoundland Road Policestation attacked with rocks, several vehicles damaged.

Group 4 Security vehicles at Norfolk Avenue office attacked also with stones.

Solidarity with the fighters of ‘Revolutionary Struggle’ in Greece.

Solidarity with Giannis Dimitrakis, Alfredo Maria Bonanno, Christos Stratigopoulos, and all other prisoners in struggle.

Anarchist cells

May 1, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Angry news from Bulgaria – April 2010


02.04.2010 Unknown persons tried to set on fire a city council building in the city of Plovdiv in the middle of the night. The entrance door was severely burned.

06.04.2010 City of Kurdjali. Someone throw acid on a capitalist company car. Probably fired ex-workers from the same company.

08.04.2010 City of Dupnica. A man stole a police car right from the police station. Policemen started to chase him. The man crashed the police car and it exploded. The man escaped from the fire but he was arrested by the police.

15.04.2010 Small village of Kochan close to the border with Greece. There was a greek sewing company there. That night the owner of the company tried to load all the machines on trucks and move to another location (probably back to Greece). As workers heard this they came to the factory and occupied it. In previous months there was a lot of cases when foreign companies quit its work in Bulgaria, left the country and did not paid last salaries of its workers. This time this was not the case – workers occupied the factory until they received their money.

As we already mentioned in previous news in march a single woman managed to rob a bank in the city of Pleven. Unfortunately police managed to identify her on a security camera tape although she was disguised. They arrested her. It turns out that she is not a dangerous criminal neither a psychopath. She is an ordinary teacher. Now she can be sentenced up to 10 years in prison although this is her first “criminal act” and she has done it because of the misery (average salary of a teachers in Bulgaria is around 200 euro). But now she is the real people’s hero of the day!

April 30, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Free the Anarchist Dimitrakis – demo from Berlin also..


the leaflet discribing the demand


the leaflet discribing the demand
distributed in Berlin

also ..>

from the social struggles against IMF in Athens

April 30, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Wellcoming IMF in ATHENS , today SYNDAGMA square



an out of the blue , not program demo is ending with clashes with the Police this evening

an out of the blue , not program demo is ending with clashes with the Police this evening,

3 hours just after the publication of the IMF measures proposed (and accepted) to the Greek goverment of the socialist PASOK

April 30, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>nike adverts got fucked with in south london. 30/4


Today we took up Nike’s call to ‘claim your streets’ by vandalising 8 of their phonebox adverts in the south london area. We did it for a number of reasons and suggest that others take up the call.

we had an awesome time, improvising slogans and tactics as we went. give it a go!

See y’all on the streets tomorrow


some birds

April 30, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>alexis Grigoropoulos trial from the greek press 30/4


Exarchia attack athens 30/4

Vandals broke into the political office of Deputy Environment Minister Thanos Moraitis in Exarchia, central Athens, yesterday. The five assailants wore hoods and used hammers to cause extensive damage.

A court in Amfissa hearing the trial of two policemen implicated in the fatal shooting of teenager Alexis Grigoropoulos in December 2008 is unlikely to reach a verdict by June 6, by which date the officers will be eligible for release, as they will have reached the 18-month limit on being held in custody. Sources said that the court still has to hear from 15 witnesses, including forensic experts.

April 29, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Media propaganda: french people in Greece


    As usual, after or before a trial or the vote of a new law, the main press publishes analysis about the „anarcho-autonomes“ new theory. They also talk about „anarchists“ or „UltraLeft“, trying to define people with acts and books.
    This new definition of the revoltees mainly appeared after the first arrests under anti-terrorism accusation, in January 2008 ( see HERE).

And now, for the April 28th call in solidariy with the greek prisonner Giannis Dimitrakis, France info* published its ideas. We learn some „french anarchists“ travel in Greece to learn how to fight ( there, their Ultraleft homologous teach them the urban guerilla methods). And then we learn with astonishment that the DCRI (secret police for information and action) is now interested in these people. The excuse, of course, is the last demonstration in Poitiers**, in October. More than 300 people walked the streets by surprise, all full masked and disguised, using the excuse of a Carnabal at the same moment. That demonstration was an answer to a prisonners transfert to the new prison of Vivonne. The other excuse for this new watch, are the last attacks at ATM’s and banks, „these last months“. And press to add: „since then, police made out some UltraLeft activists (sic) often stay in Athens. During the house-search, they found some documents showing they stood in Greece“. Then we are offered a nice historical lesson about Exharchia, and december 2008 revolt. Of course, internet is one more time introduced as a plateform to spread violence: calls for the liberation of the 70 people arrested at the Exharchia razzia, and in solidarity with Giannis Dimitrakis. The article ends with a parallel on Tarnac case, explaining that durnig the first investigations, police didn‘t understand why the main suspect (Julien Coupat) has travelled in Thessalonique.

* The UltraLeft at the greek school, France info April 28th
** see article and pics HERE


April 28, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Uprising in Malmo


April 29th, 2010

Unrest erupted in the Malmö district of Rosengård on Wednesday evening with police forced to seal off the area before regaining control of the situation.

Some 20 police units, a total of 50 officers, were deployed to the troubled Malmö suburb to try to calm the situation as around 20 youths rampaged through the district leaving a spate of fires and vandalism.

“We have concluded that there were a total of five fires. A couple of cars, as well as a recycling station, were some of the things burning,” Peter Martinsson at Skåne police told the Dagens Nyheter daily.

Police were called to the area in the vicinity of Ramels väg in Rosengård at around 9pm on Wednesday. Residents of the area had become concerned over the gangs of young people and feared that fighting would break out.

Fire fighters were obliged to seek a police escort as they were subjected to stone throwing while battling to put out the fires in various parts of the district.

The police have confirmed that they considered the situation had been brought under control during Wednesday night and were able to withdraw their units.