November 28, 2009
by actforfreedomnow


The demostration began at at 7.10 and originally round to 700 people. The cops were off and the atmosphere was good. Along the way came in and another world, and grew even more. The route was Egnatia-Sofia-Tsimiski-Venizelos-Egnatia. Maybe my estimates are conservative.

We continue:

Tomorrow at 12 microphones in Kamara

Tuesday 1 / 12 18:00 power path Kamara

Τετάρτη 2 / 12 9:00 Trial Courts Thessaloniki

November 27, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Two major pathways, yesterday and day before yesterday in response to the eviction housing project in central Berlin

Continued wave of repression against the autonomous spaces in Berlin. The last ten days of heightened confrontation between the State and old occupations. On the pretext of some burning car last week, the police invaded without a warrant in housing projects of Limpigkstrase 14 and XB Limpigk (the words of the cops asked if the arrest was “going to deal with bureaucracy after) and the first building in danger eviction due to litigation with the owner.

On Tuesday, 600 police force carried out the eviction of the housing project Brounenstrase 183, which has sparked protests in the street number.

Course attended by over 1000 people were on Wednesday night, while an even greater progress was made this evening, attended by over 2000 people. The state fared in the center together with approximately equal number of policemen, who were skirmishers throughout the center. The state tried twice making chains to go to the house and blocked by police who threatened to disband. The police presence was particularly challenging following the new Trent repression by exhaustive psachtiri in concentration, armor, running on the side of the road, others to contemplate from scaffolding and vans to block the demonstrators in blocks with no way out, requiring the people to dissolve.

November 27, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

A gunman was in hospital after being shot by police following a stand-off in a supermarket.

Supermarket gunman shot by police Enlarge


Officers were called to Morrisons in Ten Perch Road, Canterbury, Kent at 8.40pm following reports of a man with a firearm.

A Kent Police spokeswoman said: “The offender sustained an injury to his arm which is not thought to be life threatening and was taken to hospital.

“No-one else was injured and the firearm was recovered at the scene.”

Sources said the man was seen waving the firearm about but did not threaten anyone.

It is believed he was shot by an officer after refusing to obey orders to put the weapon down.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission has been notified.

A spokeswoman said: “The IPCC was informed of the incident by Kent Police shortly after 9pm. Investigators will begin an initial assessment in to the circumstances of the shooting.”

November 26, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

by police in Russia within a week.

A Russian police officer beaten to death a man in St. Petersburg, Interfax news agency, the second such incident reported in a week and the last in a series of scandals involving the police.

The victim was hospitalized for two weeks after the attack, but died from his injuries, news agency citing an unnamed source of a security services of the city.

On Tuesday, 3 drunk police in Moscow arrested beaten to death because an immigrant. The lawyer Sergei Manitski died in prison on 16 November. His lawyers indicated that they illegally detained and he did not receive medical attention.

President Dmitry Medvedev ordered for an investigation after the case has caused great criticism.

Earlier this month, a young police officer from the port Novorossiysk on the Black Sea was fired when called via YouTube to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (by chance, a former Stasi colonel of the 80s) accusing senior officials of corruption.

Are increasing data on malpractice and corruption.

November 25, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

In the week leading up to the Olympic Torch Relay kick-off in Victoria, numerous people, who oppose the Olympics, were harassed by RCMP officers of the Vancouver 2010 Joint Intelligence Group (JIG) – an arm of Olympic Security. We believe that it is likely the 2010 JIG be moving with the Torch Relay and will use much of the same tactics as were used in Vancouver and Victoria to repress Torch Relay resistance across so-called Canada.

article followed by accounts of police visits, (scroll down)

Over the last year-and-a-half people have been visited by members of the Vancouver Integrated Security Unit, security overseers of the 2010 Games, at their homes, family homes, workplaces, or in the streets. Some people choose to file these visits with BC Civil Liberties, many more go undocumented. Our information comes from word of mouth and other written statements.
[Word of mouth continues to be the best form of communication. Speak up!]

In the week leading up to the October 30th 2009, Torch relay kick-off in Victoria, harassment by RCMP JIG members stepped up. From what we can name, 25 people were visited, and harassed with specific references to the Torch. The number of people visited is likely to be at least double. This is reminiscent of the 15 people in 48hrs, who were visited last June. (…).

The intended effects of their tactics are to intimidate, isolate and interfere. Obviously what they are capable of is not limited to what follows, and will likely change based on context, like with whom and where they are dealing.

In Vancouver and Victoria, the cops used intimidation and an attack on morale as the first line of defense. This strategy is often used to avoid open public use of force. By keeping the more objectionable repression out of the public eye, the appearances of democratic protest are maintained.

The intent to create isolation was shown during harassment, when the cops named off lists of other individuals that they said were ‘up to something.’ This is probably done for a number of reasons. One that we note, is to drive a wedge between people. This is meant to encourage people to separate themselves from the individuals that the cops are naming. Implied with associating with these individuals is the threat of surveillance and criminalization.

Interference in peoples personal lives was attempted through police visits to family and workplace. The cops, visiting a persons parents can cause friction and disruption in relationships and go beyond this by playing on parental concern to extract information. The cops are known to come to family homes and spout off lies. They have also revealed criminal records to unsuspecting parents.

These tactics are used to create reactions of fear and concern, potentially causing the parent to give information about their kids life over to the cops, with the idea that it is ‘for their own good.’ Secrets held back from family or friends, but known to police, can be used as leverage; eg. if your parent (etc..) already knows the information, the cops are dis-empowered. And for parents who haven’t had much contact with the police in their lives, they should be made aware that the cops lie as a rule and not an exception.

The best solution remains: do not talk to the cops! Not because you have something to hide, but because their primary interest is to defend property and those who have it, at the expense of the natural world and people who have little to call their own.

The strength of our resistance is social. That means it depends on the strength, solidarity and relationships of many of us who are fighting along similar lines and facing common enemies. From community organizers, to indigenous land defenders, anarchists, paramedics (who were pressured back to work by VANOC), and workers coerced into signing away their right to strike, let us strengthen bonds of solidarity, as this is our greatest tool in the struggle to live with dignity and without exploitation.


Vancouver/ Victoria, October 2009:
A Partial Overview of “Vancouver 2010 JIG” Harassment:


In East Vancouver, on October 28th, 2 days before a demonstration in Victoria, scheduled to coincide with the first leg of the Torch, someone was approached after leaving a house. He was on his way to a vehicle, when plain clothes RCMP officers called after him. He did not reply and continued to the vehicle. As they drew closer they began to yell at him, saying “Don’t even think about going to Victoria! We know what you are up to. We’ll be with you in a swarm the whole way there. If you do go to Victoria, don’t do anything illegal. And tell your anarchist-kid friends the same thing!”

After getting in the vehicle, RCMP followed him and a friend around for 20 minutes, disappearing then reappearing and waving, which suggests more than one cop vehicle was tailing the car.

Later that day, 2 individuals leaving another house were approached in a very similar manner while leaving another house in East Vancouver. This time police listed off names of other people and asked if these individuals knew what they were planning. Again the cops got no reply.


The next day, Thursday the 29th, three people were approached in East Vancouver by plainclothes cops, also outside a residence. The cops identified themselves as “elite intelligence officers” working on Olympic security and told the three they knew they were “heading to Victoria to protest the torch.” They offered the group a ride to the ferry and when the three were unresponsive and continued the cops told them they would be on the same boat and not to think about doing anything illegal, because they would be making arrests.

The officers continued to follow for about three blocks, until the people got on a bus, at which point they called out someone’s name. No one responded.

Once on the boat the three noticed the same 2 male cops aboard. One of the three, a young woman, approached people on the ferry sitting nearby and told them that the men were cops who’d been following her since she left home. She went up to the cops and told them to stop following her. It is at this point the cops allege she threw water on them. The cops cornered her. When a bystander approached and asked why police weren’t letting the woman go, a cop pushed the man and threatened to charge him with obstruction for getting in the way of his job. Apparently harassing young women is his job description.

Other ferry passengers began to gather around the situation. One bystander was filming on his cell phone and shouted, “This is Canadian civil liberties going down the drain.”

When people began to form bonds of solidarity with each other, it was the police in turn who were cornered. Telling the woman she was free to go, they arrested her later when she was alone in the streets of Victoria for “Assault Police.” Even with the legal, moral and physical backing of the State, cops remain liars and cowards.


An Anarchist in Victoria was visited by members of JIG at a house. They told him that they think he is intelligent, influential and they would like to work with him. They said they are worried if windows are broken during the demonstration, children may be injured. Emphasizing that they “…also think there are many negative aspects of the Olympics,” they offered to meet for coffee and discuss ways to solve them. And finally they said, “Anyways, you wouldn’t want to be beaten and arrested at the demo, would you?”

To which he replied, “How did you know where I am, and how do you know my name?”

“Hey, come on, we have you under surveillance,” they returned.

“If you know me so well,” he stated, “you know I’ll never talk to you.” And he shut the door.

The RCMP came to his door once more. When he opened it they told him they were very serious about wanting to talk to him and then pulled out a hundred dollar bill.

The door was immediately closed and locked.

Don’t they know it takes at least 150.00 to buy off an anarchist?

Although it might seem like a good idea to grab the bill before you slam the door, the cops could use this against you in a multitude of ways.


In Victoria, on Saturday, October 31st, the day after the demo, a group of people were sitting together on the beach. Shortly after some friends showed up, a man nearby began “taking pictures of the ocean,” positioning another man so he could believably take pictures in their direction.

Going on the gut feeling that this guy was a cop, about 10 people ran up the stairs to challenge them. Already the two men were walking away. The people caught up however, and demanded why they were taking photos of them and, to supply their ‘business cards.’ The men feigned ignorance and showed the digital photos to the group, revealing that indeed he had not (yet) taken photos of them. Shortly after, another friend showed up and confirmed that these were the cops who’d followed the group on the ferry and arrested a woman two days earlier.


The threats of the cops were mostly empty. There were no swarms of them following these people around Victoria. They obviously pretended to know more than they really do about their lives. And all the information they did flaunt is easily obtainable.

Let solidarity be our bond as we continue in our struggles and stand together against repression.

-Some vancouver anarchists

November 25, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Communique concerning this morning's arrest


This morning at 6:30 am,[1] the Anti-Terrorist Police (SDAT) allowed themselves to undertake a new arrest among those “close” to the indicted. Judge Fragnoli almost brought us to tears last week when he boasted in the pages of Liberation that he would proceed in this case with all the “humanity” of which he is capable. This morning he again once showed the finesse that we have come to recognize in him: 15 wise-asses from the SDAT to break down the door and aim their weapons at two children, 4 and 6 years old, in their beds. All that just to question someone who had already been arrested on 11 November 2008, based upon the most fantastic elements of the case, which they have had in their possession from the very first day.

Obviously we understand what is at work here. While the two central elements in their accusations, namely the fabrications concerning Julien and Yildune and the witness “X,” have largely been sewpt away by recent revelations, the sad clowns continue their flight ahead, using pretexts that are always more laughable to create a diversion. One notes that it was in fact Judge Fragnoli himself who declared to the journalists that he would not make a reconstruction of the so-called night of sabotage. Thus, he definitively seems to what to cover up what each day a little more seems to have been fakes created by the SDAT. We wish him good luck; he’ll need it.

November 25, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Thessaloniki, Greece

– An anarchist group has claimed responsibility for two small bomb attacks on sex shops over the past week in Greece’s northern port city of Thessaloniki that caused no injuries.

A group of self-identified anarchists said the blasts were aimed at drawing attention to the sex industry’s role in capitalist power structures. It posted the claim online on Thursday.

Greek anarchists frequently target symbols of wealth and state power in overnight arson attacks, but this is the first known case of an attack on sex shops.
[Politics is not a sex shop]

It comes at a time when the country has seen a spike in anarchist and far left violence, following last December’s fatal police shooting of a teenager. – Sapa-AP

November 25, 2009
by actforfreedomnow


Projepst Russia: Three drunk police beat to death a young migrant from the southern Caucasus and travmatisan serious one another in street Moschas.Opos Interfax news agency reported that police met the two men who came from Abkhazia, late last night in a canteen and breaches. The officers were off duty and were arrested hours after the incident and expelled from the body with the supervisor. “It’s another indication that there must be reforms within the Russian police,” said human rights activist Lev Ponomariof.

November 25, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Ruthless gang of police. Dealers drug-rapists-murderers-torturers.

Events (example) that just last month saw the light of day with great difficulty ..

Drugs Trade

Police who served in Lesvos was arrested and convicted for drug trafficking now .. (source)

Special guard after attempts by epaneleimenes drugs was arrested and released finally arrested in Germany … with a large quantity of cocaine. Expected to follow the action-conforming side of the Greek principles used and the Christoforako … .. (source)


Police (retired) raped a young girl who had serious health problems … (source)


Yparchifylakas in Korydallos murdered in cold man who until that time enjoyed together .. (source)


Police accused of AT Panteleimon that tortured young refugee in front of just 2 years old son … (source)


In the above situation is not included the hundreds of orders safety actions in public, protesters or not that creep in detention centers, opening files, tortured, publicly humiliate, etc.IN GREECE!

November 25, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Explosion at house of M. Androulakis (13/11)

Improvised explosive device exploded today at 14:02 at the entrance of the house of a Member of PASOK Mimis Androulakis (in flats) in Greek Street in Karea Patrioton 1. This follows a warning call to 112 OTE in 13:47. Unknown said he was going to explode a bomb in twenty minutes. The explosion, however, occurred at 14.01 ie, six minutes earlier than the specified time of the call. Since the explosion caused minor material damage on the front of the building and there were no reports of injuries. So far no organization has claimed responsibility for the attack. greece athens.

November 24, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

(anarchist solidarity, revolutionary solidarity, or what ewer you choose to name it)

To start talking about my point of view on solidarity maybe is the best to say what i consider, and also what i don’t consider to be an act of solidarity. In text that follows are just some of my chaotic thoughts laid down on paper, and it should be seen like that, and not as a recipe that should be followed. I would like to see it as a starting point for discussion, and beside all, one of the main motives for writing this is a need to discuss on this topic with comrades.
For me solidarity is an act of mutual help between friends, comrades, or simply, people who (maybe don’t even know each other in person, but) share the same affinities, act of help or support when there is need for this, and this act can be expressed in many different ways.
While practicing acts of solidarity with my friends and comrades, and also being in situation while others shown their solidarity to me, I was able to experience the joy of breaking the walls that are dividing me from other comrades (no matter are they my friends, or simply people I share the same affinities with), but it also opened new questions.
While doing this, am I actually helping someone (because it is not so hard to make a wrong move and instead of help, to do absolutely contrary), and how to make my help more efficient?
Solidarity is a weapon.
There are few reasons why i see solidarity as a weapon.
First of all, it is exactly what is not expected from us to do by authority. By the system rules and capitalist reality, which impose on us domestication and alienation, we are supposed to be passive observers of our own misery. Just another brick in the walls which divide us and make impossible to develop real honest relations between each other. By practicing solidarity, we take another step into nonconformity and we directly attack this rules imposed on us, and doing so we break the walls that divide us. Let’s not fool ourselves, these walls are manny, some of them obvious, but there are still so many things we should take in case, because we are all affected by our surrounding…

Also solidarizing with other comrades, be with comrades in clutches of state repression, or with comrades working on some project, we help them to make their struggle possible or more efficient. While trapped in dungeons of state, they can continue maybe some of their activities, or find another ways of struggle from inside, but without help from outside, I’m afraid it’s not possible. Comrades working on some project very often depend on financial limitation or the infrastructure that is available to them, so helping them with raising money, or simply giving them space or infrastructure to use, helps them not to lose too much energy and time, so they can concentrate more on the project. It also helps them not to abandon idea while feeling weak, or without help from other comrades they would not be able to carry on the project.
Since I live in surrounding where struggle for mere existence is activity which takes the most of people’s energy, and where infrastructure is not available if you are not highly privileged, (which is reflecting on the number of active people) so there is no much space for activities which attack the existing order and rules imposed by the system, i can notice a need for solidarity, and i can say for sure that without communication and support from comrades which are in “better” position i would be forced to stop with most of my activities. This simple and honest communication, and support of comrades which recognized the need for this, not only helped me in technical way, to be able to carry on the projects i’m involved in, but it gave me additional motivation and energy, which is needed (believe me) when you live in narrow-minded surrounding, where there is only few people which you can count on, (or discuss with, to arm your desires, and articulate your believes and needs) where you are openly endangered not only by repression of authority servants, but also by other political enemies, like nazis or other fascists by who you are outnumbered, in danger just because of the way you look, and especially your political (anti political) engagement.
This kind of reality is most common in east european countries where anarchist activities and mere existence of idea itself barely survives, and its survival in many cases depends on communication and mutual support (solidarity) between comrades very often placed in big distance.
Also this kind of reality brings something which i certainly do not consider as solidarity, demonstrated by so called comrades.
As eastern europe is often destination of many travelers, many of them from western european countries and US, canada, where the “movement” is much more “developed” and bigger, and some concrete signs of its existence are visible on every day basis.
From my experience, most of this people come with the attitude “we know it’s so” and they act and behave according to that attitude. That is something which i absolutely don’t see as solidarity, even though many are trying to name it so.
“We have come to show you how things should be done…” without trying to understand the situation of the surrounding, (they are visiting at the moment) and which is for sure much different from the one they are coming from, where they have gain their experience. This kind of approach is not just stupid and naive as it seems at first look. This is pure expression of racism, cause the same idea is taught in school, that people from economically developed countries worth more because of their education and better living standard, and that they should be in mission to “help” those less developed.
No, we don’t need an anarchist experts, anarchist organizers, anarchist missionaries… , we need comrades and friends with who we can act together, discuss, and learn from each other, and we can help each other if it’s needed and possible, but this relations must be free from any kind of hierarchy, and false morality. It has to be spontaneous and based on mutual understanding…

Very often solidarity is expressed in situations like imprisonment of comrades, or threats of evictions of the squats, or other forms of repression imposed by authority.
Should we wait this things to happen to start to solidarize each other? To improve solidarity as a weapon we should not let ourselves to be timed and guided by actions of the authority, this is something that will constantly keep us behind. For sure i do not mean that those affected by dirty hands of repression apparatus (demonstrated in any way) should be forgotten at any moment.
To end my observation i will quote italian comrades “Il silverstre” who explained this very well in their periodical “Terra Selvegia”: Repressive plans brought about by the Italian government against anarchists aim not only at stopping the many acts of sabotage that are continuously carried out all over the country, but they are also and mainly aimed at destroying any internal enemy of the State and securing a long period of social peace.
Article 270bis is the most effective means they have to achieve this goal. Moreover repression, besides striking hard, is also taking a series of preventive measures.
The mega investigation used by judge Marini is now split into a great number of small investigations resulting in preventive arrests, closure of anarchist places, etc. It is no longer a question of 270bis, but of a great number of
smaller investigations conducted in many towns, which are apparently different from one another but actually come from the same source and have only one goal, to inflict the
greatest possible damage on the anarchist struggle.
To consider the question of article 270bis as a
unique repressive project, however, would represent a partial and quite dangerous approach. In fact, if we remain stuck to a defensive strategy, we would risk running behind repression and i
nevitably remaining behind it. Furthermore, to focus all our energy on anti-repressive campaigns would result in neglecting the struggle. This does not mean to
forget the solidarity towards those hit by repression. It means, on the contrary, that when a squat is closed down or a paper is persecuted, instead of organising gatherings
among anarchists, we should try to conquer that squat back and to support that paper.
Solidarity is a weapon, not a shield behind which to hide oneself.

November 24, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Explosive device exploded at 2.58 yesterday afternoon outside a branch of Spanish bank BBVA on Avenida Cuarto Centenario, in the suburb of Las short of Santiago. Windows and destroyed a column of the building. the time of the explosion there are people around the point so no one was hurt.
. Leaflets found with anarchist symbols. Among other states: “Freedom to all prisoners of the Chilean state. Against the state and capitalism. The fire of the insurgency strengthens!

According to cops, the improvised device containing a fire extinguisher and electrical circuit.

November 24, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Police arresting people "just for the DNA"

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain has built the world’s biggest DNA database without proper political debate and police routinely arrest people just to get their DNA profiles onto the system, the genetics watchdog said in a report on Tuesday.

The Human Genetics Commission, which advises the government on the social, legal and ethical aspects of genetics, called for a review of the database and said new laws must be passed to govern its use.

In a damning report, the commission said “function creep” had transformed the system from a DNA store for offenders into a database of suspects.

More than three-quarters of young black men aged between 18 and 35 are on the system, the report said.

Set up in 1995, the database contains the DNA profiles of five million citizens, eight percent of the population, making it the world’s biggest in proportion to population size.

“Parliament has never formally debated the establishment of the National DNA Database and safeguards around it,” commission chairman Professor Jonathan Montgomery said in a statement.

“It has developed through amendments to laws designed to regulate the taking of fingerprints and physical evidence before DNA profiling was developed.

“It is not clear how far holding DNA profiles on a central database improves police investigations.”

The report quoted an unidentified retired senior police officer as saying that “it is now the norm to arrest offenders for everything” in order to obtain a DNA sample.


A Home Office spokesman said the database was a “vital crime-fighting tool” that had linked more than 410,000 crime scenes with a DNA match and a possible lead to an offender between 1998 and March 2009.

“Research shows no clear link between the level of offence for which an individual is arrested and the seriousness of any subsequent offence with which they may be associated,” the spokesman said. No one from the Association of Chief Police Officers could immediately be reached for comment.

Opposition politicians and human rights groups said the report provided further evidence that Britain is becoming a “surveillance society,” where people’s personal details are stored and their movements constantly monitored.

Conservative Home Office spokesman James Brokenshire said Gordon Brown’s government had allowed the DNA database to grow “for the sake of it, regardless of guilt or innocence.”

“Under Labour’s surveillance state, everyone is treated as a potential suspect,” he said.

The report recommended that parliament pass new laws that clearly outline the powers of the police and the DNA database.

An independent panel should be set up to review the evidence on who has given DNA samples and why. The type of offences which require suspects to give a sample must also be reviewed.

Police in England and Wales can take and store the DNA of anyone arrested for a recordable offence, a category that includes all but minor crimes.