November 23, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Letter by the imprisoned comrade P. Masouras (accused for participation in the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.)

On Wednesday September 23 and at 8.15 as I was leaving my house in Galatsi on my way to the gym, I was arrested by 25 persons of the anti-terrorist squad.

In a matter of seconds I found myself on the sidewalk, hands cuffed behind my back, while at the same time they were informing their senior officers that “everything went well” and that they “have me”. I was taken to the 12th floor of Police Headquarters (note: anti-terrorist division). The next day I am informed that at the same time with me another two friends of mine have also been arrested.

In the meantime the show has already started. Without any sleep for 48 hours and physically exhausted, with my face to the wall and then a long questionnaire following, while at the same time some police officer goes from office to office announcing in a delirium of pleasure that what is happening is called war.

After that comes the interest for my career, the friendly chat, the bravado and the humane approach to the misguided youth that followed the wrong path in his life while they self appointed themselves to straighten me out and to make me see reason, not for them as they said but for my own good, to help myself, speaking to them about situations and persons that I know nothing about. Later I was informed from an officer that I was the stupid asshole of the 12th floor because the others as he said had “snitched on me” and “cleared themselves” and that if I didn’t speak I would go down for things other people have done, so I was yet again called upon to answer about situations unknown to me.

The guard shifts started: “good” cops with a sensitive touch and childhood traumas, as they said, that recognized injustice and wanted to help. On the other hand the “tough” commandos wearing full-face masks, “stern” appliers of the law and representatives of morality, acting in an absolute way leading to physical and mental exhaustion, as a means of revenge as they said because “I kept my mouth shut”.

That I refuse the charges against me does not mean that I would ever refuse my political “identity” and “origin”. I would never hide my dignity under the carpet of incarceration, overlooking the fact that I am a political entity which also takes its position against the values and institutions of this society by the means of critical revolutionary thought and practice. I am an anarchist and I am on the side of revolution and at the same time of myself.

The reason why at the present my two friends and I find ourselves in prison is crystal clear. Even the most naïve mind can perceive that fixed situations due to the elections play a role in the present condition, situations moving in the service of political and communication interests.

The hyperbole surrounding the situation, the armed to the teeth EKAM escorts (note: Special Forces Police) and the role of those despicable snitches the journalists in combination with the political condition of these days was enough to create a feeling of order and safety to the average Greek in face of the elections, so he can move sleepwalking in the role of the active citizen towards the voting poll in order to deposit yet again in someone else’s hands his share of responsibilities for his being. It is well known nowadays that public opinion has no opinion, so someone has to take on the role of shaping it. The tone of these days was mostly set by the lowlifes of the media and their all-devouring thirst for “maniacs in Galatsi” and “monsters in Chalandri”, for serial bombers who have ties with “renown” revolutionary organizations from which they take orders to accomplish missions. About guns and bullets found at my house until money that was suddenly a product of robberies because it was well hidden-next time I’ ll leave it outside the front door.

Society is not divided into classes but only into choices and consciousnesses. So let as learn from pain and pleasure, from blood and the street. We were born to exist as a whole in our inapprehensible uniqueness, inapprehensible because we can stand the pain, unpredictable because we were taught on the streets, ruthless because we will move against everyone, because we will learn to meticulously tie steel on our skin and paint the cement with revolutionary blood.

We execute morality as a prologue for destruction, we whisper with rage biting the words: WAR ATTACK because there is only beauty and strength, but some cowards in order to balance came up with justice.

Wherever there are barbed wires, let there be bloodied hands that rip them apart, wherever there is cement let there be cries full of rage that tears it down, wherever there are bars let there be souls like corrosives that destroy them, wherever we are buried alive let us bury with us morality.

We owe it to ourselves to bite on our shackles even if it is that we die biting. Because we are nothing more then our own choices.

For honour, dignity, revolution.



Panayiotis Masouras

Avlona Prisons


November 23, 2009
by actforfreedomnow


Translators’ note: The interview below was published in an Athens paper today (November 1st). It contains some very powerful words by a comrade who has managed to deal with the barbarity of incarceration with endless dignity, sobriety and the will to keep fighting. Our warmest greetings to Yiannis Dimitrakis and all other victims of the incarceration machine: until all are free, none of us truly is.

The journalist’s introduction:

For the police, he is a member of the gang of the “robbers in black”. He was arrested during a bank robbery and convicted to a 25-year sentence. A few days ago, the Ministry for Citizen Protection set a price of 600,000 euros on the heads of the rest of the gang, at the same time arguing that they are not only robbers but also members of terrorist groups.

Yiannis Dimitrakis, an anarchist, speaks for the first time from the prison of Domokos where he is incarcerated. He talks about his comrades on the run, the recent attack on the police station of Ayia Paraskeui in Athens, the group “Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire”, while he also responds to the minister for Citizen Protection, Michalis Chrysohoidis, who recently declared: “we are at war”.

During the bank robbery of January 17th, 2006, where you were arrested, another three people (Simos and Marios Seisidis and Grigoris Tsironis) got away – and a few days ago, these three had a prize of 600,000 put on their heads by the minister of Citizen Protection, Mr. Chrysohoidis. Do you believe that anyone will step forward to supply information

Indeed, the police force, some squalid hack writers and some permanent guests of TV shows together with the minister of Public Order (and not of “Citizen Protection”, the government’s new name of preference for it) have set up an ideal scene for would-be scalp hunters. It is also a fact that the administrators of political authority would always try to form within society a mentality for informants and people snitching upon one another – sometimes with threats, other times with all sorts of rewards.

Luckily, the consciousness-bearing greek society (that is, the one that recognises the cause for all her troubles in the face of the government terrorists or the financial elites and not in the face of three wanted anarchists), has historically resisted such practices and this, I believe, will happen this time around as well.

However, because there are and will also be aspiring Inspector Clouseau’s and ingenious Agatha Christie’s, I would like to tell them that many have fell in love with informing but no-one has ever loved the informant.

Do you believe that their arrest is near?

That I do not know and I wish that it never happens. What I do know is that if they do get arrested the unemployed are not going to find a job; salaries will not increase nor, finally, will anyone who struggles from dawn to dusk (running around like a slave between one, two and even three jobs) see anything change in their lives.

Do you believe they will surrender without a fight?

I believe that a “fight” in its narrow definition, that is, an exchange of bullet rounds, will not take place. Because they will never get arrested. I know and I am sure that they fight everyday to remain free. Why, you see, humans love freedom.

What would you do if you were in their position?

I would do exactly the same. I would also avoid my arrest, which given our situation would translate into my most certain conviction for the offence committed on January 16, 2006 – that is, when the robbery of the National Bank in Athens took place.

What kind of message would you send them from prison?

They already know they have my friendship and my love. So, I would tell them something that Nikos Kazantzakis once said: “I feel as if we are banging our heads against iron bars. Many heads are going to be smashed, but one day the iron bars will be smashed, too”.

In your opinion what purpose is served by putting a price on their head?

I believe that the move to put a price on their head is part of the public relations planning of the ministry of Public Order, to contribute to the image put forward by the government: that it delivers. Unfortunately, this plan directly involves militarisation, with many units of police in Exarcheia and also with the raking up of past cases of armed struggle, as the minister himself said – which then leads to putting a price on the three comrades’ heads.

Do not forget that the evidence they provide for their involvement in urban guerilla groups is no more than media items that have themselves been circulating via “leaks” from the police headquarters to certain newspapers during the past six months. For me all this is a communication trick and maybe the setting up of an excuse for the operational inability of the police to find people involved in dynamic actions. Remember this: in the future we might even hear excuses such as “if we cannot even find the fugitives, who are definitely terrorists, how are we supposed to clear up the imbroglio of armed struggle?”

So you want to say that the government creates terrorists…

That is the only thing that is certain. They have been doing it for years now. That is the standard tactic of the government, with its only aim being to prove it can deliver.

Do you consider the recent terrorist attack against the Police Station of Ayia Paraskeui as a response to putting a price on the heads of the three wanted anarchists?

Those who did this are the most fit to answer your question with a communique. My own opinion is invalid. You are better off asking some of your co-journalists, who not only seem to know everything, they also seem to know very well how to judge and convict. They have become judges, prosecutors and attorney generals at once.

There is information leaked out from the police that yourself and your alleged accomplices are not simple robbers, but you also participate in terrorist groups. What do you have to say to that?

Look: The only things we have not been accused of through these infamous “leaks” is drug dealing, trafficking, rape of minor girls and worshipping the devil. I know that many creative minds in the police headquarters are aroused with the combination of all these and I would honestly like to apologise to disappoint them by telling them these kind of things only happen in the Hollywood films they watch and the books they read.

According to the police you belong to the gang of the “robbers in black”. What is your response?

The “robbers in black” is an unfortunate and imaginative journalistic or police description that has no real base and that keeps being used by the media despite the fact that in the trial that took place it collapsed entirely. This, in the same way that even today they attribute to me seven robberies even though they know I have been acquired for six and talk of unbelievable sums I am supposed to have in my possession, even though the court acknowledged the money belonged to the anarchist scene.

All this, finally, at the time when they know that they spectacular scuffle they describe never took place and especially concerning the three friends and comrades for which they have issued arrest warrants with evidence that in my eyes seems ridiculous.

And in any case, we should say something else that derives from common sense: CCTV in banks is usually of older technology and only records two colours, black and white. Robbers, you might know, tend to go to banks dressed in dark clothing, especially during the winter – they tend to avoid the appearance of a folk singer in a live club, for example.

You justified your participation in the robbery where you were arrested by talking of an act of “expropriation”: What is the difference between an expropriation and a common robbery?

The difference is made by the subject of the action, even if for me the two terms are as detached as politicians are from real life. For a person to name their action “expropriation” they need nothing more than to pass over from their natural reaction against the conditions they are faced with, to the conscious revolutionary position: which is no other than the struggle against the powerful of this world. The difference is signified by the subject of the action.

The bank that you robbed was later targeted with consecutive arson attacks and was eventually forced to close. What this a revenge that some took in your name?

First of all, I do not know if that particular bank closed. In any case the attacks that were taking place at the time of my arrest were, obviously, acts of solidarity. For the majority of society the bank comprises a ruthless financial mechanism that will day after day squeeze thousands of families. And everybody knows that the banking giants are responsible for today’s financial crisis that the people come to pay for.

You define yourself as an anarchist. Do you believe in armed violence?

Throughout the process of social change, a number of different forms of struggle have taken shape. Each person chooses the form of action they believe to fit the political necessities of the times in which they live. I personally believe that there is no historical or objective condition now that should make us leave any particular form of struggle in the cupboard of history. To the contrary, we live in some very violent times, where states on the international level exercise terrorism against all.

A few days ago we had the armed attack against the Police Station of Ayia Paraskeui in Athens. Do you agree with attacks like this?

What matters is how these attacks are portrayed in the eyes of society, without the Goebbels-like distorting lens of the media. I am neither a critic nor an estimator of actions of armed struggle. I have never claimed – nor could I – such a title.

Some anti-authoritarians claim that in the face of the police that were shot, police violence is punished. Do you agree with this opinion?

Whether we like it or not the armed representatives of order and security, as they are called, have connected their operational existence with violence and repression: with “random” discharging of guns, with the raping of women and the assassinations of migrants in police stations, with beatings, torturing, arbitrariness, humiliation and so much that takes place either behind station walls or out in the streets. Every one of us should, taking all this into account, reach their own conclusions.

But isn’t the logic of “collective punishment” the most fascist one?

Such a logic should be sought between the winners of socio-political clashes, who are the ones who turned it into a regular tactic. The fact that some people chose to return what they have been receiving for years might strike many as odd, but what can we do? You’re going to reap just what you sow.

Do you believe that we are entering a phase of violence without rules? For example, up to this day, never before had a woman been attacked. What have you got to say about “blind” attacks like this?

I do not know if these are, indeed, “blind attacks”. The ones that have taken place in the last few years comprise attacks against targets that historically belong to the authoritarian system of repression and exploitation of human society. I have never seen a citizen being targeted.

What kind of feelings does the attempted assassination of a 23-year old girl revoke to you?

You would be better off to ask those who have fallen dead by police bullets.

Should 19-year old children comprise the terrorists’ targets?

The police who were shot were not shot because they were young kids. They were shot for other reasons that obviously have nothing to do with their age. These will be explained to us by those who took that action.

A little while ago some youths were arrested in Chalandri, Athens, under the accusation of participating in the group “Coalition of the Cells of Fire”. What about them, are they terrorists?

The terrorists are those who daily condemn us to a slow death. To a life without living. Those who framed-up 19-year old kids with no evidence, in order to alter the dynamics of their coming electoral defeat (he refers to the Conservative government that stepped down on October 4 – trans.)

What is your life in prison like?

As difficult as it is for the rest of the prisoners. The problems of the greek purgatory-prisons are known to all of us and journalists in particular. You should know however that all of us in here will not allow neither for our dignity nor our right to freedom to rot away in the prison cells.

You exist around penal prisoners (as opposed to political prisoners – trans). How do they treat you?

First, I disagree with the term “penal”. I do not agree with distinctions between prisoners. The way people treat us depends on how we treat them too. Everything is an impression. At second sight, nothing is as we imagine it to be.

If you could escape, would you do it?

I will reply to you with a slogan: “The passion for freedom is stronger than any prison”.

Mr Chrysohoidis (the minister of “citizen protection”) has announced he will be withdrawing personal body guards from politicians and businessmen. Would you advice him to withdraw them or retain them?

The ones you mentioned will most definitely advise him much wiser on what he should do!

What would you respond to his recent statement, “we are at war”?

At first reading, someone could come to think that Mr Chrysohoidis’ statement concerns exclusively people that take part in armed attacks against state or other targets. However, a closer reading of the actions of previous governments would reveal that the war in question is launched at all times against the most vulnerable social classes. We have been at war for many years now. They just won’t admit it. I am not sure what purpose is served by these war cries behind the security of ministerial offices and scores of security guards.

Who shouldn’t sleep peacefully in Greece from now on?

Exactly the same people who should not have slept peacefully before either.

Your court of appeals case is on December 9th. How do you see things forming up for you within such a tense climate?

Seeing the result of the initial trial and the stance of justice against all prisoners, I cannot really say I hold too much hope. That said, I will try to fight my struggle with my lawyers’ assistance.

Is there anything you regret?

Every decision and choice I make I do so after much thought and throughout the principles and values I hold. These I am prepared to defend with my own life. Until the end.

How do you see your life after?

Through the philosophical stance “Carpe diem”. Or else, seize the day…

November 23, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

The summer in Athens is in full-swing! The temperature rises, the days are longer, sweat paints your t-shirt to your body, and most Greek natives escape to one of the countries 227 islands. With the heat in the city reaching new heights, theres no harm in adding a few more degrees to the thermometer. With that being said, a tax office was bombed in the central district of Ambelokipi. The bomb that exploded at 1:30 am on Friday was placed under the office’s disability ramp and the blast found its merry way to a McDonalds nearby. Before the 4.4 lbs dynamite bomb was denotated, police say an anonymous call was phoned into newspapers to warn about the coming attack.

November 22, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Graffiti @ meeting in solidarity with the prisoners

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Graffiti @ meeting in solidarity with the prisoners

A panphlet said:

Inside and Outside the Prison: Revolt and Jailbreak

“It’s time to act, in the daily basis with our related, for the destruction of the prison society and any social attemp to reform this disgusting system of death. The solidarity never should be an empty slogan, but a daily action of confrontation with power and unfalling support to our brothers kidnapped in this war to the death”. Mauricio Morales.

Axel Osorio, Marcelo Dotte, Esteban Huiniguir (Cárcel de Alta Seguridad)
Matías Castro, Pablo Carvajal, Cristián Cancino (Santiago 1)
Flora Pavez (Centro de Orientación Femenina)
Cristián Otero Pérez (Cárcel de Temuco)
Prisioneros Políticos Mapuche

Prisoners in the Social War:

Revolutionary Solidarity with those kidnapped from the State-Capital in the Rest of The World

It’s time to strengthen bonds of solidarity with our comrades in prison, in this territory and the resto of the world. Understanding that the fight against power is a life decision, it is urgent that every gesture of attack aims the destruction of the prisons and the society that keeps them.

¡¡Freedom now for Marco Camenisch (Switzerland), Gabriel Pombo da Silva (Germany), Amadeu Casellas (Spain), Freddy Fuentevilla y Marcelo Villarroel (Argentina), Yiannis Dimitrakes, Christos Stratigopoulus y Alfredo María Bonano (Greece), Ted Kaczynski y Mumia Abu-Jamal (USA) and all other prisoners in the Social War!!

November 22, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

News from Bulgaria – October 2009

This month some people in Bulgaria decided to fight the economic crisis in special way. A 15- years boy stated to produce money right in his home with his home computer and printer. A worker in the city of Varna went with a gun in the office of his ex-boss and asked for the money that the company owns him. Again he was told that there is no money and they cannot pay him so he took one computer.

Despite the so called crisis some people still do not lose their sense of humor. Someone called police and said something like that: “I am in front of the government building, I am close to the fountain, I am dressed in black and I am armed. I am waiting for the prime-minister to come out so I can kill him.” Police came quickly. There was a man dressed in black close to the fountain and they arrested him. He was very surprised and claimed he has nothing to do with the phone call. So police call back the telephone number and one mobile phone started to ring nearby. So they arrested the joker.

If you have lived for some time in Bulgaria maybe you have noticed how much fascists there are here. City of Plovdiv is one of their strongholds. But this month some news come from there. Some young people formed a group called “United Front” to fight back nazi scum. That’s good!

November 21, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Greek radical anarchists claim attack on lawmaker

A Greek radical anarchist group has claimed responsibility for a small bomb that exploded last week outside the home of a Socialist lawmaker.

Nobody was injured in the attack, which caused minor damage to the suburban Athens apartment building where Mimis Androulakis, a member of the governing party, lives.

The Conspiracy Nuclei of Fire group says Androulakis, a former Communist, is “a television-friendly lackey of those in power.”

Since the end of September, Greek police have arrested and charged with terrorism five suspected group members. Monday’s proclamation, posted online, said none of the five were linked with the Conspiracy Nuclei of Fire.

The group has targeted several politicians over the past few months with small bombs, causing no injuries.

November 21, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Home Roding Valley Meadows hit by anti-social behaviour Submitted by frenzy on Sat, 10/10/2009 – 04:50. 11:23am Monday 5th October 2009

VANDALS have wreaked a summer of destruction on a Loughton nature reserve – to the despair of wardens.

Thousands of pounds worth damage has been inflicted on property at the Roding Valley Meadows, and officials are pointing the finger of blame at local youths.

Essex Wildlife Trust warden Patrick Bailey said: “We have had people rampaging through, smashing gates, doing an awful lot of damage to fences, and setting fire to bins.
[bourgie wankers in their artificial wilderness]

“There’s always problems over there but this year has been particularly bad. We had a really nice beginning to the summer and it really encouraged a lot of people to come out for anti-social behaviour.

“It’s the worst I’ve seen in my time on the trust. It’s just a lack of respect for the area. It’s beyond me why anyone would want to cause so much damage.

“We work with volunteers so it’s taking up a lot of volunteer time. In terms of materials, in one weekend alone there was well over £1,000 of damage. We had two fences, gates and railings smashed up in one evening.”

Committee member Ken Angold-Stephens blamed the problem on local youths saying that much of the vandalism has been committed during weekends.

He added: “It’s causing us a huge amount of concern. As well as the damage it’s costing us a lot of money. We are pretty sure it’s all local youths. The police don’t seem to be as actively involved as they should be. Something has to be done. This amount of damage is unbelievable.”… w/ pictarz

Katie Rolt says, “I’m surprised they haven’t got CCTV there….”

November 21, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Declaration of Solidarity with Struggling and Prosecuted Proletarians in Greece “In one night “reality” and “normality” died…”

On 6th of December 2008 in Greece pigs shot dead in cold blood 15 years old Alexis Grigoropoulos. That was the last straw which broke camel’s back and proletarian anger, which had been expressing itself through strikes and riots against attacks of Capital on living standards of our class, erupted. Suddenly, an uprising broke out and after several decades the specter of proletarian insurgency and open class struggle against capitalism returned to Europe. University and high school students as well as many pupils spontaneously surged into the streets of Greek cities and towns in order to assault police stations and all cops with stones and Molotov cocktails. Students and pupils were quickly joined by immigrant proletarians of every age, young “Greeks” with badly paid precarious jobs, but also by quite a lot of workers of an older generation. Even many unemployed and people from the margins of the class society took part: Romas, illegal refugees, drug addicts… Football hooligans forgot their dim-witted fights among each other and joined the struggle against the real enemy – repressive forces of the state. Immediately, it became clear to everybody that cops are nothing else but mercenaries of state terrorism. It became evident that they “serve” only smooth working of the system of private property of some and wage exploitation of others; and also that they “protect” merely law and order of this bourgeois system. “Dutiful citizens” and the belief in Democracy disappeared in clouds of smoke and tear gas and among blows of police batons.
“We destroy the present, because we come from the future!”
It was not only about street fights with cops and burning police stations. Rebels smashed and burned the smiling face of the capital’s world – the consumer paradise of shops, supermarkets, car showrooms and banks, which lend you money for some of the splendid commodities. The world of passive consumers of goods and spectators of Spectacle was burning in flames. And there were looting proletarians emerging from this fire and practically imposing dictatorship of human needs over capital and its exchange relations. Our class brothers and sisters were re-appropriating everything that we are, as the class, forced to produce at work in order to be obliged to buy it back for money we earn. They were also re-appropriating space and time, which are otherwise strictly divided and corseted according to needs of capital – columns of cars and stressed crowds of alienated zombies rushing to work, to school, to shop… disappeared from the streets recreated by proletarian violence and they were replaced by a community of the militant class. Combat self-organisation of rebels was developing spontaneously. Dozens of universities and high schools occupied not only by students, but proletarians of all categories, which we are divided into by capital, were transformed in centres of resistance and places of encounters, discussions, love and class hate. The same thing happened to a town hall in the Athens working class district of Aghios Dimitrios, which was also occupied by local inhabitants. After a long time our class was again beginning to speak and formulate its programme on its own. When rebelling workers occupied trade union buildings in Athens and Thessaloniki, they put forward a critique of these mediators of sale of our labour power to the bosses. They showed that trade unions are part of the state and it is their aim to disorganise and suppress class struggle and that the way forward goes through self-organisation of struggle in workplaces. In all those aspects of the class movement and its struggle autonomy of the proletariat from the bourgeoisie – its ideologies, organisations and way of life – began to be born.
“Stop watching TV! Everybody come to the streets!”
Although the proletarian uprising was going across many sectors, which we are separated into by capital, only a minority of our class was actively taking part in it. While there were burning barricades in the streets, shops were looted and cops were fought against, a majority sat at home in front of their TV sets and listened to the baloney of politicians and journalists. Despite their enduring effort rebels have not succeeded in breaking passivity of their class brothers and sisters – neither in Greece nor in the rest of Europe and most countries of the world. Therefore, there was not a general paralysation of capitalist economy, which means that there was neither an attack against wage labour and production for profit. The movement stopped at partial attacks against the state and incomplete subversion of capitalist relations. In December, total destruction of all state structures aiming at liquidation of bourgeois power and imposition of social dictatorship of proletariat, which would strengthen and allow communisation of social relations, was not on the order of the day yet. Revolutionary insurrection is postponed for the moment…
“Merry crisis and a happy new fear!”
It was exactly this message that the Greek uprising left on Athens walls for law-abiding citizens (who continue to submit themselves to demands of capital; whom it does not even occur to that they could resist bosses and the state and they only wait as sheep what will happen to them). This message applies for proletarians over here, in the Czech Republic, too. The crisis is coming and the bourgeois lay off hundreds and thousands of people from work and lower real wages. For instance, 4.000 laid-off glass workers are right now left without any means of subsistence. And what has happened? Nothing! Domination of social peace and Democracy lays on our class like a boulder: we will rather die from hunger or live under a bridge than we would start really struggling for satisfaction of our human needs. Democracy is like opium – it prevents us from understanding ourselves as a class with distinct interests, which are opposed to the interests of capital. We can see only our individual and family lives and their misery appears to be the best what we can have. However, the world crisis will smash our citizen-consumer illusion of happiness and even the slightest enthusiasm about capitalism. There will be more and more unemployed and homeless people, prices of basic goods will grow and those, who will have jobs, will be able to buy less and less with their wages… and at the end the ruling class may drive us into a war in order to get rid of surplus people and production capacities and to achieve a possibility of another economical growth through reconstruction.
Is economy in crisis? Let’s finish it off! Down with social peace! One Greece is not enough!
Sooner or later, capital will leave us with no reserves. We will suffer and maybe we will die, if we will continue to slavishly accept wage labour and money as a necessary means to satisfy our needs. But surely there will be proletarians, who will refuse the logic of exchange value and surge into supermarkets and take without paying, what they will need. The class movement in Greece will explode anew with even greater subversive power and this time it will not be alone. And it will not be only proletarians in China, Bangladesh, Egypt or Bolivia, who will rise up. Even over here, shop windows will be trashed. We will loot shops and luxurious bourgeois haciendas. Mass strikes without and against trade unions will subvert all the capitalist economy. The state with its police and army will, as always, defend bourgeois order and properties and make terror against the proletariat, who will never solve anything, unless it makes its own revolution. In the meantime, all our support, sympathies, thoughts belong to proletarians in Greece, who struggle or are imprisoned. We long for helping them through spreading the struggle in the Czech Republic and the whole world. We want to share and develop their experience with them, in order to put a global revolutionary insurrection back on the order of history…
World revolution against capital, wage labour and money!
Revolutionary proleta
rian violence against state terror of the police till the complete destruction of all states!
Dictatorship of proletariat for communisation of social relations and worldwide classless community!
Třídní válka (Class War)