January 1, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Photos: Solidarity actions by a group of 10 comrades in Lisbon, Portugal.

From Portugal we also received the following message:

Late in the night of December 8, two large recycle bins were set on fire in the center of Lisbon, close to a building of the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF). So that the flames don’t burn only in Greece.

Na madrugada de 8 de Dezembro, dois ecopontos foram incendiados, no centro de Lisboa, perto de um edificio do Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras. Para que as chamas não ardam só na Grécia.

Αργά την νύχτα της 8 Δεκέμβρη, δυο μεγάλοι κάδοι σκουπιδών πυπρολήθηκαν στο κέντρο της Λισσαβώνας, κοντά στο κτίριο της Υπηρεσίας Αλλοδαπών και Συνόρων. Ούτως ώστε οι φλόγες να μην αγκαλιάζουν μόνο την ελλάδα.

Update: In the early hours of December 12 we set fire to a large recycle bin in the neighborhood of Graça, in Lisbon. In the sidewalk we spraypainted “Grécia em todo o lado” [Greece is everywhere], and a circle-A. Solidarity with the arrested in Greece and elsewhere in solidarity actions. We’re warming up…

Update #2: In the night of 15 of December, several recycle points were burn down in different points of Setúbal, Portugal. Also some solidarity messages with the comrades in Greece were spray-painted.
That the flame of rebellion spreads throughout the world!

Na noite de 15 para 16 de Dezembro, em vários locais de Setúbal, Portugal, incendiámos 3 ecopontos e fizemos umas pintadas em solidariedade com os companheiros na Grécia.
Que a chama da revolta se estenda a todo o mundo!

January 1, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

New posters made in response to the murder of Oscar Grant, as well as the social struggles in Gaza and Greece

Some anti-cop nerds have produced the following two posters for your enjoyment. Print, Copy and Distribute/Wheatpaste massively.

The state cannot escape the consequences of its rule. We are everywhere!



by BB! indybay 04:31am, Friday January 9 2009

January 1, 2009
by actforfreedomnow


On the 6th of December, after a verbal conflict in the centre of

Athens, a police officer murdered 15-year-old A. Grigoropoulos. This

murder is not a single incident. It is just one among a lot resulting

in incontrollable, unpunished and arbitrary police violence.

Police in Greece murder young people, immigrants, (Romas); infringe

upon human rights torturing detainees, beating demonstrators. The

state breaks its own laws. The ones responsible are never punished.

Greek people’s revolt, triggered by that murder, is not merely blind

violence. It expresses the indignation against the economic crisis,

poverty, unemployment, workers’ precarity and the de-establishment of

the welfare state.

The whole country is rising in revolt.

Solidarity Initiative in Berlin

January 1, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

A Photo Tour No Travel Agency Would Dare Offer

A photo of the ASOEE, the once occupied Economics university, where I stayed in December. Unlike the historically radical Polytechnic, the ASOEE was a center to experiment and challenge everyday life instead of planning actions in the street. In the ASOEE, there was a collective restaurant, a computer lab where many of December’s texts were written and distributed, and a communal sleeping area. Like all the comrades who participated in the occupation, I have a hard time passing by the building now that it has been returned to its previous use as a site for the social reproduction of capitalist relations. But, as a middle finger to the reproduction of everyday life, revolutionary graffiti from December still sticks to the walls of the building!

A photo memorial of Alexis found by his memorial close to Exarchia square. The corner where he was killed, where the photo is hung, is now officially named after the murdered teenager.

A wider shot of Alexis’ memorial. Letters from his friends written in December are still stapled to the wall. Flowers and candles are constantly placed in front of the memorial.

A production painted by an anarchist graffiti crew. The character was painted in the classically downtrodden south of Athens, the birthplace of the Rebetiko subculture, that in recent years has experienced a wave of gentrification. The graffiti crew is known in Athens for painting murals with a political message.

The Skaramagaz squat opened about two months ago in the center of Athens during the squat wave sweeping Greece.

December 29, 2008
by actforfreedomnow

International Electronic Civil Disobedience in Solidarity with Greek Anarchists Tuesday 30 December 2008


Monday Dec. 29 2008

Hackers Against Oppression have called for Electronic Civil Disobedience in Solidarity with Greek Anarchists on Wednesday Dec 31, the final day of December. December is the month in which Alexandros Grigoropoulos, a 15-year-old Anarchist, was murdered in cold blood by Greek Police. It is also the month that will forever be remembered by all those who struggle. Minutes after his murder, thousands of Greek residents took to the streets as did thousands around the world. Even liberal groups have called for the resignation of the Greek government. The streets were taken back for the people, police buildings were firebombed, and banks were turned into empty charred-out boxes. This entire time, the Greek government has been fighting and oppressing people with guns, tear gas, and the media. It’s time that we take them down.

We will be attacking the websites of the Greek Police and the Prime Minister. They are directly responsible and we will directly respond. They will no longer be able to spread their lies to the media about what is going on in the streets. You can either load the file on the day of the action or download it ahead of time. We suggest downloading it ahead of time in the event that our site get shut down.


To a thousand more Decembers of resistance!

December 25, 2008
by actforfreedomnow

There’s a hiphop artist from portugal called S-1, that in the last Saturday, put in myspace a song dedicated to all the fighters in Greece.

The link is as follows: http://www.myspace.com/pathofperfectionrecords

This is a comment i saw at www.occupiedlondon.org and just thouht is worth check, not just because of the dope beats and lyrics, but specially for the tribute and honor it pays to all those involved in the uprising in Greece.

Here’s the original comment:

“All the support goes out to all the warriors in Greece, that’s just how it should be.

Let us all unite and take action against the state starting now, forever and everywhere.

There’s a hiphop artist from portugal called S-1, that in the last Saturday, put in myspace a song dedicated to all the fighters in Greece.
The link is as follows: http://www.myspace.com/pathofperfectionrecords

I urge everyone to do likewise and express solidarity in every form and way possible. Everyone needs to know, everyone needs to be mobilized.

One Struggle.”

We will rise.


December 24, 2008
by actforfreedomnow

On December 24th fifteen activists gathered in front of the Greek embassy in Sarajevo to give support to the ongoing rebellion in Greece. We had a transparent saying “Who seeds the misery, reaps the anger” in Bosnian and “Solidarity and Resistance” in Greek, we handed out flyers (see below) and talked to people. People from the embassy came to talk with us, very interested to keep the situation calm, asking the police not to bother us. After a while police started to take peoples identification and so we left and put the banner on the bridge with one policeman chasing us :). In the afternoon policeinspectors came to the house of one of the activist and took him for interrogation to the policestation. So far there are no consequences. In several places in Sarajevo there are graffitis expressing solidarity with Greek protest. “Today Athens – Tomorrow Sarajevo”

December 23, 2008
by actforfreedomnow

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On the 27th of December we occupied the headquarters of ISAP (Athens Piraeus Electric Railway) as a first response to the murderous attack against Konstantina Kuneva on the 23-12-2008. Sulphuric acid was thrown at her face as she was returning home from work.

Konstantina is in the intensive care ward of Evangelismos hospital suffering serious sight and respiratory system problems.



On the 27th of December we occupied the headquarters of ISAP (Athens Piraeus Electric Railway) as a first response to the murderous attack against Konstantina Kuneva on the 23-12-2008. Sulphuric acid was thrown at her face as she was returning home from work.

Konstantina is in the intensive care ward of Evangelismos hospital suffering serious sight and respiratory system problems.

Who was Konstantina? Why was she attacked?

Konstantina is one among the hundreds of female immigrant workers who have been working for years as cleaners. She is general secretary of the Panattic Union of Cleaners and Domestic Personnel. She is a militant union organizer, well known for her stance against various bosses. Just last week she had a clash with the employer company OIKOMETwhen she demanded for herself and the rest of her colleagues to get paid the whole amount of money of her Christmas bonus. She also denounced illegal procedures in payments. Just a short while ago the same company fired her mother in an act of revenge against her and she got herself an unfavourable transfer to Marousi station. There is also a case of a three-part meeting in the Labour Inspection Office still pending on the 5-1-2009 concerning a denouncement of hers. Situations like these are not at all rare in the field of cleaning and employee lending companies. It’s exactly the opposite.

This is the rule when it comes to cleaning company contractors: delayed contracts, stolen wages, stolen overtime payments, differences between contract assets and what the employee actually gets paid, selection of almost exclusively immigrant male and female workers with green card status (legal residency in Greece ranging from 1 to 5 years – in most cases only 1 year) so they can be held in a state of hostageship, social security benefits that are never attributed. All these under the support of the public sector and enterprises which are aware, incite and support working conditions reminiscent of the middle ages.

OIKOMET in particular, a cleaning company with enterprises all over Greece and owned by Nikitas Oikonomakis who is a member of PASOK (Greek Socialist Party), “officially” employs 800 workers – on the other hand, workers say that their number is at least twice as much and during the last 3 years the turnover amounts to 3000). Illegal procedures on the part of the employer company are on the everyday list. To be more specific, employees sign “blank page contracts” and they are never given a copy of them. They work 6 hours a day but get paid for 4,5 (including stamp) because in this way they appear to be working less than 30 hours per week on paper and the boss is not forced to include them in the “higher stamp category”. Employees get terrorized, they get unfavourable transfers, they get fired and blackmailed into resigning voluntarily (a female employee was threatened by her employer into signing her resignation after being held for 4 hours in a space owned by the company). The boss organised a “yellow” (company) union in order to manipulate employees while he fires and hires people as he wishes, ruling out any prospect of communication inside the workplace or collective action.

What is the connection between OIKOMET and ISAP?

OIKOMET has been assigned as a contractor the cleaning of ISAP (as well as the cleaning of other public sector and corporations) because it can “provide” the cheapest deal that includes the highest level of exploitation and devaluation of work. This “regime” of “offer and demand” is based on public sector organisations such as ISAP. ISAP is an accomplice in maintaining this regime of crude exploitation despite repeated denouncements by the union.

The murderous attack against our colleague was an act of revenge and had the intent to serve as an example.

The target was not coincidental. Female, immigrant, militant union organizer, mother of an underage child, she was the most vulnerable for the bosses.

The method was not coincidental. It resembles “dark” ages and aims to “brand”, to serve as an example and terrorize us.

The time chosen was not coincidental. The media, the political parties, the Church, businessmen and union bosses have been trying to ridicule the social movement that has taken the form of an explosion and talk about the cold-blooded murder of 15-year-old Alexandros as the result of a bullet getting redirected. In this pretext, the attack on Konstantina is lost in the everyday news.

This murderous attack on the part of the employers was well-planned.

Konstantina is one of us. Her struggle for DIGNITY and SOLIDARITY is also our struggle.

The attack on Konstantina has left a mark in all our hearts. It has left a mark in our memory as have done the racist pogroms, the concentration camps for immigrants, the attacks by thugs working for the state, the workplace accidents, the people murdered by the state, the working conditions that resemble galleys, the purges, the lay-offs and the terror. All these show the long way ahead for the social and class struggle.

Our hearts are filled with sorrow and rage and one sentence comes to our lips:





December 3, 2008
by actforfreedomnow

Arson against diplomatic corps vehicle and bank (Athens, 3/12/

Early in the morning of Wednesday 3/12/08 we attacked to a vehicle of the diplomatic corps of Bosnia and to Geniki Bank on Papandreou street in Halandri. It is a minimum act in solidarity with the comrade Polikarpos Georgiadis, accused for the kidnap of northern Greece industrialists president G. Mylonas. It is a way to become one with the comrades inside prison walls and to act. We destroy whatever tries to pass over us. We leave behind us the ashes and wrecks of this decadent civilization and we stand upon them with a smile of joy listening to its death rattle. WAR CONTINUES BY EVERY WAY AND BY ALL MEANS.

Arsonists with filhty consciousness

November 18, 2008
by actforfreedomnow

Wednesday, November 19, 2008 Russia: Solidarity with Moscow anti-fascist prisoner Aleksey Olesinov!

On the 18th of November, an action against repression of anti-fascists will take place at Metro Station “Novokucnetskaya” in Moscow. Action will begin 16:00, and will demand freedom for anti-fascist prisoner Aleksey Olesinov. Aleksey is imprisoned for more than 10 days already, and has been held incommunicado by authorities, his lawyer Stanislav Markelov has still not been allowed to meet with him. Health condition and conditions in which he is kept are not known to his relatives and friends. Friends of Olesinov are certain, that he is persecuted due to participation to anti-fascist activities.

Aleksei Olesinov was arrested 6th of November, and accused of “hooliganism”, according to statue 213,
second part of Russian criminal codex. Although he has never before faced
criminal charges, he was remanded. Police motivated the decision to remand him
with the fact that Olesinov is an anti-fascist activist.

Formal pretext for arrest is an insignificant fight which took place
30th of August between visitors of one of the Moscow clubs and security
of the club. Nobody was wounded during the fight, Olesinov was arrested
the same night close to the club, but eventually police who arrested him
did not pressed even misdemeanor charges against him.

For unclear reason case of Olesinov is united with two felony
investigations. Another of them is the murder case of anti-fascist
activist Fyodor Filatov. It is possible, that police attempts to hide
fact that investigation is doing nowhere by arresting one of the
activists of the anti-fascist movement.

Case of Olesinov is under personal control of first vice-minister of
internal affairs M.I.Suhodolskiy. It is rather unlikely, than an average
case of “hooliganism” is under a personal control of first vice-minister
of internal affairs.

Currently Olesinov is kept in remand prison of “Butyrka”, but he was in
a police prison for 6 days, which is a reason to believe that police
tortured him there in order to gain information on workings of
anti-fascist movement.

Participators of the anti-fascist movement demand to stop violations of
legal rights of Aleksey Olesinova, to give him an access to lawyer, and
also to stop using murder of Fyodor Filatov to purposes which have
nothing to do whatsoever with the murder investigation.

Contact telephone: +7-985-997-05-24

Donations are very much needed for Olesinov’s defence campaign.
You may donate through bank accounts and internet purses of ABC-Moscow.
They are available in http://www.avtonom.org/index.php?nid=1912.

Always contact ABC-Moscow* if you made a donation: abc-msk AT riseup DOT net

(Original: http://avtonom.org/index.php?nid=2058)
(in Russian: http://avtonom.org/index.php?nid=2059)


November 16, 2008
by actforfreedomnow

Thursday, November 20, 2008 Solidarity actions with Greek Prisoners' Struggle

November 16, Lisbon, Portugal

“Sunday night anarchists attacked the greek embassy in Lisbon (Portugal) with black paint-bombs. Greetings to the comrades. Solidarity to the prisoners in struggle!”


November 14, Lisbon, Portugal

“Friday, Nov.14, at 11h in the morning we distributed 200 A4-size leaflets in front and around the building of the Economy and Comerce Section of the Greek Embassy, in the center of Lisbon, leaving some of them inside the building also. The leaflets included a small introdutory text to the prisoners’ struggle, a few of their demands, and a chronology of the events until that day. Besides, it also included the following text:

“Prison is everywhere, in all our life. Constantly we are watched, controlled, identified, listened… it is the cop, the surveillance camera, the court, the judge, the police station, and our entire reality of forced interactions… it is the fear of being what we are, of saying what we feel, of doing what we would like to do… it is the everyday misery, it stalks us in our memory, it is a permanent threat…

Prison is also that isolate building, where only the convicted and the hangmen are… it is the siege from where we can not leave, it is the guards that control and torture us, it is our body in the hands of the state…it is the walls that enclose and hide us, that push us away for years… it is the place where everything is taken away from us…

Prison is, at the same time, an idea and a building. But always a reality.

In Greece, like everywhere else, the struggle of the prisoners is the only way to face and fight the reality to which they are forced. To accept prison is only possible due to all the means of alienation the state uses, inside and outside the prisons, and that create a daily life of fear and resignation. What’s happening today in the Greek prisons has born from the determination of individuals kidnapped by the state, and although we are outside the walls, that doesn’t mean we’re free. That freedom, we have to conquer it.

In Greece, in Portugal, and anywhere else, no condition of life inside a prison will ever be human, because that’s impossible inside a prison. There’s no reform of whatever nature that can, in any way, humanize this place where we’re locked up; where everything, with the exception of dignity, is taken away from us.

But dignity will always belong to those who struggle, to the insurgents, to the individuals.

There are countless ways with which to show our solidarity and spread the revolt, attacking control and the controllers of this world; the first step is to decide on which side we are.

Having said this, the only “demand” we have is the destruction of every prison and of this prison-society!




November 10, London, UK
Greek embassy attacked again by anarchists, spraypainted, windows smashed, car tyres slashed. “IF THEY GIVE US REPRESSION WE GIVE THEM DESTRUCTION”

November 9, London, UK
On Sunday night the Greek embassy was spray painted with political slogans in solidarity with the prisoners in Greece and some windows got smashed. It was also done in solidarity with 3 animal liberation militants arrested in Sweden involved in a campaign to close a fur shop. “THE VICTORY IS OURS ATTACK no borders no prison …………….KEEP WARM BURN THE FUCKERS los ropen huesos”

November 13, 2008
by actforfreedomnow

French Anarchists Charged With Rail Sabotage

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nov. 11, 2008 Time Magazine

Don’t look now, but here comes Europe’s violent extreme-left again. Two decades after French police busted the radical group Action Directe, which waged a bloody urban guerrilla war during the 1970s and 1980s against French business and military interests, French authorities on Tuesday nabbed a group of anarchists suspected of having sabotaged the nation’s high-speed rail system over the last several weeks. The arrests aim not only to put an
end to the spate of vandalism that had wreaked havoc and panic among French travelers for the past two weeks; they may also derail any violent plans French anarchists might have been preparing with like-minded extremists with whom authorities say they were in contact in Germany, Belgium, and the U.K. (See Today in Pictures.)

The police raids took place early Tuesday morning in Paris and in four other
sites in France. A total of 20 people were arrested, and by mid-day 10 of
those had been officially placed under investigation for participating in
the spree of potentially deadly sabotage. In most of those incidents, hooked
metal bars had been attached to high-voltage electricity lines that power
high-speed trains; when the bars were snagged by passing locomotives, they
plowed a path of destruction through high-voltage power lines. A
total of six incidents of sabotage were recorded since Oct. 26, including a
coordinated operation Nov. 8 that targeted four different rail lines in
northern France and caused delays of nearly 160 high-speed TGV trains — including Eurostar service to London — leaving thousands of passengers

The sudden spate of sabotage capped nearly two years of sporadic
vandalism to French rail lines that successive inquiries attributed to
isolated, disgruntled trouble-makers. But the recent incidents showed
more skill, and their perpetrators seemed able to act at will without
detection. For that reason, French rail users were already rattled even
before the coordinated attacks of Nov. 8. The saboteurs struck in
virtually all corners of the nation without warning, and applied a high
degree of knowledge and technical ability in putting the destructive
metal hooks in place without being killed by the 25,000-volt power

After a further act of sabotage was reported Monday in southwestern France,
a decision was made to group individual investigations under the direction
of France’s centralized counter-terror operation in Paris, which collated
all the information police and intelligence services had related to the
inquiries. Within 24 hours, officials had narrowed their scope down to a
group of “autonomous anarchists” whose radical positions and increasingly
restless activity — including protesting during a G8 summit in Poland
last year — had led French intelligence services to place some of its
members under surveillance.

“They speak a very radical language, and have ties to groups abroad,” said
French Interior Minister Michèle Alliot-Marie in announcing the arrests
Tuesday. “Since becoming minister, I’ve noted the risks of the resurgence of
a violent radical left (given) the radicalization we’ve observed in it over
the past three or four years.”

French terrorism expert Roland Jacquard thinks Alliot-Marie is right to be
concerned — especially given similarities between the accused anarchist
group and Action Directe, which carried out the unit’s robberies,
assassinations, and machine gunning attacks. “Like Action Directe, these
anarchists set themselves up in out-of-the-way, rural communities where no
one would suspect them of anything more troubling than perhaps a general
ecologist lifestyle,” Jacquard says. “Like Action Directe, these anarchists
used that cover for their plots, and fled back under cover once operations
were over. But like Action Directe, that escalation of activity — and its
success — raised the potential of it sooner or later evolving into more
violent strikes targeting individuals or groups of people.” (See pictures of riots in France.)

Guillaume Pepy, chairman of France’s state-owned SNCF rail company, didn’t
go so far as to speculate about what else the group might have done had it
not been arrested. But he did say the “central role of rail travel as a
collective means of travel that France has made a priority” was also what
made it an inviting target for saboteurs seeking “to strike a blow at a
well-functioning French society.”

If so, France’s counter-terrorism organizations may not have seen the last
of belligerent behavior by extreme leftist groups that have largely been
dormant since Action Directe was smashed in 1987. “The economic and
financial crisis the world is now experiencing is a dream come true to the
extreme-left, especially with mainstream leftist political parties unable to
mount any real opposition to ruling conservatives,” Jacquard notes. “That
brings the possibility of social unrest radical leftists may seek to exploit
— or even provoke through violence of their own.”

November 9, 2008
by actforfreedomnow

Belgium: Two Comrades Arrested

Sunday 9 November 2008

In the night of the 6th of October, Jürgen Goethals didn’t come home. He was picked off the streets by cops, put in front of a prosecutor and locked up in the prison of Ghent.

Earlier that day, a gang of fascists were hosted once more by the tolerant city of Ghent. Something, which, was apparently not appreciated by everyone. In several places, people expressed their discord by causing damage to symbols of this capitalist society. We found out later that Jürgen is alleged of having participated in these protest actions.

The following days, several people are harassed by cops. A week and a half later, a house search takes place at the house of Paolo Melis. He is requested to report two days later at the police station for an interrogation. On this day, the 21st of October, he is arrested in the afternoon on his way home. He as well, disappears behind the bars of the Nieuwe Wandeling.

On the 9th of November, the detention of Jürgen and Paolo was confirmed. The file was sent to the correctional court; they will appear before the judge within two weeks.

We will not rest until we can embrace our comrades, how and when we want to.

Jürgen and Paolo free!

Against every form of imprisonment!

For the destruction of prison and its world.

To write letters of support:

Jürgen Goethals Nieuwe Wandeling 89 9000 Gent Belgium

Gian-Paolo Melis Nieuwe Wandeling 89 9000 Gent Belgium

For financial support: 000-3244460-04 with the mention J+P

Ghent, the night of 6 on 7 October:

Splintered glass, dripping paint. The justice palace is damaged by vandals. Ten thousand euros worth of damage according to the court. What inspired the burst of fury against one of the pillars of democracy? Destructive flames are licking the plastic garbage bins all over the centre of Ghent. Money spitting ATMs, there for the comfort of the permanent consumer, are affected by the fire. Firemen and police are running everywhere at once. Chaos and sirens on all sides.

Regional television also reports that a few rightwing students are treated with a dose of physical demoralising critique (the president of the fascist student organisation NSV receives a few well directed punches). On the St-Pieterssquare, the KVHV [catholic rightwing student organisation] organises a debate on Islam in Europe. A clique of persistent rightwing “democrats”, among others Dewinter, Dedecker etc [rightwing politicians], countered by the Islamists of AEL [Arab-European League]. A few blocks away, in a university in the Voskes avenue, the NSV (the unofficial student club on the Vlaams Belang, fascist party), celebrates the beginning of the academic year. Last year, the NSV organised a debate with Filip Dewinter as speaker. The university building where this debate would have taken place was occupied by antifascists. An attack of the fascists, led by Führer Filip was countered. The obstruction of this alleged right of free speech for fascists was not to be repeated.

So, this year, an impressive police force was deployed to let the promoters of the Vlaamsche democracy do their thing without being bothered. Since a gathering on the place and time set by them would only fall flat against a blue wall, this year, the reaction took different forms. The parties didn’t go unnoticed; Ghent was startled by a spontaneous and wayward eruption of chaos.

The political advance of extreme right in Flanders is not a coincidence. The fact that fascist organisations such as the NSV and the NSA [National Socialist Action] get a free game and are zealously protected by the police forces has deep implications.

The extreme right tosses up all sorts of “problems” that have no factual base. All over the world, the rupture line between a small, superrich elite and the masses that fight daily to survive is becoming deeper every day. Everywhere, the protectors of this elite are more and more elaborated and better equipped. Hence the colourful variants of the cops who dirty our streets (grey, purple, black, …uniforms, each of them with their specialisation). Their working method ranges from a velvet ‘social’ way to hard repression.

The discourse of the extreme right; presenting Islam as a threat for the “lightened” western world, presenting people on the run for a miserable existence as parasites, not-working as scroungers,…is meant to deviate the attention from the daily war that repeats itself between the rich and the poor.

This story is brought to us by the media who act as mouth-piece of the ruling elite and continue to distract us with “tittytainment” on television and the internet, the cult of health and such. Flanders public opinion seems to have appropriated this discourse. At the bar as well, racism is never far away. The “others” are the enemy, not the puppeteers who manipulate this theatre.

The aftermath:

Justice and the government are of course not very pleased with expressions of resistance as were demonstrated that night. For a public opinion dominated by rightwing actors, somebody has to pay. That night, one person was arrested and accused of several arsons. Two weeks later, another person was arrested on similar charges.

November 4, 2008
by actforfreedomnow

Communique on the three day arsonist rampage (Athens-Thessaloniki, 2-3-4/11/2008)

The Conspiracy of Cells of Fire claims responsibility for the arsonist rampage that took place from Sunday night to Tuesday afternoon in Athens and Thessaloniki. Namely, in Athens, we set on fire a military jeep of the Nave at Halandri (something the cops hidden out), vehicles of the navy in the entrance of the building of Naval Command on Klafthmonos square, the company of digital systems ACE HELLAS at Agia Paraskevi that cooperates with the greek army, the club of retired army officers on Halkokondyli street, the union of retired army officers on Harilaou Trikoupi and Akadimias street corner, the political office of the minister of national defence Vaggelis Meimarakis.

In Thessaloniki we set on fire the club of reserve officers of the Armed Forces at Evosmos, a military private school on Margariti street and an ATM of Geniki Bank that cooperates with the army, at Kalamaria.

We also take responsibility for the attack at the military courthouse at Rouf on Tuesday October 28.


In our era, as always, the military branch of every state consists an indivisible part of the development of its geo-political and economic interests. Conducting wars is an inevitable outcome of the intense economic crises of the capitalist system. A typical example of this condition was the exponential growth of the war industry in the beginnings of the 20th century and the economic crash of 1929 at the USA, accompanied with a long-term crisis of the world market, facts that contributed to the process of the first and the second world war, respectively. Military operations and management of the economic interests are an all-time, all-state direct relation in the route of human history.

From the NATO bases in european ground, to the “pacificatory” interventions in the middle East, army has the role of an essential force to maintain and expand the economic interests of the western states. To feed the machinery of war and the war industry it is needed to keep social peace inside the mitropoles of the western states. War and peace, two different faces, two different expressions of the capitalist dominion.


When, a few decades ago capitalism was less stylish and more unconcealed there was some class resistance. Since even the most pittyful man when deprived of the nothing he posseses and considers of his own, in his face, fights with teeth and claws. To tame him back, and take out his eye teeth, the capitalist think tanks, came with the idea of the providence state. Social care, public medical care and supplies, retirement plans, popular politics, benefits and whatever could tame the “disordered” proletariat.

Simultaneously the hard machinery, the back bone of repression, police and military, developed though without being able to relief their “vulgar” past. In Greece they remained as social figures to the popular sense as the copper and the junta pig. One after another face-lifts, they are trying to get closer to the citizen. The gendarmerie and the city police got united and military service reduced, but in the mean time a new military-police complex appeared in the streets of the metropolis, the well known MAT and MEA (note: greek riot police units). In the midst of the 90es in during their second half, bosses and the state, are almost reassured that the workers do not pose a threat to the system anymore. The new religion of individualist-idiocy is established for good inside the heads of the new class of petit-owners, dissolving every imaginary workers front – That’s for good, since illusions come always with a bitter taste in the end. The steam engine of neo-liberalism is motivated with a fast tempo and the “popular” politics is replaced by privatization. Thus the state becomes from a wild animal tamer to a mere appartment building manager, having every lodger as proprietor, working together for their “common” interest. But, what guarantees the existant isn’t just the wilful servitude of the individual idiots. The state enriched with the experience of the past will always have a place for the iron whip of repression, since the carrot has convinced the proletarians and the coach is being draught, it can now reinforce its guards.

Today the state is militarized, by this time it “wears” plain clothes. The memory of an army causing coup-d-etats has now given its place to a new and improved image of professional greek army with mercenaries with shinny smiles. Besides, after September 11, militarization of the western world responds to the currency of a social demand for safety. Where the threat of islamic terrorism doesn’t convince enough to legalize socialy the descend of the army in the metropoles, then the issue of illegal immigration or of the criminality of the immigrants will be enroled, as in Greece. The application of the border guard patrol in the borderline isn’t random, and it corresponds to the best image of what we call military-police complex.

The army meets society not anymore in terms of repression, but to accompany it in its decadence, becoming from the drudgery of yesterday, the professional career of today. Military service is democratized, reduces, given as a right to woman to participate, police and military schools are a first class option, the old obedience process, as a method to subordinate the youth is useless anymore, since youth are already subordinated to the internet, tv, mobile phones…

So the army changes its face and becomes more dangerous. Besides an unwieldy army, with illiterate servicemen, heavy duties and pack drills, as well as a police with fat ass cops, doesn’t correspond to the new aesthetic order and even more to the modern standards.

Professional militarism means smooth image, specialization, education, high tech systems, sence of safety on the citizen’s side.

It is a new proposal for life. So, the “pacificatory” missions of the greek army with the humanitarian aid, of rapes, pillaging, arms, drugs and women trafficking, beyond the vast economic benefits for the state is translated by the mercenaries participating as an extreme sport, something that, beyond the money they are paid for, can take pride in. The army is marching today beyond the state borders to establish the murderous peace of the bosses, the lawful proprietors, the silent majority and in the same time getting ready to defend this same peace inside the metropoles, by any means. This is why the military-police complex lurks incognito having signed contacts of strategic importance. It isn’t by accident that the ministry of public order became sub-ministry under the protective shield of the ministry of domestic affairs, while the place of the “field marshal” Polydoras was taken by a genuine army man, and ex chief of the general commandment of the army Hinofotis (recently our cells in Thessaloniki “saluted” the new minister, setting on fire the police station on Dodekanisou street.


The army creates conditions where the individual isn’t allowed to think as an individual, but as a wheel of the coach, as a stone of the building, a part of a complex. The existance of the individual is planned to be transformed into existance of the complex with a way that the complex would overcome in value the ego. A culture of annihilation of the self is cultivated, pulveriation of the ego, inforced by the screams of the superior, the pack drills, and the drudgery. In this culture, people that possibly had never developed a critic to the army (neither positive nor negative), people without personal will, unable to make decisions without someones advice, suffocate and drawn inside themselves. People that never cared of any nation, or did that with light heart, the army destroys their personal substanc
e in such a degree, sinks their ego so low they lose every personal desire, they are carried with a surgeon’s accuracy to suicide. It is childisness to consider responsible only the pack drill or the officer screaming brutally. The army is responsible, with its uniformity, obedience, national absorbsion, fanatism, turns humans into dispensable units of subgroups.

Some of them desert towards death, undersigning a swan song of egoism, that isn’t enough for enything: I define my self absolutely, at least in suicide. This act may seem as the most ideal solution, as a last shelter for human dignity.

How ironic: the desire the explore the ego happens simultaneously with its total loss.




PS. We send our signal of fire to the prisoners started a prison food strike since Monday 3 November.


Conspiracy of Cells of Fire ATHENS-THESSALONIKI

October 31, 2008
by actforfreedomnow


Not many words are needed to describe the conditions that reign inside prisons. One word would fit: Dahaou.

Crushing incarcerations, equally exterminative penalties (the only ones really paying for the judge’s racket scandal coming to light are the inmates), prolonged captivity through un unmeasured use of disciplinary charges, minimum or zero medical supplies (with the exception of constant drug pills dispensation, to produce Pavlov’s dogs), overcrowding of the prisons (Concerning just the Dahaou of Ioannina where I am kept, more than 200 prisoners live in a prison built to “house” 80 persons. Prisoners are packed like sardines in a can, even in the corridors!).

This overcrowding could end with a few simple ways:

1) Reduction of pre-trial imprisonment
2) End of captivity of the vindictive disciplinary charges
3) Abolishion of the 4/5 of time rule for the drug cases (in Greece all drug addict prisoners are labeled as dealers, leading to the “dealers” being more than the users…)

Inside these miserable conditions we have millions of reasons to revolt, and none to remain passive. With full consciousness that whatever measures they take to disburden the prisoners are nothing more than painkillers, since for as long as this authoritarian/class society stands, the miserableness of prison will stand by it. I join forces with the prisoners struggle, as I did in solidarity with them, while I was outside the prison bars.

On the other hand, I can’t keep to my self my disagreement on the weapon of hunger strike, that was suggested, and I regard as useful to express this disagreement open and in public. I regard as by NO means necessary to eliminate ourselves and move into actions that only waste our forces, the same time that there are still many other ways to resist and fight (as much for the inmates as for the out of prison bars solidarious). Our health, our bodies and our minds should be kept fit and strong our ENTIRE lives, and not surrender in a wilful decay.
Our clash with the society that gives birth to the prison misery should continue until we finally become food for the worms, and for this reason our full physical and mental health should be safeguarded as the apple of our eye.
Maybe a hunger strike will bring some short term positive results (draw some support, sensitizing), but in a long term it acts only as a deleterious effect. It’s simply one step forward and two steps aback.

Moreover, it creates fighters of many levels. The same time that 50-100 persons in a self-sacrifice spirit risk their physical and mental health, thousands of other inmates will eat typically their “zwan” meat.

I consider more useful the decision making through collective processes, so that every means of struggle we use must concern EVERY prisoner in struggle.

By no means do I wish to break apart the unity that prevails among prisoners. This text was written aiming only to make clear my stance on the issue of the hunger strike (an issue the radical movement deals with for many years now) and not to criticise the comrades that selected this means. All I do is striving for the sportiness of words and actions I strived before my imprisonment, and nothing more than that.
It is obvious that I will put all my efforts in the prisoners fight for Dignity.


Polikarpos Georgiadis

(Ioannina Juridical Prisons) 31 Οκτωβρίου 2008 2:51 π.μ.

October 29, 2008
by actforfreedomnow

Incendiary attack against military courthouse of Rouf (Athens, 29/10/2008)

From the mass-media: Minor material damages were caused to the entrance of ROUF military courthouse at 2:35 in the night, after a combustion of an improvised incendiary device made of 10 home gas canisters. According to the first information, a fire erupted followed by an explosion breaking the entrances’ glass windows. A little after 7:00 a.m. the police found near the barracks’ entrance a hole in the fencing wire where the penetrators allegedly entered from. It is worth noticing that the arsonists weren’t noticed, since the area is guarded by the army.

Update: According to “Eleftherotipia” newspaper(http://www.enet.gr/online/online_text/c=112,id=75353488), the «Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – Revolutionary Army cells» claimed with a phne call to “Eleftherotipia” the responsibility for the attack “in solidarity to Giannis Dimitrakis, who was facing a military jury on October 13”.

October 29, 2008
by actforfreedomnow

Arson against national bank and communique (Thessaloniki, 29/10/2008)

In the night of Tuesday October 28, and by the time the dressed up with festivity national misery, we selected to turn into ashes for once again, the national bank on Venizelou street at Triandria, Thessaloniki.

Passing by quickly the dominant rhetoric of a financial crisis and the emergence of a new “socialism”, the ashes we leave behind us yell that the mechanism of exploitation don’t collapse on their own. Besides, the only ones losing in these occasional crisis are not the gangs of the big robbers and usurers that for centuries have been accumulating wealth and power, but the masses of the repressed. Just think of the millions of deads left behind at the second world war so as this wonderful capitalist system could recover from the ’29’s crash.

However, opposite to the financial colossi that kneel one after the other, stand the insurgents of the world. Opposite to the wage slaves that mind their own deposits stand with dignity the comrades Giannis Dimitrakis and Giorgos Voutsis-Vogiatzis that are found in prison for their selection to expropriate a few of what’s stolen from us every day by the banks. Opposite to the generalized apathy and willful servitude the revolutionary action spreads.

Lastly, we can accept the national bank’s gratitude for our help to reduce its subsidiaries, so as to strive accordingly to the crisis.

PS. We need to make clear that the actions offensive against the existant don’t want nor need comrades in prison or on the run. We affirm though, that as long as this idiomorphic prison condition of I. Nikolaou, D. Syrianou and K. Halazas stretches, our rage overflows, with all that this may involve.

October 28, 2008
by actforfreedomnow

Attack against economics ministry office and claim (Athens, 27/10/2008)

A related report from the mass-media: “An improvised incendiary device with gas canisters, was placed by unknown persons the dawn of Monday, in an office of land property offices and American Express company, on Mesogion avenue, Holargos district. From the explosion, minor damages were caused to both offices. Police is investigating, while up to now there wasn’t any claims from any organization”.

Translation of a text sent via e-mail:

On 27/10/08 we selected to attack the offices of the ministry of economics on Mesogion Avenue at Holargos. Our target wasn’t random.

The state’s reorganization of economy, in complete harmony to the capital’s order, is carried out to intensify even more the constraints, inequality and alienation.

The same moment we experience the totalitarianism of dominion and its acceptance, the lords of this country, in cooperation with the western states, report ready to provide vast amounts of money to save the prestige of the world financial system and the normal function of economy.

In this imposed normality, someones select servitude, some other idleness and some don’t select at all. But, there are also others that select to assault. Our words are a testimony of soul: Negation. We don’t ask for mildness, we don’t give silence. We negate this world and all those helping it to stand. AS for us, we will always ride their dreams like ghosts, shadows in the delinquent underground.

This incendiary attack is just a block in the tower of aggresive solidarity and it is our own contribution to the crisis of the local and world capitalist system. We don’t nurture illusions. The world won’t change with arguements. Individuals are needed, ready to risk and set afire this world to shine. Violent revolutionary action will bring down every trace of compromise and peace within society.

This attack is dedicated to the comrade Giannis Dimitrakis who is found incarcerated for the expropriation of ETE bank on Solonos street.


Black Fever Gang