There is a part of the ecosystem that does not want to be regulated, neither by state, nor crapitalists, nor oppressors. The earth is howling and we’re hearing its call and growling and howling back. Some of us move with a black gentle swiftness dancing on the sound of the resistance fighting to be able to keep dancing to the drums of emancipation, singing with the songs of free birds. But compas are also falling to the beat downs of the violent predators, hungry for power, hungry for punishment, hungry for victory.
Lets not forget those that are in the grip of repression. Those that are being put away behind walls for seeing clarity, objective, common sense. Lets not forget those that they are trying to enchain, those who become movement and those they can’t control or incite to servitude, nor able to force to submission. The states and their hordes of robots mutilate and kill those in their line of sight, those they can’t touch, those that dance with love, solidarity and inspiration or standing tall in the face of oppression and domination. Resisting and struggling with determination and servitude that tomorrow we all could wake up in a world where violence is not imposed or utilised for psychopathic capitalist and egocentric projects, or by sociopathic political social and isolating structures. They are after those that are fighting back, those who are holding on, those that are releasing their anger fed by truth, consciousness and consideration. They manipulate and exploit those who are unable to fight back, crushing and sufficating them untill they break or become of no use and die.

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