April 28, 2020
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Lozère/Gard, France – Sabotaging the capacities of the technological pandemic (73 municipalities)

Lozère: an act of vandalism causes faults to internet sites and cell phones
via: plagueandfire.
Midi Libre, 14th April 2020
An evil act saw the cutting of an Orange high voltage fibre, thus depriving about 23,000 customers of internet and mobile services for 12 hours.
The interruption of the Orange network occurred on Monday at around 5pm. The internet was interrupted and the mobile phone network seriously damaged. 73 municipalities in the regions of Lozère and Gard, i.e. more than 23,300 customers, were temporarily affected, including 900 businesses and 400 professionals. 12,260 customers were deprived of 2G, 24,140 of 3G. A proper “disaster” in a period of reclusion and telework, a few hours after the president of the Republic’s speech.

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April 28, 2020
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Pelt, Belgium: The football pitch antenna goes up in smoke – 18 April 2020

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Late in the evening of Saturday 18 April 2020, a GSM relay antenna was set on fire in Pelt in the Limburg province, near the Sporting Grote Heide football pitch. The arson trail did not seem to be in any doubt as the wire mesh surrounding the pylon had been cut with wire-cutters.

“Saturday around 11:30 p.m. firefighters in the North Limburg rescue zone were averted concerning this antenna fire at the level of the football pitch of Sporting Grote Heide. Members of the technical and scientific department of the federal police and a fire expert were dispatched to the scene on Sunday to conduct a thorough investigation.
The local police made some findings and the Limburg public prosecutor’s office opened an investigation.

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April 28, 2020
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Leaflet : Call to citizens to avoid contamination

If you see a vendor in the street, don’t call 17 to report them. Go and buy something from them.
If you notice they are not wearing a mask, don’t shout at them, try to find one for them. Don’t be a cop.
If you hear that your neighbour has symptoms, don’t look out of your window to check whether they go out shopping. Ask them if they need anything. Don’t be a cop.
If you see people walking in your neighbourhood, try not to suspect the worst, don’t call 17. Perhaps they needed to go to work. Many don’t have the privilege of confining themselves at home with a full fridge. Don’t be a cop.
If you need to go out shopping, don’t look hatefully at the people around you from fear of infection. Say hello. Talk to them. Other people are not your enemy. Don’t be a cop.

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April 28, 2020
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Toulouse, France: Arson Attack Against a Caisse D’Epargne Bank Branch

War Against War! Waiting for the day after…
On the night of April 14-15, 2020, the entrance to the Caisse d’Epargne bank on route d’Agde in Toulouse was set on fire.
While people are locked in their homes (when they have one), while it is forbidden to go for a walk in the mountains or on the banks of rivers or canals, while it is reprehensible to sit on a bench, and while pockets are being emptied, the banks are being given bailout plans worth several billion euros.
If there is a war, it is the war waged by insatiable pigs against the rest of humanity.
There will be no end to the confinement and no day after, nor will there be a great night. They are already getting organized, let’s not wait until it’s too late to rebel!
War Against War!
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April 28, 2020
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Argentina – Revolt in the prison of Villa Devoto, Buenos Aires

In the prison of Villa Devoto, Buenos Aires, an uprising broke out after a prison guard was infected with coronavirus. The protest spread to various pavilions and inmates took control of at least two floors of the building, demanding transfers and health checks for fear of mass contagion. The prisoners then climbed onto the roof of the section from which they unrolled various banners “We don’t want to die in prison” “Genocide Judges. Silence is not my language.” They then started throwing stones and various objects. Mattresses were set on fire.
Eleven guards were apparently injured.
Two days ago, another violent uprising took place in Florencio Varela prison, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. To cause it, the fake audio message from a fake doctor reporting the presence of the coronavirus in the prison.
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April 28, 2020
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Algunas rápidas palabras desde Refractario ante la pandemia del covid-19

Publicacion Refractario
Publicación Antiautoritaria contra el Sistema carcelario
(Entrada fija, más noticias actualizadas cuando se puedan abajo)
La expansión del covid 19 por el mundo llegó al territorio dominado por el Estado Chileno, la taza de enfermos crece exponencialmente al igual que suponemos crecerá la cifra de muertos.
Lejos de especular sobre sus orígenes y raíces, creemos que es evidente que hoy tenemos que luchar por un lado contra una enfermedad y por otro lado contra las medidas cada vez más restrictivas de control social que buscan imponer los Estados. La realidad en las cárceles no es distinta, asi lo muestran los motines, intentos de fuga y movilizaciones que se han multiplicado al interior de las cárceles, ya que sobrellevar una enfermedad así al interior de las prisiones es en la práctica una condena a muerte.
La revuelta que sacude los cimientos del Estado Chileno a cambiado drásticamente por la fuerza del contexto, no nos sentamos a llorar sino que asumimos la necesidad de saber sortear nuevos escenarios y también mantener la certeza que volveremos a tomarnos las calles.

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April 26, 2020
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Roma,Italy : Updates on the CPR of Ponte Galeria

17th April
From contacts with some of those locked up in the CPR of Ponte Galeria, we learn that at least three women are still being held in the female section. We don’t have news concerning the male section, but the number of prisoners is also decreasing there, as no newcomers have been reported. As repatriation flights are banned following the Covid-19 emergency, people are being released with expulsion orders because their detention time has ended (45 days for those who’ve just got out of prison and 180 for the others), appeals made by lawyers had gone through and, as in the case reported today by the Legal Clinic di Roma Tre [Legal Clinics are places where one can obtain pro bono legal advice and assistance] because a Tribunal rejected prorogation requests submitted by the Police.
Even if the declared aim of the Centres for Repatriation is the deportation of undocumented people, and this is not possible because of the impossibility of repatriation flights to the prisoners’ countries of origin due to the pandemic, the CPRs continue to exist and generate profits for those who get rich out of administrative detention: the State and the cooperatives that run the centres. This makes it obvious how the function of CPRs is actually a completely different one: acting as a form of constant blackmail for those who don’t have regular documents, intensifying the distinction between “good” migrants – who have fair reasons for claiming stay permits, follow the rules imposed on them in the reception centres, undertake forms of voluntary work called internships for integration – and “bad” migrants, the undesired,  not tolerated, marginalized section of society, who live in the constant condition of being imprisoned repeatedly, or being repatriated to the places they escaped from or never even knew. The distinction between the two conditions is feeble, as it is sufficient to lose one’s job or the requisites for a renewal of the stay permit to end up among the undesirable, or it’s sufficient to rebel against the oppressive and patronizing situation experienced in reception centres to be condemned and imprisoned in jails and CPRs.  Continue Reading →

April 26, 2020
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[Santiago, Chile] Publicación: Lo Prado en llamas

Recibido el 20/04/2020:
Todos lo sabemos, siempre se ha sabido, que ricos y poderosos controlan todo, que tienen sueldos millonarios por trabajar un par de horas semanales, o simplemente no hacerlo, que todas sus leyes están moldeadas para sus propios beneficios, que la prensa es vocera y servil de sus intereses, que definen objetivos empresariales y que desde ahí controlan territorios para devastarlos. Ellos saben la destrucción que generan, los dividendos que sacan es lo que les importa, total no viven en esos lugares escogidos para sus inversiones, si no en barrios exclusivos. Un día puede ser una ciudad convertida en vertedero arrasando con su biodiversidad, otro día pueden ser desechos y químicos arrojados al mar, mientras animales asesinados son convertidos en bienes de consumo, todo para seguir aumentando sus arcas. Esa debe ser su satisfacción.
Todos lo sabemos, siempre se ha sabido, que los dueños de Chile tienen estrechas relaciones con individuos de su misma calaña, de ahí nacen las colusiones de bienes básicos que el común debe comprar en sus cadenas de supermercados y farmacias, la malversación de fondos que ha terminado con penas irrisorias. La cárcel como infraestructura de control y castigo para el común, mientras para ellos están las clases de ética, y si la cárcel les sale al encuentro, el Anexo Capitán Yáber es su destino, no Santiago 1, no la Penitenciaria. Para pacos y milicos continúa la misma lógica, infraestructura habilitada en comisarías, entre otras, con piezas y wifi, acondicionadas para convivir con sus colegas activos de aquellas nefastas instituciones, privilegios para los uniformados que “cometan un error”. Quienes ejecuten ordenes sin tener problemas tendrán sus vidas aseguradas con un sistema de previsión diferente, vivienda y jubilación a temprana edad. Por otro lado, no podemos pasar por alto a los asesinos, torturadores y violadores en tiempos de la dictadura militar de Pinochet que se encuentran en el hotel/penal de Punta Peuco con canchas de tenis, televisores plasma, entre otras comodidades ¿Lo pueden creer? Así es.

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April 26, 2020
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Afiche anticarcelario para difundir (Chile)


Imagen: carcelero en llamas por ataque molotov contra furgón de
Gendarmería en disturbios en el exterior de la Universidad de Santiago
de Chile (enero 2012).
Receive on 25.4.20

April 26, 2020
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[Santiago, Chile] Documental: Lo Prado en llamas

Desde algún lugar de la comuna de Lo Prado presentamos una publicación y este material audiovisual titulado: LO PRADO EN LLAMAS. Un compilado de acciones en el marco de la revuelta registradas desde el 18 de octubre de 2019 hasta el 18 de marzo de 2020 en la Zona Poniente de Santiago de Chile.
En su mayoría, el material audiovisual que mostramos son de diversos gestos que han realizado vecinos organizados de algún sector de la comuna, mientras el detalle de estos se podrá encontrar en la publicación física y online. Las iniciativas van desde barricadas, propaganda y actividades, pero también participación de convocatorias más amplias, desde manifestaciones a cicletadas organizadas por vecinos que se mantienen activos y luchando en otras partes. También se han incluido archivos que han sido tomados desde la prensa y redes sociales.
Finalizamos dejando este material libre como mínimo aporte para rescatar algunas partes de la lucha que se ha dado en nuestra comuna, ya que creemos en la construcción de la memoria a través de diferentes medios, por ejemplo, la propaganda, sin ningún tipo de intromisión de organismos estatales, creaciones autónomas, independentes y anónimas de la gente para la gente.
Canciones incluidas:
01 Intro. Trap Instrumental.
02 Octubre 2019. Manifestación, Los Muertos de Cristo.
03 Noviembre 2019. Niñxs Salvajes, Dagas Ácratas.
04 Diciembre 2019. No Necesitamos Banderas, Los Prisioneros.
05 Enero 2020. Agita y Dispara, Típico pero Cierto.
06 Febrero 2020. Punk y Bicicleta, Destruye Huye Krea.
07 Marzo 2020. Robar Nuestras Vidas. Nido del Cuco.
08 Outro. Ambiente del año nuevo en Plaza de la Dignidad.

April 26, 2020
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Bologna, Italy – Greetings at the Dozza prison

In the morning of 16th April, in response to a call made by prisoners’ families in Rome and those in solidarity who supported them in publicly going outside Rebibbia prison walls again, a dozen comrades gathered
The voices from inside thanked us for being there and told us about the desperate conditions. They said that many prisoners are sick and that they had not been given face masks yet. After all, we already knew that Roberto Ragazzi, the chief responsible for prison health in the Bologna’s AUSL [a local health agency], in an internal memo dated 24th February had given instructions to all health workers not to use masks when seeing prisoners in the Dozza or visiting the prison infirmary and clinic, for fear of creating anxiety and tensions inside the structure. From inside we were also told that the prisoners had not been to the exercise yard for weeks and that they couldn’t have video phone calls in place of visits, but only one ten minute call a week, which they had to pay for.

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April 26, 2020
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Italy: To the Rebels and the Dead of Modena Prison

A letter from an incarcerated companion on the massacre in Modena Prison. [Published in Italian on Round Robin on March 19, 2020. Translated to French on Attaque on April 8, 2020. Most translator’s notes are from Attaque]
A little more than a week has passed since the revolt in Modena Prison, and the media has already forgotten the massacre that took place here and in the other prisons where revolt broke out, just a few days ago. Nine deaths in Modena alone.
I knew some of them because, until a month ago, we were in cells close together, and these days I’m thinking of them so much I can’t sleep.
They were men who, just before, were discussing what could be done to improve the developing situation.
Many prisoners found the atmosphere create by the new director Maria Martone hard to bear. Following the orders of the prison administration, she had been increasing restrictions by moving inmates between cells. “We need the space,” they told us in February, “you’ll have to make an effort.” All of this was accompanied by thinly veiled threats of being transfered or worse if the inmates didn’t passively go along with the the new director’s demands.

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April 24, 2020
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France, Saint-Martin-les-Tatinghem (Pas-de-Calais) : The relay antenna can’t stand up

via: Attaque

La Voix du Nord / Sunday 12 April 2020

A 4G relay antenna, property of Orange and operated by Free, collapsed on Sunday March 22, pushed by a gust of wind. The telephone operator believes that the base of the equipment had been removed. He even filed a complaint about this extremely rare incident.

It had been put into service on private land on March 3 stuck between a farm at the back of the Tatinghem sports centre and the RD 942, the ring road connecting the Audomarois agglomeration to the RN 42 towards Lumbres. Less than three weeks later, it was swept away by a gust of wind (hardly more than 55 km / h recorded in Boulogne-sur-Mer that day).
A very unusual incident for equipment of this size. Because it is an Orange telephone pylon, 30 metres high, hundreds of other models of which have grown elsewhere in just a few years without collapsing at the first burst of wind. [paid article]
Translated by Act for freedom now!

April 24, 2020
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(it-en) Turin, Italy: Addresses of the arrested in Giulio Cesare street (19/04/2020)

The four comrades arrested yesterday [April 19, 2020] in Giulio Cesare street (Turin) are in “Le Vallette” prison on charges of aiding and abetting, resisting a public officer and causing injury. They are all fine and at the moment we still don’t know exactly when the hearing to validate the arrests will be scheduled. For those who would like to write or send them a telegram or a letter, here are the names and addresses.
Daniele Altoè, Giordana Laera, Maria Francesca Giordano, Samuele Cattini
C. C. “Lorusso e Cotugno”
via Maria Adelaide Aglietta 35
10151 Torino

In Giulio Cesare street is just the beginning
The now unbridled power of the police has manifested itself today in a catch that tasted like an assault. Shortly after lunch, under the occupation of 45, Giulio Cesare street, a dozen policemen stopped two men with an exaggerated exercise of force and without paying attention to the precautionary anti-infection measures. The violence of the action was such that it aroused the attention of the people in the area who, although locked in their homes, did not remain silent and many took to the streets. Among them also some comrades who began to rage against that brutality aggravated by the total and contemptuous disregard for the possible contagion. It is precisely those who effectively impose the lockdown and have the complete management of what happens in the streets of the cities that represent a further danger to health, beyond what their role normally grants them. Numerous police and army vehicles arrived as reinforcements and, in the face of a neighbourhood that was clearly hostile to them, began to put pressure on comrades who were thrown to the ground, dragged and taken away.

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April 24, 2020
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(it-en-fr) Villefontaine, France: Beautiful like the Town Hall on Fire (April 17, 2020)

17.04.2020, Villefontaine (Isère): Shortly before midnight a car was driven into the front of the local Town Hall. According to preliminary police reports, the vehicle was then set on fire. The vehicle had been stolen a month earlier, from the nearby commune of Saint-Quentin-Fallavier.
The facade of the Town Hall was blackened by the flames for about 100 square metres according to the fire brigade. The reception area was also damaged “for four to five meters inside” according to the public prosecutor’s office of Vienne.
[Taken from anarchistsworldwide.noblogs.org].
Villefontaine, Francia: Bello come il municipio in fiamme (17/04/2020)
Poco prima della mezzanotte del 17 aprile 2020 un’auto è stata scaraventata nella parte anteriore del municipio di Villefontaine, nella regione dell’Isère. Secondo i rapporti preliminari redatti dalla polizia, il veicolo è stato successivamente incendiato. L’automobile era stata rubata un mese prima nel vicino comune di Saint-Quentin-Fallavier.
Secondo i vigili del fuoco, la facciata del municipio è stata annerita e danneggiata dalle fiamme per circa 100 metri quadrati. Secondo la procura di Vienne, anche l’area di accoglienza dell’edificio è stata danneggiata “per quattro o cinque metri all’interno”.
[Tradotto a partire dal testo pubblicato in attaque.noblogs.org].
Villefontaine (Isère), France: Beau comme la mairie en feu (17/04/2020)
[…] Peu avant minuit, une voiture a été projetée contre la façade de l’hôtel de ville. D’après les premières constatations, le feu aurait ensuite été mis au véhicule. Ce dernier a été volé un mois plus tôt, non loin de là, sur la commune de Saint-Quentin-Fallavier.
La façade de la mairie a été noircie par les flammes sur environ 100 mètres carrés d’après les pompiers. Le hall d’accueil est également endommagé « sur quatre à cinq mètres à l’intérieur » selon le parquet de Vienne.
[Depuis attaque.noblogs.org].
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April 24, 2020
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Switzerland : Health emergency, but not for everybody! Detention of migrants in times of pandemic  

Health emergency, but not for everybody! The detention of migrants in times of pandemic   
  • Update on the centres in Ticino [the Canton of Ticino represents the bulk of the Italian-speaking area of Switzerland]
  • What we demand for all those who are in migrants’ centres
  • As before and more than before
For almost two years the Collettivo R-esistiamo has been spreading information and struggling with and for migrants forced to endure a migration system that isolates, excludes, deports, exploits and sometimes kills. We’ve repeatedly tried to reveal the degrading situation concerning structures designated as “welcome centres” in Ticino. Through actions, occupations, gatherings and demonstrations, we tried to have the bunkers/concentration camps of Camorino and Stabio closed down. We made known and supported the hunger strike carried out by those locked up in Camorino (June 2019) and spread information on the treatment reserved to migrants, i.e. physical and psychological violence perpetrated against them every day. Violence coming from many parts: SEM [Switzerland’s Migration Secretary of State], security officers, police, migration officials, and, last but not least, those who “know” but remain indifferent and complicit.
In the current situation of health emergency, it is even more obvious that there are people whose lives are worth less than others’. Even in viral slogans such as “only together can we make it” and “stay at home”, there are those who can’t find a place and remain invisible, confronting a daily life of control devices and infantilism, the main characteristics of these non-places. Other dimensions where days, months and sometimes years are punctuated with exclusion and uncertainty.
People considered at risk by the current health guidelines (and they were already so given their condition!) are surviving in cantonal and federal centres; nevertheless measures in force are not being respected, for example the re-arrangement of people in flats with adequate personal spaces (there are about 5,000 unused flats in Ticino!). Like everybody else, those surviving in these structures have the right to self-determine their lives. With or without permits. With or without a state of emergency.
The situation in the streets and at the borders

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April 24, 2020
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(it-en-fr) Bielefeld, Germany: Municipal Police Vehicles Torched (April 17, 2020)

On the night of April 16th-17th, 2020, in Bielefeld (North Rhine-Westphalia), three municipal police vehicles* were set on fire. Two of them were completely destroyed, the third one was damaged, narrowly saved from the flames by the fire brigade.
The vehicles were parked in front of the municipal police building in Ravensburg Park. The amount of damage was estimated at around 25,000 euros.
About 15 fire fighters had to be mobilized for almost an hour. The police presume it was a case of arson. Furthermore, they have not ruled out the possibility that this attack is linked to the coronavirus crisis, as the targeted institution is responsible for enforcing the contact ban rules that are in force. State security services are in charge of the investigation.
* Note of “Sans Attendre Demain”: In Germany, this is the Ordnungsamt, the public service responsible for enforcing the law at the local level. Its uniformed officers work alongside other law enforcement agencies, such as the federal police. Their powers are very extensive in North Rhine-Westphalia (of which Bielefeld is a part) and Baden-Württemberg (like the municipal police in some cities in France).
[Taken from anarchistsworldwide.noblogs.org].

Bielefeld, Germania: Incendiati dei veicoli della polizia municipale (17/04/2020)
Durante la notte tra il 16 e il 17 aprile 2020 a Bielefeld (nella regione della Renania Settentrionale-Vestfalia), tre veicoli della polizia municipale* sono stati dati alle fiamme. Due sono stati completamente distrutti, il terzo è stato danneggiato ed è stato salvato dalle fiamme con l’intervento dei vigili del fuoco.

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April 24, 2020
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Comments Off on Russia: Anarchist Ilya Romanov is free from prison

Russia: Anarchist Ilya Romanov is free from prison

On Saturday 11th of April, relatives took Ilya Romanov, anarchist prisoner from LPU-21. Prosecutor did not appeal decision of the court of Zubovo-Polyanski of Republic of Mordovia, which has ordered to release Romanov for basis of his health. We congratulate Ilya, and everyone who was fighting for his release from prison!
Court had decided 31st of March that Romanov should be released, as he was paralyzed in the colony after stroke.
Ilya Romanov joined anarchist movement in the Soviet Union in late 80’s, and he is one of the oldest veterans of the movement. Most of the time since 1998 he has spent in prisons of Russia and Ukraine. In 2015 he was sentenced to 10 years in prison, as authorities claimed he had “justified terrorism” and “prepared a terrorist attack”. Investigation began, when a firecracker exploded in his hand, not far from military commission of Nizhny Novgorod. Due to explosion, his left hand had to be amputated.
In prison colony, a new criminal case was opened against Romanov. His lawyers say, that cellmate of Romanov used his smuggled smartfone to publish calls to global jihad, obviously as part of a plot by authorities. In 2018 he was sentence to a new prison sentence, in autumn of 2019 he suffered a stroke after which partially paralysed him.
via: Avtonom

April 24, 2020
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Mexico : Uprisings in centres for migrants

Revolt and Desaparicion [disappearance] in Tapachula
On 23rd March, in Tapachula, Chiapas, at the border with Guatemala, the prisoners of Estacion Migratoria siglo xxi began a protest against the indefinite extension of their detention time and demanded to be released or repatriated, as anti-pandemic measures prevented them from being sent back to their countries of origin. They started to burn mattresses and threatened to go on hunger strike, so the brigada de seguridad interna de la Estación Migratoria (formed by federal officers) and the guardia nacional stormed the centre and repressed the rioters with hydrants and pepper spray. People were then taken to the bathrooms, where there were no cameras, and beaten up; some were made to disappear (desaparicion forzada). A source also mentions a mass escape. 
Revolt in the centre for migrants in Tenosique
In the night of 31st March, the Estación Migratoria of Tenosique (Tabasco, Mexico) went up in flames during a revolt. Migrants were protesting against lack of food, reclusion and inhuman treatment and because of the fear of being infected with COVID19. Mattresses and furniture were therefore set on fire. Prisoners saved their lives by breaking down the exit door.

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April 24, 2020
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Comments Off on FR: Avis de tempêtes – bulletin anarchiste pour la guerre sociale n°28

FR: Avis de tempêtes – bulletin anarchiste pour la guerre sociale n°28

Avis de tempêtes – bulletin anarchiste pour la guerre sociale n°28
(avril 2020) vient de sortir.

Pour lire, imprimer et diffuser ce petit bulletin autour de soi (il est
en format A5, et celui-ci fait 24 pages), on pourra retrouver chaque
nouveau numéro tous les 15 du mois, ainsi que les précédents, sur le
blog :


“Réclamer de fait un grand confinement (et demain un déconfinement)
différent –quand ce n’est carrément pas le même que celui de l’État–,
réclamer une exploitation ou une éducation un peu plus ou un peu moins à
distance, voire des flics plus désarmés ou des prisons plus vides, n’est
pas se battre pour la liberté. C’est promouvoir une autorité
alternative, une simple reconfiguration du même plutôt que son
impitoyable destruction. Ce n’est rien d’autre qu’un misérable réalisme
sans moyens qui ne pousse pas son raisonnement effrayant jusqu’au bout.
Hauts les cœurs ! Listez donc de façon un peu détaillée les entreprises
non-essentielles que l’État devrait encore fermer, selon vous. Pour
notre part, c’est l’ensemble de l’économie que nous entendons ruiner.
Continuez d’avocater qui doit sortir de façon urgente de taule, et qui
doit par conséquent y rester. Pour notre part, nous les voulons rasées
au sol avec tout le monde dehors. Expliquez-nous donc enfin quelles
mesures de police militante seraient envisagées contre tous les
réfractaires à un confinement alternatif ou à un traçage bio (pas de
gestion de masse sans suivi, n’est-ce pas ?, sinon c’est l’anarchie).
Quand on ne se paye pas de mots, être favorable à des mesures de
confinement de masse, celles-là ou d’autres plus indolores, c’est-à-dire
à des mesures d’enfermement collectif, cela ne peut que signifier
discipline, contrôle et administration des individus, écrasement de
leurs possibilités variées d’auto-organisation autonome, et répression
des réfractaires. Le tout au nom de l’urgence et du bien commun, ça va
de soi.”