September 16, 2020
by actforfreedom
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Athens,Greece : Call for international solidarity for the 1 eviction of GARE Squat, on the trial of 18/9/20

Call for international solidarity to the court case on the 18th of September in Athens

On September 18th the trial against two comrades from Berlin and two comrades from Athens will take place in Evelpidon Court in Athens. On November 26, 2017, the four persons were arrested during the forced eviction of GARE Squat, in the Athens district of Exarchia. Among other charges, they are accused of trespassing, attempted serious bodily harm, refusal of forensic identification and possession of explosive materials and explosive bombs. This eviction was the first of three in which the four comrades were detained for 4 days. They were released on conditions or bail and now, almost three years later, have to take responsiblity in front of the court.
At least since November 17th, 1973, Exarchia has developed as a neighbourhood of the resistance. In the last decades a large number of houses have been occupied, among them a number from and for refugees. There exist self-organized structures that were primarily created during the crisis, such as a self-administered hospital, food distribution and housing. Within the neighborhood, structures for communal living have emerged, like a park with a playground and gardens. In addition, there are various occupations that are inhabited or used by various political currents and promote a diversity of political debate. In the neighborhood, the resistance and the way of living together, which often takes place beyond state control, and often leads to conflicts with the cops. In the various phases, these clashes with authority were of varying intensity.

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September 14, 2020
by actforfreedom
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Lecce, Italy : NOT A DEFENCE… 

On 11th September a maxi-trial will begin in Lecce against almost a hundred demonstrators accused of having opposed the realization of the TAP gas pipeline in various ways. A sort of spectacular event with big numbers set up mainly to impress and leave a sign of repression that can also be a warning to others in some way. Besides the place, a bunker courtroom, chosen for the trial, officially for reasons linked to anti-covid regulations, unofficially to create an atmosphere suitable for the criminalization of the TAP opposition, the obstinate and law-dependent clerks of Order and the Economy do not have much in their hands. In fact, we have nothing to defend. On the contrary: this trial should be an accusation that rebounds against those who are devastating the earth in the name of a progress that has been revealing its rotten face for centuries. Infrastructures with a strong impact such as a gas pipeline are feeding an energy-consuming system that only produces devastation, control, repression. It’s enough to just take a look around. There is not one thing that is not connected and linked to everything else. That is why we can’t see the realization of a gas pipeline as that alone. On the contrary, this is an operation that is colonizing places and minds. It is the expression of an economic system that is pushing the planet to the brink, to the slavery and death of millions of individuals.
We have a strange sensation. For a while now, since the Xylella affair broke out, this territory has been living an unprecedented transformation. The interests of various lobbies, from tourism to industrial agriculture, have been hovering over the death of the forest of olive trees that once inhabited it. Everything seems to be going in the direction of a radical economic change which will impoverish the nature of these places profoundly.

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September 14, 2020
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Portland: Starbucks & multiple Whole Foods attacked for night 100 (usa)

September 6, 2020

submitted anonymously

Last night, while our comrades battled the police in the street, some anarchists targeted multiple Whole Food stores as well as Starbucks in a synchronized attack, just as the clock struck midnight. The cops have made public statements addressing how they are not responding to 911 calls due to their focus on brutally attacking and arresting protesters. Using this to our advantage, we spread out around the city with the intention of sending two messages:
First, to our comrades: The past 100 days with you have been inspiring, wild, traumatic, and everything in between. Our collective strength in the streets has surpassed everything we ever expected to come out of this city. For 100 nights we have fought the police – but the police are not (and should not) be our only target. Capitalism feeds the police state. The police developed out of slave patrols; slavery is the backbone of capitalism. We smashed Whole Foods because we are against capitalism in all its forms, and because we want you all to know that autonomous actions are not only possible, but they are happening and they are an integral part of how we remain uncontrollable. As the police response to the demonstrations becomes more organized and more brutal, autonomous actions become ever more important. Sometimes, it feels like we cannot act unless there are a hundred, two hundred people.
Don’t underestimate your own abilities! It takes only one person to act; two to make an affinity group; three or four to get the job done faster. The more of us who act independently, the more small actions spread across the city, the less the police know how to respond; the less they can contain us; the less they understand us. Get your friends together, make a plan, carry it out. We’ve got your back.

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September 14, 2020
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USA : Letter from imprisoned anarchist comrade Eric King ‘Black August 2020 Reflections’

Hiya pals,
We are midway through black August and I’ve been doing lots of thinking, fasting, and trying to grow as a person and as a radical anarchist. Lots of fitness , reading, mentally taking stock.
This is my third black August in SHU. I was thrown into segregation two years ago on August 17th and was kept within for a year pending prosecution, then after they brought these new charges, we’ve done another year pretrial. It’s been a rough two years filled with restrictions, violence, abuse but also love strength and friendship. Resistance is strong.
Last years black August was spent partially at USP Lee, where I met Thomas Smith (aka Mad Dog) a blood leader an revolutionary who was also participating. He had been in SHU at that point for 18 months pending an ADX transfer. We fasted together, had long conversations on resistant strength and what it means to be a revolutionary today. I still think of Mad Dog often an encourage everyone to write and send reading material into him.
Thomas D Smith 14998045
PO BOX 8500
This year I began with the basics, I fast to feel the hunger, to remember the pain and sacrifices of those before me, those fighting today. To fast I cutoff breakfast, eat a full lunch and then only half my dinner. And then I add another hour of fitness… this is difficult sometimes because the dizziness of the head trauma is always there, but I keep moving. Every chance I get to be active, I am active. Then mentally I’ve dedicated 30 minutes in the morning before breakfast, and an hour at night, to think about what this all means. What it means to be a political prisoner and how I can be an ally while inside. Also though, what it means to be a person, to be kind, to strive for decency in a world of repression and savagery. To be a good husband, father and comrade.
Black August to me isn’t just about George Jackson… It’s about Jaan and Sundita, Dr shakur and Oso… it’s about Mad Dog and Sean Swain it’s about everyone who dedicated their lives to their ethics an found themselves fighting for dignity and humanity. It’s about those outside who will fight selflessly for us . It’s about George Floyd but also it’s about all of us who have learned that the cops inside don’t wear bodycams… Supporters are our reporters. ( btw Can we get people to protest actual prisons instead of just jails? She is serious inside it can’t just be overlooked, can it? )
I value black August because it helps refocus my thoughts and energies. Reminds me I’m not the first to go through this, the hardest or longest. Reminds me of my privilege even within the terror they inflict on me. Since there have been prisons out there, there has been prison abuse and prisoners that have been traumatized , beaten, raped, deprived, killed. Prisoners have fought back, organized and shown solidarity, gone on strike, resisted, rioted, fasted… Our resistance is long in history and powerful in memory and spirit.
My love goes out to the political prisoners throughout the country and the world, those who resist on any terms those who have gone through it and been released and survived, and those in the street who won’t let us be buried.
Struggle sees struggle,  Until all are rubble FTTP
-EK (A) (///)
Anarchy Always (Fuck WB)

September 13, 2020
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$hile: Reivindicación de abandono de artefacto incendiario en un bus RED en San Miguel – ES/EN

Desde los inicios de lo que hoy conocemos como dominio y civilización, la cosificación y explotación de lo salvaje ha reducido la vida a simples productos y servicios, y por lo tanto, necesita que estos sean
movilizados y dirigidos hacia y dentro de las grandes urbes, siguiendo con esto las trayectorias trazadas por los artífices del modelo económico imperante en los distintos períodos de la historia conocida.
El transporte de la mercancía ha resultado ser desde entonces un órgano vital para el Poder y sus propósitos de control sobre los territorios que hoy denominan ciudades. La organización y la forma en que se rige el ritmo de la vida en estos lugares, responde solo a los intereses y el beneficio de unos pocos orquestadores de este sistema de consumo y muerte.
Las máquinas que día a día recorren las innumerables carreteras y calles transportando mercancía humana, son igualmente incinerables que las que transportan mercancías extraídas de la tierra. Ambos tipos cotidianamente mueven a través de las innumerables carreteras y calles, tanto en el Wallmapu como en $antiago, lo que llaman “recursos”; unos producto de la explotación de la tierra, otras para la explotación humana. Así es como se mantiene el flujo de la devastación de la tierra, y así se mantiene el flujo de la devastación de nuestras vidas.

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September 13, 2020
by actforfreedom
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Philippines: To U.S. Anti-Fascists – Resist Joseph Scott Pemberton’s Return to the United States

To our comrades in Turtle Island,
The long shadow of white supremacy reaches all the way to the archipelago known as the Philippines. Joseph Scott Pemberton — the transphobe who was convicted for the murder of transwoman Jennifer Laude — has been pardoned by President Rodrigo Duterte.
Pemberton committed a heinous hate crime by brutally murdering Jennifer Laude on October 11, 2014. Jennifer was murdered precisely because she was transgender, with Pemberton’s legal team even trying the so-called “trans panic” defense as a justification for her murder. The state appears to have sided with Pemberton’s excuse that Jennifer’s identity was a provocation in itself, inducing Pemberton to kill her. This defense frames Pemberton as the victim and sets a dangerous precedent for trans women in the archipelago and beyond.
Jennifer Laude is fondly remembered by her friends and family fondly as a beautiful person who was confident in her identity and sexuality. However, Pemberton did not care for Jennifer Laude as a human being. He was unrepentant at his trial, even going so far to dehumanize Jennifer Laude by referring to her as “it.”

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September 10, 2020
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Berlin,Germany: International Call for Action and Discussion Days in Berlin 30.10.-01.11.2020

International Call for Action and Discussion Days in Berlin 30.10.-01.11.2020
International Demo in Berlin 31.10.2020
Connect Urban Struggles – Defend Autonomous Spaces
Over the last years we experience a global resurgence of reactionary politics. State and capital, in a constant process of intensifying exploitation and expanding repression, used the global capitalist crisis, which started a decade ago, as a chance to further restructure relations of power in their advantage. Their political answer is materialized in a shift to the right, with a political alliance of neoliberal economic policies coupled with strong nationalistic narratives and repressive policies against resistance and progressive movements. The new face of authoritarianism has unleashed an all out attack against individuals it considers unnecessary or those that choose to resist and collectivize against the ruin of their lives. In our current period, states the world over used measures against Covid-19 to extend repression, policing and surveillance against societies. At the same time, the failings of neoliberal healthcare systems have led to masses of deaths and increasing inequality due to access to healthcare.
To all of this, people in different areas of the world answer with massive resistance on the streets. Movements with different perspectives have revolted, for example in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, or more recently in France and the USA. The common thread of all these movements is their distance from institutionalized and systemic politics and the choice of self-organization and horizontalism in the fight against authority.

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September 10, 2020
by actforfreedom
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8th hearing of Phoenix 2 on court: what has been happening (Czech Republic)

via: , On Monday the 13th of July 2020, another trial in the Fénix 2 case took place at the District Court in Most with the participation of the public. There was no fundamental reversal this time, again. Time passes, resources are continually being wasted and the whole things remains a farce.
Trial began with a list of alleged documentary evidence, which, in fact, only proved the incompetence of the police. The relatively long list consisted mainly of things from house searches that happened in April 2015, such as online media or anarchist publications. To give you an idea, we can list some of them bellow (1):
Povstalecký anarchismus: organizování se pro útok
Bludný kruh antikapitalistického hnutí v Česku
Ozbrojená radost – Alfredo M. Bonnano
Anarchistické napětí – Alfredo M. Bonnano
Příručka pro přímou akci
Bastardi, vím kdo vás poslal: o útoku na šéfa jaderného průmyslu
Konverzace mezi anarchisty
Neformální anarchistická federace: FAI a povstalecký anarchismus
Síť revolučních buněk 2014
Na nože s Existujícím, jeho obhájci a falešnými kritiky
Lukáš Borl pointed out in front of the jury that these materials were confiscated in places where he did not live (he did not even have a permanent residence in the Czech Republic back then). In the Ateneo community center, computers were used by the whole community, so these materials could be added to library by anyone. It is unclear how the police assumed that the confiscated materials belonged to him. Nevertheless, most of the confiscated items has already been returned, because (according to official statement) “the items are no longer needed for criminal proceedings and there is no doubt about their ownership by the accused”.

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September 10, 2020
by actforfreedom
Comments Off on Lesbos island,Greece: Chaos in Moria: The whole refugee camp is on fire and riot cops firing asphyxiating gas at children and elderly fleeing a burning hell (Video’s)

Lesbos island,Greece: Chaos in Moria: The whole refugee camp is on fire and riot cops firing asphyxiating gas at children and elderly fleeing a burning hell (Video’s)

Alarming images of the chaos that has erupted inside the overcrowded Moria Refugee Camp in Lesvos island, Greece, one of the biggest refugee camps in Europe, hosting more than 13.000 migrants. The reports indicate that many fires in different parts of the area have engulfed the camp, burning since the late hours of Tuesday, 8 September 2020, while thousands of migrants are stranded inside the camp, that is on Coronavirus lockdown technically since the onset of the pandemic in early March, while yesterday 35 migrants tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.
According to reports by media outlets the fires started simultaneously around the refugee hotspot, indicating arson.
The videos you see above have been posted by the “Stand by me Lesvos”on Facebook and all the info that follows comes from their page, as reported by their Media Teams inside the Moria Refugee camp.
[2:21] People escaping out of Moria. We pray that these people will have had enough trauma for tonight as we simultaneously are getting reports of locals attacking and blocking people’s passage into the nearby village.
[2:13] Bye bye Moria are saying these refugees. Everything is on fire and people tray to escape now. So soon we will have 13.000 homeless refugees on this island whose belongings are burned. After Moria Lesvos will go down.Moria finish,… Moria destroyed,….We are also getting reports that Moria residents who are trying to escape are being pushed back and attacked by locals,…
[1:42] Another update! The whole camp is on fire. Everything is burning. People are escaping. Their homes in Moria are gone,…. Police just arrived. Telling everyone to get out of the camp.
[1:37] Update: “Where is the police, where is the fire brigade, where is anyone. We are burning, our tents are burning. Everything is burning. We came here to burn to death. All is on fire”.This is what we just heard in one of the many phone calls we get from our partners. Moria is in flames and 13.000 people are at risk.
[1:13] Update: Now fire reached inside the main camp. Structures there are burning. Thousands of refugees are in panic while other use this night to get out all their anger and frustration and criminal elements are happy to use the chance to steal and loot. It’s complete chaos and probably the end of Moria. Note: All these pictures are made by our partner Media Teams who are taking high risks to get this information out to us in Mytilini.
[00:56] “All the camp in fire”. Just got a report that EASO office is in flames. Riots have made a move towards the new hospital in Moria too! Is this the end of Moria camp??
[00:43] Update: More pictures of what is going on. Fires seem out of control. Moria is burning and this means Lesvos is burning and where are all the people now with their talks and promises? We always said and we knew: We are alone on this island and whoever hoped that this talks were anything than empty talks can see now the bitter reality. This fire is a fire in all of Europe but it only destroys our island.
[00:22] Update: More fires reported, now reached zone 12 and is near the new hospital. As our partners tell us the situation seems totally out of control, people are screaming and fearing for their lives.
[00:05] Update: Fires are spreading everywhere and the fire brigades seemed entrance by some angry protesters. Our partners in the camp say that the situation is getting worse every minute.
[23:58] Update: Sounds of shootings right now in Moria. And now big fires in three zones
[23:52] Chaos in Moria. We warned since months about this. Now it seems to finally happen. The news reaching us from the camp are alarming. After Corona spread and no proper measures were taken, residents were not well-informed a kind of uprise broke out, obviously the new isolation area was looted and other buildings too. Currently, various fires in the camp are reported and it seems even shootings happen. It’s a nightmare coming true, but a nightmare that could have been easily prevented and all the months were not used for it. Please no one should later say he couldn’t know. These are some pictures we receive in these moments from the media teams of our partners in the camp who are in the middle of this mess.

Unbelievable scenes are coming out of Moria Refugee Camp in Lesbos island, Greece, or t least what once used to be. This is the moment, on the early hours of Thursday, September 10, 2020, that the greek riot police fired asphyxiating gas grenades against migrants, amongst them many children and elderly, while trying to flee a “burning hell”, following new fire fronts that broke out at the Moria hotspot, destroying what little was left standing from yesterday’s fire.
ue to the new fire, the homeless migrants who remained there amongst the smoking rubbles were forced to leave their tents and run to safety towards the nearby Panagiouda village or towards Mytilene, the capital city of Lesbos island, where, while fires were burning to left and right of the road, they were stopped en masse at a greek riot police blockade and were forced to turn back towards the fire fronts, while asphyxiating gas canisters were fired at them.

September 10, 2020
by actforfreedom
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Grete island, Greece : Rosa Nera: They evacuated a squat but didn’t expect 2000 people protesting on the same day (Chania)

Following the police raid and evacuation of Terra Incognita 16 years old squat in Thessaloniki, Greece, on 17 August 2020, the police invasion at Libertatia Squat in Thessaloniki on 23 August 2020 and the arrest of 12 people rebuilding the roof that had been burnt by fascists during an attack, another squat was raided on Saturday 5 September 2020, this time in Chania, Crete where Rosa Nera Squat stood ground since 2004.
Few hours later, following the police raid, hundreds of people marched in solidarity through the small greek island town in the afternoon and held a public assembly in the evening to decide the next steps of resistance.But that was not the end. The public assembly decided for another protest through the center of Chania on the same night, where beyond the greek government and police expectations more than 2.000 people took part in the small town of approximately 55.000 residents, marching in solidarity to the “Rosa Nera” Squat.

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September 10, 2020
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Comments Off on Italy – News from the state of emergency (issue 10, 29th May 2020)

Italy – News from the state of emergency (issue 10, 29th May 2020)

News from the state of emergency (Issue 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,

Thoughts on health and medicine

While the government is conceding us the freedom to work, consume and go for walks (so-called Phase 2) – but not to demonstrate – the fact that doctors in training are declaring themselves to be in permanent mobilization seems like a good sign to us. As well as the fact that the situation that generated in hospitals in the face of Covid-19 is being explicitly linked to the cuts (37 billion euros in the last ten years alone) and to processes of privatization of health care. If there is a lesson to be learned from the mass experience we have lived through and are still living, it is that the defence of individual and collective health cannot be delegated and that it is urgent to open up spaces of discussion and initiative in various territories, spaces that can unite health workers with the rest of society. Not only because “starting again” as if nothing had happened is the most senseless thing one could do; but also because in the absence of resistance the enormous public debt that the government is creating with loans to the banks and big companies will involve more cuts and a more ferocious privatization. «Health is not for sale» can only be an invitation to struggle, therefore, certainly not a statement: in a world where everything is profit, health is on sale, and how!
Let’s start with a passage from your callout then:

«We are asking for the centrality of medicine in the territory be recognized, a reality that takes on the care of the person in their totality and globality. We demand that future general practitioners be guaranteed quality training, where the importance of a global and proactive management of patients is accentuated».

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September 10, 2020
by actforfreedom
Comments Off on Chi aspira alla libertà non si “misura” (Italy)

Chi aspira alla libertà non si “misura” (Italy)

Le molteplici operazioni repressive lanciate dallo Stato italiano dal 2019 a oggi costringono tutt’ora alcuni/e anarchici/che a misure restrittive che ne colpiscono la libertà di movimento, obbligati/e o impossibilitati/e, a seconda dei casi, alla residenza in specifiche città o regioni. A partire da questa condizione comune di “sottoposti a misure minori” rilanciamo insieme la solidarietà, in previsione della stagione di udienze che da settembre, e per tutto l’autunno, vedrà più di 200 compagni/e a processo in Italia. Nei primi giorni di settembre, in particolare, riprenderà il processo di appello per l’Op. Scripta Manent, per la quale 5 compagni/e sono in carcere da 4 anni (due di loro da 8) e che in primo grado ha visto condanne fino a 20 anni. Per questo processo il pm Sparagna ha parlato di un anarchismo definito “accettabile” e di uno “criminale”, un’affermazione che racchiude la strategia punitiva che lo Stato vuole attuare, fondata su divisioni fra “buoni ” e ”cattivi” nel movimento anarchico e pene esemplari.
Testo in inglese:
From 2019 to today the Italian State has carried out many repressive operations and inflicted a series of restrictive measures on anarchist comrades, limiting their freedom of movement and forcing them to remain within the limits of their city or to move away from the city or region where they reside.
As recipients of these kind of minor measures, together we want to relaunch our solidarity with the more than 200 comrades involved in the various trials in Italy that are starting this September and that shall continue throughout the autumn.

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September 7, 2020
by actforfreedom


Received on : 6/9/20 and translated to English by Act for freedom now!
Genoa, Piazza San Lorenzo
Saturday 26th September, 4pm  2020
Gathering against repression in solidarity with the anarchists arrested following operation Scripta Manent.
The «Scripta Manent» appeal trial in Turin is coming to an end. It was on 6th September 2016 that eight anarchists were arrested and accused of having formed or participated in a «subversive association with aims of terrorism and subversion of the democratic order», a charge that about twenty anarchists are accused of in the trial. In particular the accusations are of carrying out, from 2005, several direct and armed actions against the police (police chiefs, carabinieri barracks, carabinieri training centres and RIS), men of State (mayors, the minister of the interior), journalists, companies involved in the restructuring of CIEs and the director of a detention centre for migrants, actions that were claimed FAI and FAI-FRI (Informal Anarchist Federation-International Revolutionary Front). In addition that of having written and edited anarchist publications including a historic publication of the movement, “Croce Nera Anarchica” [Anarchist Black Cross].
In April 2019, with the first-grade trial sentence, the comrades Alessandro, Alfredo, Anna, Marco and Nicola were given sentences ranging from 5 to 20 years of imprisonment, whereas another 18 were acquitted and two were released.  In Alfredo and Nicola’s case, years of imprisonment were added to a previous sentence for the kneecapping of the managing director of Ansaldo Nucleare, Roberto Adinolfi. This action was carried out on 7th May 2012 in Genoa and proudly claimed by the two comrades in court during the trial following their arrest in September of the same year.

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September 7, 2020
by actforfreedom
Comments Off on Berlin: Attack on Consulate General and Embassy of Belarus

Berlin: Attack on Consulate General and Embassy of Belarus

Receved on : 6/9/20
“Bread, Salt, Land and Freedom” can be heard in the streets of all Belarus at present. Everywhere people and our friends have been streaming onto the streets since August 9th. Unusual for a country where activists disappear, are tortured or draconian prison sentences are supposed to suppress any thought of another world. But the population is looking for alternatives and our companions are right in the middle of it:
“We should not forget that anarchists are against not only this presidential election, but against any president in general. The Belarusian people have long known that power corrupts everyone. Lukashenko may be replaced by an opposition politician, who will keep power in the country and continue repression against his own population. We must rise up not to get a new president, but to live without presidents. Decentralization of power should be a key factor in the transition from dictatorship to a free society.“
While the madman from Belarus, self-proclaimed president, congratulates his murderous cop units and symbolically walks through Minsk with a Kalashnikov, the strikes and attacks on these units continue. The fear must be deep-seated of losing power, so he had the Internet turned off, sent the military to fight the demos and his whole family ran through the streets with weapons.

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September 7, 2020
by actforfreedom
Comments Off on ‘Approaches to the situation in Bolivia from the anarchic insurrectional perspective’ by Gustavo Rodriguez

‘Approaches to the situation in Bolivia from the anarchic insurrectional perspective’ by Gustavo Rodriguez

ES | ‘Aproximaciones a la situación en Bolivia desde la perspectiva insurreccional anárquica’ de Gustavo Rodriguez
Approaches to the situation in Bolivia from the anarchic insurrectional perspective’i
Much has been written these days about the “resignation” of Evo Morales, former chief of the Bolivian state. As was to be expected, there has been no lack of furious positions on the subject – on the right and on the left of Capital – backing or attacking (as the case may be) the deposed president. Particularly prodigal have been the chronicles and approaches to this event from the vision of “nuestralatinoamericana” and from mostly an “anti-imperialism” orthodoxy. It so happens that for years we have been dependent on the interpretations and analyses of others -even though they can no longer be considered moderately acceptable from the contemporary anarchic viewpoint- and, driven by the need for reflection, other narratives have begun to express themselves with our unmistakable “brand name”.
It is precisely within this framework of reflections that the following pages are based, written with their own baggage of experiences and with a redoubled emphasis on the constant challenges of the nascent acrimonious paradigm that extends day-by-day across the planet in an internationalist key, objecting to all the sweetened mediated and reformist projects that divert it anarchism from its insurrectionary action. For this reason, the approach to the situation in Bolivia from the anarchic insurrectional perspective is an essential task in our time.
In the geopolitical context of a tripolar world (US/China/Russia), where paradoxically, there are no longer “opposing” ideological programs confronting each other, but rather three mutations of the most pedestrianized hyper-capitalist expansionism, we should have no doubt that today there is no “side” to defend in power nor a “bloc” to which to submit. Although, to be consistent, it should be recognized that for the anarchists of praxis, there has never been a “side” to defend in power, much less a “bloc” to bend to. On the contrary, from the first moments of the bipolar farce, during the so-called “cold war” of the last century, the emphasis was always on “the two imperialisms”, revealing the gross fallacy of the “dictatorship of the proletariat” and the imposition – by blood and fire – of State capitalism in the name of “really existing” socialism.

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September 7, 2020
by actforfreedom
Comments Off on Barcelona, Spain: Message for the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners

Barcelona, Spain: Message for the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners



With an open horizon that is always beyond,
and that strength to seek it out with tenacity and will.
When it seems closest, it is when it is furthest away.
I have so many brothers and sisters, I can tell you about them.

Once again the most unpleasant news came, those that are not alien to anarchist circles and that refer to raids and arrests. And once again, they referred to Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, who have been singled out and linked again by the state to a series of explosive attacks against Carabineros units and to the former minister of the interior, Rodrigo Hinzpeter. The walls of an infamous Chilean prison envelop the comrades, those who had already been seen during the Bombs Case, those who were not so different from those who held them during their years of captivity in the cages of the Spanish state and those who, throughout the world, hand out punishments and focus on crushing rebellion against authority, but who, in their case, in their constant anarchic journey, have failed in the most beautiful way.
This achievement of words spun together remains infinitely short to capture that revolt of sensations that shakes us when one of our own is captured and that cannot be harmlessly digested, nor passively forgotten. Where words are not enough, gestures, initiatives, solidarity in all its forms can be unleashed, reaffirming the bonds in the most complicated moments, where others more superficial or based on pure interest, would be shattered. And this says something about what we pursue, about who we are and about the way we have to launch ourselves into the world from the path of anarchism.

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September 7, 2020
by actforfreedom
Comments Off on Achim, Germany: Incendiary Sabotage of an Amazon Construction Site

Achim, Germany: Incendiary Sabotage of an Amazon Construction Site

DE – [Achim bei Bremen: Amazon-Baustelle sabotiert] (Tor)
Amazon construction site sabotaged!
At the end of last year, Amazon concluded the purchase contract for a commercial site on the A27 motorway in Achim. Anyone who goes there now will see huge cranes and other heavy equipment towering up into the air, pounding a gigantic hall of steel and concrete out of the ground. In the future, 2,000 people will be working under constant surveillance in a windowless hall in a place that was a wasteland just a short time ago, only to be replaced by robots.
Employment offices are rubbing their hands that they can force masses of people to work at Amazon.
The new logistics centre is important for Amazon, so that, together with the much smaller distribution centre in Bremerhaven, it can supply the Bremen/Oldenburg/Bremerhaven area more quickly. The state of Lower Saxony is bearing the costs of transport connections and other infrastructure, thus joining the degrading practice by which cities and local authorities around the world outdo each other in giving gifts to the company.
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September 5, 2020
by actforfreedom
Comments Off on ES/EN – Palabras de la compañera Monica Caballero desde la cárcel de San Miguel ($hile)

ES/EN – Palabras de la compañera Monica Caballero desde la cárcel de San Miguel ($hile)

Para lxs antagonistas a este sistema de terror el ingreso a la cárcel siempre es un trago amargo y siempre duele.
La prisión y yo somos viejas conocidas, en mas de una ocasión me han sentado en su mesa, con los años hemos cambiado y ambas hemos aprendido la una de la otra… pero por mas tiempo que pase escencialmente la cárcel y yo seguimos siendo las mismas. La cárcel aun es el monstruo fagocitador de poderes que crece con la sumisión y el arrepentimiento, yo continuo con los mismos deseos sediciosos de antaño.
Lxs poderosxs lograron encerrar mi cuerpo inquieto, trataron de custodiarlo por muchos años, pero aunque esté enjaulada, mi corazón sigue afuera lejos de alambrados, altos muros y ojos vigilantes… el gris de este lugar solo me toca superficialmente.

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September 5, 2020
by actforfreedom
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Alexei “Socrates” Sutuga, 1986-2020 / Our comrade Alexey has passed away

On the morning of September 1st, 34-year-old anarchist Alexey ”Socrates” Sutuga died, due to severe head injuries, in the intensive care unit of the Sklifosovsky Institute. For more than a week, doctors fought for his life, but the injuries were too serious.
Alexey died after a fight near a grocery store on August 23 near the Baumanskaya metro station in the center of Moscow. The circumstances surrounding the incident remain unclear. Four people, who apparently took part in the beating of Alexey, have been detained. In the criminal case, the Sutuga family is represented by a famous lawyer, and we hope that thanks to her, we will find out all the details of that night. So far, there is no reason to believe that there was any political motivation behind the attack.
Alexey Sutuga took part in creating Autonomous Action since the early 2000s. At first in the local group in Irkutsk, and later in Moscow, where he was also an active member. He took part in many different anarchist initiatives. It is impossible to list all of them here.

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