April 20, 2020
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Athens, Greece: Molotov Attack Against the Offices of New Democracy Regime Supporters SKAI TV

18.04.2020: Anarchists have released a video and a claim of responsibility for a Molotov cocktail attack against the offices of the right-wing, pro-New Democracy regime SKAI TV. The same building is also used by the right-wing Kathimerini newspaper. Here is a translated excerpt from the claim of responsibility, which was signed “Anarchist Comrades”…
“…we decided to begin our regular “visits” to the unofficial press office of New Democracy, the TV station SKAI. A channel that is always at the forefront of lies and war against society. A channel connected by family ties (literally) to New Democracy. A cabal of right-wing MPs. A channel that expected a “serious” gold rush and broadcast fanatical opinions about the murder of Pavlos Fyssas. A channel that was a chronic opponent of public health and demanded via their journalists (current MPs) the demolition of public hospitals and the privatization of health. In the early hours of April the 18th, 2020, we attacked the SKAI building with Molotov cocktails to remind them that whatever the situation, you will find us opposite.”

April 20, 2020
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Everything will be fine

From Madrid Cuarentena City N.2

It’s the story of a man who falls from a 50-story building.
To calm down as he falls into the void he keeps saying to himself:
So far so good.
So far so good.
So far so good…

But it’s not the fall that matters, it’ s the landing.
As in the metaphor of the French film “La haine”, we live in a world
that has been condemned to disaster. The continued destruction of the
ecosystems to extract raw materials, the systematic degradation of the
earth’s crust by monocultures and agro-industry, the expulsion or
annihilation of species, the transformation of the oceans in dunghills,
the irreversible damage to the ozone layer… has had an exponential
advance in recent years. They’ve put us on a path which is more than
evident a transformation, for the worse, of life on earth.

At the same time, we have generated societies that are annihilators of
the different, of the enemies of risk and adventure.The perpetuation of
hierarchies and authorities, slaves of an economic system that puts the
flow of goods above everything else. Profit as the only ideology. In
which the virtual imposes itself on reality. The simulation to the

In recent weeks, campaigns were launched in places like Italy and Spain
asking children to draw rainbow posters with the message “everything
will be fine” or “andrá tutto bene” and then hang them on the balconies
or public buildings. Unfortunately, this illusory and innocent message
implies complacency with all of the above, a yearning to return to a
reality that is self-destructive for people and harmful to our

And all this has been accompanied by self-incrimination, considering
individuals as guilty agents responsible for the transmission of a
virus, when it is clear that diseases do not become pandemics because of
the actions of a few people, for that a series of infrastructure
conditions (such as overcrowding in large cities, for example),
environmental conditions, movement conditions, etc. are needed, and of
course they are and were given.

We assume, then, the orders to stay at home for our own good and that of
others, in a paternalistic and patriarchal tone. But when we are
forbidden to go on the streets alone, or with the people we share a
house with, are we responding to medical or public order criteria?

Meanwhile, let’s clap on the balconies and hang signs… but maybe it
won’t go well. It’s even possible that whatever we do won’t go well. The
possibilities for the recovery of the planet are infinite, it is not so
much that in this resurgence from the ashes we can continue to exist as
a species. But we are not going to deny ourselves the pleasure of
enjoying this journey, even if it is the last one. We are going to
confront, fight, experiment, imagine… pointing out and hitting those
responsible for this reality and moving away with our practices from its

Another world is possible, said the classic leftist slogan, another end
of the world is possible, is the slogan that we have no choice but to
adopt, and we do so with passion.Muchxs without hope, but with the flame
in the eyes when you are so close that you can look into the abyss.

April 20, 2020
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Berlin, Germany: Arson Sabotage Attack Against Developers of the New “Corona-App”

14.04.2020: The following communique was sent today to RBB, Berliner Morgenpost, Berliner Zeitung, the news portal indymedia and dpa. With the communique, a group explains the motives behind their sabotage of a data line to the Heinrich Hertz Institute in Berlin, one of the institutions involved in the development of the “Corona-App”.
Shut Down the Power! Digital Infrastructure Sabotaged
We gave the so-called Corona-App a refusal and went into action. Today, in order to counteract any further weakening of fundamental rights and the expansion of surveillance measures, we set fire to a shaft with communication cables that supply the “Heinrich-Herz-Institute”, among others. The power cables of Colt, Telekom and other providers were destroyed by our attack. We identified the open shaft in which new cables are laid as the supply line to the “HHI”. The short-term shutdown also affected other local companies, such as car dealerships of the climate kilers VW, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche etc. We have ruled out any danger to human life from our action.
Why we politically sabotaged the use of the app:
The regulations against the pandemic bring with them curfews, contact bans and other interventions, which are unprecedented in the speed of their implementation and their fundamental nature in the history of the Federal Republic. These interventions are repeatedly accompanied by war rhetoric. The model for these “rules” is China’s handling of the virus. China: a patriarchal dictatorship that monitors and controls every movement of the people and punishes violations of the “rules” set by the communist-capitalist elite. The cordoning off of megacities can only be carried out in such an efficient totalitarian system, as a measure of what is possible. China, with its 60 day curfew (e.g. in Wuhan) and the total control of people, has in the short term become a model case of (alleged) containment of the pandemic for governments almost all over the world. At the beginning of January these measures were still criticized as totalitarian and violating human rights. Now they are also being transferred in a modified form to the other continents.

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April 20, 2020
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Italy – A new website: ilrovescio.info

What isn’t visible, the shadowy area of what is being said, the violence behind development, the control behind security, the discipline behind education, the slavery behind the smartphone, the solitude behind the connection, the bloodstained basement under the democratic drawing-room, the gestures of rebellion that have never been told, the dissatisfaction behind the false smiles, the pressing need for love behind the anger, the different classes behind community, the State behind public welfare.
But also the storm of revolt, historical experience and the utopia of social revolution, the upheaval that is shortcircuiting the world of authority and commodities, the dreamed-of, the gazed-at, experienced freedom and equality. We’d like to talk about all that in this website, starting with the present state of emergency to then go elsewhere in time and space.

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April 20, 2020
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Bologna, Italy – The prisoners’ protests continue! The only safety is freedom! Let’s support them! 

9th-10th March: revolts and protests in more than 40 Italian prisons after the Government orders a state of emergency due to Covid-19.
In the deafening silence surrounding these revolts, 14 people die of prison.
In the weeks to come, a few get out, many fall ill.
On 2nd April the first prisoner infected with the virus at the Dozza [Bologna prison] dies.
The prisoners’ protests continue. Let’s support them!
Thursday 9th April, Bologna, a day of banners, posters and messages in solidarity with prisoners from balconies to the streets.
Starting on Thursday morning, send your pictures to: SoSCarcere sosteniamoli@autistici.org
 Comrades from Bologna
 Rete bolognese di iniziativa anticarceraria [Bologna network of anti-prison initiative]
Translated by act for freedom now!

April 20, 2020
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Opportunity in Every Crisis: A Call For Decentralized May Day Actions (Southern Ontario,Canada)

Posted onHowever you tell the tale of May Day, one thing is consistent: it is a time people gather together, to march in the streets or to celebrate a new spring. Although most of us are enjoying the warmer weather blowing in, we are mostly stuck in our homes. Reading the news, trying to figure out the right thing to do, watching May 1st creep closer and wondering what it will look like this year if we can’t take over downtown and revel in May Day as we have come to know it: a celebration of anticapitalism.
Life is an evolving story, an ever-changing landscape. We have always had to adapt and shift our tactics to new realities as they crop up. This is no different. The context in which we find ourselves is affected by both the coronavirus and the repressive actions taken by the state around it, but the need for resistance is still just as present.
Even if we can’t gather, there are still ways to mark the day, to feel part of a larger whole that has always honoured the spring, always resisted oppressors, and always carried a new world in their hearts.

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April 20, 2020
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Bologna, Italy: Individual Feminist Action – ATMs Vandalized

In these times of contagion, individual but not individualistic action is useful.
If to take a solitary walk you risk a complaint, then so be it…Bologna, March 25th, 2020.
Some Unicredit ATMs, one of the banks that finance the war, have been damaged in the city.
The war industry hasn’t been stopped even with the pandemic. Evidently for the state, war is considered a basic necessity.
This pandemic is the result of devastation and exploitation of the environment and other animal species, man on man, and, upstream, man on woman.
The #iroestoacasa (#stayathome) campaign imposed by the state itself is the result of patriarchal violence and can only generate more patriarchal violence. The armed wing of the state, in the name of “health”, is hitting the homeless, the precarious, the carers, the workers, people locked up in prisons, but above all it is affecting women, locked up in their homes with their oppressors and overburdened with all the work that comes with it.
For all patriarchal violence exasperated by these measures we will respond!
Solidarity with the strikers and all those who rebel.
via  Anarchists Worldwide

April 17, 2020
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Limassol (Cyprus) : the fire epidemic against relay antennas is spreading wildly

Evening, Saturday April 11, unknown persons set fire to a mobile telephony antenna in Limassol, the second town of Cyprus, and the police immediately jumped to the conclusion that it was caused by opponents to the 5G network, pointing out that their installation on the island had not yet been completed.

As prevention is better than cure, as they say in these covid-19 times, the fire could be a question of preventive treatment concerning the pylon? Or quite simply that there are plenty of other reasons to go after such telecommunications structures, and the rumour about the link between 5G and covid has nothing to do with it. One thing is sure, fire is a good remedy against all viruses, including the technological pandemic Next!

via: demesure.
Translated by Act for freedom now!

April 17, 2020
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La Spezia, Italy : Relay antenna burnt from top to bottom – 6 April 2020

Monday April 6 at dawn in the Pianazze area of La Spezia (Liguria), a mobile telephony antenna was set on fire.  It housed equipment of GSM, UMTS and LTE, 2G, 3G and 4G of operators Telecom and WindTre, before being reduced to ashes. The fire also devoured equipment stored in an adjacent building.
If the newspapers eagerly pounced on anti-5G enthusiasts for this anonymous attack and hastened to relay a video (previously the journacops often accused the anarchists, a question of prefectorial fashion), there are obviously plenty of reasons other than conspiratorial rumours for wanting to go after an ordinary antenna like this one.
All the more in these times of accelerated technological pandemic.
 [Resumé from the Italian press by demesure.noblogs.org, 7 April 2020]
via: Sans_Attendre
Translated by Act for freedom now!

April 17, 2020
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Greece: from the Greek Prisons Updates, by Solidarity translations

Urgent news from Domokos Prisons:

Prisons, the black holes of totalitarianism and dictatorship in the universe of contemporary representative democracy

In D Wing of Domokos prisons, special police forces along with the exterior guard raided Nikos Maziotis’ cell by order of the ministry. They handcuffed him as they messed up his cell, and as we were informed they told him that he was going to be held in disciplinary cells. We have no other information so far except that another prisoners’ cell, whose name we don’t know, was also searched.
Moreover we know that there has been a decision by Domokos prisoners that they would begin mobilizations demanding the de-congestion of the prisons as of today Friday 17th of April. The response of the state and its mechanisms to the demand for de-congestion NOW, is revenge and repression against anything that is moving in a fighting direction. Their purpose is to terrorize and to totally impose the dogma ‘law and order’, a fundamental tool of imposition inside and outside of prison.
There will be further updates.
Solidarity Assembly to the members of Revolutionary Struggle
original post: https://www.athens.indymedia.org/post/1604515/
Urgent news from Malandrino Prisons
Last night a bunch of guards invaded the ward where Giannis Michalidis is held in Z wing in Malandrino prisons. After making a mess of the ward, they departed without any findings. It should be stressed that the search was clearly targeting the comrade, since this was the only ward of the whole prison that a search took place. It is not a coincidence that this is taking place when many prisoners are claiming the de-congestion of prisons, as the ministry is turning the blind eye and mocking them.
Also, last night special police forces raided and took prisoner Vasilis Dimakis from his cell in D Wing of Korydallos prisons. A prisoner who is struggling for many years with all his might against the incarceration conditions in greek prisons.
Moreover, searches were made in Korydallos prison.
It is evident that the new far right leadership of the ministry of Justice in total collaboration with the ministry of Citizens Protection are going on an orgy of revenge and repression against any form of resistance that springs out from the detention centers. They are fooling the prisoners with false hopes at a time when the situation inside the prisons is more dangerous than ever. Let them know that prisoners are not alone and that their JUST demands are paving the way…
original post: https://www.athens.indymedia.org/post/1604511/
Statement of prisoners in D2 Wing in Domokos Prisons:
As of today 17/4 the prisoners of Domokos prisons are beginning mobilizations demanding the de-congestion of the prisons as a preventative health measure in the face of the corona virus pandemic. We begin by refusing lock-down during lunch hours (12-3pm) and work and meals strike beginning from Tuesday 22/4.
We agree and support the demands made by women prisoners in Korydallos as well as in the women prisons in Eleonas, where the prisoners revolted on 9/4, after the death of prisoner Azize Deniroglu. As a response to the announced mobilizations, the ministry of Citizen Protection proceeded to make searches in the cells of D2 wing last night (the cells of Varelas and Maziotis), with the obvious purpose of intimidating us. At the same time, they made a punitive transfer of our fellow prisoner Dimakis from the D wing of Korydallos to Grevena prison as a reaction to the Korydallos prisoners mobilizations who are on work strike since 13/4.
It is clear that repression is the only answer of the ministry of Citizen Protection to the mobilizations of prisoners in Domokos, Korydallos, Eleonas, Chania and their spreading to Malandrino, Corfu. Repression began from the Korydallos women prisons, where the response to the lock-down refusal on 20/3 was to transfer Pola Roupa. Then there was the preventative transfer of Maziotis on 24/3 to Domokos prisons, followed by the riot police raid to stifle the revolt in Eleonas prisons after the death of prisoner Azize Deniroglu and it continues with the cell searches in Domokos and the transfer of Dimakis to Grevena prisons. The ministry, despite the announcements of the secretary of counter-crime policy Sofia Nikolaou who, during meetings with prisoners, promised to proceed to immediate de-congestion measures, proves that they have no intention to go ahead with this until prisoners start dying from the corona virus in prisons.
Prisoners of D2 Wing in Domokos Prisons
original post: https://www.athens.indymedia.org/post/1604519/
Solidarity translations

April 17, 2020
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Athens,Greece : News from third day of prisoner strike in Korydallos Prisons

(Video clip sent from Delta sector)
Today is the third day of the prisoner strike in Korydallos. Basically the prisoners who work in the jail’s kitchen and the ones who work as cleaners are on strike. Social services is only supplying 2 sandwiches per day for each prisoner. Everything else is the same.
Nothing much changed of prison life although there is the strike.
At least here in Alpha sector.
Problem is that the strike didn’t yet start in all prisons of Greece, but it did start in around 65%.
And there are not yet determined demands. It is obvious it is for changes of law because of corona but nothing is specified what exactly we want.
Last 2 days there was symbolic noise protest of prisoners. Against closing of the cells at 20h, which is the normal time of cell closing. Basically just hitting doors to make noise to annoy cops, but nothing happened here they just closed us in cells
In Delta sector of Korydallos prisoners have set some fires yesterday.
After the fire, MAT (riot cops) arrived and they heavily beat one guy and took him with them. I don’t know where they took him, I just hope they will not say “he died of corona”. Maybe they took him to an isolation cell or to the jail hospital…

April 16, 2020
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Greece: Imprisonment is a death sentence

On April 9, 2020, Azizel Deniroglou dies in a prison in Thebes. She had had health problems for many days. On the fateful night, she asked for help due to fever and difficulty in breathing. As usual, the service did not pay any attention to her, as a result of which Azizel became another victim of the murderous regime. The reflexes of the State were once again indicative, with the gen. Secretary of anti-crime policy Nikolaou announcing death from “pathological causes”, without waiting for either an examination for the corona or an autopsy.

Azizel’s death confirms the law and the urgency of the demands of the country’s many prisoners, who are calling for measures to protect them due to the Covid 19 pandemic. From simple information on precautions that can be taken to access gloves, masks and antiseptics, to granting leave to sick inmates and disinfection of the prisons. Their main demand, however, is the decongestion of prisons, through the release of vulnerable groups, the elderly or prisoners who have served much of their sentences. Demands that seem self-evident when we talk about places where hundreds of people are stacked in conditions of misery – without access to medicines and medical care, where falling sick almost automatically means transmitting the virus to all prisoners – measures that in a number of countries have already been implemented.
The State ‘s response to the above is as expected. It imposes a number of measures against prisoners’ rights, such as stopping permits and visits, as well as prohibiting the receiving of any object (books, food, etc.) from individuals in solidarity, or their families. Otherwise, it shows complete indifference to their demands, in addition to commitments to decongestion that are never implemented (with the exception of course of the release of former PASOK minister Papantoniou) and assurances from government officials that everything is going well. This, of course, only in cases where prisoners’ requests remain within the “permitted framework”. In cases where prisoners are mobilizing and rebelling, refusing food or to return to their cells, the treatment changes. Threats, calls for “disciplinary action”, retaliatory transfers, the closure of exercise yards, raids by EKAM and MAT and relentless beatings. This happened in the prisons in Korydallos, Larissa, Chania and even in Thebes, in the uprising of the detained woman Azizel on the occasion of her death, where the MAT dragged the prisoners into their cells, sent many to the hospital and did not hesitate to beat a woman held who suffered from epilepsy.

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April 16, 2020
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Viterbo, Italy – A letter from a prisoner locked up in Mammagialla

VITERBO 09/04/2020
This is what the health of the prisoners is worth…
From a letter of a prisoner locked up in Mammagialla
On 25th March news came of a screw on duty at the prison of Mammagialla resulting positive to the corona virus. The news was given to the prisoners officially, assuring them that the cop had been isolated. The only measure taken to prevent contagion inside was to give tests to the other 36 screws. According to the prison governor, they all came back negative. At this point it could be said that 581 prisoners are crammed into Mammagialla, which has places for 431 people. So each screw watches about fifty prisoners.
Obviously, in spite of the already considerable overcrowding, the comings and goings of newcomers and transferred prisoners never ceases, they only have their temperature checked in a tent set up outside the prison. No swabs are being taken and after a few days’ isolation, «fine, off to the incubator for covid-19, the sections». The prison governor informed the prisoners that a section had been set up near the chief’s office where eventual positive cases would be contained (which, if swabs are not being done?). Doubts naturally arise, given the constant overcrowding: where has this “section” been set up?

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April 16, 2020
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Northern Catalonia : AGRO-CRUST X, cambio de fecha/new dates (cast, eng)

castellano (english below):

AGRO-CRUST X : info III (Abril 2020)

Aupa compas & amigxs!
Estamos a mediados de Abril, fecha limite para las confirmaciones  para el Agro-Crust X… La situación provocada por el capital global no  nos frenará de seguir luchando para su caída definitiva pero complica la organización del encuentro/festival d.i.y. en el sentido que mucha gente, bandas etc. no saben si podrán participar, si las fronteras seguirán cerradas etc. Ya muchas bandas tuvieron que cancelar o posponer sus
giras y la reacción del movimiento tampoco ha sido coherente sino de
esperar “a ver que pasa”. Incluso, y esto duele bastante, han sido lxs
primerxs que han suspendido actividades planeadas, han hecho caso
a las ordenes del estado e están calladxs y confinadxs en sus kasas.

A consecuencia queremos proponer un cambio de fechas para el
Agro-Crust X; las nuevas datas son: del 9 al 12 de JULIO 2020.

Las bandas que ya habían confirmado su participación deberían valorar si podrán venir a tokar en aquellas nuevas fechas. Ponemos una nueva fecha limite para confirmarlo que será el próximo 15 de Mayo.
También pedimos a todo el mundo libertario/anarquista su apoyo para la  realización de esta edición del Agro-Crust, o sea distribuidoras, kolektivos  y/o grupos de apoyo a presxs que podrán organizarse para dar charlas, talleres etc. que se ponen en contacto con nosotrxs cuando antes para concretar los detalles.

Esperemos que se entiende esta decisión como única solución posible
en estos momentos. Estamos conspirando para el lugar donde podemos
montar el Agro-Crust este año… Necesitamos vuestro apoyo para prepa- rar/montar, especialmente en la primera semana de Julio.

Un abrazo fuerte!
Salud & Anarquía

Contactos: agrocrust@autistici.org

PD: Gracias por difundir el flyer con las nuevas fechas!!!

AGRO-CRUST X : info III (April 2020)

Hi comrades & friends!

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April 16, 2020
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Prison of Pau ,France : A letter from Anarchist Comrade Damien Camélio

Prison of Pau : A letter from Damien

Hi compas and thanks for your support.

I got arrested for shoplifting while I was on the run. The cops realised I was wanted and put me in prison. In fact, what happened is that the cops I’d publicly denounced after they beat me up had fomented a retaliation. They filed a complaint against me for contempt and rebellion. I was never called to court because the cops falsified the papers notifying me of the trial.
Likewise, they falsified the notification of the court’s decision of 5 months’ prison.

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April 14, 2020
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Lecco, Italy – How to make an invisible enemy become “visible” (a leaflet)

Translated by act for freedom now!
Historically power has always been based on the creation of a common enemy to be fought, a concept to be fed to the “people” in order to continue to perpetrate exploitation, subjugation and blind obedience to authority.
Patriotism is a simple example of this, as is any kind of nationalism. And the fact is clear that in the face of any war, the modern State feels the need to create the image of an enemy to be fought, whether it be a wealthy Jew who rules the world, a dangerous communist, a capitalist enemy or the most recent terrorist fundamentalist. In other words… a common enemy creates common intents. A sort of united front between exploited and exploiters, those governed and those who govern, the oppressed and the oppressors.
But what is its real purpose? What dynamics of power are concealed behind this falsification of reality? It is enough to think about today’s topicality: the Italian who in the war against COVID 19 becomes “the people”. In the face of an invisible and dangerous enemy, power only had to create a visible enemy so as to push people to become “the people”, encouraging one another, and pushing them into submitting mind and body to the Government against a common enemy more easily : THE PLAGUE-SPREADER!

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April 14, 2020
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Madrid Cuarentena City nº2 – mediados de abril

PDF:Madrid cuarentena city 2
2º de “Madrid Cuarentena City”, mediados de abril, publicación por la guerra social en tiempos de estado de alarma.
En este número podéis encontrar:
-Todo va a ir bien.
-Trabajo, producción y consumo. La rueda de la explotación continúa.
-Crónica de la guerra social en estado de alarma.
-La solidaridad como arma.
-La ciudad: caldo de cultivo para enfermedades y control social
-De aquellos fangos estos lodos.
-Llamamiento a extender la okupación: “Okupa la cuarentena”
Todo va a ir bien.
“Es la historia de un hombre que cae de un edificio de 50 pisos.
Para tranquilizarse mientras cae al vacío no para de decirse:
Hasta ahora todo va bien.
Hasta ahora todo va bien.
Hasta ahora todo va bien…
Pero lo importante no es la caída, es el aterrizaje.
Como en la metáfora de la película francesa de “La haine”, vivimos en un mundo que venía condenado al desastre.  La destrucción continuada de los ecosistemas para extraer materias primas, la degradación sistemática de la corteza terrestre por los monocultivos y la agroindustria, la expulsión o aniquilación de especies, la transformación de los océanos en estercoleros, los daños irreversibles en la capa de ozono… han tenido un avance exponencial en los últimos años. Nos han encaminado hacia una más que evidente transformación, para mal, de la vida en la tierra.

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April 14, 2020
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Comments Off on Thessaloniki, Greece: Arson Attack Against 2 Private Courier Company Vans

Thessaloniki, Greece: Arson Attack Against 2 Private Courier Company Vans

The international community is in a state of emergency due to the pandemic. But the same is not true of capitalism, which, in the bleak times we are living, is finding the tools to reproduce and over-accumulate capital, usurping more intensively the collective labor force. Hundreds of businesses may have closed due to state of emergency prevention measures to prevent the spread of the virus, but this has not stopped the flow of their production. The bosses weapon against the intensity of the emergency is called e-shopping with employees being a consumable force to save profits.
At this juncture, the key role is played by couriers, an already degraded industry that faces constant risk (accidents at work, intensification of working conditions etc). The closing of the stores and the demand for their services via e-shopping, in fact imposes on the couriers to shoulder the entire burden of carrying the industry. Dozens of complaints indicate the increase in the profits of courier companies during this period, the intensity of class exploitation as the volume of work they are forced to cope with is multiplied as they are not provided with any individual measures of hygienic protection or care.
Employee couriers are now being blackmailed into rescuing their bosses. They are constantly exposed to the possibility of getting sick as they come in contact with hundreds of people every day, without being given any protective measures. They are called upon to increase work hours and delivery speed, resulting in the multiplication of exposure to possible work accidents. They are the sole structural factor contributing to the increase in their bosses’ profits, while their wages remain low and they are forced to pay for their own protective gear and maintenance of their vehicles.

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April 14, 2020
by actforfreedom
Comments Off on Chile – An anarchist perspective in the face of the coronavirus pandemic

Chile – An anarchist perspective in the face of the coronavirus pandemic

Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!
We receive and spread:
In the afternoon of a particularly chaotic Friday, Piñera inaugurates the pandemic on the national TV channel. Fear of the virus has slowly been brought up in conversations since the beginning of March, increasingly becoming a main topic amidst the turbulent return to school that wants to be a replica (as with an earthquake) of the October revolt, the mass feminist demonstrations, the radicalization of reactionary sectors and the imminent referendum.
The international situation is just as complex. Last year a new world-wide wave of revolts against capitalist normality began, and the very worn-out “institutionality” seems to be collapsing from wherever you look at it, leaving space not only to insurrectional creativity but also to (never easily distinguishable) populisms and fascisms of all sorts.
The economy has been losing speed for a while, but the commercial war between two declining powers, the manipulated increase in fuel prices and the paralysis caused by the coronavirus have created the perfect tempest for the stock exchange and its web of speculative fictions to free-fall.

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