March 14, 2018
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[Bogota, Colombia] Riots around Universidad Pedagogica blockade the financial district for four hours


Act for free received on: 13/3/18
On Tuesday, March 6th, in Bogota, Colombia, two explosions burst during the quiet of the lessons. In between the fully painted walls of this eternally leftist university, located in the middle of a financial district, the students playing on the sports field turn their heads in all directions. The sound of chattering suddenly vanishes. It is 10:30 AM and the gatekeepers put their backpacks on and immediately leave the scene. Rapidly, a small group of hooded people meets the crowd, without talking. In a kind of dancing manner, without much useless noises, the students peacefully leave the playground and the encapuchadxs progressively take their place. It is quickly possible to count as many as 50 of them, now facing the stone benches.
On the benches, a crowd interested students gather. We can hear some of them express their disagreement “it’s gonna be bad”, but they leave the spot as fast as they can. Oh the field, it is easy to see at least 3 different groups. The hoods are made from black clothing, their bodies are completely covered, even their shoes with large socks. Some of them are completely dressed with black plastic bags. Despite the first explosions, they don’t seem to hurry. Some of them throw what seem to be little metallic balls on the wall, which explodes in an incredible BOOM. You’ve just met papas bombas, a tradition here in Colombia.

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March 12, 2018
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Martano (Lecce), Italy – Paint and stones against the premises of the Northern League


From the local press:
14th February 2018. In the night before Matteo Salvini [the Northern League’ leader]’s visit in Martano (Lecce) for the election campaign, the windows of the Northern League’s election committee were trashed with red paint and hit with stones.

Translated by act for freedom now!


March 12, 2018
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Italy – Operation Scripta Manent: updates from anarchist comrade Marco Bisesti

Anarchist comrade Marco Bisesti tells us that he’ll be present at all the hearings [of the trial].
The next hearings will take place as follows:
MARCH: 1-7-8-15-22-28
APRIL: 12-18-19
MAY: 2-3-9-10-17-23-24-30-31
JUNE: 6-7-14-15-20-21
JULY: 4-5-11-12-18-19-25-26

cna — 27th February 2018
Translated by act for freedom now!

March 12, 2018
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Chile: Date Set for the Sentencing of Anarchist Compañero Juan Flores

On March 15th, the legal inquisition will decide how many years it will condemn compañero Juan Flores to.
Recall that Juan is convicted under the arms control law for the attack against Los Dominicos subway station and under the anti-terrorist law for the explosive attack at the Sub-Centro shopping mall.
During the same legal process, the compañerxs Nataly and Enrique were absolved of all charges.
Down with Anti-Terrorist Law!
Down with the Police State!
(via Publicacion Refractario, translated by Insurrection News)

March 12, 2018
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Italy – Update on “Scripta Manent” Anarchist comrades prisoners.

All the defendants who are able to attend the hearings have expressed a desire to see a possible solidarity presence in the courtroom.
Marco has attended some of the last hearings, but he doesn’t know whether he will attend or not the next ones, since lately he is attending alone.
Anna obtained the permit to attend the hearings of 7th and 8th, therefore we CALL FOR A SOLIDARITY PRESENCE IN COURTROOM to give them a sign of closeness and support.
For all we know, Danilo, Alfredo and Anna get their mail regularly. They are fine and in high spirit.
Valentina is under house arrest, with all the restrictions, she can meet just few family members.
Soon an e-mail address will be available to ask for additional information about the case.

March 12, 2018
by actforfreedom
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Indonesia: Backhoe Torched during Resistance Against Apartment Development Project in Bandung

Residents of RW 11 Tamansari, Bandung, and solidarity consisting of students and communities who are still struggling to maintain their homes are clashing with contractors and mass organizations that supporting rumah deret (mass apartment project). This event occurred on Tuesday March 7, 2018 around 10:00 pm in the area around the Film Park. Citizens and solidarity who want to occupy the Backhoe to stop the development process being held by mass organizations. Because of the defeat, mass organizations began to attack people and students with beatings and throwing stones. Dozens of students and residents were seriously injured and had to be rushed to Sariningsih hospital. A backhoe is also burned by a mass of Tamansari solidarity.
Earlier in the afternoon there had also been beating of some students by mass organizations and construction contractors. This incident was triggered by Backhoe who operated to continue the development of the house series, some solidarity masses who protested it even got a negative response to lead to violence by members of mass organizations and contractors. Whereas the process of lawsuit SKK DPKP3 which became the basis of development is running in PTUN Bandung. The judge has also stated that the construction process is suspended until a court decision is made. In addition, development activities have not received environmental permit and AMDAL.

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March 12, 2018
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Fascist war in afrin

Act for free Received on : 11/3/18
If Afrin falls … it will have been too late!
For more than 6 weeks we have had to watch the Turkish state attack and occupy together with Islamist groups like ISIS and Al-Qaida Afrin, the most western canton of Rojava. In this extermination campaign, the invaders are neither deterred by the deliberate bombardment of civilians nor by the use of chemical weapons. The Islamist mercenaries and fascist Turkish soldiers leave a trail of devastation, plunder, rape and murder, they practice an ethnic cleansing of the territory of Kurds. So far, more than 300 civilians and many militants have given their lives, dozens of villages have been destroyed and hundreds of thousands of people have had to leave their homes.
Despite the determined resistance of Afrin’s people and their YPG / YPJ / SDF defense units, the Turkish army manages to gain more ground every day. While the Turkish offensive was stuck in the border area of the canton for the first month, in recent days important small towns such as Raco and Shera have been conquered by the invaders. Their destination is Afrin City, the place where civilians have fled the villages and small towns they have conquered so far.

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March 10, 2018
by actforfreedom

In memory of Lambros Foundas, killed by the cops 10 /3/2010 in Athens.

In life thunder
Charged with
genuine anguish for the choices, the tomorrow, the comrades, the struggle.
With sharp thoughts, forged in the bowels of personal labour and the movement.
With decisive acts, firm, flaming.
You showed with your life that the way of the revolutionary is to say little, to act with rage and devotion. With rage and conscience.
In your memory fists tighten…
Tears become weapons…
And the old Case becomes more imperative.
And in death a wolf
breath was enough for you, one decision and the iron will.
With the weapon in your hand and freedom in your eyes you chased your dreams to the end.
As you lived, this is how you left. Wild and free.
When revolutionaries die
they are not lost
They ride a star and draw courses of freedom in the indefinite.
They draw with their blood what each one of us dreams but is afraid to dare.
They are fireflies in the darkness of inertia.
They are the fire, the struggle, the street.
Lets all take the fire from their fire…
lets not forget – lets act.
 Honour to anarchist
Lambros Foundas
 The struggle continues.

March 10, 2018
by actforfreedom

Canada , Hamilton ON: The Tower Anarchist Social Centre’s Statement on Recent Events

From The Tower, Hamilton’s Anarchist Social Centre, after their windows were smashed Sunday night and then their door kicked in Tuesday night

We’ve held off on making any public statements so far because it’s really not our desire to have conversations on the internet, such a toxic and alienating place. But having had our space attacked twice in the last couple of days, we feel like it’s important to share a few reflections and be clear about where we stand.
First, no, the actions on Locke and Aberdeen on Saturday night were not organized by the Tower, but yes, we support what happened and are in solidarity with those who carried them out. Class war is happening every day in this city, with constant attacks on poor and working people. It’s disappointing that so many only care about the occasional moment when a bit of anger flows back the other way. The ongoing effects of gentrification in this city are heartbreaking – waves of displacement, growing violence, and intensifying poverty. You cannot expect for all of this to just be swept under the proverbial rug. We have zero tears to shed for Locke st.

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March 10, 2018
by actforfreedom

UK , London : London Antifa shuts down alt-right talk

News, Mar 6th
A group of student and anti-fascist activists successfully shut down an ‘alt-right’ talk at King’s College London last night. Demonstrators stormed the stage and reportedly set off smoke bombs and a fire alarm in order to disrupt the event. The venue had to be evacuated.
The interrupted discussion was between Dr. Yaron Brook, chairman of the board of directors of the Ayn Rand Institute, and Carl Benjamin, who is more known as British alt- right YouTube personality Sargon of Akkad. Contrary to mainstream media coverage, not all who took part in the action were masked. One of the antifa protesters was beaten.
Some media outlets, in rather dramatic fashion, had described the antifa action as an attack on freedom of speech. However, it is likely that the main target of yesterdays action was Benjamin. With 766,717 subscribers and over 200 million views he is a very popular vlogger. He self- describes as “the thinking man’s alt-centrist”, but he is known for peddling alt- right propaganda, and his commentary often features conspiracy theories. He is also a Trump supporter.

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March 8, 2018
by actforfreedom

Italy ,Rome: Antennas and phone masts torched.

On the night of 12 February, in the vicinity of metro/bus station Ponte Mammolo in Rome, antennas and cell masts have been torched.
Against technological domination, let’s sabotage the alienation caused by smartphones, social networks e by everything that produces fictive social interactions and misery of human relations.
Solidarity to all anarchist prisoners locked up in jails.
A greeting to Cello, Greg and Ghespe


March 8, 2018
by actforfreedom

Germany , Berlin: A Message to our Unknown Comrades in the Urban Jungle of Prison Society’ by Violent Minority Cell FAI

Act for free Received on 07.03.18

A message to our unknown comrades in the urban jungle of prison society
The burning of security vehicles in Berlin as a useful tool of communication.
By quoting from other responsibility claims, we follow the proposal of relating to each other in order to develop a wider mobilisation of the militant groups in Europe as well as to develope our theoretical base.
We recognized your words about solidarity and we share it, when Rouvikonas wrote about the attack at the Saudi Arabian embassy at Athens 19/12/2017:
„As anarchists we know that the only definitive answer lies on internationalist solidarity between organized, struggling oppressed peoples. We are under no illusions that at this point the still infant solidarity can overturn the plans of the global rulers. Under current circumstances what can be achieved is giving small battles, there where it is possible, in order to sabotage the war process that is under way. [This is necessary in order] to preserve social awareness, [in order] to be capitalized in case avoiding hell becomes inevitable.“
Some people in Rome express our thoughts when they claimed as Santiago Maldonado Cell FAI-IRF the  Explosive Attack Against a Carabinieri Police Station in San Giovanni:
„Who wants to watch will continue to watch. Who wants to justify politically not acting will continue not doing so. We are not waiting for any train of hope, we do not wait for better times. Conditions move with the confrontation. The movement is such if it acts, otherwise it stands still. The liberation of the individual from authority and exploitation is carried out by those directly concerned.
Direct destructive action is the logical response to repression. But not solely. Anarchist praxis is also a revival, a proposal that goes beyond solidarity, breaking the spiral of repression-action-repression. Solidarity actions are impotant, but we cannot confine ourselves to the critique, however armed, of some oppressive operation or process.
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March 8, 2018
by actforfreedom

Greece: Call For The Antifascist-Panbalcanic-Internationalist Demo In Thessaloniki

Saturday, 10th March
11:00 Pre-Gathering At Libertatia Squat
12:00 At Kamara
After an intense period of hostility and attacks to squats by state and fascists (Termita, Empros, Karagiannh, Panetoliou, Anw Katw, Favela) it is clear that the squats are always a main target for the enemies of freedom. Especially after the mass meeting in Thesalonikh and Athens and the nationalistic delirium for Macedonia, the neo-fascists decided that they have support and they started to attack with hatred as their weapon.
It’s common after these nationalistic issues and interactions to have the spread of right wing extremism, because of the social legitimation that occurs. We feel as squatters responsible for the improvement of the squatting movement and not only and we feel that we have to give direct answers to these actions and attacks.
We have to make them understand that we don’t accept their practices, their presence and they should be afraid, not us. To not give them an inch of public space and presence we have to increase the power and the importance of liberated squatted places (housing squats, political squats, meeting places, self-organized structures etc…)

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March 8, 2018
by actforfreedom

Mobi Video for the 10/3/18 Balkan anti-nationalist rally in Thessaloniki, in solidarity with Libertatia squat

Mobi Video for the 10/3/18 Balkan anti-nationalist rally in Thessaloniki, in solidarity with Libertatia squat, which was burned down in a fascist arson attack on 21/1/18.
For more info check out:

March 8, 2018
by actforfreedom


Solidarity is our weapon
In Greece, Turkey and Macedonia, the ene
my lies in banks and ministries
The name issue of the neighbor country has come again to the front due to the pursued enlargement of the EU and NATO, two supranational mechanisms of economic and military power, as well as the greek capital’s lust for further expansion in the country of Macedonia. In other words, the name issue was again re-opened to serve economic, military and political interests of those in power. For this reason, nationalisms and polarization are set in place on both sides of the borders. At the same time as poverty, control, exploitation, and exclusions are intensified, the greek state attempts to establish social “peace” amongst exploiters and the exploited in the imaginary community of the nation and through the narrative that “our” enemy is a national threat and not class struggle.
Our enemy is the state, capital, and their fascist reserves
Solidarity with the Free Social Center Scholio, Libertatia squat and the self-organized theater Empros
Our allies are the squats, the self-organized projects and those who struggle against the world of power

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March 8, 2018
by actforfreedom

Gent (Belgium): Kraaiennest, new squatted social center

– February 17th, 2018
On 15 february 2018, a few hundred people were demonstrating in Gent against the squatting ban. They ended up occupying a big empty building for people in need of housing. The banner on the squatted building is stating: “What is not allowed is still possible“. From 23 till 25 February, the action weekend against the squatting ban will take place in Gent. This new social center is called Kraaiennest. More events in Gent are to be found on Chiropractor.
Sociaal Centrum ‘T Kraaiennest
Brabantdam 33, 9000 Gent, Belgium
kraaiennest [at] riseup [dot] net

March 5, 2018
by actforfreedom

Rennes, France: incendiary sabotage against a construction site in their town for bourges

Act of sabotage against the “natural and urban park” project of saint martin meadows in Rennes.
Great veneration against their urban projects that expel us and want to leave their city, on the night of 28 to 29 January, we let out our rage against the elected officials, developers and town planners. Rennes is full of ads at the moment for selling the latest project for bourges “Living in the meadows”, that pushed us to act against this park museum project, where the town hall has destroyed everything, tries to chase away the inhabitants to finish developing a beautiful “natural and urban park”. But we know what’s behind this ecological varnish:
Bling! Bling!
The sound of two Molotov cocktails exploding on the excavators of the site cheers us up, we hope that this little fire warms your heart a bit, as it did for us!
It’s for the drop-outs, the dossers, the galley slaves, the excluded, the migrants, and all those who are cold in winter due to lack of dough.
Solidarity with the arsonists of cop cars, the CRA, HP, jails and everything else that locks us up!
Solidarity with the ZAD, nothing is won, we’ll be back in the spring.
Des rageuses
[Angry ones]
[Posted on indymedia nantes, Monday, January 29, 2018]

Translated by Act for freedom now!
via:  Sans_Attendre

March 3, 2018
by actforfreedom

France , Strasbourg: Direct action against the fascists!

[Note: In the space of a few months, two anti-fascist demos have been organized in Strasbourg against the opening of the Arcadia premises, new den of local fash held by the “Bastion Social” (ex-GUD). This time, the struggle is directly against the fascists, unlike claims that may have been heard or read during these protests, asking the authorities (town hall and prefecture) to close the place down.]
Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace [Latest News from Alsace] / Monday 22 January 2018
The facade of the Arcadia defaced.
At around 3 pm this afternoon, three people were cleaning up the facade of the far right rooms. Windows, grid and wall were covered in green paint before the start of the municipal council meeting  to decide on a motion following the opening of Arcadia.
Before the clean-up …

via: Attaque
Translated by Act for freedom now!

March 3, 2018
by actforfreedom

Italy , Bologna – Molotov against [fascist] Azione Universitaria premises

The following claim:
via:Croce Nera Anarchica
Translated by act for freedom now!