March 1, 2018
by actforfreedom

Italy – Issue 6 of Vesuvio libertario [Libertarian Vesuvius] is out

Vesuvio libertario is not the name of a group or its logo: these are pure media inventions. Vesuvio libertario is simply the name of an aperiodical of anarchist ideas.
It used to be distributed at the Vesuvius anarchist circle in Via Fontana 3 in Ercolano (Naples), which was sequestrated following the episodes of 15th November 2016 and given back to the ‘owner’ by the authorities. For various reasons the owner decided not to have anything more to do with us, so we declare the experience of the Vesuvius anarchist circle definitively over.

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March 1, 2018
by actforfreedom

Sardinia – Sardegna, Anarchismo e Lotta di Liberazione Nazionale [Sardinia, Anarchism and National Liberation Struggle] reprinted4

A reprint of Sardegna, anarchismo e lotta di liberazione nazionale is available with a new introduction and
an appendix: “Self-determination as permanent revolt: against self-determination as a right” – by Costantino Cavalleri, Arkiviu Bibrioteka “T. Serra”, Guasila.
10 euros per copy
For distributors: over 5 copies 6 euros per copy (40% discount)
For info and orders:

via:Croce Nera Anarchica
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March 1, 2018
by actforfreedom

Italy – Updates on the appeal trial against anarchist comrade Carlo from Genoa on 07/02/18 and 26/2/18

Italy: Update on the appeal trial against anarchist comrade Carlo from Genoa (26/02/2018)
Anarchist comrade Carlo di Marco tells us that today, 26/02/2018, at the appeal trial for apology (in relation to the text “Those who don’t dissociate” in answer to “Puntini sui i“, or the dissociation that some Genoese took against comrades Alfredo and Nicola,who attacked Adinolfi) he was acquitted because there is no case (the Prosecution had asked for 3 years and 2 months).
The power of attorney will decide whether to appeal to the court of cassation or not within 90 days.
Solidarity with comrade Carlo and those who don’t dissociate!

Anarchist comrade Carlo di Marco from Genoa tells us that the appeal trial against him for defending criminal acts was held today 7th February. The prosecutor asked for 3 years and 2 months. The sentence will be pronounced on 26th February.
We recall that on 28th April 2015 the comrade’s home was raided by the R.O.S. [carabinieri special unit] and he was put under investigation for ‘public instigation to commit acts of terrorism as well as public defence of terrorist offences, particularly instigation to commit direct actions (namely violent acts with terrorist intent) as well as defence of the crime of bodily harm aggravated by terrorist intent committed against Roberto Adinolfi on 7th May 2012, an action claimed on 11th May 2012 by the Olga/FAI-FRI Nucleus’; in relation to the text ‘To those who don’t dissociate themselves’ (published on the website, and signed with the comrade’s name) in response to ‘Puntini sulle I’ [Dots on the Is], i.e. a response to the dissociation of some people in Genoa concerning comrades Alfredo and Nicola, who attacked Adinolfi.

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February 28, 2018
by actforfreedom

Cagliari, Sardinia – Casa Pound premises damaged

From the internet we learn that the premises of Casa Pound in Cagliari have been damaged.
Someone left graffiti on the wall, reading: “FREE GHESPE”* – “EVIL PEOPLE” – “FRIENDS OF THE COPS” and two encircled As.
A plaque was also trashed and two cameras that had been set up about 10 days earlier were removed.
*Ghespe is the nickname of anarchist comrade Salvatore Vespertino, Nugoresu transplanted in Italy. The comrade was arrested on 3rd August 2017 along with other anarchists since released. He is now the only one being held in prison (in the Florence prison of Sollicciano), accused by the Florence prosecutors of having fabricated an explosive device that exploded on new year’s eve in 2017 outside the bookshop “Il Bargello” linked to Casa Pound in Florence, which was seriously damaged. A State police bomb disposal expert was injured by the explosion, losing an eye and a hand. The comrade is accused of fabrication of explosive devices and attempted murder. He is being held on remand, the investigation is still open and the trial date has yet to be decided.

 via:  Croce Nera Anarchica
Translated by act for freedom now!

February 27, 2018
by actforfreedom


Necessary note:
This text was written yesterday February 23rd before the abduction of
fellow prisoner on hunger strike K.Giagtzoglou by the EKAM (special
forces). An abduction which on one hand confirms what we write bellow,
but simultaneously proves that when we say that nothing from now on will
remain unanswered, it goes twice now. Today was a great victory for the
prisoners who believed in their strength, blockaded the prison for 5
hours and united the DEMANDED the obvious.
Each one of our fellow prisoner’s hunger strike is an inviolable right
and every attack on one of us is an attack on all.
No retreating.
Until the end, until victory.
In the end of October 2017, began the nationwide mobilization of those
held in prison against the fascists provisions of the new correctional
From the first moment a the Committee for Prison Struggle was formed,
which consists of prisoners from all wings and nationalities.
In this Committee and generally in the struggle of the prisoners there
are no greeks, albanians, georgians, arabs but people united who demand
the right to dignity.
All decisions are taken under direct democracy and are collective.
A characteristic example is the discussion with a representative of the
justice ministry on November 2nd 2017, when it was asked of the
committee to stop the mobilization in order for the struggle’s demands
to be discussed in a “calmer” environment. The answer was specific, the
committee does not decide on the development of the struggle, BUT is the
bridge of communication for the prisoners.
In a nutshell it was stated clearly that if it was possible we would
like this discussion to take place in prison with ALL prisoners present,
and not in an office within the prison.
So the Struggle Committee is not the 5, 10 or 15 people who appear
before the representatives, but the thousands of prisoners who signed
and support the mobilization’s demands. And of course the collective
response to the ministry’s demand to end the mobilization, was a loud
and clear NO.
Throughout these months the mobilization managed many things.
It made the ministry visit the prison 3 times and backed down on some of
our demands, it spread to many prisons (9 prisons are participating to
date), creating new committees, it supported social struggles (like the
expanding of visitation for women-men), it protested the death our 26
year old fellow prisoner in Larissa, the voice of the prisoners was
heard outside the walls (in radio station, newspapers, events, internet
blogs etc.), a solidarity gathering was called outside Koridallos
prisons, a support committee was created by lawyers and a press
conference was held, imprisoned time was liberated by holding the yards
and cells open and we managed to block the onslaught of the new
correctional code, placing our own terms in renegotiating our lives.
The main thing is we learned how to trust our own forces and gained
self-confidence because our struggle is JUST.
However the militancy, consistency, decisiveness and solidarity we
showed all these months, seems to have bothered some. Especially last
month, a war of slander has begun against the mobilization entirely, as
well as its members individually.
Its not enough we are serving sentences long enough for two lifetimes,
cops also load us with every unbelievable charge without the slightest
The orchestrators of this slander attack with lies and inaccuracies are
naturally the police and journalists.
A few weeks ago, a surprise police operation was carried out in the 1st
wing of Koridallos prisons and the EKAM abducted our fellow prisoner
with the pretext of an “anonymous complaint” about weapons, grenades and
Then this lie expanded since as the police authorities leaked “maybe no
weapons or grenades were found… but that does not mean they are not
hidden elsewhere…”
This way they leave open the possibility for new police
investigations… until they find what does not exist.
Simultaneously they photographed more prisoners (political) who maintain
friendly relations with the abducted prisoner, that they arrange
contract killings, are behind beatings and anything else can complete a
successful dirty hollywood scenario.
Coincidences with great importance…
All these prisoners “happen” to be members of the struggle committee.
Simultaneously, within the internet fog where everyone says whatever
they want unsupported, there was an isolated incident of prisoners who
also turned against the committee.
But the important matter is that we see before us a strategy being
followed to weaken and slander our struggle.
On one hand we have sudden transfers of committee members under unknown
conditions (like in Patras prisons), abduction of prisoners by the EKAM
(like in the 1st wing of Koridallos prisons), and on the other we have
slanderous publications about execution offices, contract killings,
instigation of beatings.
Thus after the abduction of a prisoner by the cops, a climate of fear is
cultivated in the prisons since none of us can know how where morning
will find us and simultaneously they construct an image about prison
that it is a lair… of evil!
But the news will not show is that the death of the 26 year old in
Larissa, the forced suicides in Alikarnassos prisons, Koridallos prison
hospital and police stations, the lack of doctors and medicine, the
cold, the heaters that never worked, the dirty water and cockroaches and
mainly the lack of hope from people who when released from prison will
return to them because no one stood by them to give them strength and
So maybe the channels speak of criminals, murderers and suite-cells
however in reality they are talking about people with no hope, forgotten
in cold cells of just a few square metres with their lives locked up for
years now.
So we the locked up people managed to overcome differences such as
nationalities, languages, religions, perceptions and habits and unite in
a struggle to claim back our life and dignity.
No matter how many obstacles they put in front of us, how many traps
they set up, whatever intrigue, lies and slander they devise, the path
we carve is straight.
We only go forward, wanting to open the cells and yards of all prisons
and unite with all prisoners about just and dignity.
And so it will be.
We warn the police and judicial authorities, the journalists and those
who attempt to sabotage and insult our struggle, that from now on
nothing will remain unanswered.
Abductions of prisoners in the night, slanderous publications and texts,
lies and intrigues will be dealt with decisiveness and consistency of
struggle we have shown.
From now on the Struggle Committee is more united than ever and every
initiative will be discussed by promoting collective co-formation.
And what we said goes.
The entirety of the prisoners of wings 1,2,3,4,5 of Koridallos prisons.

Translated by Act for freedom now!

February 27, 2018
by actforfreedom

Bologna, Italy – Microphones and GPS found in a comrade’s car

Posted on 16/01/2018
2 microphones (photos 1 and 1b), 1 GPS (photo 2) and a device with an aerial equipped with a TIM chip and a 16G memory stick (photo 3) have been found in a comrade’s car. Red/black power cables were linked to fuses (photo 4, point 1) and to cables placed below the dashboard, while the GPS with magnet and the device with various chips and the aerial were placed behind the speedometer (photo 4, point 2 and photo 5).
The 2 microphones were under the cover of the roof of her car and the cables reached their power input through the car door (photo 6, points 3 and 4).
Inside the well-wrapped casing was what can be seen in photos 7 and 8.
As far as could be ascertained, everything had been set up in the comrade’s car over a year ago and recordings were active at a distance of several metres even with the car engine switched off.


Bologna - Microfoni e GPS nell'auto di una compagna Bologna - Microfoni e GPS nell'auto di una compagna Bologna - Microfoni e GPS nell'auto di una compagna Bologna - Microfoni e GPS nell'auto di una compagna Bologna - Microfoni e GPS nell'auto di una compagna Bologna - Microfoni e GPS nell'auto di una compagna Bologna - Microfoni e GPS nell'auto di una compagna Bologna - Microfoni e GPS nell'auto di una compagna Bologna - Microfoni e GPS nell'auto di una compagna

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February 27, 2018
by actforfreedom

Sardinia, Iglesias – Threats against the mayor on 12/1 and 14/1/18

New threats against the mayor of Iglesias, Emilio Gariazzo. In the morning of 11/01/2018 threatening graffiti was found in the town. Some was found on the columns of a building at the corner of via Garibaldi and Valverde. Words, written in red paint, read: “Death to Gariazzo”. The discovery was immediately reported to the police, who began investigating. The same morning graffiti in red spray paint was also found on the walls of the toilet in the public gardens in the town centre. On one occasion the sentence was identical, “Death to Gariazzo”, on another there was the signature “M.A.S., Movimento armato sardo” [Sardinian armed movement].
Sardinia, Iglesias – Threats against the mayor part two
From the local press we learn:
Iglesias: More graffiti, this time on a wall of the local market, once again addressed to the mayor of Iglesias: “Gariazzo you’re dead ak 47”.
An identical method as that used on another wall of the market to write an injurious sentence against Paolo Collu, a former mayor of Iglesias.

via: sardegnaanarchica.
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February 27, 2018
by actforfreedom

Athens, Greece: Coordinated Molotov Attacks Against Riot Police in Exarcheia in Solidarity with Konstantinos Giagtzoglou

25.02.18: Over the last two nights (Friday and Saturday) we carried out coordinated attacks with Molotov cocktails against the MAT (Riot Police) forces guarding Exarcheia. These attacks were a sign of our full solidarity with anarchist Dinos Giagtzoglou who is on a hunger and thirst strike demanding to be transferred to Korydallos Prison. We will return tomorrow night.
If Dinos suffers even the slightest injury we will burn the city…
Victory to the hunger and thirst strike of comrade Dinos Giagtzoglou.
Victory to the struggle of the prisoners.
(via Athens Indymedia, translated by Insurrection News)

February 25, 2018
by actforfreedom

Greece : Letter From Anarchist Prisoner Kostantinos Giagtzoglou, On Hunger Strike Since 21/2/18 ,and updates:

This moment I am in the prison of Larissa after the operation that the Special Anti-Terrorist Police Unit carried out early this morning in the isle “A” of Korydallos prison where I had been transferred for court reasons. The cops invaded the isle and the cell I was in, while I was bed-ridden as I was in hunger strike, after a faint episode I had last night, they pulled me out of prison, they hit me and they threw me into the transport vehicle. I tried to resist as much as I could  and at the same time I was demanding to take my personal items (shoes, clothes, medicines, etc.) which never happened. They did not allow me to even take a bottle of water I had in my cell although they were aware of my hunger strike and my burdened health condition. As far as I am concerned, I declare that the regime’s attempt to bend my morals will not work.
“At the moment of dedication, the whole universe conspires to help you”- Johann Wolfgang Goethe
“Those who oppress their desires, they do so, because their desires are so weak, that can be oppressed” – William Blake
First of all my captivity does not in any way mean that I am defeated morally or politically. As long as I stand on my feet and my lungs are able to breath, my values and my principles are not negotiable, because my decision to revolt against authority will not be stopped by dungeons and “exiles”. And this is a promise to all comrades.
It seems though, that my imprisonment alone, as well as my long standing conviction, which has been announced by the police investigation authorities (in the indictment prepared, it is stated that the acts for which I am accused of, seek life sentence) are not enough for the regime. The statists desire to impose on me an unofficial “exile”, apart from the deprivation of my physical freedom. Therefore prosecutor Raikou, instead of ordering my preventive detention in Korydallos Jail, where people arrested in Athens and are awaiting trial shall be detained in custody, she decided to exile me in Larissa jail. An “exile” that aims to:
  1. Keep me apart from my familiar faces, making visits practically impossible by forcing my relatives to travel enormous distances crossing half the country with the expected financial and physical burden, to be able to see me just for a few minutes behind a window glass.
  2. Alienate me from the complex and massive file of the case that keeps me imprisoned, as my lawyers are not able to travel to Larissa so as to have frequent and uninterrupted communication with me. Also the very nature of the case file (thousands of pages in electronic form, video, etc.) makes it impossible for me to access it, even after so many months, from Larissa’s prison as there is no proper equipment.
  3. Facilitate the supervision, control and severe restriction of my contact with comrades who stand in solidarity and other imprisoned anarchists, by trying to isolate me.
Ultimately they are aiming to convict me before the court decision does, in a forgetfulness regime, “forgotten in a depository of defective and human leftovers” …
This practice of authority is not something new. However, its strong imposition by the Greek state was evident during 2010-2011, when dozens of anarchist comrades were arrested and then dispersed in several greek prisons (Grevena, Malandrino, Corfu, Trikala, Komotini, Domokos etc.) while they were facing common accusations for the same cases. A role model to this practice was the anti-rebellion repressive method applied by other states abroad, for example in Spain, with the isolation of the separatist ETA fighters at distances of 700 kilometers from the Basque country so that they cannot have any visits and any form of communication between them.
In my case, the unofficial “exile” (which is not the only one that has taken place recently) seems like and experiment on the authority’s behalf , in view of the adoption of the new correctional Code, since in some way this is a condition for some of its provisions. In particular, authority reopens the exception regime for anarchist prisoners. It has not been many months since the anti-criminal policy secretary, Eftihis Fytrakis of the ministry of justice, declared that “Anarchist prisoners will not be accepted in Korydallos prison”. Today I face my “exile” in Larissa, in the future we’ll see specialized isles for all political and disobedient prisoners. Of course, the experimentation previously mentioned is based on the calculation of our reactions, and especially of the anarchists’ reflexes outside the walls and the solidarity movements to the struggles of the prisoners.
Also, my transfer to Korydallos prison for another court case of mine (arrest in clashes with the police after an anti-memorandum demonstration on 11 May 2011) took place just one day before, and this did not happen accidentally. It is indicative of the fast track procedures they want to apply in my case, as it seems that there are political pressures from high levels of the regime and their “justice” works on demand …
“The moral determination of who attacks and gives up on the structures of power is a perception, a moment in which he perceives the beauty of his comrades and the misery of obedience and submission.” I rebel, therefore i exist ” is a phrase of Camus that never ceases to fascinate me, in a way that only a reason to stay alive could. In a world that presents ethics as an area of power and law, I think there is no other moral dimension than rebellion, risk, and dream. The survival in which we are imprisoned is unfair because it is abusive and disfiguring”
Massimo Passamani
For all these reasons, I REFUSE to passively accept the regime of “exile” and the transfers – abductions in one night. Against these practices I become a 90 degree barrier with my words and actions. As my deep belief is that our actions and attitude should not be orientated in the repression-antirepression dipole, but penetrate every aspect of our being, I wish my struggle will be seen as one more base to attack and open cracks of freedom in the multiple and multiform cells within society – prison. An attack, a result of the rebellion, which, if it doesn’t take place now, it will never be a future option…
The fact that I am a prisoner of war of the greek democracy does not mean that I left my dignity at the prison’s entrance and backed away. On the contrary, in prison, in the yard, in the cell, in the transport van, I carry with me the pure lust for freedom, every gesture of solidarity, every act of revolutionary complicity that lowers the walls of the prison and the decision to fight for anarchy UNTIL THE END.
This is the reason why, I started a hunger strike from 21/02/2018, with a request that my transfer to Korydallos prison will be official and the regime of “exile” in which I am in, will be terminated. The transfer request I had applied since my first week in jail of Larissa was rejected, confirming the decision of the authority to put me in a “political quarantine” in Larissa’s prisons and to “be forgotten” there. But the power and the will for a constant anarchist rebellion is capable of reversing every decision made by those who think they can have power over our lives without consequences. Not a single enemy of freedom stays on the safe side and not a single imprisoned comrade is alone…
I also announce that from tomorrow, Sunday 25/2, I will begin a thirst strike as an escalation to the hunger strike I’m already undergoing. I thank from the heart the thousands of Korydallos prisoners who reminded all of us, today, with their mobilization, that when they hit and treat unfairly one of us it is like hitting all of us. United we will win. Their strength gives me the power to reach to the end in order to win my struggle.


Konstantinos Giagtzoglou

Act for free received on 24/2/18 from A group of Ntinos’ comrades:
Today, 24/02, early in the morning, a group of police special forces (EKAM) entered Korydallos prison and abducted comrade Konstantinos Giagtzoglou (who is on hunger strike since 21/02 demanding his permanent transfer in Korydallos prison, located in Athens) in order to transfer him to Larisa prison. Th comrade fought back which resulted in him being injured by the pigs. He wasn’t allowed to take any of his stuff, not even his medicine.
As an immediate response, the rest of the prisoners rose up and captured all prison wings, demanding a meeting with a representative of the Justice Department. They demand the immediate return of Konstantinos in Korydallos prison.
General information about the case:
Anarchist comrade Konstantinos Giagtzoglou was arrested on October 28th 2017, while exiting a hideout rented by him under a false identity and while trasferring guns and explosive materials. Ntinos is accused of being a member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and for sending parcel bombs to various E.U. officials including the former prime minister of Greece, Loukas Papadimos. The cops’ accusations are based on a mixed DNA sample and on the fact that Dinos was visiting a former anarchist prisoner in Korydallos prison in early 2013. The comrade stated that both renting the appartment and transferring the equipment were part of “revolutionary solidarity” and denies all other charges.
The judicial authorities aim to isolate him by assigning him to Larisa prison for his pre-trial detention, in a city 355 kilometres away from Athens where his family, friends and comrades are. Ntinos was tranferred in Korydallos prison a few days ago to be tried for an older case (he was arrested in Athens, in 2011 during massive clashes with riot police). While there, he was informed that his official request to remain in Athens (Korydallos prison) until his new trial was denied by the Central Committee for Prison Transfers. As a response, the comrade decided to go on a hunger strike on 21/02, demanding his permanent tranfer in Korydallos prison until the time of his trial.
There have been a few attacks here in Greece in solidarity with the comrade during the past few months of his incarceration:
A group called “Cracks in normality” heavily vandalized two SYRIZA local offices (largest party of the government coalition) and a post office in Athens, on 26/01/2018
A FAI cell called “FAI-IRF Cell” planted an incendiary device at a post office in Patras (western part of Greece), on 06/01/2018
A group called “Destroyers of social peace” heavily vandalied a post office and a local branch of Piraeus bank in Athens, on 18/01/2018
A FAI cell called “Revolutionary Cells of Action” planted an incendiary device at a local branch of Piraeus bank in Athens, on 26/01/2018
A group called “Anarchist Cell – Destruction of the existent” torched a local electricity station that belonged to the National Company of Telecommunications (OTE) in Thessaloniki, on 14/12/217
There have also been a few small solidarity gatherings and some banners were hanged around the city of Athens along with posters etc.

February 23, 2018
by actforfreedom

Brazil : Banner in solidarity with anarchists persecuted by “Op. Érebo”

A few words in solidarity with anarchists persecuted by the “Erebo” operation in Porto Alegre (RS), from somewhere in the territory controlled by the Brazilian state and global capitalism.
Almost four months ago, a police operation led by the deputy Jardim
raided private houses and collective spaces in the city of Porto Alegre. Several people and spaces ended up being the target of this operation and some books edited by the Kaos anarchist library were used as evidence to persecute comrades.
We do not intend, in this text, to turn to the way in which the media exposed the case, even though it is worth emphasizing the way which the press manipulates the masses in order to maintain a stammering social peace.
Even with all the efforts police-media made to depoliticize some anarchist proposals — seeking to find some “legitimacy” in pursuing evil “anarchists”,
taking advantage of tactical differences and seeking to create divisions between anarchist tendencies — combative anarchist solidarity rose up, and the fists were closed to the enemies!
As we believe that solidarity is a weapon against repression attempts and oblivion, and that we also know that it needs to be more than words to vibrate in the hearts of the rebels, we send this simple but, we believe, important message.

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February 23, 2018
by actforfreedom

Basel, Switzerland: Sabotage against some profiteers of the prison system

The extension of Bässlergut prison for immigrants without papers is progressing, and the rage is intact. We forget nothing.
In recent weeks we have been puncturing the vehicle tyres of the following companies:
Two IMPLENIA vehicles
Two ISS vehicles
An ALPIQ vehicle
IMPLENIA and ALPIQ are companies that are not afraid to make money by extending Bässlergut so are prepared to inflict suffering on vast numbers of people. In these times of war and exploitation that are pushing thousands of people on to the roads of exile, the above-mentioned companies are deliberately closing their eyes to the fact that misery prevails everywhere and that their “building contract” will directly affect those suffering it. It is not a swimming pool that is being built there. A prison is a place for locking up and punishing people. A place of violence.

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February 23, 2018
by actforfreedom

Germany: Transfer of comrade Lisa to another German prison

On Tuesday, February 20 our comrade was transferred to another prison in Germany, JVA Willich II, about 60km from Köln, the prison where she was before. We don’t know how long she will be there, so we are giving her new address so that letters and cards in solidarity continue to reach her.
Lisa Dorfer
JVA Willich II
GartenstraSSe 2
47877 Willich

Solidaritat Rebel
Translated by Act for freedom now!

February 23, 2018
by actforfreedom

Greece, Athens: Anarchist Prisoner of War Konstantinos Yiagtzoglou Begins Hunger Strike

Today, 21.02.18, anarchist prisoner Konstantinos Yiagtzoglou commenced a hunger strike to demand his transfer from the prisons of Larissa to the prisons of Korydallos following the rejection of his request by the Central Committee for Transfers. He is currently in Korydallos Prison, where he was sent yesterday for an ongoing court case. A text from the comrade will follow in the coming days.
We call for an emergency open assembly to plan solidarity actions for the comrade’s hunger strike and share information on the case on Thursday, February 22nd at 19:00 at the Polytechnic (Gini building).
Assembly of Solidarity for Konstantinos Yiagtzoglou
(via Athens Indymedia, translated by Insurrection News)
Received on 22.02.18:
A Few Words about the Case of Anarchist Prisoner Konstantinos Yiagtzoglou
Anarchist comrade Konstantinos Yiagtzoglou was arrested on October 28th 2017, while exiting a hideout rented by him under a false identity and while trasferring guns and explosive materials. Dinos is accused of being a member of the Conspiracy of Ce
lls of Fire and for sending parcel bombs to various EU officials including the former prime minister of Greece, Loukas Papadimos. The cops’ accusations are based on a mixed DNA
sample and on the fact that Dinos was visiting a former anarchist prisoner in Korydallos prison in early 2013. The comrade stated that both renting the appartment and transferring the equipment were part of “revolutionary solidarity” and denies all other charges.
The judicial authorities aim to isolate him by assigning him to Larissa prison for his pre-trial detention, in a city 355 kilometres away from Athens where his family, friends and comrades are. Dinos was tranferred to Korydallos prison a few days ago to be tried for an older case (he was arrested in Athens, in 2011 during massive clashes with riot
police). While there, he was informed that his official request to remain in Athens (Korydallos prison) until his new trial was denied by the Central Committee for Prison Transfers. As a response, the comrade decided to go on a hunger strike on 21/02, demanding his permanent transfer to Korydallos prison until the time of his trial.
via:Insurrection News

February 20, 2018
by actforfreedom

Paris, France: Trial of the struggle against the expulsion machinery

At the hearing on January 31, 2018 at the 16th chamber of the court of Paris, the 7 comrades sent to trial for “Damage against Air France, the SNCF and Bouygues” and refusal to give DNA samples and identification, obtained an adjournment of the trial.
The hearing will therefore be held on Friday, June 22, 2018 in front of the 16th chamber, but this time in the new crushing and punishing factory: the new courthouse of Paris located in the 17th arrondissement (métro porte de Clichy).
The irony of this date, is that the trial of the struggle against the expulsion machinery will be held 10 years to the day after the revolt during which some undocumented people burned the largest detention centre in the country, that of Vincennes (June 22, 2008).
And as chance would have it, the inamicable visits to the shops of Air France, SNCF and Bouygues that the State intends to charge some people for eight years later happened on March 17, 2010, a few hours after the sentence of ten undocumented people to years in prison for this incendiary revolt.
Appointment on June 22, 2018 at 1:30 pm for this trial …
… Today as in the past, fire to all prisons, let’s sabotage the machinery for locking up and expulsion!
[Posted on Indymedia Grenoble, Wednesday, January 31, 2018]

via: Sans_Attendre
Translated by Act for freedom now!

February 20, 2018
by actforfreedom

Montreal, Quebec: The war on the rich outside their home

On the night of January 28 to 29 in Montreal, a luxury car goes up in smoke in the Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce district.
The fire broke out around 1:30 am in the passenger compartment of a parked Porsche on Girouard Avenue, near Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Avenue. Arriving on the scene, the police noticed that the front window on the passenger side had been shattered and the fire was raging inside.
Despite the intervention of firefighters, the fire completely destroyed the racing car. The Criminal Fire Section of the Ontario Police Service City of Montreal is in charge of the investigation.
It is not uncommon in Montreal that the rich pay the price for hatred they sow, sometimes even just outside their house.

Sans Attendre
Translated by Act for freedom now!

February 20, 2018
by actforfreedom

Lecce, Italy – Tilt: a place for information and struggle against the TAP ( Trans Adriatic Pipelines)

A place and a paper. Tilt is a new project to try to take up a train of thought that has never been abandoned: that of an opposition to the Tap – and not only – without mediations or compromise, a radical opposition whose point of strength and rupture is constant conflictuality; not only against the Tap and all its collaborators but also against the world of politics that has approved it, the economy that supports it and the managers of order who protect it.
    A place in which to discuss, meet, exchange information, self-organize, give and receive suggestions. A paper from where to start to criticize what surrounds us, express what we have at heart.

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February 20, 2018
by actforfreedom

Chile,Santiago: Noise Bombs in Solidarity with Imprisoned Anarchist Comrades Ignacio, Kevin and Joaquín

Wednesday, February 7th. We continue with our custom of mocking the authorities. Vandalism as an action, as an expression of rage against this sick society and its sad infrastructure.
As we have previously stated: “The streets of Santiago at night are ours when we decide to indulge in the luxury of vandalizing its symbols”. And so we did it again, placing three noise bombs, this time, under cars, inside a Mormon church and a few steps from the home of a drug-dealing bastard. We caused a bit of disorder on the periphery of the streets, without a doubt we will certainly go for more.
We express our ideas through the facts, using whatever form is valid. No one will tell us how to do things, for this reason we act without leaders, nobody sent us, nobody does it now and nobody ever will. Only our autonomous desires guide us on the path that we have chosen.
Solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the prisons, strength and total complicity with the comrades Ignacio Muñoz, Kevin Garrido and Joaquín García.
via: Insurrection News

February 20, 2018
by actforfreedom

Israel: Attack Against the Tel Aviv Immigration Office in Solidarity with African Asylum Seekers Facing Deportation

On January 28th, 2018, the office of the Tel Aviv Population, Immigration and Border Authority (PIBA) was vandalized in protest against the expulsion of African migrants.
A number of severed doll heads covered with red paint were found outside the Tel Aviv PIBA office. Among the doll heads and the red paint were typed notes stating ‘their blood is in your hands. this is just the beginning’.
Last month, the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) approved an amendment to the so-called ‘Infiltrator’s Law’, which paves the way for the forced deportations of Eritrean and Sudanese migrants and asylum seekers from March, as well as imprisonment for an indefinite period for those who refuse to leave ‘voluntarily’.
(via Attaque, translated by Insurrection News)