April 4, 2012
by actforfreedom

Athens: Letter by the revolutionary anarchist Theofilos Mavropoulos on the attempted further prosecution of the 250 CCF attacks

http://en.contrainfo.espiv.net/ Recently a new prosecution was launched by the appellate–interrogation experts Mokkas and Baltas concerning the 250 CCF attacks, for which no charges were pressed until now. These actions are undoubtedly a large part of the new urban guerrilla warfare’s … Continue reading

November 30, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Insurrectional Attack with Greetings from Makassar (Indonesia)

>Insurrectional Attack with Greetings from Makassar (Indonesia) 28 November 2010 “More than a dozen individuals in ‘motorcycle gang’ threw Molotov cocktails on Pizza Hut restaurant of Pettarani branch in city of Makassar. The action was conducted 04.30 in the morning. … Continue reading