July 15, 2020
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Buenos Aires: Propaganda a 3 años de la muerte de Santiago Maldonado.

Próximo a cumplirse 3 años de la desaparición y asesinato del compañero anarquista Santiago Maldonado, nunca serán suficientes las palabras para abarcar el dolor que genera la muerte en acción de un compañero en manos del enemigo y en el intento recuperador de los reformistas, pero si podemos encontrar aquellas que hablan de nuestras convicciones, de la entrega aún en momentos donde todo parece cuesta abajo, de lxs compañerxs que una y otra vez levantan la cabeza y en la oscuridad de la noche o en la lucha callejera encapuchada reivindican la memoria insurrecta, porque es ahí donde ni el lechuga ni ningún compañerx es olvidadx, cuando no dejamos que el dolor supere nuestra entrega, cuando no claudicamos y afirmamos nuevamente la guerra social que la autoridad nos ha declarado hace ya largo tiempo.
El 1ero de agosto de 2017 no solo demostró el cinismo del Estado
Argentino y la hipocresía de sus colaboradores, también abrió pasos
hacia la solidaridad, sentó precedentes que no podemos olvidar y
necesitamos tener presentes, momentos de efervescencia, de encuentros de miradas eufóricas, de prepararse y estar dispuestxs a todo incluso a pesar de la mirada enemiga en la espalda. Tanto en aquellos momentos, como ahora 3 años después, somos conscientes que no somos lxs primerxs, pero creemos también que depende de nosotrxs no ser lxs ultimxs, hoy más que nunca nos enfrentamos a nuestra propia historia y la reafirmamos, tanto con sus aspectos positivos como aquellos negativos que necesitan
afilarse, pero con la inquebrantable idea que nuestra memoria
reivindicativa es la acción y la solidaridad es un arma que nunca
dejaremos de empuñar.

July 15, 2020
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Berlin: Renewed alarm at Rigaer94

Today July 13th, there are strong police forces, construction workers and securities in the area. Alarm, now it’s getting exciting! Mouth-to-mouth info:
It is now being decided whether the police will take responsibility for the Rigaer94 conflict, and carry out the eviction which began Thursday 7 july and will continue today. At 8 o’clock the so-called Lusche, the new dubious alleged property manager, arrived first. He and his lawyer Bernau wanted to gain access to the house by force, which failed because of the human chain in front of it. His physical attack was answered accordingly. Then immediately masses of cops arrived, who had already been in stand by in the neighborhood but avoided the street in front of Rigaer94. There are at least a hundred of them, if not two riot squads again in action. At the same time, construction workers and the security company arrived. The construction workers called on residents “one to one”. It was reported that some of them wear Combat18 tattoos.
They and the cops had to register that there was a new, massive entrance door. So for the moment, the intrusion into the house was stopped. According to information obtained, the police command at the highest level, i.e. the police chief, is currently advising. Nothing will happen until they take responsibility. What happens then will bring clarity about the operation since Thursday. Was it a coup attempt by the middle level police or a well planned action by the political leadership in an attempt to make everything look like a coincidence. The lies will stop.
On the other hand, the anger against the attackers on our living together in solidarity is endless!
Prepare yourself for everything, friends, it is serious!
Rigaerstrasse 94, Berlin
photos via: rigaer94.squat.net

July 13, 2020
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Berlin : bank smashed for Dervenion56, Liebig34 and Rigaer94

Solidarity means attack – no eviction remains without response
Today (10/7/2020), as a first response to the raid and evictions in the front building of Rigaer94, we attacked a branch of the Berliner Sparkasse in Lichtenberg with stones and destroyed the windows.
The raid and eviction are the beginning of the planned elimination of various projects in the coming months. In addition to an attack on one of our spaces, yesterday’s raid concerned the extension of the siege in the northern district of Friedrichshshain and the attempt to prepare the framework for the eviction of Liebig34. This will not remain without consequences. With our action we call for decentralized actions against their plans. We do not want to wait for Day X, the phase of evictions has already begun and we must give a strong, collective response on the streets.
In doing so, we are joining the call of the Koukaki Squats in Athens in order to enter into dialogue with the comrades there who are facing similar challenges. The evacuation of Dervenion56 in Exarchia was the occasion for this international call [1].
In Greece, since last summer, there has been a general attack on solidarity structures and occupations. In the 12 months of the ND’s reign, more than a dozen occupied houses have already been cleared and barricaded. The right-wing government of New Democracy sees the anarchist movement and its free spaces as its harshest and most dangerous critic.
What is happening in Athens and other Greek cities is an attack on anarchist and autonomous structures, which is taking place in Berlin under different conditions and circumstances, with the threat of eviction of house projects, the suppression of autonomous bars and the siege of the resisting Norkiez in Friedrichshain. The anarchist perspective in the neighborhood struggle also requires international exchange about the methods of our enemies. In societies which generate exploitation and repression and against the servants of capital, we show boundless solidarity with those who choose conflict, creating thereby collective moments.
For self-organization and the occupation of space
Solidarity with Dervenion56, Liebig34 and Rigaer94
[1] https://athens.indymedia.org/post/1606123/
translation from http://4sy6ebszykvcv2n6.onion/node/94951

July 13, 2020
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OLYMPIA: Two reportbacks from “Fuck the 4th” march (usa)

The two following reportbacks were submitted anonymously on pugetsoundanarchists
Reportback from Impromptu Fuck the 4th March
What started as a day of chill BLM marches and fuck the 4th dance parties gave way to one of the most intensely destructive nights I think I’ve ever seen in Oly. Around 10:30ish a crowd of around 40 in all black assembled at a fountain at one end of town. I wasn’t really sure what the vibe was gonna be for the night, for Olympia a 40 deep black bloc (or march in general) is pretty big but it never feels big enough, so I was anxious. I looked up at the full moon illuminating our gathering and found some strength and comfort in that. After a few minutes of milling about some people began to chant “NO COPS, NO PRISONS, TOTAL ABOLITION” and the march took off.
Immediately when we got to the first building on 4th graffiti began to go up, windows were getting smashed, and fireworks were getting set off non stop. The energy was joyous and fierce in a way I rarely experience here. Parking meters were getting sabotaged, tags of “ACAB” “Black lives matter” “Abolish OPD” “Death to America” “RIP George Floyd” were going up everywhere.
Gentrifying condo on 4th Ave
As we approached the City Hall and Police Station people began a spirited chant of “Death to America!”. Fires were getting started. When someone was starting one, someone in the crowd yelled “Repeat after me! I didn’t see shit!” To which the crowd responded, “I DIDN’T SEE SHIT”.
When we got to the city hall and police station, the reinforced glass was greeted with a barrage of stones and chunks of concert that smashed holes through it. A hole was smashed in the door of the police station which someone used to reach in and open the door to let people tag. It was absolutely beautiful.

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July 13, 2020
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Rennes, France : Cathedral door set on fire 

In the night between Thursday 11th and Friday 12th June,2020 arson caused damage to a side door of the Saint-Pierre cathedral in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine), in rue Saint-Sauveur. At around 1.30am, a rubbish skip was set on fire near the door of the religious edifice, damaging it.
Unfortunately the fire did not have time to spread due to the prompt intervention of a bar owner and neighbours who offered to volunteer as firefighters. Alarmed by the smell of burning, the head said that from his window overlooking the vicarage he saw neighbours running to put the fire out with buckets of water.
However the fire brigade were engaged for almost an hour with this nocturnal fire. The criminal investigation department of Rennes took charge of investigations.
via: plagueandfire
Translated by act for freedom now!

July 13, 2020
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Redlands, California : Amazon warehouse on fire

On Friday 5th June, 2020 at around 5:30am, a fire destroyed an Amazon distribution centre in Redlands, a Californian city 112 km east of Los Angeles.
The building, several lorries and a pile of goods were destroyed by the flames. The damage was
considerable and the smoke forced the authorities to close the 10Freeway highway.
The depot was as big as three football pitches.
This action against Amazon follows that of 1st May when a lorry was set on fire.
via: plagueandfire.
Translated by act for freedom now!

July 13, 2020
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Pisa, Italy : 10 years of Garage Anarchico

11th July 2020
– From 5pm, showing of the documentary “Igniting a Revolution” A story of Earth Liberation Front
– Followed by Discussion and Benefit dinner for the comrades of the Scripta Manent trial
In 2010 a new anarchist and ecologist space opened in the city… ten years have now passed. Many comrades and people in solidarity have come through the Garage, relations have been woven, numerous projects undertaken, ideas of rebellion spread through initiatives, papers but above all meeting and talking together. Now times have changed, but what hasn’t changed is the irresistible instinct of freedom that shakes us up and the topics that have characterized the place’s activity.
On the day of the inauguration it was decided to show the video “Igniting a Revolution”, which will now be shown again on the occasion of this initiative. The video is about the experience and ideas of Earth Liberation Front, a name under which many groups and individuals gave a hard time to the destroyers of the earth between the 1990s and 2000.

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July 13, 2020
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Rigaer94 : They tried to bury us but forgot that we are the seeds (Berlin) en/de/gr

Last updates:
From friday 10/7/20 till Saturday 11/7/ evening securities were in front of our house, that does not have any of its front doors anymore. Yesterday morning, around 6:30 am the cops attempted to enter again our front-house block. The so-called “Hausverwalter” Torsten Luschnat arrived at 7 am in order to enter the 4th floor flat in front house of 94. Of course, there is still no owner of the house known but the cops and their commanders in the senate decided to trust the new company, that pretends they are legally allowed to enter. Luschnat Immobilien did not even follow any legal frame and attacked the flat in order to evict it.
The attack started from the construction team secured by the cops, by trying to smash through a bricked up door attempting to injure people who were behind it. The people behind the barricades showed an active defense and managed to ruin these plans. Therefore, it was impossible for the workers to enter. They and the cops went to the attic and smashed a hole into the ground ending up in the next door appartment. Unfortunately for them, also the tenant who lives there, managed to keep them out of the flat. Because of the escalation, the cops, afraid of leaving the legal frame, were not willed to continue and stopped the procedure. After those failed attempts of entering our flats, the cops stood in front of our door with the security team. At the same time, the construction team started throwing all the stuff from the ground floor flat, that had been evicted on friday, to the trash.

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July 13, 2020
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Athens,Greece: NEWS from the HELLHOLE of Petrou Ralli (prison migrants)Farsi/Greek

14/6/20 Sunday

After the demonstration at Petrou Ralli demanding the release of all detainees, the cells were locked en masse. This provoked a powerful reaction from detainees, with angry outbursts on both the 2nd and the 3rd floors. Detainees pounded the iron bars of their cells, chanting ‘FREEDOM’ in different languages. The authorities were unable to put a stop to the intense demand emanating from all cells.
15/6 /20 Monday
The following day, between 130 to 140 men began a hunger strike demanding their release or transfer to a camp.
(https://athens.indymedia.org/post/1606027/) Some succeeded and were taken to camps, though the numbers are unknown. On the 2nd floor in the D4 ward, two detainees continue their hunger strike. We have no confirmation as to whether others in different sections are also continuing.
9/7/20  Thursday
Salman Alipore from Iran (32 years old) has been on a hunger strike for 25 days since 15/6. He has been imprisoned for 5 months and although he applied for asylum 3 months ago, has still not even been called for his first interview. He hopes to be released or transferred to a camp. His state of health is very poor and he was taken to hospital due to a drop in his blood sugar levels, then returned to Petrou Ralli prison. However, he says that he intends to continue the strike, as long as he can breathe, until he gets what he rightfully deserves: to be released and allowed to claim asylum.
Kamal Ajni from Maroco also continues his hunger strike for the 15th day. Kamal has been imprisoned for 11 months – 8 months at Amygdaleza and 3 months on the 2nd floor in the D4 ward with Salman. Kamal has applied for asylum but his claim was rejected. Like many others, neither of these men can afford a lawyer. Even though the police are obliged to provide state legal aid in such cases, they do not. Detainees are not informed on their rights and if they do make an application, it is either not forwarded or intentionally delayed on the pretext of bureaucratic procedures.
In the same ward, M.J, from Syria continues his hunger strike for the 6th day. M.J. has lived for 4 months in Amygdaleza and 2 months in Petrou Ralli.
On the 2nd floor, detainees are locked up day and night, released for just 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon for ‘yard time’ on the terrace. In order to go to the toilet or wash they have to shout out to guards to unlock their cells. The conditions are inhumane and unsanitary. Self-harm that results in blood dripping along the corridors is commonplace. Some detainees reportedly injure themselves in order to pressure the authorities into transferring them to a camp far from the hellhole of Petrou Ralli. Others do so because they are determined that they want to die – they have been undermined as human beings day after day and have lost any hope for life (https://athens.indymedia.org/post/1605693/)
Alongside the women’s section on the 3rd floor, there is another ward where sick male detainees are held, suffering from diseases such as hepatitis, severe depression, tuberculosis, HIV, and scabies. They have no visitors nor any money. Men are detained in this ward for extended periods – we have known some who were abandoned there for up to 18 months. For instance, one man M.S. has now been detained for longer than a year. He was arrested on a Friday, 3 days before he was intending to submit the necessary documents proving that he has lived in Greece for 12 years to Chania prefecture to apply for a residence permit.
It is outrageous that even though NGOs are funded to provide legal aid for asylum procedures, no lawyer has yet assisted these men. When asked to take on the cases of some detainees to secure the terms of their release, one legal NGO responded that they did not even know these men existed. They said they would discuss the issue and took the name of one of the detainees in order to visit him, noting that because they are overloaded with cases due to COVID-19 there would be delays. But since then, no intervention has been made by the organisation. In the meantime, the miserable conditions inside cells persist, including a severe problem with bedbugs as blankets are never washed or disinfected, but just passed from one detainee to the next.

Solidarity with the hunger strikers!

No one is illegal, no one is invisible

Immediate release for all detainees!

The passion for freedom is stronger than all prisons!

Detention centers cannot improve, they can only be destroyed.



July 11, 2020
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Athens: Protest turns to riot against the new draconian law of banning protests (Greece)

9 July 2020, Athens, Greece: Proposed by a self-proclaimed socialist Minister of Public Order (Michalis Chrisohoidis), taking part in a right wing government (News Democracy), assisted by the votes of the self-proclaimed socialist party (KINAL), the greek Parliament approved a junta-inspired bill on Thursday imposing new restrictions to quash and destroy the right to protest, a right integral to the so-called democracies, eg. under the provisions of the new law you will be arrested for joining a protest that hasn’t been authorized by the police. For dozens of years across the world, this has been called a Police State or a Dictatorship but then again the greek governing party’s name is “New Democracy”, which probably means the same, when someone feels the need to affix the word “New” to the political theory of “Democracy” that has been solidified for more than 2.500 years.
As a result, thousands of people marched through central Athens denouncing the new law, and managed to approach in great numbers the greek parliament at Syntagma Square, during the discussion of the bill. The sight of hundreds of policemen that flooded the area around the parliament, during such a sensitive topic of protest, aggravated things and soon the protest turned in to a riot, making the atmosphere unbearable to breath, while the riot police “bombarded” the area with asphyxiating gas grenades.
After a decade long financial crisis, Greece is expected to suffer a new major recession this year due to the impact of the pandemic. The new law that was passed yesterday seems to aim exactly towards what’s coming. The strong reaction of the greek society, for all the money that were thrown away by the greek government and Athens mayor (Kostas Mpakogiannis) during the quarantine and what followed. It’s no wonder that the greek government chose to hire thousands of new policemen, rather than nurses and doctors during the COVID-19 pandemic. But, then again, as it was aforementioned the governing party’s name is “New Democracy”…

July 11, 2020
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Athens,Greece: We call for a solidarity gathering with those arrested at the demo on 9/7/20 against the new law for the prohibition of demonstrations

We call for a solidarity gathering with those arrested at the demonstration against the new law for the prohibition of demonstrations, at the courts in Evelpidon, in Athens Friday 10/07/2020, at 12:00.
We will not talk about the absurdity of the new bill. Because it is absurd to get permission from those below to oppress whoever protests. Nor will we talk about the injustice of this world of oppression, exploitation, personalization and misery.
But we will talk about the comrades who were arrested today, the people who protested against the State’s intervention and are being held hostage.
Thousands of people took part in the march on Thursday 09/07/2020 and marched in the city centre, expressing their opposition to the new bill. Among other things, clashes erupted with State bodies defending the above. In fact, deltas [motorbike police] did not hesitate to intervene in various parts of it, going into the demo with raised truncheons, dismantling it and revealing their mood to injure them.
During this process, 15 people were taken to various places. Of them, 9 were selected to be turned into arrests for the cops to produce ‘work’. Furthermore, 3 people were selected for reasons unknown to us, either due to their appearance, gender or political beliefs, to be
prosecuted for crimes, piling a lot of charges on them.
But they have not calculated the world of struggle, collectivization and solidarity. We will not allow Chrisochoidis, (Minister of Citizen Protection ) police bosses, judges and other government officials to build careers and make our comrades physical and legal hostages.
They will have to put them on all of us!
Judges, cops, prison guards, hands off the people in struggle and those from below in this world. Indivisible solidarity with those arrested and detained while protesting against the new bill restricting demonstrations.
Dervenion 56 squat
Translated by Act for freedom now!

July 11, 2020
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#1 Revolutionary Echoes from Syria out of print, PDF available instead

Conversations with two anarchists from Aleppo
The discussion below reflects an overview of the conditions  experienced by individuals who are trying to liberate themselves from the system of social hypocrisy and the mentality of subordination. Our experience is still fragile, a newborn.
During the revolution and even now the difficulty lies in our inability to observe clearly the inherent authoritarian power within the society and the state. Consequently this prevented – and still prevents – us from stripping the layers they hide behind and fighting them raw and bare.
Instead, a PDF of the booklet can be downloaded here.
134 pages

July 10, 2020
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Athens,Greece: 9/7/20, Protest turns to riot against the new draconian law of banning protests

Ashes to Aspiring Oligarchies, Tuesday 8 /7 & Thursday 9/7
The fate of democracy has always been sealed. States and the conservative needs of society require, from time to time, shutting the door on even the most basic freedoms. A law is just a signal to the masses that security, has arrived.
We know what is coming. We have experienced direct preparation with new policing tactics designed to break up gatherings. For the young people who will be flooding the streets these years let’s be humble. For them, it is new. And whether the historical memory includes similar or not, it’s best to speak to an audience and not ourselves.
The government has lowered the bar, admitting that they are in such a weak position that any “disruption of commerce” is unnaceptable.
Anarchists too, are in a difficult position. Changing times necessitate abandonment of some strategies. For our own ability to keep fighting and the furtherance of anarchy. 2020 is not the time of strict ideological approach, which is hopefully very obvious.
We are encouraged by neighborhood based activity such as consistent breaking of former occupations.
We know that small planned activities will be repressed greatly. As for the center, the importance of large scale “economic harassment” is declared by the state themselves. Abandonment is not an option. The ball is in our court on how to move forth.
Tuesday and Thursday, a meeting in the streets regarding our future.

July 10, 2020
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Paris, France, Fresnes prison : A letter from anarchist Roberto Cropo

via:  Attaque
extract from Numéro Zéro / Friday July 3 2020
Note by Attaque : Roberto was arrested in Saint-Etienne on June 12, at the request of the Italian justice following op.”Bialystok”.
Fresnes, 13 June, porco dio [Fucking hell!]!
Hey, hello, here I am in my new room, screw them…
So, I’m in Paris because they want to extradite me to Italy, I’m not sure what they want to pin on me but I know more or less that there is terrorism, criminal association, theft, arson and I don’t know what else still. […]
Let’s start at the beginning.
Friday morning, 6am, howling noises next to my truck, I hardly open the door and I find myself with twenty hooded armed cops threatening me, telling me not to move and that they could kill the dog. They get me out of the truck still in pyjamas and barefoot, put me on the ground in the rain and handcuff me. They take the dog to take it to the pound. Then they take me to the police station in Sainté, just after Carnot, where they put me in custody. And there I hear some yelling. After various administrative formalities, off in direction Paris. Five cars came from Paris just for me, on orders of the public prosecutor in Rome. Arrived in Paris, police custody, and this morning I was at court.
I should point out that I was handcuffed from the Sainté to Paris and the first 200 km with my hands behind my back – I can’t tell you how much that hurt – and blindfolded.
I protested and they ended up removing the blindfold and putting the handcuffs on me in front.

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July 10, 2020
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Italy : COR FURORE NER CORE – WITH RAGE IN THE HEART Economic support for Op.Bialystok


June 12 yet another antianarchist repressive operation is unleashed, this time in the territories dominated by the Italian, French and Spanish State. Police, in particular the ROS of Rome, raided various habitations, seized the usual paper and computer material, arresting 7 people.
Still today 5 of them are in prison, one is under house arrest and another freed following the review.

The accusations the State is making against them are varied, including the usual subversive association for purposes of terrorism, terrorist attack, fire, instigation to commit a crime, etc. etc.
Moreover experiences of solidarity related to other repressive situations are put under attack.
All this does not surprise us.

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July 10, 2020
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Berlin: Rigaer94 raided. Another eviction attempt

Today at 07:00 July 9th, 2020
in the morning, a hundred riot cops walked over the bicycle rack in the yard of Riga 93 to climb over the fence into our yard one by one. At the same time they occupied the roofs of our block. The cops, along with LKA 5 and 6, then gained access to apartments on the 3rd floor of the front building under the pretext of a search for forgery of documents and others. According to the press, they also searched an apartment on Karl-Marx-Allee.
Contrary to their usual procedure, they refrained from using a helicopter and made no attempt to penetrate the rear building so far. In the meantime, they led the worst traffic lawyer in town, Markus Bernau, around the front building, presumably with the intention of supporting him in legal actions against the apartments occupied there. Torsten Luschnat, who thinks he is our new property manager, also gained access to these apartments. The so-called owner company has already proved several times in court that they can’t really prove anything, not even their legality to take legal action against us. The previous court rulings have dismissed all claims.
Meanwhile, private security guards from Smart Guard Protection GmbH as well as construction workers, who later committed the crime of destroying our doors in the hallway and worked their way through the front building with flex and hammers, gathered on Dorfplatz.
A flat on the ground floor, as well as the attic and the cellar of the front building have already been vacated and according to statements made by the cops to lawyers, they have to vacate and occupy every unrented room. At 15:30 o’clock the cops surprisingly left the staircase of the front building (but did not disappear completely), construction workers with demolition rage, private security guards and Torsten Luschnat aka Lusche were left in the corridor.
It is impossible for us to say what will happen next. What is clear, however, is that we will defend our home and take back our rooms.
Today’s operation is an attempt by the government and the cops to regain the discourse over the danger zone Nordkiez. In recent weeks, the agitation of some members of parliament around Tom Schreiber and their henchmen in the media has intensified. The announced eviction of Liebig34 and the expected confrontation are reaching the bourgeois camp who makes it necessary from the point of view of the extremist centre to sharpen its own profile. This is the context in which the media reports about the nice rich people who are not able to realize their dream of luxurious life in the Rigaerstrasse. Or reports about a police force that is not so murderous and fascist as the statistics express, but rather the poor victims of left-wing violence, which is, by the way, identical with right-wing violence.
What is surprising is that the government and the lobby of the investors start the frontal attack on the solidary city from below and the resistance against repression, not with the expected eviction of Syndikat, but with a mistake of Henkel’s logic. We are at the beginning of a phase in which the elimination of any left-wing radical and anarchist visibility that seems meaningful to the ruling class in the context of these Corona times is to be carried out.
What is happening is obvious; we are to lose spaces and projects, but we will defend them, there will be injured and arrested people, part of society will rejoice, others will shake their heads, there will be solidarity actions, the fronts in the social war will become clearer…
You know what to do in this case…
Rigaerstrasse 94, Berlin
via: en.squat.net/

July 10, 2020
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Athens, Greece July 3. 2020: A night of raw cops violence and terror (Exarcheia area)

Unprecedented scenes of police violent rampage -even for the character of the greek cops that are known to be constantly breaking the law- took place in the neighborhood of Exarchia on the night of Friday, July 3, 2020.
Driven by the impunity that was offered to them by the restrictions on freedom of movement and the ban of mass gatherings, during the coronavirus quarantine, as well as, the new bill to come in Greece, restricting or banning protests and demonstrations, an army of policemen in riot gear stormed a live concert on Friday night, that was taking place in Exarcheia square in solidarity to “Dervenion 56” Squat that was evicted few days ago, suffocated the area with asphyxiating gas grenades, crushed the concert, beat with brutal violence anyone who was just running to escape their rage and chemical attacks, rammed people with their speeding motorbikes, there were cases where Delta police bikers ran over people fallen on the floor crushing their hands and legs, threw flash-bang grenades directly at people, violently attacked dozens of bar customers sitting at bar tables outside, threw an asphyxiating gas grenade inside a bar, invaded bars ruthlessly hitting workers and customers, smashing the places up inside and outside at Exarchia Square, Themistocleous St, Koletti St and Messolonghiou St, hurled tables and chairs at shop windows etc. All of the above, have been recorded in testimonies, photos and videos that have already been released on the internet in the past 3 days and this video just adds up to all of the above.
And in the midst of this chaos, caused by the greek police in Exarcheia neighborhood, solidarity and resistance stood out. From Exarchia residents who opened up the front doors of their buildings or their apartments to provide shelter to the people being ruthlessly attacked or chased by the police. To the people who went out on their balconies and to the street s, rising up and defying the barbarians in uniform. But no matter what they do, in this neighborhood, everything comes back to this. “Resistance, self-organization, solidarity”. For many, many decades now.

July 10, 2020
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Athens,Greece: Update from repressive operations in Victoria Square on Saturday 4th July, 2020

On Saturday 4th July around 12 midnight riot police made their appearance in Victoria Square in order to transfer the migrants living there to the Amygdaleza detention centre with the excuse being the insufficient and unhealthy living conditions at the square. After the migrants’ refusal to leave and the interventions of solidarians who had gathered at the spot, the cops violently attempted to take people into the police transportation vans. They took approximately 10 people, some of whom were immediately released, the transportation van left while other police vans remained in front of the OTE building.
After a while and as the migrants had calmed down a bit and as the solidarians were starting to leave, riot police appeared from all sides of the square and attacked everyone, holding more than 20 people they randomly found on the nearby streets, hitting and dragging them to the vans.

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July 7, 2020
by actforfreedom
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Athens,Greece: Στηρίζουμε την κατάληψη Δερβενίων 56 // Support Dervenion 56 squat in Exarxeia area en/gr

To defend Dervenion 56 and all squats,to prepare the ground for the coming social uprising.
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We are calling for international actions in solidarity with the Squats. Make the Greek state, the greek capital and its partners regret the choice they made to attack the movement and its spaces in Greece.
Δίχως καμιά αμφιβολία, τα κίνητρα του κράτους για την εκκένωση της Δερβενίων 56, βρίσκονται στα περιεχόμενα της, τις δράσεις αλληλεγγύης και αλληλοβοήθειας. Εκεί που συναντιόνται αγωνιστές και αγωνίστριες, εκεί που αναπαράγεται η αμφισβήτηση της εξουσίας, εκεί βρίσκεται ο εχθρός του κράτους. Όλα τα υπόλοιπα περί βίας, ιδιοκτησίας, απλήρωτων λογαριασμών, νομιμότητας και πόσο μάλλον σχέσης με ναρκωτικά, είναι ψιλά γράμματα για το κράτος, τους τραπεζίτες και επιχειρηματίες συνεργούς του. Έτσι κι αλλιώς οι ίδιοι αποτελούν τους κύριους εκφραστές της καταπάτησης, της αυθαιρεσίας και της καταστροφής, πράγματα τα οποία ονομάζουν ανάπτυξη.