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From 7am to 2pm – Milano Congressi – Via Gattamelata 5
Trans-humanism is already here 
Trans-humanism is not some eccentric researchers’ marginal tendency or a side effect of technological development; it is the logical outcome of the techno-scientific system.
The slogan of the meeting is: ‘Plan the future. Build the future. Be the future’. A future which is already becoming present. The logics of trans-humanism – overcoming all limits, making man better and more powerful, re-planning the living and making it artificial – are not mere abstract speculations, but they become researches, trans-genetic dreams, military drones, new apparatuses in smart cities, Medically Assisted Procreation and genetic editing.
Trans-humanism and the techno-scientific system produce imaginaries, desires, needs, they transform the world and our perception of reality. 
The most prominent world directors and researchers come from Singularity University, one of the most important expressions of trans-humanism; some of them go on to join the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), one of the most important research universities in the world, DARPA, a USA Defence Department government agency for the development of new technologies, Google, Microsoft, to mention only a few…Among the major financiers of Singularity University are companies such as Google, certainly known for information technology but less known for its investments in genetic research.
Precisely in this convergence of high level sectors and research, a bunch of scientists, entrepreneurs, military men and politicians find their meeting point.
We don’t want to be machine men in a machine world!
Spazio di documentazione La Piralide
Collettivo Resistenze al
Translated by act for freedom now!

September 18, 2019
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Contribution to the international meeting against the techno-sciences (Italy – July 2019) by anarchist Dinos Giagtzoglou, prisoner of the Greek state

I start this letter with a certainty. I am sure that our life experiences are very different as well as the starting points of the struggle of each and every one. I also think that with many of you we have different ideological origins and disagreements or contrasts on individual issues. But I firmly believe that the will to resist the plans of Domination, stemming from the awareness of the fundamental social alienation that alienates us from ourselves and nature as a whole, and the revolutionary passion for the destruction of the mega-machine of Power unite us in a common vision of a world free from the shackles of civilization. By going through a variety of analyzes, striding kilometer distances and eliminating in practice the language obstacles, since we recognize that there is the community of struggle for total liberation, we can really keep the flame of the revolt lit and the wager of the social revolution open. I therefore send a warm greeting to the Resistenze Al Nanomondo collective and to all the participants in the international meeting against the techno-sciences, expressing in advance my eagerness to fill the gaps in knowledge, that my absence will undoubtedly cause, by studying your reflections, your conclusions and everything you can get me through the actions and collaborations that will come from your fermentations in Italy.
But let’s take things in turn. For 21 months now, I have been pre-trial detained in the Greek prisons because I made the decision, like many fighters around the world, to realize my ideas by taking a battle position in the social war and fighting against power, here and now. So I am in prison because I put my ideas into practice beyond the limits of the law and certainly not by accident. With the firm conviction that the revolution will either be lawless or it will be nothing, I wanted to give a concrete example – in the first person and at present tense – of what revolutionary solidarity could mean, beyond the dipoles of innocence and guilt, of legality and illegality, by providing shelter to a persecuted comrade. That is why I am buried in tons of cement and iron, risking to be condemned for the “terrorist” attacks with booby-trapped letter envelopes on EU officials, executives of economic organizations and credit rating agencies sent in the spring of 2017, with which I have denied my correlation since my arrest, but the odds of my conviction for them remain high. Of course no one was found in prison simply because one decided to fight against oppression and exploitation. My current status is the actual proof that I made mistakes. Mistakes in some decisions I made in relation both to myself and to other individuals with whom I misguidedly felt we have been sharing a common struggle. Mistakes that cost dozens of years of imprisonment, mistakes that may be unforgivable, but certainly neither them nor prison itself can cancel my permanent determination for struggle, struggle, struggle… under any circumstances. So I can only breathe through the endeavors of the comrades who are outside the walls and continue the struggle. I want to support such efforts because through them I am inspiring and essentially exist, I live for them! And so I see these three days too.

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September 18, 2019
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Sweden : Mink farm raided in Blekinge

In the early hours of September 3, 2019, all of the prisoners on a small mink farm in Hölkemåla, Blekinge, Sweden, escaped from the cages. In total about 1500 persons managed to get free.
We gave a helping hand by disassembling the fence of the farm and then opening all the cage doors. We removed parts of the fence using a wrench to ensure a way out. The fur farm was situated right next to a lake where we hope that as many as possible now get to live.
In a world where freedom exists only in moments of rebellion and insurrection, we still think that the possibility of a life in the forest and lake is quite the opposite of that in a cage. We do recognize that the already destroyed eco-systems and colonised nature is nothing like a dream, but since it is all that we have it is where we will go from our imprisoned existences. A passion for freedom is what drove us to this hidden killing facility to increase the freedom for all of us. Our desire to share this moment of freedom with the minks is rooted in solidarity and love as well as anger and hatred towards those who dominate us and try to steal our lives.
We strongly believe that there is no limit to the things we can do, all we need is to make up our minds and pick a target.
We send our love to Eric King, Matthias in Switzerland and all other prisoners around the world!
via: 325

September 18, 2019
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Extension of detention, about Matthias in Switzerland

Placed in detention since the end of November 2018, Matthias*, an antispeciesist activist suspected of material damage, was due to be released on 5 August 2019. But on 29 July, the Public Prosecutor’s Office requested a further two-month extension, citing a potential risk of recurrence. The decision of the Tribunal on coercive measures fell on 5 August : extension confirmed, on the pretext that the accused was part of the antispeciesist movement. Various support groups will strongly oppose it, notably through a mobilization on August 7 in front of the Geneva Palace of Justice.
After ordering a third extension of Matthias* detention (alias) last June, the Court of Coercive Measures at the request of Prosecutor Adrian Holloway has just ruled on a further extension. His motive ? The fact that it is part of the antispeciesist movement and would, as a matter of principle, present a risk of recidivism in the event of release. Failing to consider full release and while existing alternative measures (house arrest or electronic bracelet) should be considered according to the principles of proportionality, the authorities do not deign to think about it, claiming that they would be insufficient in preventing recidivism since the accused “adheres a priori with the same conviction and commitment” to the anti-speciesist ideology. The accused’s new lawyer, Olivier Peter, opposed this decision by contesting the existence of a risk of repetition. He will appeal against this decision, which justifies the continued detention due to the political position of the detainee, in serious violation of the freedom of conscience guaranteed by the Federal Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights. It should be recalled that Matthias* is currently only suspected of broken windows, ripping off posters and tags. It therefore seems obvious that the situation is the result of the abusive political repression of an activist held hostage by a legislative system that protects economic interests at the expense of human and animal dignity.

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September 18, 2019
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Bremen, Germany: Arson Attack Against a Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) Coach

Nocturnal disarmament in the centre of Bremen!
We know that the only thing stronger than the urge for freedom is hatred against those who take our comrades from us.
Bremen Central Station has been upgraded with 52 high quality surveillance cameras and a big new cop station. People who don’t fit into the clean image of consumers and commuters are harassed, criminalized and repressed by the police. Also under red-green-red* the cop presence continues to increase.
This development is no coincidence. We are supposed to get used to the supposed strength of the state regulatory power and the sight of heavily armed and well-equipped cops. We are supposed to perceive the presence of uniforms, be they Public Order Office, Property Protection, cops or soldiers as something normal. As normal as the advertising for the murderers and fascists of the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) that surrounds us every day. We should give the cop a lot of space in our head for the greatest possible control and discipline of our lives.

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September 18, 2019
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Hamburg, Germany: Letter from One of the Park Bench 3 from Holstenglacis Prison

Saturday August 10, 2019
Hello everyone !
It has now been a little over a month since we three of the Park Bench were arrested and, in a second time, two of us were taken into custody. In this letter, I would like to describe a little bit about my personal situation, here in jail. I can not say anything about the charges or the progress of the court process, because we can not communicate between people involved. I can only agree with the council not to indulge in speculation, gossip and panic.
The solidarity and support we receive here are wonderful and breathtaking. The many letters, the words of greetings, the photos and the gather give us strength and confidence. You are awesome.
Now, preventive detention. This means, here, at least during the first months, 23 hours of confinement in 10 square meters, with bed, table, chair, wardrobe, toilet and sink. An hour’s walk in the courtyard, in my case with the other prisoners on my floor, alternately morning or afternoon. We wake up at 6:30, with a loud alarm, lunch is at 11:30, dinner is served at 16:30 and must also be enough for breakfast, because in the morning there is only hot water or tea. Food is usually enough to make ends meet, but those who want a balanced diet depend on the “canteen” to buy things from the prison. Every Wednesday, the lists of orders, in German language, are collected the next day. Saturday, we will get our order. It’s not exactly cheap and it’s paid with the money from our account at the prison. On top of that there is the money we had in our pocket at the time of the arrest, the money sent from the outside and our insignificant salary, if we work during preventive detention. Unlike detention following a conviction, here work is not an obligation and we work mainly in prison services – cooking, cleaning, painting, laundry ….
Other “privileges” – a rental radio, a rental television, participation in sports groups, discussion circles, courses, etc. must be requested from the school management and, of course, all the prison bureaucracy works only in German. Processing of these requests takes at least a few weeks. The prison guards are extremely abrupt and all information on daily life in prison must be drawn through their noses, the questions annoy them and they give answers reluctantly and in anger; only a few speak English.
The registration procedure, including naked bending, the first night in the “observation cell”, where you take off your civilian clothes and they put you in a cell where the light stays on all night, as well as that the disconcerting marathon through the establishment, looks like an initiation, which must make you understand that now you are part of a judicial process that must be administered, nothing more. A humiliating experience. After dark in the observation cell, one recovers his civilian clothes; this is probably a small exception, because in many other remand prisons, the norm is the clothes of the establishment.
The clear majority of people I meet here are imprisoned for drug-related offenses or so-called drug-related offenses, and either do not have a German passport or have a another nationality in addition to the German one, which explains the danger of flight. Non-German-speaking prisoners are often exposed to the condescending ignorance of guards, who often carry racist underpinnings. In the early days, the bureaucracy of the jail was already very opaque for me, who is accustomed to the illusion of German order. It becomes quite clear that the legally stated purpose of pre-trial detention, that is to say that the persons concerned by the “guarantee of procedure” are there, is only one aspect among the useful elements of pretrial detention. Continue Reading →

September 18, 2019
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Chillán, Chile: An explosive device at the headquarters of the Chilean police was deactivated a few hours before the arrival of President Piñera (August 20, 2019)

 During the early hours of August 20, 2019, in Chillán, a suspicious object attracted the attention of the security device implemented pending the visit of President Sebastián Piñera.
Outside the main investigative barracks of the PDI (“Policía de Investigaciones de Chile”, which together with the Carabineros de Chile is one of the two police bodies of the Chilean State), located in Vega de Saldías, and which borders a police headquarters located in the center of Chillán, an explosive device was deposited without initially arousing suspicion.

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September 17, 2019
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15 septembre 2019 Avis de tempêtes #21

Avis de tempêtes – bulletin anarchiste pour la guerre sociale n°21
(septembre 2019) vient de sortir.

Pour lire, imprimer et diffuser ce petit bulletin autour de soi (il est en format A5, et celui-ci fait 20 pages), on pourra retrouver chaque nouveau numéro tous les 15 du mois, ainsi que les précédents, sur le blog :

“Ce qui compte, c’est que tout puisse continuer comme avant. Que la production augmente, que les profits se réalisent. D’ailleurs, quitte à ce que cette société fasse naufrage, il n’est tout simplement pas possible de se passer de pesticides pour maintenir l’existant :

l’agriculture industrielle a déjà tellement transformé, pollué et
appauvri les sols que rien n’y pousse plus à grande échelle sans engrais synthétiques et sans chimie pour protéger les plantes contre les mille maladies et parasites… qui sont eux-mêmes, en grande partie, créés par la résistance que les organismes tendent naturellement à développer contre ce qui les tue. C’est un cercle vicieux, mieux, c’est le fameux train qui avance à toute allure droit vers le gouffre. Discuter à propos des 3, 5 ou 10 mètres, est alors vraiment le détail hypocrite de la montagne de poisons industriels qu’ils font couler dans nos veines et nos bronches.”

September 17, 2019
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Difusión y agitación por el compañero Joaquín García

Algunas palabras previas
El compañero Joaquín García permanece en prisión desde noviembre del 2015, acusado de un atentado contra la policía. En este breve díptico buscamos no solo informar sobre su situación sino también agitar y aportar a fortalecer una solidaridad de combate.
Observar y reflexionar sobre los cambios en la maquinaria represiva nos permite ver como el aplicar la nefasta ley de control de armas puede ser más provechoso en la imposición de castigos que la Ley Antiterrorista a la hora de desarticular las prácticas ofensivas antiautoritarias.
Desde adentro de los muros de la cárcel, el compañero ha transitado y caminado con dignidad revolucionaria buscando aportar a debates “afuera” sin claudicar en las posiciones anárquicas y antiautoritarias.
El llamado sigue siendo a no convertirse en un espectador de la situación de lxs compañerxs en prisión, sino que tomar en nuestras manos las posibilidades de agitar y dar forma a una solidaridad de ataque, ofensiva e insurrecta.
Es esta solidaridad la que muestra nuestro potencial entre compañerxs conocidxs o no, que entrecruzada con la arista anticarcelaria eleva las posibilidades de crítica, comprensión y arremetida contra el dominio. Porque tan urgente como destruir los muros carcelarios, es desmantelar completamente las dinámicas que los rodean.
Forjando complicidades y fortaleciendo una multiforme praxis ofensiva nuestra solidaridad será inquebrantable.
Porque olvidar a lxs prisionerxs de la guerra, es olvidar a la guerra misma….
Joaquín García: A la calle!
Nada ha acabado
Todo continúa…

September 17, 2019
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Italy: “Prometeo” operation – An update about Giuseppe (September 13th, 2019)

In recent weeks, as already written, Beppe was transferred from the AS2 [“High Surveillance 2”] section of the Rossano Calabro prison to the Pavia prison.
The interview with the lawyer showed that he is in the protected section, where there are collaborators of justice, former law enforcement officers, sex offenders and trans and homosexual prisoners (who have explicitly requested to be among the protected). Beppe had requested to be transferred from the Rossano AS2, where the vast majority of prisoners are Islamic, due to incompatibility and had also requested an approach to his home, thus indicating the AS2 sections of the north-center of Italy where there are currently anarchist comrades.
The provocative response to his request was the transfer to the protected section of the Pavia prison. Let’s not leave him alone!
To send letters and telegrams to Giuseppe:
Giuseppe Bruna
C. C. di Pavia
via Vigentina 85
27100 Pavia
Italia [Italy]


September 17, 2019
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Turkey : ALF direct action

“In Turkey, Aydin Hunter Association (Aegean Region) was attacked by
ALF. The locks of the association were glued, slogans were painted to
the doors. The signboards were destroyed.
Hunting is murder!
Until all are free.
The action was dedicated to the vegan anarchist prisoner Marius Mason.”


“Aydın’daki avcılık derneğine ALF tarafından saldırı düzenlendi.
Derneğin kapısı yapıştırıcı ile kullanılamaz hale getirildi, derneğin
tabelaları parcalandı, kapılara yazılamalar yapıldı.
Av, cinayettir!
Tüm hayvanlar özgür olana kadar!
Eylem, vegan anarşist tutsak Marius Mason’e adandı.”

September 17, 2019
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Athens, Greece : About my abduction by state security police on 26/8, the threats of penal extermination and the drug war of authority.

“They’ve got something to tell you upstairs”
Monday, 26th of August at 10 in the morning, some hours after the police invasion into the anarchist squat GARE, the migrant housing squats Sp. Trikoupi 17 and 15, and in the building where Rosa de Foc squat was housed in the past, in Exarchia. Coming out of Bouboulinas squat, where I had entered half hour before –the building which had been reoccupied last May by the Self-organized Community of Squatters, Migrants and Internationalist Comrades,
which was born out of the Ground of Occupied Gini, following the last barrage of squat evictions by the syriza government against migrant squats and one feminist squat- I am surrounded by four cops who ask me if I am I, by my name. One of them, whom I recognized from my imposed frequent signings on at the police station, part of many years of suspended captivity, turned to me and says in a friendly manner: -They’ve got something to tell you upstairs. Shortly after, I am transferred, handcuffed, to the police hq, by an opke (heavily armed unit) squad.
It was certain that they wouldn’t ask me any questions. They would not expect to find out anything. The interrogation threats and the tortures have been curbed years now, by the stamina and perseverance of the fighters who get arrested and by the response of the movement. Neither did they intend to make suggestions, give me “alternative options”, negotiate some capitulation (methods that the state experiments on with its opponents).
After years of arrests, trials, different kinds of suspended captivity, constant tete a tete with the bastards of the repressive mechanisms, they would not waste their time talking. For one hour I remained sat on the bench, on that familiar to so many comrades corridor of the ‘state security police’ on the 6th floor, along with the three arrestees from GARE, who were not allowed to contact a lawyer since the cops would not announce their arrest, and five migrants from Sp.Trikoupi who were led to court the following day on heavy charges. Nonetheless, they had something to “tell” me, “tell” us upstairs.
A civil cop calls me: -Come with me.
-Where are we going?
-For an investigation
-What investigation and where?
-I don’t know. The prosecutor knows.
We return to Exarchia, a convoy of civil cops and opke. They park and we get off on Ippokratous near the corner with Kallidromiou. The parading circus, with me in the middle, goes into the pedestrian street Methonis. Twenty meters down the way, a civil cop points to an abandoned university building (probable option for a squat). It must be this one.
At the same time a suit turns up. I immediately turn to him.
-You are the prosecutor?
-Whats going on? Why am I here?
-There is a report that you are hiding drugs and weapons in this building.
It doesn’t take much to realize, in this sequence of events, that what they are trying on you is a repressive method without precedent in the forty five years of veiled dictatorship. A scenario with unlimited options. My abduction, on this particular scenario, is a clear message to all those who fight against the state: “We can trap you whenever we decide, pin whatever charges we want on you, bury you in the prisons, eliminate you from the social field, physically and as political subjects.” Here is what they had to tell us upstairs, at the political cadres of repression.
The show continued as an ekam team (special operations unit) raided the abandoned building, followed by the rest of them, civil cops, the prosecutor, opke. I said to the prosecutor that their scenario is unreal and that the only way they would find anything is if they have planted it themselves. Then they announced that there would be an investigation also in my home. The “investigation” in the abandoned building “was completed without any findings”. Afterwards the show continued at my home, which they have raided twice before. After the end of the investigation, from which certainly no one expected to reap the results anticipated by the media, “drugs and weapons”, the prosecutor gave the order to uncuff me. The parading show was rounded up as if nothing had happened.
From this leap that the state made, the threat of planting drugs and weapons on fighters and squats with a legal stamp, to the next step, the materialization of this threat, the distance is minuscule. Within the evolving conflict in the ground of Exarchia and the squats front, this event disappears, it is registered as yet another legally arbitrary and politically targeted investigation in a comrade’s home. It is crucial not to lose the significance of this particular event. What is unfolding is a political method of penal, militaristic and even paramilitary annihilation, familiar from parts of the planet and from recent history where counter-insurgent terrorism has become totally bold.
The pre-trial detention of ex-political prisoner Christoforos Kortesis and the persecution of unionists on charges of “robbery”, on the occasion of a common and daily social practice of appropriating basic goods, had already marked the turn of the state towards the unpretentious physical and political annihilation of fighters. The boundless stretch of legal terms, also to the opposite direction, as confirmed by the court decision to release the murderer of Alecis Grigoropoulos, aims to become the new institutional form of repression, at a time when the new penal code of syriza (reinforced by new democracy) provides for mass incarceration (obligatory prison sentence) as a measure of subjugation of the movement and of social discipline (‘little’ prison time for a lot of people).
In the current conditions of radical militarization of the greek (and of every state), and of total devaluation of political representation, the only trench against the implementation of such and other, paramilitary, methods is the power of resistance and of solidarity. The state has shed all pretenses. The only thing they consider is the insurrection that they will inevitably be faced with. The movement needs to acknowledge the evolving conditions of the conflict. Let nothing take us by surprise. The threats of the state should be returned to their sender, thereby confirming their fears. Let’s freeze the designs of the state and the bosses by our unexpected mobilization.
Let the brainless dictators keep trying. We will not abandon the centers of struggle, we will not live head down, with cops in every corner and inside our homes, we will no perish in poverty and in their terrorism. We will fight for anarchy, in all times.
Anarchists? Drugs! Drugs in the squats. Drugs in Exarchia. Drugs in the universities. Drugs in Omonoia. Drugs in the camps. Drugs in the neighborhoods. Drugs, drugs, drugs!
The practice of dressing up the political and social repression with the pretext of drugs is not merely a tactic for slandering, depoliticizing and demonizing the enemies of the state. The “war (against) of drugs” is, for decades now, the dominant strategy as much in terms of repression as in financial hegemony, globally. On the one hand, it aims at the fragmentation and annihilation of the excluded, at the militarization of the social ground, at the isolation and elimination of social movements. On the other hand, it serves the flow of private funds into the banks of the monopolies at the top (constant primary accumulation), the over-concentration of profits into shady business networks, and their unhindered transfer and investment. The drugs war funds the state and para-state militarism directly (covert war and counter-insurgency campaigns), and indirectly (official counter-criminality campaigns that flood state and private money into the police-military organs).
The favelas of brazil and the ghettos of the usa, which are bombarded with chemical drugs and shot at by the cops, the fighters who are murdered by mafia paramilitaries in mexico and elsewhere, in the forests and rivers of latin america, the “counter-drugs” guerrilla war in Colombia, the related interventions by the usa, these are not distant situations. Here also, it is the fat cats, the media lords, the drug barons and the big sponsors of the state and especially of the police and army, who govern the place. Xrisochoidis, who voted for the memorandum agreements even though he “never had the time to read through them”, never heard about the impounded tones of drugs which the customs neglected to record, never heard about serial murders of witnesses and about court cases that have mysteriously got stuck, which implicate big industry owners, the ones who control the mainstream flow of information and appoint mayors. He never heard, just like his predecessors in the ministry of state terrorism, that the distribution of drugs in the greek territory is entirely controlled by cops, that everyone in their ranks get a monthly share of the black market proceeds, that the greek prisons, which will now come under the supervision of the police force, are controlled through drugs throughout the past two decades.
The barons and their institutional servants, the governments, the judiciary, the scientists and technocrats, they attack the plebe in the camps, in the poor neighborhoods of Athens, in the alleys, in the hills, parks and universities. The last pogrom in Exarchia was initiated by the “social” fascist government of syriza, with sweep arrest of replaceable dealers and users on the square and with evacuations of housing squats coupled with house raids in known drug dealers’ houses. In every case the target was migrants. Regardless of the penal development of these small scale sweeps in the drugs market, the desirable aim of the state is the prevention of the self-organization and radicalization of migrants. The far right government continues the counter-drug sweep, this time broadening its scope: Anarchists who struggle and co-organize within the world of migrants, are threatened to be eliminated as drug dealers.
I will not divert here into expressing my opinion and practice regarding the drugs of the bourgeois world, the position of the oppressed within the pyramids of their control, the militarization of the neighborhood, the proposition for struggle from a proletarian revolutionary perspective. There are several collective statements published on these subjects and existing experience from the movement. This is an issue of the social movement on the ground of struggle. Certainly though, the language and methods of counter-insurgency, the war (“against”) of drugs, is not our way.
The social movement and anarchists must keep the resistance within our lines of conflict: Socialization of the ground, in a way of equality and participation, combatively, with abundant solidarity. And to return terrorism to its birth place. If the state takes the responsibility to plant drugs and weapons on fighters, it is a common duty of the movement to start planting the heads of the bourgeoisie, the drug and war lords. They are trying to choke us in smoke? Let’s roast them in the fire.
Dimitris Xatzivasileiadis
From the social front of the universal bourgeois prison

September 13, 2019
by actforfreedom
Comments Off on Greece Athens, Exarcheia – No Pasaran! Protest against the greek State’s attack to Squats and Self Organized Spaces

Greece Athens, Exarcheia – No Pasaran! Protest against the greek State’s attack to Squats and Self Organized Spaces

It all started on Monday on Monday 26 August 2019, following a massive police raid against 4 squats (mainly housing refugees) and the consequent arrest of 143 migrants and 3 others in the Exarcheia area of Athens, Greece. Following the police raid, the neighborhood of Exarchia has been turned into a “militarized” zone with constant riot police attacks against people in the area, social centers and self organized spaces. According to the government that was phase one of its plan.
More State attacks and a long lasting repression campaign has been announced against migrants, anarchists and social activists mainly in the area of Exarcheia and then to rest of Greece. But what the government didn’t expect was that people in the area, instead of “cowering” in fear, they chose to defy the greek riot police and the government’s ideological terrorism, also expressed through its controlled mass media. Thus, on Saturday, 31 August 2019, thousands of anarchists and other activists sent through the protest the first message of resistance to the State’s repressive campaign, as well as, signals of solidarity to the squats and social centers evicted and those under the imminent threat of new attacks by the greek State. But that protest was just the first reaction.
Many squats, self organized spaces, political collectives, groups, international activists and refugees-migrants have announced a new, even bigger protest that will take place on the 14th of September 2019, this time not in Exarchia, but in the center of Athens.
The call for the “No Pasaran” demo is at Propylaia (Panepistimio metro station) in Athens at 12:00 on Saturday 14th of September.

September 13, 2019
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Comments Off on Greece, kerkira island (Corfu) : Taking Responsibility to show solidarity with the evicted squats of Exarchia

Greece, kerkira island (Corfu) : Taking Responsibility to show solidarity with the evicted squats of Exarchia

At dawn on September 1, 2019 we wrote slogans at the offices of NODE (Prefectural Administration Committee) of New Democracy and broke down the bell at their entrance. Then we bathed the entrance of the New Democracy party political office of Stefanos Gikas with bright colours, and appropriate slogans were written.
Our action’s aim was to show solidarity with the evicted squats of Exarchia and opposition to the never justifiable police oppression which is escalating.
Immediately the congressman himself and the local media spoke of “reproduction of hate, violent and extreme behaviour that damages democracy.” Also the Syriza scumbag Alekos Avlonitis – a local bourgeois – spoke with identical words.

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September 13, 2019
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Munich, Germany: Attack on the Greek Consulate

In the night of 10th to 11th September the Greek General Consulate in Munich became the target of a color attack. The facade was sprayed with bitumen and the gate was decorated with the words “Exarchia Resists(A)”.
The action is our response to the repression of the Greek state against the squats!
In solidarity with all prisoners!
No surrender – No truce!

September 12, 2019
by actforfreedom
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Greece, Thessaloniki: Taking responsibility on 20.6.19  by Afternoon Arsonists Group ‘Mauricio Morales’

In recent years, it can be observed that there has been increasing establishment and empowerment of modern totalitarian regimes in various regions-states of this fragile world. From Bolsonaro’s Brazil, to the upcoming Le Pen’s France and from fascist Salvini’s Italy in Mitsotakis’ expected “march” into our surrounding territoriesPanoptic control, manipulation of populations and their consciences, overwhelming arms power show-off and exhibition of vengefulness against those who choose to resist, are only some of their common attributes all over the world. Repression and long sentences on those who dispute them.
   And if at times we are just waiting for the opportunity to return to the streets of fire and action, this time we heard of the hunger strike of Italian comrades Silvia and Anna seeking to put an end to their isolation in Italian AS2 type prisons and have the opportunity to communicate with each other and with their comrades outside prison. The hunger strike was also backed and supported by other anarchist comrades such as A. Cospito, Salva and Steco. The enforced permanent isolation status is, after all, widespread and applied to anarchists all around the world. So the Italian state is showing its teeth too against its political opponents with machinations and demonstrations of power against those who have hated exploitation and authority, every deprivation of freedom.

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September 11, 2019
by actforfreedom
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Athens, Greece : Call for the demo on the 14th of September against state repression [English, French, Farsi, Arabic]

Call for the demo on the 14th of September against State Repression
We are calling for a demo against state repression at Propylaia (Panepistimio metro station) at 12:00 on Saturday 14th of September. As the open assembly of squats, collectives, stekia, internationalists, refugees-migrants and solidarians in an organized block, we are inviting people to come down to the street and join us in the demo in order to defend the squats and resist state repression.
Appel à manifestation le 14 Septembre 2019 contre la répression de l’État
Nous appelons à une manifestation contre la répression de l’État à Propylea (métro Panespistimio) à 12:00, samedi 14 septembre. En tant qu’assemblée ouverte des squats, collectifs, stekia, militants internationaux, réfugiés-migrants et solidaires organisés en un bloc commun, nous vous invitons à descendre dans la rue et nous rejoindre pour manifester pour défendre les squats et résister contre la répression de l’État.
دعوت به تظاهرات علیه سرکوب دولتی در همبستگی با اسکوات‌ها و مهاجران
شنبه ۱۴ سپتامبر ساعت ۱۲ ظهر از پروپیلایا ( ایستگاه مترو پانپستیمیو )
ما به‌عنوان مجمع عمومی متشکل از گروه‌های فعال در اسکوات‌ها، پاتوق‌های سیاسی، فعالان بین‌المللی و همبستگان، مهاجران و پناهندگان یک بلوک واحد سازماندهی کرده‌ایم و از شما دعوت می‌کنیم که برای دفاع از اسکوات‌ها و مقاومت در برابر سرکوب‌های دولتی در این تظاهرات به ما بپیوندید.
دعوة إلى مظاهرة ضد قمع الدولة تضامناً مع المهاجرین و السكواتيين
السبت ۱۴ سبتمبر الساعة۱۲ ظهراً من بروبیلایا (محطة مترو : پاناپستیمیو)
الجمعية العمومیة تتشكل من السكواتيين، الناشطین الدولیین، المتضامنين، المهاجرین واللاجئين ونحن جميعاً نقوم بهذه المظاهرة بتضامن.
ندعوکم للالتحاق بنا للدفاع عن السكواتيين ولمقاومة قمع الدولة
Open Assembly of affinity groups, international solidarity activists and migrants / refugees /at Polytechnic University
WE STAND AGAINST STATE REPRESSION translation in english, french, spahish, turkish, arabic
English version
The state and capitalism continue to target the freedom of the social base and appropriate its labour and resources. In recent years we have experienced some of the most violent attacks on this freedom through the mass impoverishment of the already oppressed and exploited. At the same time, a widespread social resistance and solidarity movement has formed. People have created a variety of self-organized spaces such as housing infrastructures, social medical centres, community kitchens, open parks and public spaces. In spite of setbacks, the movement has created a solid social ground and accumulated considerable knowledge and experience.
Through squats, political groups, base unions, squares and neighbourhood assemblies we have formed communities of struggle with strong social bonds. Communities oriented towards society, with a critical eye all the same. At times, the movement has had to use violence as a means of defending and expanding free spaces against state repression, capitalist interests and fascist attacks. It is a movement that grows in diversity and vibrancy, despite the ongoing criminalisation of solidarity and mobility.
In the context of this socio-class conflict, on Monday 26/8, the state, armed with police forces, seized Exarchia and evicted four squats. Two of these squats were migrant homes—Transito and Sp. Trikoupi 17,from where the police abducted 144 migrants, uprooting them from their places of residence for a second time and isolating them in what the state calls detention centers. Evictions were also carried out in an ongoing housing and political squat in Assimaki Fotila st., and the Gare squat, where three arrests were made. Police also invaded the homes of comrades from Gare. In the next days, police kicked out homeless persons from Strefi hill, beat up a homosexual couple, attacked the steki of anarchist immigrants and the squatted social space of K’ BOΞ. The movement gave multiform answers with gatherings, actions and demonstrations. In addition to the squats and the movement, this repressive operation targets migrants. These are some of the most oppressed people in society, since their very existence is considered illegal. In a state of ‘illegality’ there is no access to health and education, and working conditions are like slavery. Many choose self-organisation and solidarity structures in order to survive and resist.

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September 11, 2019
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Germany,From Connewitz, Leipzig to Exarchia – Death to the capital, death to fascim. One struggle, one fight!

Barricades and flames of solidarity sent from our hearts to all the people struggling the fascist invasion in Exarchia. We will not rest until the victory is ours.
No pasaran!


September 11, 2019
by actforfreedom
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Germany,Magdeburg : [MD] Four at a stroke – Solidarity greetings to Exarchia

In this night, 4.9.19,we squatted four houses in different city districts of Magdeburg (Germany). We want to express our anger on the brutal attacks in Exarchia where more than 140 people have been jailed in refugee camps or directly imprisoned. At the same time, we want to show our solidarity with the free and rebellious spirits of the district here and of all other resisting places.

Today, several people in Magdeburg came together to appropriate different houses temporarily – with that we are saying: We can take the rooms if we want. Exarchia lives on!

It has been pronounced long time ago, but now Kyriakos Mitsotakis, newly elected prime minister and his riot police MAT striked with full violence. His aim was and is the autonomous district Exarchia in downtown of Athens. In this district which is shaped by self-organisation and the spirit of resistance, Mitsotakis wants to “tidy up”, as it depicts a stain for the gentrification project in Athens. They want to impose a metro station in Exarchia so it subjects itself to mass tourism and real estate speculation. So far they tried to harass the inhabitants of that district through repression, controls and expulsion, now the methods have been intensified.

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