November 16, 2019
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[Aut] Nothing is over – arson attack on cars of Energie Steiermark in Graz

On the 9th of November two cars burned down and further cars were
damaged, all belonging to the austrian energy provider Energie
Steiermark in Graz. This company is, among others, responsible for the
construction of the Murkraftwerk, a waterpower plant in the Mur river in Graz, that had officially started up exactly one month ago.
There were protests against the construction and the launch of the plant for years. There were petitions. There were demonstrations. There were protest camps and tree houses in squatted trees to prevent the forest clearance of the area for the planned construction site. There were blockades of excavators, as the construction of the plant nevertheless began. And there were trials against activists.
The involved companies worked hard on getting democratic approval, by spending a lot on articles in newspapers, so called Dialogbüros, offices for dialogue and other crap.

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November 16, 2019
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Paris,France : A summary of the trail against Claudio Lavazza for bank robbery, that took place between the 4th and 8th of November 2019.

Claudio Lavazza, rebel, anarchist, bank robber and gentleman, who during the ‘70s in Italy participated in the struggle against State and Capital, arms in hand. Contrary to the sinkers of subversion of those years, he never exchanged the desire to overthrow everything for a political career. Nor has he resigned, nor sought refuge in other States, which could have granted him a controlled freedom. No, he kept fighting, against winds and tides.
After 16 years on the run, never renouncing to his anarchist coherence, nor to the joy of living as a free man, in 1996 he is arrested after a bank robbery in Cordoba, Spain, during which three comrades, including Claudio, will be seriously injured and two policewomen will lose their lives. Claudio will thus be locked up in the special regime F.I.E.S., and even in this deadly place he will continue his battle with firmness and perseverance.
After serving 22 years in the Spanish dungeons, in the summer of 2018 he is extradited – on loan, since his sentence in Spain is not yet finished – toward France, to face trial for a bank robbery at the expense of the National Bank of Saint-Nazaire, which took place in 1986. For this robbery, he was already sentenced, in absentia, to 30 years of prison.
If going to take money where there is plenty is always a possibility, as a refusal to the blackmail of work and exploitation, in order to seize the necessary means to carry out a struggle against the State, back then, in Saint-Nazaire, the tightrope robbers did not just touch any safe. They expropriated the State’s vault! Lightning of almost 26 million euros the pockets of those who oil the gears of power.
Through countless smiles and strife, Claudio opened his path, even when faced with the most adverse conditions, when everything was to be built and imagined. As an anarchist, his passion is freedom; his enemy power. And there is no time to waste when one is armed with this conscience: it is up to each one of us to forge our own path, to undermine, harm, expropriate and destroy everything that belongs to power, its structures and its men.
To write Claudio (he speaks Italian, Spanish and French) :
Claudio Lavazza
n° 445097 (D5-2G-₵44)
MAH de Fleury-Mérogis
7, avenue des Peupliers
91700 – Fleury-Mérogis
The following is a brief summary of the 5 days of trial which took place in the Palais de Justice of Paris between the 4th and 8th of November 2019.

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November 16, 2019
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France : A black sun rises over Marseille. A lot of ink must have flowed last night.

Marseille Infos Autonomes / Tuesday 5 November 2019

New mail in the mailbox of the big game  On Va les Chercher Chez Eux  [Let’s Go Find Them At Home] this morning. A new target has been struck! Happy reading…
As we’re leaning on the bars still open at this late hour of the night savouring our last sips of beer or liqueurs, or sitting outside our favourite snack bar, shadows appear in the dark. They seem to have a marked-out path, a well-defined goal, a mission. Driven by the same desire, in one move they take aim and let fly. Joy grabs them at the guts and they salivate with pleasure. They have joined in the Big Game. Cool.

The estate agency Citya Paradis isn’t exactly known for the quality of its service. With 2 895 439 € turnover in 2018, it is involved in the management of several buildings with Dangerous Building ordinances. More speculators who don’t hesitate to make money on the backs of their tenants. Have you heard of estate agents’ visits to several apartments in Noailles following the building collapses? The inhabitants were expecting (finally!) an evaluation of the work to be done to make their housing habitable. In fact, the scoundrels had only come on a business visit to take pictures of the view from the windows to assess the value of the place once the inhabitants are evicted, real works undertaken and a well-to-do population put in their place. Cynical… It’s no surprise that the collapses did not prevent the smooth running of their economic plan. With the agency’s turnover, it would be hard to give it the benefit of the doubt. Interference? No no no. Real contempt for our lives, our neighbourhoods, our needs.

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November 16, 2019
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Chile: The oasis still smells of burning – October 29, 30 and 31, 2019

In the middle of this Latin America full of convulsions, our country Chile is a true oasis” ,
Sebastián Piñera, October 8, 2019
These past three days, from Tuesday, October 29 to Thursday, October 31, the revolt in Chile has continued in a context where many counter-fires have been lit to bring it back to more reasonable paths. As the frontal shock of brute force with a state of emergency and a week’s night curfew didn’t suffice, now a strategy of encirclement is unfolding: on the one hand by opening the door wider to those who want to negotiate and reform the country (start of a possible process of revision of the Constitution, launching of a forthcoming French-style Great Debate, acceptance of reception of the opposition parties at La Moneda); on the other hand, by separating the peaceful wheat from the riotous chaff in the street (from the organisation of concerts in the squares to citizen assemblies and the dramatisation of certain attacks, all passing by the official condemnation of the mayhem by leaders of the left).
Faced with this, to give an idea of ​​the diffuse attacks, just take Tuesday: Molotov attack on the town hall of Quilpué (an 18-year-old incarcerated and a minor on judicial control), new looting and clashes in Concepción, not to mention the broken windows of the Ministry of Fisheries; premises of the Automóvil Club (driving school) in La Serena burned, looting of a Unimarc supermarket in Antofagasta, burning of the El Salto church in the Púa locality (Victoria) with a banner “Resistencia Mapuche” left next to it; ousting of the statue of the Spanish conquistador Pedro de Valdivia in Temuco and failed attempt on the same in Plaza de la Independencia in Concepción, and hammer and chisel against that of the slaughterer general Cornelio Saavedra in Plaza de Armas at Collipulli; the burning of seven construction machines and a truck belonging to Forestal Mininco in Capitán Pastene (Lumaco) claimed by the “Natchez Pelantaru” group of Coordinadora Arauco Malleco (CAM); temporary closure of the Bellavista metro station in La Florida following a massive new fraud of high school students; looting of the Líder hypermarket and the Mall in Coronel on Monday night; burning of a bank and shops in Quillota during a demonstration, as well as the burning of the municipal market (Feria Modelo del Parque Aconcagua) which destroyed 17 premises, but also the start of fire of the Easy company in the industrial zone; looting of the Open Plaza Mall in La Calera and the looting of the Scotiabank, in addition to blockades of Ruta 5 North and Ruta 60; numerous looting and ransackings of downtown Punta Arenas on Monday night; fire at Catillo toll at Parral ; blocking of Ruta 5 at Maullín in the Los Lagos area, preventing access to the island of Chiloe, and the burning of two toll booths; massive crowding at the police station in Calbuco and Puerto Montt, as well as at the prefecture of the latter; looting and partial burning of the residence of Senator Coloma (UDI, in power) in Talca; toll attack at Pelequen and San Fernando; sacking of the Post Office in Orsono during the demo; gatherings of 10,000 people in Santiago from Plaza Italia to the presidential palace of La Moneda, punctuated by clashes and looting (a Tricot store, an Ahumada pharmacy, a Unimarc supermarket and a Claro in the night, also burned), not to mention systematic fires at the entrance to the Baquedano Subway Station (which served as an unofficial torture centre during the state of emergency); plunder of two agencies of the AFPs (pension fund), annexes of the town hall in Valvidia, not to mention the hotel and casino Dreams which lost their windows during a riot of six hours …

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November 16, 2019
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France : Solidarity on the walls with the rebels in Chile and elsewhere in the world!

Cherbourg (Manche),France : Tags on the walls of the sub-prefecture, in the night of 28 to 29 October 2019Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis) : Tags seen at Croix de Chavaux Thursday 31 October at 12 noon
« Solidarity with the revolt in Chile »
Let’s sabotage the daily routine

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November 16, 2019
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The Local Kids – A compilation of texts, a contribution to a correspondence between those who desire anarchy and subversion. Issue 5 – Autumn 2019

Over the last decade we have been made witness to the naked brutality of power. In the four corners of the earth domination has displayed its capacity to wreck devastation without hesitation. Those who were just holding on to their last lines of dignity have been dragged down in the mud. Those who rose up to regain their dignity and fight for freedom, have been smothered and massacred. Not content with the daily administration of oppression, it seemed as if the rulers were aiming for a decisive victory by escalating their repressive violence.
They were mistaken. Instead of resignation, we are witnessing the resilience of those who want to live against all odds. The ruins that power left behind, as monuments to its scorched earth tactics and as a warning for the future, are in our hands the first stones of a new life. The cynical calculations of politicians, who are willing to sacrifice whole generations to uphold their political reign or their economical dogmas, have been erased by the unforeseen. An invisible line has been crossed; beyond this line humiliation is no longer tolerated. Where this line is drawn, and why there, is to remain unknown till it has been crossed. That there is a line is a certainty that the dominant forces wished to ignore.

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November 16, 2019
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New research focus : the surveillance industry

When cops decide to spy on us using surveillance devices such as hidden microphones and cameras or GPS trackers, they need to get the devices from somewhere. It seems that they often buy these devices from private companies. The companies that manufacture and market those devices are part of what we call the surveillance industry.
We think that understanding how the surveillance industry works, who sells the surveillance devices to the cops and what the devices look like will help us to oppose this surveillance. So we have started a research work focused on this industry, and particularly on the companies that participate in it.
On our website you will find an overview of the surveillance industry, a list of companies that sell surveillance devices to cops worldwide, a list of the trade shows and other events where you are likely to find these companies, a glossary of the specific terms of the industry, and a list of other resources on the subject. All this is available in english and french. Continue Reading →

November 16, 2019
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Turin, Italy: Arrests of September 20 – Amma, Uzzo and Patrick were transferred to house arrest (November 12, 2019)

On November 12, 2019, Amma, Uzzo and Patrick were transferred from the “Le Vallette” prison (in Turin) to house arrest, with no other special restrictions. They had been arrested on September 20, 2019, in the context of a repressive operation aimed at carrying out some precautionary measures (in particular, in addition to their arrests, about a dozen “divieti di dimora” from Turin – a measure that requires the accused not to reside in a particular place and not to access it without the authorization of the proceeding judge) and some searches, referring to a investigation by the prosecutor’s office of Turin over charges relating to the conflictual demonstration of February 9, this year in Turin, against the eviction of Asilo Occupato and the repressive operation “Scintilla” (February 7), for which currently only Silvia is imprisoned (since a few months under house arrest with all the restrictions).
On September 20, to arrest a comrade the police had surrounded the Casa Brancaleone occupation (in Milan, also the home of anarchist space L’Accerchiata), threatening to evict the squat – an attempt that not happened because the comrade was arrested.
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November 15, 2019
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Recently, the state’s repressive campaign against squatted houses has become almost a normality. The pattern is obvious, migrant squats and spaces with diverse political activity and anti authoritarian characteristics are evicted one after the other.
Within this context, on Sunday 10/11/19 the ASOEE steki was attacked by cops and evicted early in the morning while the university was still empty. This move was followed by police orders to lock out the entire school until November 17, in an attempt by the cops to suppress political action generally within the university. The dean of the school, Emmanuel Yakoumakis, has once again shown, after the eviction of the Vancouver squat, how much he defends the state and its minions.
As long as the cops try through a series of repressive actions to terrorize the struggling part of society, the dominant propaganda on its part is trying in every way to demonize it in the public sphere. Their attitude is does not come as a surprise to us.
For us every squatted house and every “steki” is a space of ​​struggle, a space where we can defend ourselves politically by building relationships of solidarity, trust and resistance, far from individualism and capitalistic misery. It is within these squats and places that our ideas become materialized. As for our “demonization” the only thing we have to say is that we are and intend to remain dangerous for the state,the property,  all the business interests and the normality of Greek society in general.
Open assembly of squats, collectives, internationalists, migrants and solidarians

November 15, 2019
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Athens and Thessaloniki ,Greece :Updates on the battle to defend Exarchia: for freedom, self-organisation and solidarity

Demo in Heraklion, Crete against evictions
The past few weeks have seen an intensification of the Nea Demokratia government’s efforts to subdue the Greek anarchist movement and crush initiatives that offer alternatives to prison society. In particular, the anarchist neighbourhood of Exarchia in Athens has been a focal point for its aggression. A rough chronology of this repression as well as actions of solidarity and resistance taken by comrades in Athens is listed below.
The current rumour is that the State wants to evict ‘all squats’ by 17th November. Another rumour puts the deadline at 6th December. Both are significant dates in the history of the Greek anarchist movement, which are marked by annual riots. What ‘all squats’ means is not entirely clear. What is clear from the past few weeks however, is that attacks have been made on squats both inside and outside Exarchia, and as well as in cities in other parts of the country.
Evictions of migrant housing squats
The State’s first focus for attack on occupied spaces has targetted the numerous squats that offered alternative housing to the dire state-run camps for migrants. These were self-managed spaces inhabited by migrants, anarchists and anti-authoritarians, often of considerable size. They were largely concentrated in Exarchia.
In August, a month after the new government came into power, cops evicted four Exarchia squats (Spirou Trikoupi 17, Transito, Rosa de Foc and Gare).
This was followed by three more evictions in September (5th School in Exarchia, the Jasmine squat in nearby Archarnon street and another one near Jasmine).
Most recently in October, they evicted another Exarchia occupation, Oniro. Residents were loaded onto buses and taken to camps; their belongings were thrown away. In all, hundreds of refugees have been removed from these self-organised spaces and taken to state run camps and prisons. There are still a few migrant housing squats still standing in Exarchia, but they remain on high alert of eviction.
Legal and policy changes
As well as evictions, serious legal and policy developments have been made which attack rebels across the country.
These include:
– The abolition of the university asylum law. This law had largely prevented the cops from entering university campuses since the 1973 uprising against the dictatorship. The uprising was centred around the Politechnic University and resulted in a massacre by state forces there. Occupied spaces have been a traditional feature of many Greek universities and key infrastructure of the country’s anarchist and anti-authoritarian movements. The law had been much contested in recent years, until it was abolished in August, which is expected to make it a lot easier for the state to evict many squats.
– The reintroduction of the ‘Delta’ cops, rebranded as DRASI (‘action’). This notorious and particularly vicious gang of biker cops was disbanded in 2015, but has been brought back by the new government and is now back on the streets.
– New laws to further criminalise resistance. For instance, a maximum 10 year prison sentence for being found in possession of a molotov, and the creation of penalties for inciting riot or illegal acts, and for making interventions in state buildings.
Brief chronology from the past few weeks
Wednesday 30th October:
Riots break out on Patission near ASOEE university in solidarity with the insurrection in Chile.
Thursday 31st October:
A student demo takes place against the abolition of the university asylum law and education reforms. Students attack cops with flagpoles.
Friday 1st November:
A demo in solidarity with the insurrection in Chile starts at the Chilean embassy and winds back to Exarchia.
Saturday 2nd November:
• Eviction of Vancouver Apartment squat in central Athens, which had been occupied for the past 13 years. The squat was on property belonging to ASOEE, the Economics and Business university.
The cops take the unusual move of doing the eviction on a Saturday, when the university is closed and many students are not around to intervene. The move also comes on the morning of a significant demo against attacks on squats and migrants, which Vancouver had been publicly supporting. During the eviction 4 comrades are arrested, while one of the cats is killed by a police dog. The other 3 cat residents are effectively buried alive as the building is then knowingly sealed with the cats trapped inside.
There are ongoing legal efforts to free the remaining cats, since a squadron of riot cops have been guarding the building and all entrances are bricked up.
• The same morning, some of the riot cops permanently stationed around Exarchia attempt to smash down the door of Notara, one of the largest and few remaining migrant squats in Athens. This follows threats and insults which were shouted by cops in the preceding days, including shouting “Raus!” (reference to ‘Juden Raus’ a phrase used by Nazis meaning ‘Jews out’).
• A demo of around 1000 people takes place in solidarity with migrants & in defence of squats and self-organised spaces, called by the open assembly of squats, migrants, internationalists and solidarians. The demo winds through migrant neighbourhoods and is characterised by multilingual banners, leaflets, stencils and chants. Following the demo, there are molotov attacks on the police in Exarchia as an immediate response to the eviction of Vancouver. The police respond with teargas and flashbangs, and two people are arrested at random in the neighbourhood.
• In the migrant prison of Petrou Ralli, Athens, 16 female detainees start a hunger and thirst strike for their release and transfer back to the islands
Monday 4th November:
• Another student demo takes place in central Athens. Students attack the cops with molotovs and the police fire tear gas.
• The media reports that riot cops are attacked on three separate occasions in different locations throughout the day.
Tuesday 5th November:
Palmares squat is evicted in Larissa, central Greece. 16 people are arrested.
Wednesday 6th November:
• Several hundred people protest in solidarity with Notara squat, a prominent migrant squat in Exarchia that is home to up to 100 refugees, including many kids, and is under threat of immediate eviction. Notara is a large building that has been occupied since 2015.
Thursday 7th November:
• Clashes with the police take place in Exarchia which results in damage to one cop’s bike and the cop being sent to hospital. The police then rampage through Exarchia and besiege people in a popular cafe. 16 people are reported arrested.
Friday 8th November:
• Attack on Libertatia squat in Thessaloniki. Libertatia was significantly burnt down after being firebombed by fascists in 2018. At least four people are arrested.
Saturday 9th November:
• Police carry out an operation which results in (according to the media) searches on 13 homes and the detention of 15 people, 3 of which end up with charges. The press reports that it is an ‘anti-terrorist’ operation related to historical incidents and that weapons have been seized. Numerous people report being followed, harassed or raided by anti-terror cops.
• A demo in central Athens in defence of squats called by No Pasaran assembly is attended by hundreds of people.
Sunday 10th November:
• Dozens of people hold a demo in solidarity with the Petrou Ralli hunger strikers at the migrant prison, shouting slogans in different languages for the detainees.
• The polce raid ASOEE, the university of economics and business, and evict a steki. Images of seized helmets, sticks and bottles are shared widely by the media and used as a pretext by the academic council to shut down the university until 17th November.
Monday 11th November:
• A group of around 100 leftists break the lockout and enter the university. The police enter the premises, attacking people, firing gas and besieging the group of students. A stand off ensues as a crowd of many hundreds gathered on the busy road outside, forcing its partial closure. The police eventually leave, and a spontaneous march of 1000+ students follows.
• Some people are arrested during the siege. One of the students who was apparently outside ASOEE during the clashes was later arrested outside his home and his house was raided.
Tuesday 12th November:
• Police evict Bouboulinas squat in Exarchia, home to dozens of refugees. They are initially taken to Petrou Ralli detention centre, where a solidarity demo is held outside. Most are then bussed off to Amygdaleza migrant camp, but many occupants refuse to get off the buses. Some of the residents of Bouboulinas resist attempts to be split up and divided into ‘legal’ or ‘illegal’ migrants.
• At a solidarity gathering at court for arrestees, the cops fire tear gas and flashbangs in an unprovoked attack.
• A demo winds through the residential neighbourhood of Kypseli in defence of squats and against the state repression. The demo is called by Lelas Karagianni 37 squat which has been occupied for 31 years.
Needless to say, acts of international solidarity would be very welcome. Developments continue to unfold quickly. For further updates see or for frequent English updates check out @exiledarizona on Twitter.
Evictions in August
Eviction of migrant squats
Chile Solidarity riots

Vancouver squat, post-eviction

2nd November demo

Multilingual slogans on 2nd November demo

Attack on the cops in Exarchia following Vancouver eviction

Cop bike following clashes in Exarchia on 7th November

Encircled at ASOEE

Lelas Karagianni demo on 12th November
Lelas Karagianni squat

November 14, 2019
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 Greece Chania, Crete: Antifascist intervention on 25/10/2019 for the recent racist attacks

Following the call for anti-fascist action after recent racist attacks in Chania, a poster and counter-information campaign was arranged and carried out on Friday 25/10 by about 30-40 comrades in one of the neighbourhoods where most of the attacks took place. The intervention took place without any problems, slogans were written and several texts were  distributed to the locals.
The text handed out:
”Fascist scum act only at night time
Recently in Chania there have been at least five confirmed attacks on individuals or groups of immigrants. In one case the victims were immigrants sleeping outside a deserted building in Koum Kape. This followed on from their removal from that house where they had found temporary shelter, at the request of the owner and with the assistance of the police. As in the other cases they were attacked by people with baseball bats and sticks aboard a car without number plates. The same days in Kokkino Metochi, in at least three cases and very early in the morning, people going to their jobs were attacked and injured as a result.
Such incidents come as a continuation of the State’s strategy of managing immigration in recent years, and also of the increasingly intensified repression and discrimination. Continuing the work of SYRIZA, who on the pretext of “criminalization” applied the doctrine of “law and order” to pretentiously and shamelessly illegalize the immigrants themselves. The State mechanism provides inhuman living conditions in concentration camps and violent evictions of migrant squats. At the same time gangs of fascists and State personnel, often acting under police protection, are attacking immigrants, often inflicting serious injuries on them. The most prominent role in this “theatre of the irrational” is played by all kinds of media posting daily racist rants maintaining an atmosphere of fear and panic to finally pave the way for repression and violence against them.

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November 14, 2019
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Comments Off on Germany: Info-event in Berlin about prisoner foundation Tameio

Germany: Info-event in Berlin about prisoner foundation Tameio

We talk about the “political climate related to political prisoners in Greek prisons, the historical time-line of the solidarity fund, what we have done, what we are currently busy with and what our future steps will be”
Any income from the event will be given to the solidarity fund for the material support of prisoners and persecuted militants.
send by email.

November 14, 2019
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Comments Off on Milan, Italy: Arson attack against five cars of Metropolitane Milanesi (November 6, 2019)

Milan, Italy: Arson attack against five cars of Metropolitane Milanesi (November 6, 2019)
On the night of November 6, 2019, we burned 5 cars of MM [Metropolitane Milanesi] in Forze Armate street in Milan because MM is one of those responsible for the evictions of houses.
This action is in solidarity with all those arrested and investigated after the eviction of Asilo Occupato in Turin.
In solidarity with those affected by the repression at Barona in Milan.
In solidarity with all prisoners.

Note: Metropolitane Milanesi, the company that manages underground transport in Milan, since some years is managing a part of the residential popular housing in Milan; while the remaining part is managed by Aler. Barona is a neighborhood in Milan; the repressive fact referred to in the text happened on October 30, when some members of the Comitato Autonomo Abitanti Barona (“Autonomous Committee of Barona Inhabitants”, an antagonistic group related to the struggle for the house in the neighborhood) received some “divieti di dimora” (bans) from Milan.
via: insuscettibilediravvedimento

November 14, 2019
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Comments Off on Kiev, Ukraine : Two cell towers of Life/Turk-cell destroyed in Kyiv region. Solidarity with struggle in Kurdistan

Kiev, Ukraine : Two cell towers of Life/Turk-cell destroyed in Kyiv region. Solidarity with struggle in Kurdistan

Anarchist Fighter received radical solidarity news from Kyiv region. We publish the statement of the comrades fully:

In October 2019 the Turkish state invaded Northern Syria. The target of their aggression was Democratic Federation of Northern and Eastern Syria (Rojava). By the fault of rulers blood is being shed again and peacful people are suffering and dying. The goal of the president of Turkey Erdogan is to destroy revolutionary Autonomy of Syrian Kurds. Revolutionaries of Kurdistan build a society of stateless popular self-management. And Rojava became an example and model for Kurds in Turkey. That is why «Turkish sultan» started a war.
In the night of November 11 we destroyed two cell phone network towers of the Lifecell company settled by the Zahaltsy and Piskivka settlements in Kyiv region. Lifecell is fully owned by Turkish giant TURKCELL, the largest mobile provider of the State of Turkey. As a large corporate tax payer Turkcell appears as the indirect sponsor of the aggression of Erdogan`s regime. There are also widely known connections of the provider with the ruling «Justice and Developement Party» which construct the basis of the current system in the country. These are the reasons why we consider the property of Lifecell as a legitimate target for the sabotage.
We stay in solidarity with revolutionaries and people of Kurdistan. They fight the occupation and oppression — for the liberty and social justice. We call to eveyone who cares about the situation to paricipate in the resistance in a manner according to their abilities.
Freedom to the peoples — death to the Empires!
Сell of revolutionary solidarity


send by email:

November 14, 2019
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Comments Off on Madrid, Spain : [NO COP25] All the bullets will be returned

Madrid, Spain : [NO COP25] All the bullets will be returned

December 2nd, the rulers of the world are coming to Madrid. Some of the biggest murderers of this planet, of the biggest responsables of its devastation. They come to fill their mouths and calendars with the next plans of “fight against climate change”.While global capitalism continues intact and most of the CO2 emissions emanate from industrial production, while their companies keep devastating forests and mountains to extract its natural resources.
And if that wasn’t enough, at the same time, Chile burns and their streets are still covered by the amunition caps from the security forces. But Piñera couldn’t see his political planning disturbed by the revolt, he couldn’t admit the mediatic focus questioning his dictation before such a social explosion. And thanks to the kindness of Spanish government, now he will be able to continue with his plans withhout getting disheveled.

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November 14, 2019
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Comments Off on Marseille,France : The Consulate of Chile trashed in solidarity with the insurgents

Marseille,France : The Consulate of Chile trashed in solidarity with the insurgents

It’s not the targets that are lacking…

It’s not always easy to find ways to express one’s solidarity.
There are a thousand things we would like to do but there is always too little time, means or accomplices …

Meanwhile, few but full of rage, we trashed the Chile consulate in Marseille, it’s not a big deal, but it’s something. It made us feel good, we know it will be a nice wink to the friends over there and hope it will spur others to do similar stuff.

Our anger know no borders: Haiti, Ecuador, China, Bolivia, Rojava, Algeria, Chile, Lebanon .. it’s going off everywhere and we’re saying to ourselves that the targets are many and that it’s sufficient to know where to look …

Here as over there, may the cops, States and their armies be destroyed!

Abrazo desde Francia weones !

Translated by Act for freedom now!

November 14, 2019
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Comments Off on CAEN, France : From Exarcheia to the Marais, Solidarity !

CAEN, France : From Exarcheia to the Marais, Solidarity !

Some info following the eviction of the rue du Marais squat on Tuesday and attached, returning to the situation at Exarchia, distributed at the demonstration on Tuesday in the late afternoon, as well as the poster to be put up in the coming days.
On Tuesday 22 October 2019, the Marais squat which had housed some 250 migrants since April 2018 was evicted. Late in the night the forces of order position themselves on the edge of the former premises of EDF, rue du Marais. Occupants not wishing to remain inside are evacuated. Barricades are erected to try to keep the cops at bay. Some militants go up on the roof.
The operation kicks off at 6am. Access to the rue du Marais is blocked by the mobile gendarmes. Twenty vans have been dispatched for the occasion. The barricades are removed one after the other. The Raid attack the roof, immobilizing and handcuffing the ten militants. The sorting starts in a hangar on site. The supporters come out, residents are put through controls: for some temporary rehousing, for the others detention or the threat of being sent back home.
Outside, around 80 supporters in the morning arrived in scattered groups. Traffic is blocked for a few minutes in rue d’Auge, where the tram passes but the Mobile intervene quickly to contain the protesters. The latter being too few, it’s difficult to draw the police away to the city or the train station by starting off on a wild demo. Buses turn up late in the morning. One of them leaves empty. We don’t know why they’d been sent. We learn later that it is to dispatch the few families relocated provisionally.
Around noon, from the top of rue d’Auge several police vans embark a number of migrants to take them to detention centres. Inside [the squat], at least one migrant who, despite her irregular situation, chose to stay put to fight against the expulsion.

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November 14, 2019
by actforfreedom
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Chile : Communique from comradeMarcelo Villaroel Sepulveda (24/10/2019)

Communique of comrade Marcelo Villaroel Sepulveda
May everything be done
so that this world continues to burn
so that all its normality explodes
so that memory and resistance
keep the control of the streets
I am happy to meet the faces of all my fallen brothers and sisters again in the beautiful fire of revolt.
All those that I have known and with whom I lived moments of illegal sharing throughout the days and years of subversion, who today are looking at the total transgression of normality and social peace of the rich, from the universe and the stars, with their thrust of strength of the ancestral newen del mapu.
Likewise I see all the comrades I don’t know but respect for their acts and insistence, who are acting in such a way that their names will remain marked in the recent memory of permanent Insurrection.  The police, the politicians, the priests, the bosses, the bourgeois, the nazis and the fascists, the bastards and all their morality have been struck once again since last 18th October, incessantly, as undeniable revenge for the many years of misery and submission at a time without precedent in the history of the last 30 years in this territory.

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November 14, 2019
by actforfreedom
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Italy : Blue like an orange

‘Blue like an orange’ from TomJo & Pièces et main d’œuvre
[…] As the world is blue like an orange, as it’s rotting and suffocating because of chemical poisoning, forcing its inhabitants to become artificial in order to survive, the first Netherlands allowed this movement of total technical becoming, and its sickly miasmas. The Netherlands are the model and matrix of Silicon Valley and all the Silicon Valleys all over the world […] Continue reading:  in Italian
30th November 6pm at Libreria delle donne in Milan, presentation of the book Meccanici i miei occhi. Nati in laboratorio. Dall’utero in affitto alla manipolazione genetica [Mechanic my eyes, Born in a lab. From surrogate uterus to genetic manipulation]. We’ll discuss it with the authors Cristiana Pivetti and Silvia Guerini. Continue reading in italian :
Paradoxes of identity politics. Continue reading in italian :

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November 14, 2019
by actforfreedom
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Blue like an orange – TomJo & PMO 17th September 2019

Rough Italian translation; original in French: piecesetmaindoeuvre.
Blue as an orange
17 September 2019 by TomJo & Pièces et main d’œuvre
It’s not every day that we make an exceptional discovery. We went to investigate to the country of artificiality – itself artificial – in other words the Netherlands. A vague touching country, which swallowed up as far as Artois, almost in Picardie, and spread its tentacles all over the world.  We had some clues and motivations, the polders, lands conquered throughout the centuries on the sea; the construction of stables and pigstylum in the buildings of Amsterdam; the development of the famous ‘artificial steak’ at the University of Maastricht; the proliferation of Center Parcs, these landscape bubbles for holidaymakers in the cities; en vrac, randomly (Dutch word), windmills, canals, tents in the Flanders… clichés, that’s it. And then we went from surprise to surprise, to the point that we could not name this succession of surprises other than with the term orangisation. This is the privilege of ignorance. Those who know nothing believe they have discovered the moon each time they open a door. However, the scattered knowledge we looted as general practitioners – historians, economists, a philosopher…  – doesn’t express, or expresses little, the overall vision of this orangisation which remains buried under a huge Anglo-Saxon cliché.
Every time we dig under the United States and the United Kingdom, we exhume the United Provinces: the first (bourgeois) republic in Europe, the first agricultural revolution, the first industry, the ‘capitalist nation par excellence (Marx), a global commercial and maritime empire, from the Americas to South Africa’, from the West Indies to Indonesia. A country which in the golden age served as an economic model to Richelieu, Colbert and Europe; as political model to John Locke and England – to the point of overthrowing their own king James II in favour of the stadholder William III of Orange, who disembarked at the head of a ‘liberation’ army. From that moment Orangism spread, especially under the British and then the American flag.

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